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This November you cna book foward to more Garaski, Nadia, Orphen, Arc the Lad, Robotech, and Those Who Hunt Elves on DVD from ADV

ADV has set a number of release dates for various series.
Gasaraki: "In The Spider's Web" will be released on November 27th on DVD and VHS. "As Yushiro struggles desperately to rescue Miharu, the noose around the neck of the free world begins to tighten. As the US and Japan find themselves driven to the brink of war, the very fabric of civilization begins to unravel. Caught in the crossfire, the TA Team must make the difficult decision of whom and what to fight for in a war that no one can possibly win. Apocalypse approaches in Gasaraki: “In the Spider's Web”" The volume will contain 3 episodes.

Arc the Lad: Day of Reckoning, with 5 episodes of the anime series based on the Playstation RPG, will be released on VHS and DVD on November 27th.

The first volume of Those Who Hunt Elves, entited "Read, Set, Strip" will be releasedon November 13th. The collection will contain 6 episodes of the series.

"No one knows exactly how JUNPEI (a strongman) AIRI (a Hollywood actress) and RITSUKO (a teenager) – along with their T-74 Tank – found themselves marooned in a strange world populated by a wide variety of elves. But when a magic spell cast by the elf' elder CELCIA, designed to send the strangers back to their own world, splits into five distinct fragments (that now appear as tattoos on the bodies of five young female elves), the stage is set for an epic quest by the trio known as “Those Who Hunt Elves”. Their mission – to track down and examine every female elf they can lay their hands on until they find the missing pieces of their ticket back home. "

Orphen: Ruins & Relics, with 3 episodes of the fantasy action series will be released on November 6th(in this case the Playstation RPG game after the anime series).

The fourth volume of Nadia - Secret of Blue Water,"Battleground" will be released on November 11th. "In this volume, Captain Nemo orders the crew of his amazing submarine, The Nautilus, to gather food and water on a nearby island. Marie and King - a lion cub - take the opportunity to have a little fun in the sun, but they soon find themselves being chased by minions of the evil Gargoyle! A narrow escape from one dangerous situation leads the valiant crew of The Nautilus into a deadly battle with a gigantic Garfish - an enormous sea creature. To make matters worse, the American Fleet - who still believe that Nemo's submarine is a mysterious sea monster responsible for the sinking of numerous trans-oceanic vessels - continuously pursues The Nautilus."

The street date for ADV Films' home video release of “Battleground” - the exciting fourth installment of the beloved anime series Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water - has been set for November 6th, 2001. Loosely based on Jules Verne's classic tale, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - ADV Films plans a concurrent day & date release for both VHS and DVD formats of this captivating title.

The next set of Robotech will be "Robotech Masters - A New Threat" and "Robotech Masters - Revelations". The volumes will be collected in Robotech Masters: Robotech Legacy - Collection 4 with a special disc of riginal opening/closing sequences from the original Japanese series; a gallery of the original Robotech Masters comic book covers; production sketches; and more exclusive international clips available exclusively in this 3-disc collector's edition. These will be released on 10/30.

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