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Hey Answerman,
I've been a big fan of Mahoromatic and I was wondering has Pioneer licensed the 2nd season or has any intentions of doing so? I know it's early to say if the series will do good here in the states but is there as possibility they will?


Well, there's little doubt that if the first series sells well, Pioneer will release the second season. It's how every other series has been released in history. Just as smoke leads to fire, Crest of the Stars lead to Banner of the Stars, which in turn will eventually lead to Banner of the Stars 2. Bandai eventually released the Love Hina specials, even though they didn't announce the entire release slate when they said they were putting the TV show out. You can basically assume that when one series has been licensed, all properties related to the original series have at least been optioned. I'm sure Mahoromatic Season 2 will be out after the final volume of the original series has been released.

Dear Ms. Answerman,

I was under the impression that the Kenshin Seisouhen OVA was the definitive end for the series because the story itself was made by Watsuki. However, in the "A Reflection on Reflection" article it is said that the ending is not backed by Watsuki. What's the truth behind this? Thanks!

Yeah, someone else wrote the Kenshin Seisouhen OVA series. Watsuki had very little to do with it. Given that the OVA is basically just a bunch of reanimated scenes from the TV series (in a particularly wacky chronological order), the ending is sort of just tacked on the end. At Anime Expo 2002, Watsuki was in attendance and said something to the effect of “I like happy endings. I don't like the ending they gave the OVA.” In so many words. Looking at the end of the Kenshin manga, where (SPOILER ALERT: Highlight text to read.) Kenshin and Kaoru are happily married and raising a child, I think it's safe to say that Watsuki prefers his stories to end on an up note.

I have looked around on the internet for more
information about Trigun after I watched the series.
I have come across something called Trigun Maximum
which people keep referring to as a sequel to Trigun.
I started to read about it, but it sounds like it is
just the last half of the Trigun series. Could you
please tell me if there is another Trigun series or if
they plan on making another series in the future?

Okay, Trigun Maximum is the name of the Trigun manga after it switched publishers. After the third volume in the series, Yasuhiro Nightow went with a different publisher (Young King Ours, the monthly manga anthology in Japan that also publishes Berserk and Hellsing). Due to the original publisher retaining the name “Trigun”, Nightow had to change the title to “Trigun Maximum”. It isn't a sequel, it's just more of the first story.

Hey Ms.Answerman, great job you doing! Love you in here as much as Mr A. Well, here's my question -

How come some of the best anime series running times on TV are so short? Cowboy Bebop had tons of potential to carry on, and instead it had a rushed finale that seemed to hasty to really let the story play out. Like hitting a brick wall. Hellsing also seemed a little short. Why is this? Is it because unlike some american cartoon industries good anime doesn't like to use rehashed plotlines, characters, and settings? Please, if there's a reason I'd really lvoe to know

#1 Ms. Answerman Fan

I don't think he knew “Mr. A” still checks the Answerman email. Just take a big step back there, pal. I'll answer your question, but in the future, stick to the topic at hand, mkay? That goes for the rest of you gushing jokers out there, as well. There's a recognized format for anime, and typically series will run 13 or 26 episodes. That's a complete season. Given that most anime comes from manga titles, the stories are predetermined and usually always last a certain time. Sometimes, when they come to the end of a series, they have to sort of rush and put and ending on the thing. In Cowboy Bebop's case, it was intended as a 13-episode series, but proved to be so popular that they tacked another 13 episodes on to the end. The second ending is considerably better than the first. Watch episode 13 and ask yourself if you'd rather have that ending.

Hi Answerman. I just have two question. Is there really a 2nd season of Those Who Hunt Elves? Someone told me that there is, but I can't find anything in the Web about it. If there is truly a second season, will it be release in North America?

Thank you,

Yes, there is a Those Who Hunt Elves 2, and ADV has the license for it. They haven't announced a release date yet for the series, but rest assured, it'll be out here soon. In the meantime, ADV has released a reasonably priced version of the first Those Who Hunt Elves series on DVD, so you can busy yourself with that while you wait for the next season.

That's it for me. Rebecca will be back next week. I'd say “be nice”, but she can handle you scrubs just as well as I ever did.

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