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20 Questions

Answerman: 20 Questions

Alright, 20 questions.. let's get busy.

Hi Answer Man!
I recently have seen two episodes of the Alien Nine OVA (TV show?) and I really love it. Unfortunately I cant find any web pages on it except www.alien-nine.com which is in Japanese. Can you tell me anything more about it like number of episodes, manga, etc.?



There are 4 episodes to Alien Nine.. and yes, there IS a manga series!

Since media-blasters will be dubbing the Berserk anime, will they use the same character names and OST for the dubbed version?

I don't imagine they have the money or time to change the names and music for the dubbed version.

Question: The anime series Princess Nine I know ran at least 26 episodes in japan and volume 1 has been released by AD visions. I cannot get any info from AD visions or from a distro like Right Stuff international on when they plan to releasee more volumes.

I know its available in japanese only; but i want to be sure when or if ADV is going to do more.



The next volume of Princess Nine comes out in January. There aren't any release dates for volumes after that. Oh, and the series is available in both English and Japanese on the DVD.

Hello, I have a couple of questions:

1) Out of all the anime out there in Japan right now, which are the most original or groundbreaking?

2)Where can I find some fansubs of these anime?

Thank you for your time.

So basically you're asking my opinion. Okay, I think the best new anime series are Hellsing, Noir, and X. All of these have engaging plotlines, beautiful animation and great music and characters. You can find fansubs for them all over the web; I won't point you in a specific direction, though.

hi i hope you can answer my Q is there any new season for Sailor Moon or Ojamajo Doremi for 2002?

Sailor Moon

There won't be any new Sailor Moon in 2002 (At least, they haven't announced anything really concrete yet.) Ojamajo Doremi is still in reruns right now; the new season doesn't start any time soon, but I'm pretty sure the show will be continuing.

I was wondering if Media-Blaster also has the rights to the 2 Weiss OVA's. That is all. Thanx so much ^__^


They probably have an option on it. Buy the WeiB Kreuz US release, get your friends to buy it. If it's successful, I guarantee you that the rest will come out here.

Oh all mighty Answerman I come to you with a question

How much Oh My Goddess! is there I know that there is a OVA-How long is it? I know there is a manga- How long is it and is it avilable in the US? And is there more like a TV series or something. Maybe plans for a TV series:)

There's a 5-part OVA series available now on DVD. The manga is still running in Japan and probably will be for a while. There's a spinoff series called "Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses", which ran about 5 minutes per episode, due out soon in the US.

Hey, I was just wanting to know something about Burn Up Excess. If it is released in America when will that be? Also, is it a TV series or a movie? thanks.


ADV hasn't announced a release date for Burn Up Excess. It's a 13 episode TV series.

Two question for you answerman. First, I was digging through some old tapes a couple of days ago and uncovered the ADV Films release "Fire Emblem." To the best of my knowledge, it's based on the nintendo strategy videogame series of the same name, and I thought it was pretty cool. (ADV has it listed here: http://www.advfilms.com/catitem.html?c=all&k=fe001) I'm wondering, is there more to this series?

"Curiously Strong!"

That's all the Fire Emblem anime that was ever produced. The games never made it to the US, although you can play some of the characters from Fire Emblem in Super Smash Bros Melee for the Gamecube.

Hey Answerman,

Has there been any word on whether Trigun could end up on CN?

Personally, I think the series is great, especially how it gets darker toward the end; it could probably use the exposure on CN.

It may be a little too rough for Toonami, but what about as a complimenry piece to Cowboy Bebop on Adult Swim?

Dr. K

No information on Trigun has been made available yet. Some people think it's a shoo-in for Cartoon Network (Mostly because, for some reason, people relate it SO closely to Cowboy Bebop..) but they have yet to say anything about it.

T-loco here with another couple of questions.

1. Does the Utena movie have any connection at all to the series or is it a completely seperate entity? I haven't seen the whole series so i'm not quite sure what to make of it. It's really good, just very bizzare.

2. What is shojo anime?

It's a completely separate entity, sort of. It's a retelling and a reimagining of the original storyline. Shojo anime is essentially "girl's anime". It usually concerns flowery romance, pretty male characters, and melodrama. Utena is an example of shojo anime (although it's a lot more intelligent and existential than most.)

Dunno if this has been answered anywhere, but is there any hope/rumor/glimpse of a second season or OVA for "Candidate for Goddess"? Im desperate!

Well, there's lots of heresay and conjecture.. those are.. kinds of evidence...

No, seriously, there's been a lot of rumor, but nothing substantial. I'd imagine if the performs well in the US, more will be produced.

Hey answerman,
thanks for taking the time to answer my question, lately I have been really getting into yu-gi-oh and its a really great series, but seems to be suffering the same thing that dragonball z had(On dragonball z, please correct me if I messed up what you said but I remember you posting that so the manga could keep up, that they would draw out the battles) is this the same problem with yu-gi-oh or am I just to impatient.
One last thing, what was first the anime series, or the card game?

Well, there's a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, but from what I hear, it's just as slow as the anime series. The card game came first; Yu-Gi-Oh is effectively naught more than a long commercial for the card game.

Hi thanks again for taking the time to answer all of the anime fans. My question is this... I really enjoyed the goldenboy series, it mixed comedy with adult tones, but not completely hentai... could you name some other series like it.

It's difficult to come up with titles that are "like" Golden Boy. I suppose if you're just looking for ecchi humor, Those Who Hunt Elves has a bit of that in it. Heck, most popular shows have at least some ecchi humor in them. Golden Boy was something of a rare breed; an almost-hentai-but-not-quite comedy. ADV is producing more Golden Boy, though, so you can always watch that.

I just saw the new trailer for Tenchi Muyo GXP and I have a few questions. First off there have been rumors that the newest Tenchi Muyo! OAV would finish off the original Ryooki series that had no conclusion. The GXP or Galaxy Police series seemed as its title suggests more about the Galaxy police. Is this a separate additional series or is it the conclusion of the Ryooki series. Or are they backing out and not making the conclusion at all?

Marie Del Rio

The GXP series is a separate TV series that's a spin-off from the original Tenchi Muyo! universe. The new OVA series is a separate deal entirely, continuing (and hopefully concluding) the original OVA series.

i was wondering when and if they are going to release La Blue Girl rebirth in the states.

       signed miko mido's latina twin,
     La Muchacha Azul

While I'm sure it's been licensed (or perhaps not yet, but it's sure to be licensed soon), I don't think any sort of release date has been made available yet.

Hey Answerman

I was holding off on buying Sakura Diaries because I was waiting for the Collectors Edition but I see that it only has the Japanese audio track. Why do the distributors or whomever decide to drop the English track? I cant imagine that its such a big deal since they already have a dub on the older DVDs. Its a long shot but will there ever be an uncut version with both audio tracks released ;( Thanks a lot

It costs a lot of money to dub something and the Sakura Diaries Collector's Edition is essentially the same series with a few cut scenes and ecchi jokes edited back in from the Japanese laserdisc release. It's a for-hardcore-fans-only type of thing; the people who'd buy it probably aren't interested in the dub. There probably will never be a dubbed version of the Collector's Edition episodes.

Since you're well known as an Utena fan, I figure there's a good chance you can help me out. I don't care whether my question gets published or not, but I'd be very appreciative if you could tell me what the name of the song is that plays in the opening credits of the Utena movie. And while we're on the subject, was your R1 limited edition case cracked? Both mine and my friend's were. I had to send it back, but I'm guessing they're sold out by now, so I can't get a replacement...

-The guy occasionally called Deus

The song that plays in the opening credits is called "Rose is Rain". My case wasn't cracked.

Hey Answerman! I've got a couple of questions that I'm dying to know the answer to.
1. Will the Trigun manga ever hit the states? Are any companies pursuing it?

2. Will the "Legend of Crystania" OVA ever come out on DVD? I have only seen it available on video.

3. What are some anime series that are similar to Cowboy Bebop and Trigun?

4. And the grand daddy of all questions: boxers or briefs?

Hope you can answer them for me!
-32 Flavors

Really quick: Trigun manga hasn't been licensed yet but probably will be soon. I'm sure there are companies pursuing it. Legend of Crystania, the OVA version, will probably be on DVD eventually. Cowboy Bebop and Trigun don't have that much in common so it's tough for me to recommend shows that are like them both. As for the last question, there's only one answer: boxer-briefs. It's the best of both worlds.

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