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Seiyuu Michie Tomizawa to Retire

posted on by Jeremy Barnes
Popular Voice Actor Michie Tomizawa has decided it is time to retire from voice acting possibly.

Source: Anime News Service

Michie Tomizawa was born on October 20th of 1961 in Nagano, Japan. With her 41st birthday upcoming she has decided it is time to retire from video game voice acting.

There has been no information regarding her future in Anime. Sakura Taisen 4 will be the last video game that fans will be able to hear her voice in. As the Seiyuu for te ever-popular Sumire Kanzaki, she will be sorely missed. The series will have a hard time replacing her.

Michie Tomizawa has an incredible list of series to her credit. She not only played the arrogant spoiled Sumire, but equally arrogant and spoiled Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon. You can't claim she is typecast though. She also played the role of Doris from the original Vampire Hunter D: Movie and Zaki from Fist of the North Star. Chances are if you like Anime, you have been touched by the wonderful work of Michie Tomizawa. You may not have known it, but she has been a staple of good voice acting and a true testament to what a Seiyuu should be.

Below is a list of the more prominent work that Michie Tomizawa has been in:

Year Title Character
1983 Aura Battler Dunbine Elfino
1985 Vampire Hunter D Doris Rumm
1985 Bubble Gum Crisis Linna Yamazaki
1986 Hikari no Densetsu Bazuki Shiina
1986 Project A-ko C-ko
1986 The Kickers Tetsuya
1986 Guyver: Out of Control Mizuki Segawa
1986 Gall Force - Eternal Story Pony
1987 Project A-ko 2 C-Ko
1987 Kimagure Orange Road Kasuga Manami
1988 KOR: The Movie Kasuga Manami
1988 Battle Royal High School Sandy
1988 Project A-ko 3 C-Ko
1988 Dominion Tank Police Unipuma
1989 Rhea Gall Force Sally
1989 Project A-ko 4 C-Ko
1989 Gall Force Earth Sally
1990 Project A-Ko: Vs Battle 1 C-Ko
1990 Project A-Ko: Vs Battle 2 C-Ko
1991 Gall Force: New Era Sally
1991 Bubblegum Crash Linna Yamazaki
1991 Majû senshi Luna Varuga Luna
1992 Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Rei(Sailor Mars)
1993 Sailor Moon R Rei(Sailor Mars)
1993 Sailor Moon R: The Movie Rei(Sailor Mars)
1994 Sailor Moon S Rei(Sailor Mars)
1994 Sailor Moon S: The Movie Rei(Sailor Mars)
1995 Sailor Moon SS Rei(Sailor Mars)
1995 Fist of the North Star Zaki
1995 Sailor Moon SS: The Movie Rei(Sailor Mars)
1995 Sailor Moon SS Plus Rei(Sailor Mars)
1996 Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Master
1996 Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Rei(Sailor Mars)
1996 Those Who Hunt Elves Airi Komiyama
1997 Those Who Hunt Elves 2 Airi Komiyama
1998 RoLW: CotHK Leylia
1999 VoiceSlugger Ira Shrine

You can find more information on Michie Tomizawa at Seiyuu Database

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