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: 声優 【せいゆう】
Seiyū is the Japanese term for voice actor or actress - whether in animation, radio, dubbed non-Japanese films, etc. In Japan, seiyū are often less anonymous as artists than voice actors in the West. Many of the most famous seiyū (e.g. Megumi Hayashibara) have large fan groups of their own.


  • voice actor (English)

  • doubleur (French)

  • stemartiest (Dutch)

  • synchronsprecher (German)

  • stemmeskuespiller (Danish, Norwegian)

  • doppiatore (Italian)

  • actor de doblaje (Spanish)

  • aktor podkładający głos (Polish)

  • актер или актриса, озвучивающие аниме / сейю (Russian)

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