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Company news, hints, and innuendo.

Manga Entertainment announced that some classic titles will come to DVD, though some materials will have to be "recreated." Gunbuster, presumably, will have to be dubbed into English. This would involve procuring the Japanese masters. There are issues with Giant Robo's licensing that must be overcome before a new release. Ninja Scroll may find its way into US theaters for the tenth anniversary of its American release.

Rurouni Kenshin will come to Cartoon Network with edits for blood and language. The show's first run will have no repeats.

According to ADV, all the Giant Robot Week anime will air uncut. The Anime Network is a success, and will spread to New York City and possibly satellite TV.

Bandit King Jing, which is in preproduction, will be marketed with a contest for panties signed by voice actresses. Expect releases of Slayers, Sailor Moon, Those Who Hunt Elves, Blue Seed 2, the Sorceror Hunters OAV and Eden's Bowy by year's end.

ADV will release more "paper," presumably manga titles, this year.

Bandai announced three classic Oshii films in a box set. Red Spectacle, Keroberos (set in the world of Jin-Roh) and Talking Head will also be availiable individually.

A Bandai anime will see theatrical release this year, no word on the specifics.

Kikaider will air on Cartoon Network this June.

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