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Gunbuster (OAV)

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Alternative title:
Aim for the Top! Gunbuster
Punta al Top! Gunbuster (Italian)
Top o Nerae! Gunbuster
トップをねらえ! (Japanese)
勇往直前 (Chinese (Taiwan))
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Noriko Takaya's dream is to become a space pilot like her father, Admiral Yuzo Takaya. He died when she was still a little girl due to an attack of alien forces in deep space. After entering Okinawa Girls Space Pilot High School, Noriko is handpicked by instructor Kouichiro Ohta as someone with great potential. She must then persuade everyone, especially herself, that she can indeed fulfill her goal and become an accomplished pilot despite being just an ordinary girl.
User Ratings: 1256 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 269 votes (sub:240, raw:7, ?:7, dub:7, others:8
3 Spanish subtitled
2 Italian subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 German subtitled
 Excellent: 333 votes (sub:295, dub:16, raw:6, others:16
8 Spanish subtitled
3 Russian subtitled
2 French subtitled
2 Italian subtitled
1 German subtitled
 Very good: 301 votes (sub:267, dub:16, raw:4, ?:2, others:12
5 French subtitled
5 Spanish subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 Italian subtitled
 Good: 193 votes (sub:167, dub:15, raw:3, ?:3, others:5
2 Spanish subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 Chinese Mandarin subtitled
1 Italian subtitled
 Decent: 79 votes (sub:63, dub:10, ?:1, raw:1, others:4
2 Spanish subtitled
2 French subtitled
 So-so: 35 votes (sub:31, dub:3, others:1
1 Italian dubbed
 Not really good: 16 votes (sub:15, dub:1)
 Weak: 13 votes (sub:12, dub:1)
 Bad: 9 votes (sub:7, dub:1, others:1
1 French subtitled
 Awful: 4 votes (sub:4)
 Worst ever: 4 votes (sub:4)
Seen in part or in whole by 2115 users, rank: #551 (of 8935)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 8.137 (Very good), std. dev.: 1.6851, rank: #418 (of 9047)
Weighted mean: 8.092 (Very good), rank: #414 (of 9047) (seen all: 8.14 / seen some: 7.31 / won't finish: 3.53)
Bayesian estimate: 8.086 (Very good), rank: #291 (of 6820)
Running time: 30 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 6
Episode titles: We have 6
Vintage: 1988-10-07
Release dates: We have 13
Opening Theme:
"Active Heart" (アクティブ・ハート) by Noriko Sakai (eps 1-3)
Ending Theme:
#1: "Try Again...!" (トライAgain…!) by Noriko Sakai (eps 1-3)
#2: "Active Heart" (アクティブ・ハート) by Noriko Sakai (ep 4)
#3: "Toki no Kawa o Koete…" (時の河を越えて…; "The Timeless Stream") by Kouhei Tanaka (instrumental; ep 6)
Insert song:
"Otoko to Onna no Love Game" (男と女のラブゲーム) by Norio Wakamoto and Rei Sakuma (ep 3)
"Top o Nerae: Fly High" (トップをねらえ! 〜Fly High〜) by Noriko Hidaka & Rei Sakuma (ep 5) 
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DVD (Region 0)
    Gunbuster [Kinokuniya USA Exclusive] (Jp.DVD) 2006-11-24
DVD (Region 1)
    Gunbuster (Sub.DVD) 2007-02-20 (from $343.94)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Hideaki Anno
Kazuya Tsurumaki (New Science Lessons)
Hideaki Anno (New Science Lessons; eps 5-6)
Hiroyuki Yamaga (uncredited)
Kazuya Tsurumaki (New Science Lessons)
Toshio Okada (eps 1-6)
Hideaki Anno (eps 1-6)
Kazuya Tsurumaki (New Science Lessons)
Shinji Higuchi (eps 1-6)
Music: Kōhei Tanaka
Original creator: Toshio Okada
Original Character Design: Haruhiko Mikimoto
Art: Kimiko Higuchi (ED 1-3)
Chief Animation Director: Toshiyuki Kubooka
Animation Director:
Toshiyuki Kubooka (eps 1, 4)
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (eps 5-6)
Yuji Moriyama (eps 2-3)
Animation Character Design: Toshiyuki Kubooka
Hiroaki Inoue
Minoru Takanashi
Satoshi Kohno (New Science Lessons)
Shigeru Watanabe (New Science Lessons)
Shiro Sasaki
Takeshi Sawamura (New Science Lessons)
Toshio Azami (New Science Lessons)

Assistant Animation Director:
Kinji Yoshimoto (ep 2)
Satoshi Urushihara (ep 2)
Assistant Episode Director: Masakazu Amiya (eps 1, 5-6)
Background Art:
Satoshi Hirono (eps 1-3, 5-6)
Takashi Watabe (eps 5-6)
Tatsuya Kushida (eps 5-6)
Youji Takeshige (eps 1-2, 5-6)
Yūsuke Takeda (Bihou; DVD SP2-3)
CG Graphics: Hiroyuki Yamaga (New Science Lessons)
Digital Art:
Hiroshi Sasaki (New Science Lessons)
Masanori Kikuchi (New Science Lessons)
Effects: Shizuo Kurahashi (Toyo Onkyo)
Finishing: Tomomi Nakamaru (New Science Lessons)
Harmony: Noriko Takaya
Kimiko Higuchi (ED 1-3)
Mahiro Maeda (all for ED)
In-Between Animation:
Hiroko Onoki (eps 1-2, 4)
Hirotsugu Yamada (eps 1-2)
Kazuya Kuroda (eps 1-2, 4-6)
Keiji Gotoh (eps 1-2)
Koichi Nakaochi (eps 1-2)
Koji Sugiura (ep 4)
Masayuki Ota (ep 3)
Naoki Kato (eps 1-2)
Naoki Kitamura (ep 3)
Natsuko Goto (Shaft; DVD SP1-3)
Shinya Yamamoto (eps 1-2)
Suzuko Watanabe (eps 4-6)
Takashi Nagayama (ep 3)
Takehiro Nakayama (eps 1-2)
Takeshi Honda (eps 1-2)
Takeshi Yamamoto (ep 3)
Tomoaki Kado (eps 1-2)
Yasuhito Kikuchi (ep 4)
Yoshiaki Iwasaki (eps 4-6)
In-Between Check:
Hajime Yoshida (eps 3-4)
Hiroshi Yoneda (eps 1-2)
Junichi Nagano (eps 3-4)
Takehiro Nakayama (eps 5-6)
Yasuhito Kikuchi (eps 5-6)
Key Animation:
Atsushi Takeuchi (eps 5-6)
Eiji Suganuma (eps 5-6)
Eisaku Inoue (ep 3)
Fumio Iida (eps 5-6)
Hideaki Anno (eps 5-6)
Hideki Futamura (eps 3-4)
Hidenori Matsubara (eps 1, 4-6)
Hidetoshi Yoshida (eps 2-6)
Hiroaki Gohda (eps 1, 4-6)
Hiroyuki Kitakubo (eps 4-6)
Jiro Kanai (eps 5-6)
Kazuya Tsurumaki (New Science Lessons)
Keisuke Fukuda (eps 1-2, 5-6)
Kōichi Hashimoto (ep 4)
Koji Sugiura (eps 5-6)
Mahiro Maeda (eps 1, 4-6)
Makoto Kanai (OAV 2)
Masami Obari (eps 5-6)
Masayuki (eps 5-6)
Norifumi Kiyozumi (eps 5-6)
Osamu Ohkubo (eps 5-6)
Sadami Morikawa (eps 5-6)
Shinji Hashimoto (ep 4)
Shōichi Masuo (eps 2, 4-6)
Shunji Suzuki (eps 4-6)
Takahiro Kishida (eps 2-3, 5-6)
Takahiro Ōmori (eps 5-6)
Takehiro Nakayama (eps 2-6)
Takeshi Honda (eps 3-6)
Toshiyuki Kubooka (ep 2)
Yasuhito Kikuchi (eps 5-6)
Yoshiaki Takei (eps 1-6)
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (eps 1, 4-6)
Yuji Moriyama (ep 2)
Music Performance:
Hikaru Yamanaka (Violin)
Kazuki Chiba (Contrabass)
Opening Animation: Masayuki
Photography: Hidetoshi Watanabe (New Science Lessons)
Hideaki Anno (New Science Lessons)
Isamu Senda
Minoru Takanashi (New Science Lessons)
Shin Unozawa
Shiro Sasaki (New Science Lessons)
Toshio Okada
Production Assistant: Ken Ando (New Science Lessons)
Production manager:
Ayumi Enomoto (eps 2-3)
Shouji Murahama (eps 1-3, 5-6)
Yasuhiro Takeda (New Science Lessons)
Production Office: Kazumi Okada
Recording: Kunio Andō (Aoi Studio)
Recording Assistant: Nobuyoshi Uebayashi
Recording engineer:
Kaori Hiyamizu (New Science Lessons)
Norio Nishizawa (New Science Lessons)
Scientific Study: Yuji Moriyama
Hiroshi Sasaki (eps 1-6)
Ikuto Yamashita (eps 5-6)
Mahiro Maeda (eps 1-6)
Masanori Kikuchi (eps 1-6)
Shinji Higuchi (eps 5-6)
Takashi Watabe (eps 5-6)
Takehiko Itō (eps 5-6)
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (eps 1-6)
Sound Effects:
Hideaki Anno (New Science Lessons) 
Shizuo Kurahashi
Special Effects:
Satoru Hirono (eps 3-6)
Yuki Okumura (eps 1-6)
Technical Director: Shōichi Masuo
Theme Song Performance:
Noriko Hidaka ("Top o Nerae! ~Fly High~")
Noriko Sakai (OP/ED 1-2)
Rei Sakuma ("Top o Nerae! ~Fly High~")
Noriko Hidaka as Noriko Takaya
Rei Sakuma as Kazumi "Onee-sama" Amano

Kazuki Yao as Smith Toren (ep 3)
Maria Kawamura as Jung Freud
Masako Katsuki as
Kimiko Akai (eps 5-6)
Reiko Kashiwara (eps 1, 6)
Norio Wakamoto as Kouichiro "Coach" Ohta
Tamio Ohki as Captain Tatsumi Tashiro
Tomomichi Nishimura as Tashiro's Executive Officer
Yuriko Fuchizaki as
Kimiko Higuchi (ep 1)
Takami Akai

Ayako Shiraishi as
Linda Yamamoto (ep 4)
Operator Woman 1 (eps 2-3)
Woman 1 (ep 2)
Ayumi Hashimoto as
Classmate ɣ (ep 1)
Female Top A (eps 3-4)
Daiki Nakamura as
Radar Operator Σ (ep 4)
Speaker (ep 3)
Junko Asami as Female Student A (ep 1)
Kazuo Oka as Engineer (ep 2)
Kouji Tsujitani as Operator (eps 3-4)
Kyoko Minami as
Classmate (ep 1)
Female Top Γ (ep 4)
Operator (ep 3)
Kyousei Tsukui as Man 1 (ep 2)
Masashi Hirose as Admiral Yuzo Takaya (ep 2)
Masayuki Omoro as
Masanori Kikuchi (ep 4)
Operator Man #1 (ep 3)
Miharu Yokota as Classmate β (ep 1)
Mitsuaki Hoshino as announcer (ep 2)
Nobuyuki Furuta as Sailor (ep 2)
Sakurako Kishiro as
Announcer Woman (ep 3)
Female Top B (ep 4)
Takkou Ishimori as Principal Hiroaki Inoue (eps 1, 5)

Ayako Shiraishi (eps 5-6)
Hiromi Nakamura (eps 5-6)
Houchu Ohtsuka (eps 5-6)
Kenyuu Horiuchi (eps 5-6)
Kinryuu Arimoto (eps 5-6)
Kiyonobu Suzuki (eps 5-6)
Masaru Ikeda (eps 5-6)
Shinya Ohtaki (eps 5-6)
Yuzuru Fujimoto (eps 5-6)
Japanese companies
Backgrounds: Apple
Development: Tokyo Laboratory
Finish Animation:
Animation Time (eps 3-4)
Just (eps 5-6)
Kitty Films (ep 1)
Lee Production (eps 5-6)
Magic Bus (eps 5-6)
Studio 88 (eps 5-6)
Studio CATS (ep 1)
Studio Kuma (eps 1-6)
Studio Step (ep 1)
In-Between Animation:
AIC (eps 5-6)
Artland (eps 5-6)
D.A.S.T Corporation (eps 5-6)
Doga Kobo (ep 1)
Daume (ep 3)
Dragon Production (ep 2)
Group Donguri (eps 2, 5-6)
Magic Bus (ep 3)
Mushi Production (ep 4)
Nishiko Pro (ep 2)
Project Team Muu (eps 1, 5-6)
Studio 88 (ep 1)
Studio ArgoShip (ep 1)
Studio Kuma (eps 3-4)
Studio Mark (eps 1, 5-6)
Studio Max (ep 4)
Studio Mu (eps 1, 3, 5-6)
Studio Outside (eps 4-6)
Studio Rod (ep 3)
Studio Wombat (eps 2-3)
Sunshine Corporation (eps 1, 5-6)
Usagi-ya (eps 2-3)
Mechanical Design: Studio Nue
Music Production: Victor Entertainment
Music Production Cooperation: IMAGINE
Opening Titles: Maki Production
Photography: T. Nishimura
Production Cooperation: Studio Fantasia
Recording Studio: Aoi Studio
Sound Effects: Toyo Sound
Sound Production: Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
English staff
English cast
ADR Director: Marissa Lenti
Deborah Grant (U.S. Renditions; eps 1-2)
Glova Corporation (Bandai Visual USA eps 1-6)
Ken Iyadomi (U.S. Renditions; eps 1-2)
Stuart J. Walton (Bandai Visual USA)
Toshifumi Yoshida (U.S. Renditions; eps 3-6)
Trish Ledoux (U.S. Renditions; eps 3-6)
Yoshiyuki Karahashi (U.S.Renditions Science Lessons)
Yūki Nakajima (U.S. Renditions; eps 1-2)
Executive producer:
Tatsunori Konno (Bandai Visual USA)
Yoshinori Ueno (Bandai Visual USA)
David Keith Riddick (U.S. Renditions)
Naoko Ueki (Bandai Visual USA)
Takenari Maeda (Bandai Visual USA)

Additional Contributions: Carl Gustav Horn (Bandai Visual USA)
ADR Lyric Adaptation: Dawn M. Bennett
ADR Prep: Ry McKeand
ADR Script Supervisor: J. Michael Tatum
Assistant ADR Director: Amber Lee Connors
Consultant: David Keith Riddick (U.S. Renditions)
DVD Encoding & Authoring: Takashi Saita (Video-Tech)
Lead ADR Engineer: Natalie Van Sistine
Line Producer: Amber Lee Connors
Mixing & Mastering Engineer:
Atlr Audio
Jacob Craner
Music Director: Dawn M. Bennett
Production Assistant:
Ai Takai (Bandai Visual USA)
Michiko Kumagai (Bandai Visual USA)
Production Coordination: Kumiko Moriyama (Video-Tech)
Production Supervision: Upton S. Redmonton (U.S. Renditions)
Script Editing: Robert Napton (U.S. Renditions)
Subtitle Timing: Tomoko Imazu (Video-Tech)
Talent Coordination: Sarah Poulsen
Translation Adviser:
Christina Rose (Bandai Visual USA)
Kousetsu Tateno (T.O.Y. International)
Shin Okada (Bandai Visual USA)
Alexandra Yastishock as Jung Freud 
Bradley Gareth as Koichiro Ohta
Kiana Chula King as Noriko Takaya 
Melissa Sternenberg as Kazumi Amano

Bill Jenkins as Tatsumi Tashiro
Brett Weaver as Yuzo Takaya
Cristina Vee as Takami Akai
Ernesto Jason Liebrecht as Smith Toren
Kai Kennedy as Masanori Kikuchi
Krystal LaPorte as Reiko Kashiwara
Lisa Ortiz as Kimiko Higuchi
Nola Klop as Linda Yamamoto

English companies
Adaptation: Video-Tech
ADR Production: Sound Cadence Studios (Discotek release)
Distributor: Kiseki Films (UK)
DVD Mastering: Video-Tech
DVD Production: Image Entertainment
Licensed by:
Bandai Visual USA (2006; Expired)
Discotek Media (2021)
Manga Entertainment (License Expired)
U.S. Renditions (License Expired)
Production: U.S. Renditions (1990-1991 Release)
Subtitles: E & C Productions (US Renditions)
Translation: Synch-Point (DVD Bonus Material)
Korean staff
Korean companies
Distributor: Nova Media
Korean cast
French staff
French companies
Executive producer: Carlo Levy
Broadcaster: Nolife
Distributor: Beez Entertainment
French cast
Spanish staff
Spanish companies
Distributor: Dynamic SK (Spain; subtitled)
Subtitles: Cristal Media (Dynamic SK)
Spanish cast
Italian cast
Italian staff
Marketing Director: Giorgio Pulini (italian edition)
Italian companies
Licensed by: Dynit
German staff
German cast
German companies
Kazé Germany (now)
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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