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Viz announced today the January 2001 release of Marionnette Generation Volume 1: Entrances. Written and drawn by Haruhiko Mikimoto, Marionette Generation tells the story of Illustrator Izumi Morino and a talking rag doll. Morino may not be able to find work, but his life is still very complicated. Kinoko, a cute junior-high student, has become his de facto assistant and attempts to run his life through whining and wheedling. Things get weird one morning when she catches him in bed with a doll...not an adult doll, but a cute rag doll. Embarrassing to be sure, but Izumi has no idea how it got there...and even less idea what to think when the doll starts to walk, talk and call him names!

Haruhiko Mikimoto has worked as a character designer for many
different anime. Starting as a self-described fan, he soon got a job
at Studio Nue, and a sketch of a Chinese girl doodled in a notebook
was enough to lead him to a character design stint on the 1982 TV
series SUPERDIMENSIONAL FORTRESS MACROSS (known in the U.S. as the
first part of ROBOTECH). His work also appears in MACROSS II,
GUNBUSTER, and many other anime series, as well as video games such
as QUO VADIS. His manga works include MACROSS 7 TRASH and MARIONETTE
GENERATION, which started in 1989 and ran for several years in the
Japanese animation magazine NEWTYPE.

This 192 page black and white graphic novel collects the Marionette Generation stories from Animerica Extra Part 3 #3 through #10. Retail price $15.95 USA/$24.95 Canada.

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