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Anime Expo New York
Manga Entertainment

Manga Entertainment
Rep: Keith Burgess

Although no new licenses were announced, release dates for several titles were given. The first volume of Virus Buster Serge will be released before the end of 2002, while in 2003, Magic Knights Rayearth OAV is slated for February, Gunbuster for March and Read or Die for April. Kaidomaru will be released in March 2003 with a possible arthouse theatrical release to follow shortly thereafter.

Following the current industry trend, Manga will be releasing a box set of Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighet V II. The DVD's will be packaged in a four-panel fold out box and extras will include a side-by-side comparison of character and scene design sketches and the finished animaton.

According to Manga's Keith Burgess, although all three episodes of Read or Die will be on one DVD, each will be presented separately, as released in Japan. However, the combined credits will run after the last episode. Extras on the DVD will include a "massive" art gallery, equipment and character design sketches, including proposed ones that were not used, storyboards, and possibly interviews with the cast and/or staff.

Other announcements made during the panel include:
- The End of Evangelion DVD is currently in replication and will be available on schedule.
- Fist of the North Star and New Dominion Tank Police are at the top of the list of back catalog titles to be released on DVD
- The Evangelion: Death & Rebirth DVD is unplayable on some lower-end RCA
- Manga will establish a Fan Club, whose members will receive discounts on anime and other related merchandise sold both though the company website and at other online anime stores.
- There has been negotiations with an unnamed company regarding a theatrical re-release of the Ninja Scroll movie, possibly in connection with the upcoming live-action Ninja Scroll.
- In a rare glimpse at actual numbers, according to Mr. Burgess, over 15,000 units of the Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth DVD have shipped so far.

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