Anime Boston 2003
Manga Entertainment

by Mikhail Koulikov & Bamboo Dong,
Manga Entertainment
Studio Representative: Keith Burgess

Although Manga did not announce any new titles at this time, extensive information on release dates and other plans was made available. The release schedule through the end of 2003 is as follows:

April 29: Magic Knight Rayearth OAV
Street Fighter V II box set
May 27: Read or Die
June 24: Virus volume 3
Ninja Scroll 10th Anniversary special, which will include interviews with several of the voice actors, including Wendee Lee
July 29: Kaidomaru, to include a booklet containing various background information on the setting and storyline.
August 26: New Dominion Tank Police OVA box set
Dark Myth OVA
September: Orguss 02
Macross TV box set (Tentative)
October: Neon Genesis Evangelion movies box set

Other titles to be released sometime in the fall include Gunbuster (as a 2-DVD set) and the Street Fighter Alpha 2 movie. A remastered release of Wings of Honneamise: Royal Space Force is planned as well, although no date was made available. Mr. Burgess confirmed that only the first 36 episodes of the Fist of the North Star TV series have been licensed for US release. Licensing negotiations on Giant Robo are "at a standstill", with no progress immediately projected. Finally, Mr. Burgess stated that Manga Entertainment is "looking to get more" into the licensing and distribution of anime TV series, rather than merely theatrical releases and OVA's.

It was also at the Manga panel that it was revealed that Pioneer Entertainment does in fact hold the rights to Macross Zero, something that was not confirmed by Pioneer.

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