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Manga Entertainment Release Info (Evangelion Movies, Giant Robo)

posted on by Scott Green
According to Anime Tourist's report on Manga Entertainment Press Panel at the Metreon Festival of Anime, the dates posted on the company's web site are the "outer bounds" of the Evangelion movie's release date.

According to Anime Tourist's report on Manga Entertainment Press Panel at the Metreon Festival of Anime, the dates posted on the company's web site are the outer bounds of the Evangelion movie's release date. They hope to get releases out as soon as possible. The release of the Evangelion movies has been delayed while they wait for a better Japanese audio track (a 5.1 version rather than the current stereo). An effort is being made to interview Evangelion creator and directory Anno Hideaki, but the likelihood is looking dim. Tsurumaki Kazuya will be providing an interview and possibly a director's commentary. English dub actress Amanda Win Lee will be providing a commentary track as well. Other special features include their own version of the "Red Cross Book", with images and information about the series, interviews (English dub actress Tiffany Grant has been named) and a look behind the scenes.

A recent flyer puts Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth on 4/30/02 and Neon Genesis Evangelion the Movie (AKA: End of Evangelion) on 7/30/02.

When the Neon Genesis Evangelion television series ended there was a great deal of controversy about the last two episodes. Many viewers where dissatisfied about the method in which the series was concluded. In response the Evangelion movies presented an alternative ending. The first half of Death & Rebirth is a summary of the events of the television series leading up to the last two episodes with new animation for transition. The second half features a new penultimate chapter.
The first half of End of Evangelion is the same as the second half of Death and Rebirth. The feature then goes on to a new conclusion to the story.

Other manga release dates include:

Virus in May 2002.
Macross Plus Movie DVD is Feb.
Shadowskill is end of Nov. 2001
Gunbuster is late summer 2002.
Giant Robo is also late summer 2002. Currently trying to get the Gin Rei shorts as well.
Fist of the Northstar DVDs. Going to be as many episodes as possible on a dvd. So only 4-5.

Macross Plus: The Movie is a re-edited version of the four episode OAV series about three friends who have succeeded in the careers, but failed in their personally lives who are reunited when they return to their home planet, two of them as test pilots and the third of the manager to a popular virtual idol singer. The movie features two footage and a different take on the story than the OAVs.

Gunbuster is a OAV series from Gainax that has been compared to Evangelion with more of a traditional sci-fi bend.

Giant Robo is a pulp/retro take on the boy and his giant robot.

By popular demand, the Manga Entertainment website forum is coming back. From Anime Tourist: "it was taken down because too many troublemakers were showing up and there was no way to keep them out. However, to get into the forum, you have to be part of Manga Fan Club. Keith is creating a manga membership card that has a serial number on it. That way only fans will be posting and not people who are trying to cause trouble. However if all you want to do is use the forum, then a membership card can be had for free by signing up at a convention that Manga is at or writing Keith and requesting one. Manga also plans to offer discounts to card holders and contests will be held for cardholders only."

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