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On top of the Gunbuster sequel, word of a few more new Animes in production or pre-production has come from the Japanese SF Convention.

Source: Anime News Service

The following new Anime from Gainax have been confirmed and have release dates, Mahoro Matic (TV release on BS-I in October; 1st DVD volume due out in 12/07; the soundtrack is scheduled for 11/22; directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga; Hideaki Anno storyboarded the show´s opening) and Abeno-basi Mahou Shoutengai (TV release in spring 2002; also directed by Yamaga).

Meanwhile Princess Maker, based on GAINAX´s famous simulation game, is also said to be "more than just unconfirmed rumors."

Bandai is set to release a new 5 part OVA series entitled Sentou Yousei Yukikaze in the spring of 2002. The series is based on "Yukikaze", a popular series of sci-fi novels by Chouhei Kambayashi. Staff for the new series include director Masahiko Okuma, character designer Yumi Tada, sound supervisor Yota Tsuruoka and 3D supervisor Atsushi Takeuchi.

A 3 minute trailer of the series, which should be complete by mid 2003, was shown at the 40th Japanese Sci-Fi Convention, and showed some of the aerial combat scenes which are said to play a huge part in the series.

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