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2002, An Answerman Odyssey

Answerman: 2002, An Answerman Odyssey

Yo answerman,

i've been a huge anime for years...and i found out one thing i can't stand...incompleted series...for example Vandread was suppose to have only one season but luckly they have a second season due to sponsors. I understand Gainax might have some financial problem but they are really starting to let anime fans down because they make such great anime series (i.e. Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou and Mahoro-matic) and yet they can never finish it. My question is...is it going to be the same for Mahoro-matic? because in my opinion, what is the point making anime series when your not going to complete it? And by the way is Candidate for Goddess manga been licensed? The reason i'm asking is because once again, the anime left me on the hook...so i want to find the ending...thx for your time and keep up the good work


Mahoromatic already concluded in Japan. It was 12 episodes long. That's all they had planned. Where are people getting the idea that somehow it was cancelled or cut short?

Hi Answerman,
I have a few questions to ask:
1.Is there talk of a Dr. Slump release in the U.S?

2.Is there a Kajika anime?

3.When will Inu-Yasha(the anime)be released in America?

4.Is the Dragon Warrior anime being released in the U.S.?

5.Is there a Ranma 1/2 video game being released in the U.S.?


To answer your questions in order:
1. There's no talk of a Dr. Slump release in the US yet. It features a talking piece of poo. I doubt it'll find its way to US shores.
2. As far as I know, there's no Kajika anime yet.
3. Inu-Yasha has no American release date yet but it should be out before the end of the year.
4. The Dragon Warrior anime was released in the US a long time ago...
5. ...as was a Ranma ½ video game for the Super Nintendo.

Bertschy-sama e,

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! ^_^

Rumours have been flying on why Pioneer delayed the release of Card Captor Sakura volume 4. On Pioneer's site, they say that they delayed it at the request of the licenser. Some people have said it was because of an original piece of music (if so, what piece?). Other people have said it was because episode 14 (on this volume) blatantly alludes to Touya loving Yukito (WAI! *_*), but that reason seems unlikely. Does anyone know for sure?


~~Andrea Doolan

Ah yes, there's always a grand conspiracy behind the delay of something. The truth of the matter is, the volume was held back due to some licensing issues. There was some material on the disc that the Japanese licensor hadn't allowed for US release yet and Pioneer had to wait. The "original piece" of music people are talking about is, I believe, Tomoyo's song in one of the episodes. Trust me; it has nothing to do with the homosexual undercurrent of the series. It'll be out soon enough; just believe the company line. They have no reason to lie to you.

Hey Answerman!

I was wondering about the next two seasons of the Crest of the Stars anime, Battle Flag of the Stars One and Two. Are the characters from Crest of the Stars (Namely Lafiel and Jinto) going to star, or will there be a whole new set of characters based in the same universe?


The next two seasons do follow Lafiel and Jinto but they occasionally focus on new characters, from what I can see. Those two remain the central focus of the series.

Dear Answerman,

I heard that CLAMP issued a statement saying they didn't want their pics posted all over the web. Is this true? Can you verify it for me? Thanks!


Yep. They went after a lot of Japanese fansites and even some American ones. Hence why it was somewhat difficult to find CLAMP artwork on the web a while back. Their attempt was a failure, however, and nowadays you can find nearly anything you want.

Hey Answerman!
Listen, I'm a big fan of Blue Seed and I was wondering if ADV licensed it?

They sure did. The DVDs are being released now.

dear answer man

-im a huge ryoko ikeda fan and i was wondering if you think that rose of versailles will ever be released in the us ? ( i would have definetly bought the japanese box set but unfortunately it dosent have english subtitles)
- why is Fruits Basket so popular?

Rose of Versailles has yet to be licensed; a few companies are looking at it but remember, it's a really old show. As for Fruits Basket, it's hard to explain why anything is popular; although I'd venture a guess that it's because the show features bishonen who turn in to fuzzy animals. If that isn't a recipe for success in today's anime market, I don't know what is.

Dear Answerman,

i have just two quick questions that have been bothering me lately

1. Has Noir been aquisitioned in america yet?

2. I just saw the first episode of hellsing and i thought it was really cool. Is there a hellsing manga? I know its definitely too early for the anime to be getting here any time soon.

thank you very much for your time!
your faithful fan

ADV has been waffling on the Noir license, but it's all but been said that they have it. There is a Hellsing manga, you can find it at www.planetanime.com. I'll agree with you on that one; Hellsing is definitely the best series to come out of Japan in a while.

I've recently heard a rumor that Manga was going to release Gunbuster on domestic DVD sometime in the spring of 2002. Is there any substance to this rumor, or is it just hearsay? And what about the proposed Gunbuster sequel that has been officially anounced by Gainax? Any new news on that note?

Yes, that's true. Manga is supposedly releasing Gunbuster here in Spring 2002. What kind of "news" did you want on Gunbuster 2? They're making it. It's in pre-production. Nothing else has been said.

I have a friend with connections, and he might be able to get the new kenshin ova. Do you know if it's out yet, and if so, who's selling it, and where could he find it..
Also, what is the name of the new kenshin ova.
And some questions from me.
Why did they stop right in the middle of Kare Kano? There is no real ending to it, just sort of stopped on to be continued. Did they run out of money, was the ratings bad, or did they just get bored?
I really liked Kare Kano. >_<
Also, I read that someone thought that Love Hina was going to be brought to Adult Swim, but that seems unlikely. (I also read that you think its unlikely) How did that rumor start?
Also, can you think of any reason why kenshin can't be brought to cartoon network. There is not a lot of blood in the series, and the little bit of curseing can be cut out easyly... However, the dub does suck...
Well that's all, thank you!


If your friend has "connections", why do you need me, a columnist who has said many times again and again that I do not tell people where to get fansubs, to tell him where to find it? It's called "Seisouhen". They stopped at the end of the season of Kare Kano; in the middle of the manga, to be sure, but certainly not in the middle of the season. It ran one full season and they quit. It isn't the most unusual thing in the world. The standing rumor is that they ran out of money. As for Love Hina, rumors start because people sitting in IRC chatrooms are bored and start lying to impress people. Kenshin could conceivably be brought to Adult Swim but the show is too mature and too bloody to be shown to children in the US.

Dear answerman,

I'm sorry for the bother but i was wondering if there would be any more eps., movies, oavs, of Initial D. I know it's not likely but, call it wishful thinking. if there is any news or rumors please let me know. Thank you for your time and answer.

mike H.

Nothing yet. The show is still popular so don't lose hope.

Hi there Answerman
Tell me, was there ever a finale to the Oh My Goddess! manga series and the anime series? Though I know OMG has been circulating in Japan for a long time, I have often wondered if it actually ended and when it ended. Popularity can force a certain anime have a prolonged existence such as Dragon Ball Z, but you never really know. Has Kosuke Fujishima lost interest in the series or what? Appreciate an explanation.

Fujishima continues the AMG manga to this day. It has yet to end. It's very popular still and he'll continue to do the series for quite a while. The anime series ended nicely with 5 OVA episodes. The "mini" episodes didn't really have a storyline so no "ending" was necessary.


I've been looking for awhile now for some merchandise from Noir (wallscrolls, art books etc..), but there doesn't seem to be much if any. I have the OSTs, but beyond that is there anything available or planed to be sold in the future? Noir is a great series, It'd be great to have a wallscroll or something from it.


Moir was largely a show for adults. Thusly, a lot of the typical merchandise you'd find; Wallscrolls, art books and so forth, aren't available. I'm sure you'd be able to find these things for Noir, though, given how popular the show was. Sometimes it takes a while for items from relatively obscure series to find their way into importers' hands. Just be patient, it'll show up eventually.

I just finished Magic Knights Rayearth series. I dont know all that much about Clam, but I was woundering has there been any news of Clamp releasing a third season?


Nope. They're done with Rayearth. There is a 3-part OVA series, though, if you haven't seen that.

Hi, Answerman, I've got tough/interesting questions for you.

I recently bought the first Cowboy Bebop OST and I cannot stop playing it because I love it so much. My questions are: where can I find more of this type of music (by any artist) and do any other anime series have as good as music?

Thanx for your time.


Well, if you like jazz (Which is great; I'm really happy to hear that anime is bringing real culture into people's lives) walk in to any music store and peruse the jazz section. Many music stores have listening stations. Take a look around and see what you like. As for other anime series that have great music, generally anything by Yoko Kanno (the composer responsible for Cowboy Bebop) is fantastic. Check out Earth Girl Arjuna, Escaflowne, and Brain Powerd.

Hey, I hope this hasn't been asked already ( I'd get POed after a while too)

Any word on Flame of Recca? It's a good series, and I was wondering if it was going to be released anytime soon.

Hasn't been licensed yet. Sorry.

Hey Answer Man, I bought the first DVD of Angel Sanctuary and I have not been able to find anymore. The DVD I bought contains episodes 1-3 and Im wondering if there are any more episodes released in the states? If not do you know when they will be?

Thanks a million.

There aren't any more episodes, period. The manga's pretty good, though, and there are translations available on the web, so if you have the time, pick up the manga from Japan. It's a heck of a lot better than the anime series, in any case.

Hello, Answerman. I like anime, but as a minority I get tired of seeing European characters(light-skinned with blues eyes and blonde hair). Even Asian characters look European. All I'm asking if there are any minorities, who are not asian, in major roles in any anime series? Someone who I would see constantly in the series and not just a one-shot. Thanks for your time.

Minorities are something of a rarity in anime, and always have been. Ray Lovelock in Macross 7 is African-American and plays a prominent role in the series. Tenjou Tenge, a shonen manga by manga-ka OH! GREAT features several African-Americans. I can't think of any others off the top of my head (Specifically South American examples). If anyone else out there has any, let me know.

What do you think Hunter x Hunter's chances are of being picked up over here (either the manga or the anime)?


Well, it's a typical action-packed shonen anime series, so the chances are probably pretty good. Hasn't been licensed yet, though.

Hey Answerman,

Are you ever going to have those "Son of Answerman" trivia contests again?



Probably not. Last time I did that, I had prizes. I sent the prize out and the guy claimed to never get it. So that pretty much soured me on the whole thing. Heck, you never know; could happen again.

I leave you with a quote:
"To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge." -Benjamin Disraeli
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