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Manga Video, Pioneer announce new DVD plans

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In one of the semi-regular "20 questions" sessions with AnimeonDVD.com, Manga Entertainment/Palm Pictures General Manager and Marketing Director in charge of DVD Production Mike Egan reported several previously unannounced titles and plans regarding DVD release of its back catalog.

First and foremost, Egan revealed that Giant Robo will see a DVD release starting in 1st quarter 2000, and the VHS/DVD release of their newest theatrical title "Perfect Blue" has been slated for November. X/1999 will be theatrically released near the very end of 1999. Macross II will be released on DVD next March.

Egan also revealed that Macross Plus is currently being remixed with Dolby Digital AC-3 5.1 channel audio for its DVD release, and that the discs will include the original ads for the series, the original Japanese credits, and other new features. The DVD's, unlike the LD release, will NOT be "dub-titled" (subtitled with the English dubbed dialogue instead of the raw translation).

"We have plans for re-releasing the complete Manga Video catalog on DVD," Egan was quoted as saying. "We are not just throwing DVD releases out there like others. We are watching the market grow." He also noted that new titles are selected for DVD by quality of the program, popularity, and sales expectations. Lupin III - Castle of Cagliostro will get a similar treatment, with a totally remastered transfer, Dolby Digital, and additional extras.

Egan also mentioned that future DVD releases from Manga may see an anamorphic 16x9 format. Unfortunately, he did not see a Gunbuster release on DVD any time soon due to the fact that they do not have the rights to release a dubbed version.

Manga wasn't the only one with new announcements, however. Pioneer mentioned in their usual announcements that the second volume of Serial Experiments Lain, Knights, will see a 8/24 release (Sub VHS/Dub VHS/DVD), as will the 3rd and possibly final Tenchi Muyo! movie "Tenchi Forever", on 8/31 (Sub VHS/Dub VHS/DVD).

Special thanks to AnimeonDVD.com for the information!

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