Otaking at MIT

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Toshio Okada (of Gainax and Otaku no Video fame) will be giving a lecture about anime at MIT tomorrow.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Anime Club is sponsoring a lecture by former Gainax president, Toshio Okada, at the school tomorrow.

With twenty years of experience in Japanese animation, Mr. Okada will discuss the production of Japanese animation. He will also talk about how a small band of fans managed to break into the industry and form on of the most recognized animation studios of our time, Gainax.

Following the lecture there will be a Q&A session.

Mr. Toshio Okada, the self-proclaimed "Otaking," is credited with Wings of Honneamise (1987), Aim for the Top! Gunbuster (1988), and Nadia of the Mysterious Blue Seas (1990), among others. He served as screenwriter for the seminal Otaku no Video (1992): a classic "mockumentary" of fandom and the Gainax studio, as Trekkies is to Star Trek fans.

Since his involvement at Gainax, Okada founded the International Otaku University and served as lecturer of Otakuology (fan studies) at Tokyo University. His numerous printed works include Introduction to Otakuology, Lost Future, and The Hesitant Road of the Otaku.

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