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Check it, yo; questions straight up.

I just recently finished collecting the anime series "Pilot Candidate" and was very disappointed. It left some much unanswered. you don't find out if zero becomes a pilot and weather they destroy victim or any of the stuff that made the series good, and noticed there was only 11 episodes total for the series and there are suppose to be 12. Did bandi cut this episode for some reason or was it like a season finally where it was like a 1 or 2 movie. Oh also is there like another saga for it that continues where Pilot Candidate left off.

Scott Johnson-Brown
IT Helpdesk Technician

Well, here's the thing about Pilot Candidate. It's not that there's a missing episode, they just chose to end the series that way. Technically, the series is 12 episodes long; it just starts with episode 0 instead of episode 1. Kinda silly, isn't it? There's no rhyme or reason for that particular numbering scheme, as far as I can tell. There are more episodes coming out in Japan right now, so you can look forward to having those eventually… but for the time being, you're stuck with the unfinished ending. Rest assured, that's how the series was supposed to end.

Hello! I have started to really get into Shirow, and
have seen all anime based on works. What manga would you
suggest I read to get an actual feel for his art and
storytelling technique?

Thank you answerman-senpai!

Read the original Ghost in the Shell (NOT the sequel, which I found to be massively disappointing and nowhere near the level of quality of the original), and Orion. Appleseed is pretty good, too. You can find these titles at any respectable comics dealer, so check 'em out.


if there isn't a a continuation of Angel Sanctuary the anime y do they have a soundtrack out for the TV series at http://www.houseofanime.com/cgi-bin/shop.cgi?search=G5O8A7+Angel%20Sanctuary%20TV%20CD????????????????

Because that's an OVA soundtrack that's been mislabeled.

Ahoy ahoy.. wrote you a question a few months back and you answered it,
perhaps you can do it again this time.

I'm sure you hate getting e-mails asking about licensing possibilities,
but seeing as how it's consistently (from what I've seen at Akadot) in
the top 10 of most watched anime in Japan, do you think that Hikaru no Go
has a high possibility of coming stateside? I do realize it's still
being shown.


--Stupid Dufus

Of all the shows that are currently enjoying popularity in Japan, I think Hikaru no Go actually has the worst chance of being licensed. It's about a game that isn't popular in the United States. The reason the show is so popular in Japan is because nearly everyone knows how to play Go.. if it was, say, Hikaru no Checkers or Hikaru no Dominoes or Hikaru no Chutes & Ladders, it might stand a chance in America because kids might know how to play the game he's so good at. As it stands, the show is tied directly into a game that's an ancient Asian phenomenon. You'd have to teach kids how to play Go to get them interested in the show. Yeah, I realize they have little instructional segments at the end of the show, but American children haven't really even heard of Go. Japanese children are at least familiar with the game on some level.

I know you hate licensing questions, but I don't think anyones asked this

I got digital fansubs of a show called Trouble Chocolate. It's really wacky,
and I liked it because it reminded me of Excel Saga. But I can't find any
English info on it, and I have to ask anyway - Is there any word of this show
being picked up?

Yeah, I could swear ADV licensed that title. Remember, all your licensing questions can be answered by a quick trip over to www.animeondvd.com's licensing page. They have a huge section devoted to what titles have been licensed.


Whoops! Actually that one is licensed by Viz, but anyone that checked the licensing list would have known that :-). Here are a few extra tidbits about the English cast that Viz is using:

O' Wise and Mighty Answerman!
I have a problem: my wife hates every anime she's seen. I've got a modest
collection (approximately 50 DVDs), and haven't found anything that really
appeals to her. The closest I came was "Princess Mononoke", which she will
admit to "having sat through". Anime she didn't like: Cowboy Bebop, Street
Fighter Alpha, Patlabor 2, Tenchi Muyo!, Those Who Hunt Elves, Ah! My Goddess
(the movie), and the list goes on. I'm trying to get her to sit down long
enough to pop in Metropolis, but no luck yet--I'm still lobbying. Her
favorite movies (right now) are The English Patient and Spiderman, so she's
not a complete un-hipster doofus--I was referring to Spiderman there. What
animes do you recommend for bringing around the un-initiated?
Thanks for your time and attention.

Well, aside from Cowboy Bebop, you didn't exactly show her the best of the best, dude. Were I trying to convert someone, I certainly wouldn't start with pap like Those Who Hunt Elves and Street Fighter Alpha, or even Oh My Goddess!, which is too heavily geared towards fanboy tastes to bring in anyone new who's resistant to anime. Try showing her the classics; things like Ghost in the Shell and Grave of the Fireflies. Metropolis is a good place to start. If she likes horror, you can try Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. It's good that she liked Princess Mononoke, but everyone loves Miyazaki stuff, especially since you can't really classify it as 'anime' in the traditional sense. I'm surprised she didn't like Cowboy Bebop, since I would have recommended that one myself. You may have a harder time getting her in to TV series since they tend to follow the typical anime clichés more than movies do. It's too bad Memories isn't out here yet, otherwise I'd recommend that one. You could try Revolutionary Girl Utena, and show her a little shoujo-style anime; maybe it's the heavy shonen content you've got going on that's turning her off. Remember, some people just don't like it. It isn't necessarily for everyone. You may have to accept the fact that your wife (Liking Spider-man, by the way, does not make someone hip. Now, if she was a big Lord of the Rings fan, yeah, I'd agree. Nothing spells hip like Tolkien. : ) just doesn't like it. Best of luck!

Peace out, yo.

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