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Answerman: Physics

20 questions again. Let's get cracking.

Do companies, like ADV, Manga, Bandai, etc., have subtitle spell checkers or people who double check the subtitles? I don't know if you've seen the Those Who Hunt Elves DVD (vol. 1) but there is a lot of grammatical errors. A Lot. Whether it was a couple of misspellings, an word obviously missing here or there, it was pretty bad. I understand that things get by people and you'll see it one or two times on any disc, but this was a few times each episode, so I was just wondering if they were rushed or what the deal was.
-And my next question: Has Steam Detectives (the anime) been liscensed here in the US? I could have sworn I saw it once at Suncoast on DVD, but I haven't seen it since then. I've looked on the net but all I find is those crappy VCD bootlegs they try to peddle as the real thing. Hope you have an answer for this one.
Well, I thank you for your time, I hope to see my questions answered and I'm sure I'll have many more for you.
Keep up the good work,

ADV, Bandai and most major Anime distributors have a quality assurance team that spot checks subtitles, among other things ( any responsible company that releases a product has a QA division). Sometimes things slip through the cracks, are ignored, or overlooked. It happens. Looks like the QA team did a poor job on the Elves discs. Steam Detectives has yet to be licensed. The manga has seen a continued release, and the anime should be out sometime soon. Just be patient.


I know you have answered this question before (thought it was may 2001) but i like to know if there has been any progress.
Berserk manga is currently available, translated in Italian, Frech en German, i know an american publisher bought the rights, but no news since that announcement. Do you know what is going on?

Thanx a lot.

Danny Metz
From the Netherlands.

Since the initial announcement, nothing has been said regarding the release of the Berserk manga in the US. We're all still waiting.


Is it likely that Fruits Basket will be released in the States?

Thanks for your time,

It's likely that anything will get licensed for release in the states. Even Fruits Basket.

Dear Answerman,
Hope your new year is going well!
I have a question on the sugoi anime 3x3 Eyes. Were the two OAVs all that was ever animated, or is there more? Any info is helpful. Thanks

That's it. There's only two OVA series. There isn't any more.

Does English version of Spriggan exist????
'cause I can only find it only in either Japanese or Chinese version And also, is there a DVD too??
FYI, I reside in Malaysia.


Yes it does. ADV Films owns the rights to Spriggan, and they have plans for a theatrical release within the next year. There will be an English DVD version once the theatrical release has passed.

Questions about One Piece:

1. How many seasons did OP run?
2. How many episodes?
3. Is it licensed in the U.S.?


One Piece is still running in Japan. It has spanned 97 episodes thus far and will continue into the foreseeable future. It has yet to be licensed in the US.

do you think Iketeru Futari will ever be released in North America?

Lots of these "Will (insert show here) be licensed?" questions this week. What can I say? The chances that any series will get picked up are really strong.

Do you know if Metropolis will be subtitled only? If so, do you know why?

No, they've dubbed Metropolis. Both the dubbed and subtitled versions will be on the Region 1 DVD.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but episode 26 of Love Hina is not out yet right? If not, do you know when it's coming out or what the info is? I apologize if this is a repeat question.


Technically, there is no episode 26. There's 24 TV episodes, a Winter and Spring special, an episode 25, and now a new 3-part OVA series which is being released shortly.

Yo Answerman! I just read the review on Kimagure Orange Road and I was wondering if there will be a DVD collection of this series coming out anytime soon. Thanks!

According to AnimEigo's website the first Kimagure Orange Road DVD Boxed set is ready to be manufactured, they're just waiting for the liner notes. They might be available later this month, but definitely by the end of February. The Boxed set will be available only by pre-order directly from AnimEigo, see here for more details. Since it heads to replication soon, your time is running out to buy it.... that is if you're willing to put down the $250 for a boxed set, not everyone can afford that in one shot. AE suggests that people start saving up their money for boxed sets as soon as they first announce them, unfortunately for people like you who didn't previously know about the boxed set (it was announced in October) $250 might be a bit much to swallow.

Yo Answerman!

Just thought I would pick your brain for a second or two. I would really like help with these burning questions......

Have you any idea when Armitage: Dual-Matrix is going to be released? I checked the site pioneer set up and couldnt find anything on a release date!

And two, have you heard any reasoning as to why they switched voice actors....I thought Sutherland and Berkely did pretty good jobs....was it a contract thing or what?

Thanks for the help....

That's because there is no release date yet. Not everything has a release date the second it's announced. As for Sutherland and Berkely, you're talking about expensive talent that few anime companies can afford to hire. I'd imagine that Armitage III: Poly-Matrix didn't do the kinds of numbers that warranted paying for Sutherland and Berkely to return.

I was just wondering if the mangas Gals! or Kids Toys have been licensed yet and if so by who?

Child's Toy was licensed by Tokyopop, GALS! has't been licensed yet. Given Tokyopop's current slate of releases, I'd say it's a shoo-in, though.

dear answerman:
the music of Cowboy Bebop by the seat belts is great, but i noticed that even after buying every single ost including the 2 disc movie ost, that there are several cool tracks that were left out and remain unreleased. any word on when these tracks will be released? thank you ^-^


You should always ask "if" before "when". The unreleased tracks are probably unreleased due to licensing issues.. when and if those ever get cleared up, you may eventually see a release.

Now that the movie and series have come and gone, are there any rumors about the future of Bebop? Does it even have one outside of the Manga? Or, has the whole thing been put to bed, once and for all?

Rob Laurie

The creators of the series have said, several times, that there won't be any more Bebop. I believe they said something to the effect of "You can't push a quality franchise too far before it turns to crap". I give them kudos; most anime companies milk something until it turns to garbage and then continue to eke every last possible dollar out of it. Witness what happened to Sailor Moon, Rurouni Kenshin and Dragon Ball. Long series with final seasons (or in the case of Sailor Moon, middle seasons) that are utter trash. So, be thankful for what we got out of it, and move on.

What has become of Detective Conan? It was listed to be on Fox last year with Escaflowne but it seems that since half the episodes were homicides, they couldn't deal with it. Any chance someone is trying to get the license for 200 eps. and the 5 movies. Heck my small video store has them all.

I'm sure there are a few companies pursuing the license but Fox dropped it like a bad habit. No news on who's got it yet.

how big is the anime market in the US?

Tim Altman

It's so big, it has it's own zip code.
It's so big, small planets orbit around it.
r' max=o1.5/(495 + 0.059401.5)= The US Anime Industry

So that's it. See you next time.

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