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Ms. Answerman
Tis the Season

by Rebecca Bundy,

Happy holidays everyone. As a special treat for those who make it through all the questions (or cheat and scroll to the bottom), Answercat Jr. has made a special appearance in a festive photo!

Hi Anwserpeople:
Ever since the GITS: SAC's Laughman episodes air on Adult Swim I been wondering if Geneon/Manga is going to release so Shirts with the laughing man logo. I think is really cool.
Eligio Rosa

I'd like to see a coffee mug with the Laughing Man logo on it, especially considering that the logo originated from the Starchild Coffee logo in the series. Due to the relationship between the name Starchild Coffee and Starbucks Coffee, however, such a logo could (though it's unlikely) cause legal problems. It'd be like selling shirts with a giant ‘W’ while using the same font and colors that McDonalds uses. Legal worries aside, it's unlikely that such an item will be created, outside of a special boxset. Luckily, T-shirts with a simple logo on them can easily be made by a local shop or online. A quick google search for “custom t-shirt” will yield a slew of places to choose from.

Dear Answerman:
I am a big fan of Samurai Champloo. On the ANN encyclopedia it says that the show is 26 episodes, however the other day i was reading Newtype Magazine and it said that episode 17 is the last episode. And on top of that i heard that there is supposed to be a 2nd season. What the heck is going on? Will there be more episodes or has the show just been cancelled?
Thank You

There's a lot of confusion surrounding Samurai Champloo's future. Episode 17 was the final episode broadcasted on Fuji TV. BS Fuji will continue to broadcast the series but will repeat the first 17 episodes before moving onto the final 8 (18-26). Due to this delay, the final episodes are being labeled as the second season, when in fact they're simply the final episodes of the first season. There are no official plans to make anything beyond 26 episodes.

#1: Whats the deal with the animes with the characters that go to school, that ALWAYS seem to be sitting on the far left row, close to the back, near the window?
#2: The all seeing eye perhaps? What I'm talking about are the characters who have their eyes drawn closed as if they are sleeping, but they are not. Only on occasion do they open their eyes for a "eye-catching moment" but then seconds later, they are back to their sleeping-awake look. Are animators getting lazy-eye with drawing characters facial features?
Thanks in advance.

1) It's generally assumed that sitting in the back means you're less likely to be seen or called on by teachers (though from personal experience I've learned that teachers tend to ignore students in the front row since they know that students sit in the back to avoid detection). Since the teacher supposedly isn't paying as much attention to you, it's easier to stare out the window at whatever is outside when you're bored. In anime, most classes are on the second floor, giving the restless student ample time to gaze at the trees, in whatever beautiful state they may be (spring and fall seasons are the best for this), and gives audiences some eye candy in the form of trees slowly dancing in the wind or cherry blossoms floating lazily across empty school yards.

2) This is normally used on characters that are carefree in nature, which is emphasized by how carefree a manga/anime artist is when drawing their eyes. It also makes a character stand out when they're surrounded by others who have normal, more serious eyes. The ‘all-seeing eye’ is actually a third eye on the forehead that, unlike the ‘lazy eyes’ of characters like Naruto, are always open when active.

Konichiwa Ms. Answerman,
I really believe this is a rumor but I just needed to make sure ,will there be a Street Fighter Alpha 2 movie in 2005? Thanks!

Back in 2003, Manga Entertainment released some sketches for the Street Fighter Alpha 2 movie. I've also seen a report saying it was mentioned at Anime Boston in 2004, but there is no confirmed date as to when this movie will (if ever) be completed. Considering this movie was originally announced back in 2000-2001, you shouldn't hold your breath for a 2005 release date. This date originated from hopeful fans who, as 2004 draws to a close, are looking towards 2005 for a confirmed release date.

Since, we have seen the rebirth of "Oh My Goddess!" as a series. Are there any other titles that may see the light of new development such as "Yohko, Devil Hunter", Gunsmith Cats or "Ruin Explorers"?
Also, any news on a "Banner of the Stars III"?
with the increase in interest in Anime, why are the prices still so damn high. DVDs that cost 30.00 for 3 episodes is ridiculous.
Terry G Johnson

It's extremely rare for series to be picked up at a later time, especially when shows in Japan rarely remain popular after a series ends. You do see the exceptions (such as “Ah! My Goddess”), but this does not mean that companies in Japan will start revisiting other older series for potential material. Instead they'll continue to animate the ‘hot’ manga series to keep up with the current trends.


And as promised, your holiday picture.

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