4th Pokemon Movie to Open in Japan on July 7th

posted on 2000-12-02 22:42 EST
By way of Anime News Network's Japanese correspondent, Mori Yuji.

The fourth Pokemon movie, "Serebi --- Toki wo Koeta Deai" is scheduled to open in Japan on July 7th, 2001.

The film's official English title is "Celebi --- A Timeless Encounter". A short Pokemon film entitled "Pikachu no Dokidoki Kakurenbo" ("Pikachu's Hearbeating Hide-And-Seek") will also be shown with the feature.

The trailer for the film is scheduled to begin appearing on December 30th, 2000. The advertising phrase is "Stronger than Mew Two! Faster than Lugia! More gentle than Enty!!! We've dreamed of such Pokemon"

The synopsis is (from the official site):

"A fertile forest and a river filled with water to the brim. 'Halt when you hear the forest's voice." In the forest a boy Yukinari heard such a voice by a girl whom he came across just before he went into the forest. "Because the guardian god of the forest is said to have a power to travel beyong the times." Honest boy Yukinari fought to protect a legendary Pokemon Celebi from villains in the forest, he was cast away on the 40-years-after world by the 'power to travel beyond the times,' where he met Satoshi (Ash) and Pikachu and a man called Bijasu shadowed Celebi. Satoshi battles desperately with Bijasu. While Satoshi and Yukinari cultivate friendship with each other, legendary Pokemon Suikun make an appearance..."

SANO Shiro, the famous and eccentric Japanese actor who played the impressive role of a scientist in Godzilla 2000, will be joining the project as a voice actor.

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