Pokemon E-mail virus

posted on 2000-09-09 19:48 EDT

A new e-mail script virus known as W32/Pikachu-A has been detected in the United States. The virus overwrites autoexec.bat (a DOS/Windows sytem boot file) with code which deletes all files in the windows and system directories of MS Windows 9x based computers, leaving the system unusable until an operating system is re-installed.

The virus, which was first detected in the United States in July, uses a similar transmital method as the Love Bug virus which infected computers all over the world earlier this summer. Fortunately the Pokemon virus is significantly less effective at being transmited, only computers running Outlook 2000 will re-transmit the virus, and only systems Running Windows 95, 98 or Millenium can be damaged (Windows NT, 2000 are unnafected).

The message subject is 'Pikachu Pokemon'. The body of the message starts 'Great Friend! Pikachu from Pokemon Theme have some friendly words to say'.

The virus then shows the following animated image:

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