Rachel Lillis (Pokemon, Utena voice actress) to host chat

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ANIME.SCIFI.COM - Rachel Lillis, the voice actress known most notably for the popular characters Misty and Team Rocket's Jesse from POKEMON and the heroine Tenjou Utena from REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA will be hosting a chat room in SCIFI.COM's Anime Colony allowing anime fans to ask their questions on what it's like to work on the POKEMON 2000 movie, as well as other anime projects.

Rachel Lillis is one of the more popular voice actresses in the U.S. who has been the voice behind dozens of characters for animes such as POKEMON, REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA, THE IRRESPONSIBLE CAPTAIN TYLOR, SLAYERS NEXT, VOLTAGE FIGHTER GOWCAIZER, and GEOBREEDERS.

To enter the chat room, connect your IRC software client to and join channel #auditorium to participate. Chatters with a java-capable browser may use our java chat client at: WebTV users can participate at

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