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Answerman: Where's the Love?

So everyone's up in arms about this whole Nadia vs. Atlantis thing. Yeah, there are similarities; quite a lot of them, to be sure. What amazes me is that people think that just because they can point out similarities, it means the film is bad. Wouldn't you rather Disney rip off something of quality like Nadia than rip off, say, Grappler Baki or Debutante Detective Corps? Heck, if Atlantis doesn't suck (And it won't..) it might actually inspire people to seek out Nadia. And wouldn't that be cool.

Anyway, onward to this week's questions:

Dear Answerman,

Any news whether Bandai would ever going to release these two Gundam movies;
Char's Counter-attack and F-91 in the U.S. ?

Many thanks,

Hey, that's an easy one. Bandai has stated publicly that they plan on releasing every Gundam anime series/movie/OVA in the US at one point or another. Maybe not soon, but eventually, you'll see both of those films here in the states.

I have recently started watching Martian Successor Nadesico and noticed right off that the voice of the reluctant pilot who's more comfortable as a cook that a mecha pilot is voiced by Spike Spensor? Even the character(His name escapes me) seems an awful lot like Shinji Ikari? Does Gainax care that its almost a complete rip-off of Evengellion?

Ever read an issue of MAD Magazine? Notice how they have those really lame comic pages intended to make fun of current movies? Titles like “Raiders of the Lost BLECCH” or “BLECCH Wars Episode One: The BLECCH Menace” (There's always BLECCH in the title somewhere…) come to mind. Those are “parodies”. They're intended to mock the original work. Nadesico, at least on its surface, is a “parody” of Evangelion. They use similar characters and situations and twist them around so they effectively mock Evangelion. It's highly successful, too; Nadesico is a hilarious show (And one of the highest quality mecha/comedy shows out there.). So, keep that in mind when you're watching; it's SUPPOSED to be like that.

Hi there,
     I was wondering if there are currently any plans for the original Master of Mosquiton series to be released on DVD in the US? I'm a big fan of the series so I was hoping it would appear. Also, Has the Love Hina manga yet been licensed for American release?


ADV has said that they're going to release their complete back catalog within the next year or so. A lofty goal, to be sure, but Mosquiton is included in that back catalog, so I'd expect to see it sometime soon. As for the Love Hina manga, it hasn't been licensed for publishing yet, but you can buy bilingual versions from Japan.

3 quick questions:
1. How long is the 'Love Hina' series?
2. Has it been licensed in America? (as in is it ok for me to buy fansubs?)
3. Will I be utterly confused after watching the final Eva DVD?

Love Hina is kinda still going, but there are 24 TV episodes, 2 hour-long TV specials, and one “extra” episode, 25. The show has been licensed for release in America by Bandai. They're claiming it'll be out here next year sometime. And yes, you will be confused. Everyone always is.

Hey Answerman,
Anyways, I do got a comment on your guest writer. I wouldn't turn down another guest writer because others don't like the one you had but I would get someone else I do want to say. If I got a chance to write this like she did and didn't care for specific anime such as Dragonball Z, which I don't care for, I wouldn't say "No more DBZ questions." (or something like that) I like Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and if someone didn't care for BSSM well that's fine by me but I think all anime questions should be answered. That's my opinion anyways. Ok now on to my questions.

Alright I am not a fan of Mixx translated manga due to the not so good translation of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon manga. I do know that Mixx is somehow connected to ADV, I believe. I was wondering if the ADV subs of any anime are as bad as Mixx manga? Another question I have, Is Ranma 1/2 going to have the earlier seasons on DVD over here in the US? Finally, do you know if any company had/has any interest in bringing the Nurse Angel Ririka SOS manga and anime to the US?

P.S. aka aerosp79

I don't think Tsurara was saying that she didn't want to see any more Sailor Moon questions period; she was commenting that I had received the exact same question about ADV releasing early Sailor Moon episodes on DVD about 40 times inside of 2 weeks. It was a little annoying. Regardless, on to your questions. Mixx and ADV aren't connected, and ADV is offering dubbed versions only of the original Sailor Moon seasons, so the translations have been altered to appeal to a younger audience. Whether or not they're “as bad” as Mixx's translations is a matter of opinion, I suppose, and since I don't read any Mixx product, I couldn't really give you my opinion on the matter. Ranma ½ DVDs are supposedly coming out, there just aren't any solid dates yet. As for Nurse Angel Ririka, no, there hasn't been any word from any companies regarding either the manga or the anime.

I have an anime question to ask of you, Answerman, that has been puzzling me for quite a while. King Cold (a.k.a. Frieza's father) pointed this out during the Trunks saga on DBZ, but the question was never answered, so my question is: What's a Goku? ^_^

Not many people know this, but a “Goku” is actually a kind of bread manufactured by a certain tribe of super-intelligent chimpanzees that live only in one remote rainforest in South America. Apparently it's made with pineapple and coconut leaves.

No, seriously, “Goku” basically means “Big Monkey”. Shocking, no?

ANy chance Golden Boy will come out on DVD? Thanks

Probably within the next year or so. ADV said they're releasing their entire back catalog on DVD within the next year.

Hey! Answerman,
Quick question, do you know if Flame of Recca has a second season coming up. The first season of the anime ended at book 18 (or so) of the manga. Now the manga is up to volume 27 or something.

You crazy fans and your Flame of Recca questions. There IS a second season of Flame of Recca. Of course, the whole series only ran for 42 episodes. What you're asking about is a _third_ season, which isn't in production and probably won't be. The manga is still going, but the anime ended. No more.

Is there any chance of my favorite anime Kite getting a sequal?



I'm sure there's a remote possibility but as far as I know, there isn't one being made at this time.

Dear Answerman:

Do you know of any available fan subs for Monster Rancher/Monster Farm? This older skewing series was unfortunate to have to ride the tail-end of the Pokemon/Digimon craze and failed to garner decent ratings in North America. As a result, it was pulled from network kids television before the conclusion of its second season. At this moment the third season is airing in Japan, Germany and Australia, but it is unlikely that fans of this series will ever see it, let alone the rest of season two. Any help you provide would be greatly appreciated.

-Rob Browne

As far as I know, there aren't any fansubs of Monster Rancher. Usually kid's shows like that aren't picked up by fansubbers because they're so readily available on the US market. If the show goes off the air permanently and there's a large enough fanbase behind it, you might see fansubs once the show has sufficiently sunk into obscurity.

That's all for this week. One parting thought: Many of you are upset with ANN's “Otaku's Voice” column, due to his unfortunate comments on Cosplaying and Crossplaying. Nobody asked for my opinion on this matter, hence my insatiable desire to offer it. Check out my Special Edition SubCULTURE column if you want to know what I think.

See you next Wednesday.

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