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The Click
December 8 - 14

by Brian Hanson,

Good galloping lugubrious "Gallipoli" starring Mel Gibson! It's very rare that so-called "real life" activities get in the way of The Click - very rare, let me stress - but I honestly do have other pressing matters to attend to so that means, sadly, this week's Click is gonna be a relatively by-the-numbers affair; the sort of thing that garners 5.6 or 6.2 ratings on Gamerankings if this were a videogame, which it is not.

However that is not to say that I will not try to be as humorous and informative as ever! Because honestly I'm usually neither and it takes great pains to be both at the same time, so if you're not expecting much then why bother.

Anyway! Here is(are) the show(s) you should watch followed by the shows that are new followed by the ones that aren't:

Shin Chan
(Adult Swim)
-Tuesday December 11 12:30am - Episode 21 (Repeats Tue Dec 11 4:00am)
-Wednesday December 12 12:30am - Episode 22 (Repeats Wed Dec 12 4:00am)
-Thursday December 13 12:30am - Episode 23 (Repeats Thu Dec 13 4:00am)
-Friday December 14 12:30am - Episode 24 (Repeat Fri Dec 14 4:00am)
-Saturday December 15 12:30am - Episode 25 (Repeats Sat Dec 15 4:00am)

I'm hesitant to refer to this as a new "season" of Shin Chan, because Adult Swim seems to have only up to episode 26 scheduled before it delves into repeats once again. However, I can easily call this the "return" of Shin Chan to Adult Swim, which is cause enough for jubilation!


Black Lagoon
(G4TechTV Canada)
Friday December 14 8:00pm - Episode 8 "Rasta Blasta"

The Black Lagoon company gets their noses into the ol' "family business" if you know what I mean. The kind of "family business" that involves throwing corpses rolled up in carpeting into the Hudson River, hint hint.

Friday December 14 10:30pm - Episode 40 (Repeats Sat Dec 15 2:00am)

The ever-vigilant trio of Ganju and Ichigo and Hanataro finally arrive to Rukia's aid, but an unexpected visit by Captain Byakuya aims to mar somewhat the rescue attempt.

Blood +
(Adult Swim)
Sunday December 9 12:30am - Episode 36 "Mismatched Feelings" (Repeats Sun Dec 9 4:00am)

Saya and her compatriot in the noble art of vampire slaying, Hagi, pay a visit to the seemingly innocuous "Opera House" only to find it swarming with nasties out for their necks.

Death Note
(Adult Swim)
Sunday December 9 12:00am - Episode 8 "Glare" (Repeats Sun Dec 9 3:30am)

Friday December 14 10:00pm - Episode 8 "Glare" (Repeats Sat Dec 15 1:30am)

L, smart little whip that he is, sets up highly advanced bugs and surveillance equipment that would surely show Light as the wannabe-omnipotent little psychopath that he is. Should he be allowed himself to be caught so easily, of course.

Desert Punk
(Starz Edge)
-Wednesday December 12 12:00am - Episode 7 "Age Before Beauty" (Repeats Thu Dec 13 3:40pm)
-Wednesday December 12 12:35am - Episode 8 "A Dog in Heat" (Repeats Thu Dec 13 4:10pm)

Desert Punk is sort of like an anime rendition of Kevin Costner's "The Postman." Except that things actually happen, and it's intentionally funny. This week! The Desert Punk finds himself a young ward to train in the arts of Desert Punk-ness, and is tasked with destructifyin' a mystical, cursed stone.

(Toon Disney)
Monday December 10 8:30pm - Episode 225 "The Digi-Egg That Fell to Earth" (Repeats Tue Dec 11 1:00am, Fri Dec 14 8:30pm, Sat Dec 15 1:00am)

Marcus, that delightful little Digi-scamp, must protect his saccharine-sweet sister from the forces of Digi-evil that attempt to Digi-harm her and her newly-discovered Digi-Egg. Digi-something!

Dinosaur King
Saturday December 8 9:30am - Episode 14 "Volcanic Panic"

The D-Team vacations at a local hot spring resort, until an Acrocanthosaurus is discovered nearby. Hopefully there's no dinosaur nudity.

Ergo Proxy
(G4TechTV Canada)
Thursday December 13 8:00pm - Episode 21 "Shampoo Planet"

When Vincent suddenly vanishes, its up to Re-l and Pino to search for his whereabouts. There's mystery afoot! And lots of intellectual techno-babble.

Gundam Seed Destiny
Friday December 14 9:30pm - Episode 36 "Athrun on the Run" (Repeats Sat Dec 15 2:30am)

When Athrun confronts his commander about his shady wheelings and dealings, the decorated young hero instantly becomes a wanted criminal. Today's moral: Nobody likes a snitch.

Last Exile
(G4TechTV Canada)
Sunday December 9 8:00pm - Episode 21 "Rook Dio" (Repeats Mon Dec 10 12:00am)

Klaus and Dio make their way back to their ship, the Sylvana - BUT WHAT TRICKERY AWAITS THEM FROM THOSE THAT WISH THEM HARM? O, merciful fate!

(Cartoon Network)
-Saturday December 8 9:00pm - Episode 120 "Roar and Howl: The Ultimate Tag-Team!"
-Saturday December 8 9:30pm - Episode 121 "To Each His Own Battle"

Naruto, Kiba, and Shikamaru entangle themselves in a vicious three-on-three battle for survival and also against time, as Sasuke's dark transformation is imminent. All seems lost, but good always triumphs over evil! Even if it nearly kills itself in the process, as is the standard in the Naruto universe.

Friday December 14 8:00pm - Episode 116 "360 Degrees of Vision: The Byakugan's Blind Spot"

Some episodes prior, astute US Naruto fans might recall this episode wherein Neji's opponent Kidomaru seemingly figures out the young ninja prodigy's one fatal blind spot, and the ensuing drama and violence therein. Now Canadian viewers have a chance to live the magic!

One Piece
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday December 8 10:00pm - Episode 114 "Sail the White Sea: The Sky Knight and the Gate in the Clouds"

Those kooky straw-hat pirate guys arrive somewhat safe and sound in the land in the skies, Skypiea; until they find themselves attacked by strange, flying knights, anyway.

(Cartoon Network)
Saturday December 8 9:30am - Episode 506 "Top-Down Training"

Ash is thrilled to finally meet one of the aptly named "Elite 4," but her busy schedule of rigorous Pokemon battles makes this difficult. Where there's a will, though, there's a way! And it probably involves Pokemon!!

Requiem From the Darkness
(G4TechTV Canada)
Saturday December 8 8:00pm - Episode 8 "Nodeppo - The Field Gun" (Repeats Sun Dec 9 12:00am)

The brutal killing of a man by a small stone thrown at his forehead like a bullet, and the appearance of a ghastly ghost named a "Field Gun" is sort of an odd coincidence. Really, where's the connection? I'm not seeing it.

Saiyuki Reload Gunlock
-Monday December 10 8:30pm - Episode 19 "Reminiscence ~deprivation~" (Repeats Tue Dec 11 1:30am, 5:30am)
-Tuesday December 11 8:30pm - Episode 20 "Rift ~misunderstanding~" (Repeats Wed Dec 12 1:30am, 5:30am)
-Wednesday December 12 8:30pm - Episode 21 "Arisen Man ~desperado~" (Repeats Thu Dec 13 1:30am, 5:30am)

This week on Journey to the West meets From Dusk Til Dawn, Sanzo and his crew get assaulted by demons, healed, assault yet again, and the cycle begins again and again.

Shin Chan
-Monday December 10 10:00pm - Episode 25 (Repeats Tue Dec 11 1:30am)
-Monday December 10 10:30pm - Episode 26 (Repeats Tue Dec 11 2:00am)

Shin Chan's sophomoric antics abound once again in the piny, frozen North - but what after episode 26? Does it go into reruns? Does Canada's Razer channel have a secret cache of Shin Chan episodes unavailable to its southern cousin? There are too many questions surrounding this issue and it confuses and makes hurt my brain.

(G4TechTV Canada)
Saturday December 8 8:30pm - Episode 21 "Encephalopathy" (Repeats Sun Dec 9 12:30am)

Ichise's mind becomes a swirling miasma of scintillating thoughts and turgid ideas, and everybody else seems hell-bent on killing each other for a myriad of reasons. Weird, complicated stuff, this show.

Tokyo Underground
(G4TechTV Canada)
Sunday December 9 8:30pm - Episode 21 "Slums: Town of Rebels" (Repeats Mon Dec 10 12:30am)

The starry-eyed youngsters quite literally slum it this week, making both friends and enemies in their quest to avoid the evil organization that hunts them.


Jack Squat
No Seriously There Are No Features or Movies On This Week, or At Least None That I Could Find, and I Dare You To Prove Me Wrong! Actually Wait Nevermind, I'll Probably Regret Saying That, In Fact I Already Do, Please Don't Prove Me Wrong Because I Probably Am, I Usually Am Anyway, Though I Try Hard Not to Be, So Can't You Just Cut Me A Break?!? (Repeats Never)

Okay, so! Repeats are below, and I'll be back next week, my usual anarchic self, but with hopefully much more time to spare. Regardless, you all have a great week!


-Sun Dec 9 10:00pm - Episode 6 "Yotsuya Ghost Story, Part 2" (R Mon Dec 10 2:30am, 2:00pm)
-Tue Dec 11 5:30pm - Episode 7 "Yotsuya Ghost Story, Part 3" (R Tue Dec 11 8:30pm, Wed Dec 12 1:00am, 12:30pm)

(Adult Swim)
-Tue Dec 11 1:00am - Episode 30 "Joel's Diary" (R Tue Dec 11 4:30am)
-Wed Dec 12 1:00am - Episode 31 "Breaking Shield" (R Wed Dec 12 4:30am)
-Thu Dec 13 1:00am - Episode 32 "A Boy Meets Girl" (R Thu Dec 13 4:30am)
-Fri Dec 14 1:00am - Episode 33 "The Power of Believing" (R Fri Dec 14 4:30am)
-Sat Dec 15 1:00am - Episode 34 "The World Where We Exist" (R Sat Dec 15 4:30am)

Cat's Eye
-Mon Dec 10 9:30am - Episode 20 "Lover's Holiday" (R Tue Dec 11 5:30am)
-Tue Dec 11 9:30am - Episode 21 "Wanting to See You Again" (R Wed Dec 12 5:30am)
-Wed Dec 12 9:30am - Episode 22 "Visitor on a Snowy Day" (R Thu Dec 13 5:30am)
-Thu Dec 13 9:30am - Episode 23 "Winter is the Warm Sun of Love" (R Fri Dec 14 5:30am)
-Fri Dec 14 9:30am - Episode 24 "Santa Claus From the Sky" (R Sat Dec 15 5:30am)

Chrono Crusade
(Showtime Beyond)
-Sun Dec 9 11:35pm - Episode 13 "Older Sister" (R Fri Dec 14 2:50am)
-Mon Dec 10 12:00am - Episode 14 "Prayer" (R Fri Dec 14 3:15am)
-Mon Dec 10 12:30am - Episode 15 "Pursuer" (R Fri Dec 14 3:45am)
-Mon Dec 10 1:00am - Episode 16 "Believer" (R Fri Dec 14 4:10am)
-Mon Dec 10 6:15pm - Episode 9 "Joshua"
-Wed Dec 12 7:20pm - Episode 10 "Horn"
-Wed Dec 12 7:45pm - Episode 11 "Beast"
-Fri Dec 14 8:00pm - Episode 17 "Accomplices"
-Fri Dec 14 8:30pm - Episode 18 "Four People"
-Fri Dec 14 9:00pm - Episode 19 "Atonement"
-Fri Dec 14 9:30pm - Episode 20 "Temptation"

Desert Punk
(Starz Edge)
-Mon Dec 10 3:00pm - Episode 5 "The Price of Water"
-Mon Dec 10 3:30pm - Episode 6 "Wandering Lust"

(Toon Disney)
-Sat Dec 8 5:30pm - Episode 25 "Princess Karaoke"
-Sun Dec 9 5:30pm - Episode 26 "Sora's Crest of Love"
-Sun Dec 9 7:00pm - Episode 214 "There Are Monsters Among Us"
-Sun Dec 9 7:30pm - Episode 215 "Marcus' Inner Strength"
-Sun Dec 9 8:00pm - Episode 216 "The Return of Thomas!"
-Sun Dec 9 8:30pm - Episode 219 "The Ultimate Team No More?"
-Sun Dec 9 9:00pm - Episode 222 "Never Meet Your Heroes"
-Sun Dec 9 9:30pm - Episode 224 "The Vile of Vilemon!"
-Mon Dec 10 10:00pm - Episode 138 "Lionheart"
-Tue Dec 11 10:00pm - Episode 139 "Give a Little Bit"
-Wed Dec 12 10:00pm - Episode 140 "The Battle Within"
-Thu Dec 13 10:00pm - Episode 141 "No Mon is an Island"
-Fri Dec 14 10:00pm - Episode 142 "Azulongmon Explains it All"

Dragon Ball Z
(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Dec 8 10:30pm - Episode 150 "The Cell Games"

Ergo Proxy
-Thu Dec 13 2:00am - Episode TBA
-Thu Dec 13 2:30am - Episode TBA
-Sat Dec 15 12:00am - Episode "Awakening"

Eureka 7
(Adult Swim)
-Tue Dec 11 1:30am - Episode 6 "Childhood" (R Tue Dec 11 5:00am)
-Wed Dec 12 1:30am - Episode 7 "Absolute Defeat" (R Wed Dec 12 5:00am)
-Thu Dec 13 1:30am - Episode 8 "Glorious Brilliance" (R Thu Dec 13 5:00am)
-Fri Dec 14 1:30am - Episode 9 "Paper Moon Shine" (R Fri Dec 14 5:00am)
-Sat Dec 15 1:30am - Episode 10 "Higher Than the Sun" (R Sat Dec 15 5:00am)

Fullmetal Alchemist
(Adult Swim)
-Sun Dec 9 1:30am - Episode 7 "Night of the Chimera's Cry" (R Sun Dec 9 5:00am)

(Adult Swim)
-Sun Dec 9 2:00am - Episode 27 "The Lake of the Evil Water God" (R Sun Dec 9 5:30am)
-Tue Dec 11 2:00am - Episode 28 "Miroku Falls Into a Dangerous Trap" (R Tue Dec 11 5:30am)
-Wed Dec 12 2:00am - Episode 29 "Sango's Suffering and Kohaku's Life" (R Wed Dec 12 5:30am)
-Thu Dec 13 2:00am - Episode 30 "Tetsusaiga is Stolen! Showdown at Naraku's Castle" (R Thu Dec 13 5:30am)
-Fri Dec 14 2:00am - Episode 31 "Jinesi, Kind Yet Sad" (R Fri Dec 14 5:30am)
-Sat Dec 15 2:00am - Episode 32 "Kikyo and Inuyasha, Into the Miasma" (R Sat Dec 15 5:30am)

Kami Chu
-Sun Dec 9 9:30pm - Episode 11 "Love is Missing" (R Mon Dec 10 2:00am, 1:30pm)
-Tue Dec 11 5:00pm - Episode 12 "Mysterious Adventure" (R Tue Dec 11 8:00pm, Wed Dec 12 12:30am, 12:00pm)

-Sun Dec 9 1:00am - Episode TBA
-Sun Dec 9 1:30am - Episode TBA
-Tue Dec 11 2:00am - Episode TBA
-Tue Dec 11 2:30am - Episode TBA

(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Dec 10 10:30pm - Episode 92 "A Dubious Offer! Tsunade's Choice"
-Tue Dec 11 10:30pm - Episode 93 "Breakdown! The Deal is Off"
-Wed Dec 12 10:30pm - Episode 94 "Attack! Fury of the Rasengan"
-Thu Dec 13 10:30pm - Episode 95 "The Fifth Hokage: A Life on the Line"

Oban Star-Racers
(Toon Disney)
-Sun Dec 9 2:30am - Episode 18 "Monstrous Like Muir"
-Mon Dec 10 2:30am - Episode 19 "The Origin of the World"

-Mon Dec 10 8:30am - Episode 21 "Father" (R Tue Dec 11 5:00am)
-Tue Dec 11 8:30am - Episode 22 "Reside or Decide" (R Wed Dec 12 5:00am)
-Wed Dec 12 8:30am - Episode 23 "Destroyer" (R Thu Dec 13 5:00am)
-Thu Dec 13 8:30am - Episode 24 "Mu" (R Fri Dec 14 5:00am)
-Fri Dec 14 8:30am - Episode 25 "Tiram Soldier" (R Sat Dec 15 5:00am)

Paradise Kiss
-Sun Dec 9 10:30pm - Episode 7 "Butterfly" (R Mon Dec 10 3:00am, 2:30pm)
-Tue Dec 11 6:00pm - Episode 8 "Tokumori" (R Tue Dec 11 9:00pm, Wed Dec 12 1:30am, 1:00pm)

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Dec 8 9:00am - Episode 505 "Steamboat Willies"
-Sun Dec 9 10:30am - Episode 486 "Mutiny in the Bounty"
-Sun Dec 9 11:00am - Episode 487 "Ya See We Want an Evolution"
-Mon Dec 10 7:00am - Episode 493 "Settling a Not-So-Old Score!"
-Mon Dec 10 3:00pm - Episode 481 "Shapes of Things to Come"
-Tue Dec 11 7:00am - Episode 494 "Drifloon on the Wind"
-Tue Dec 11 3:00pm - Episode 482 "A Gruff Act to Follow"
-Wed Dec 12 7:00am - Episode 495 "The Champ Twins"
-Wed Dec 12 3:00pm - Episode 483 "Wild in the Streets"
-Thu Dec 13 7:00am - Episode 496 "Some Enchanted Sweetening!"
-Thu Dec 13 3:00pm - Episode 484 "O'er the Rampardos We Watched"
-Fri Dec 14 7:00am - Episode 497 "The Grass-Type is Always Greener!"
-Fri Dec 14 3:00pm - Episode 485 "Twice Smitten, Once Shy"

-Mon Dec 10 6:00am - Episode 44 "The String That Ties a Mother and Child" (R Mon Dec 10 9:00am, Tue Dec 11 4:30am)
-Tue Dec 11 6:00am - Episode 45 "Mother Moving Into the Distance" (R Tue Dec 11 9:00am, Wed Dec 12 4:30am)
-Wed Dec 12 6:00am - Episode 46 "From the Depths of Despair" (R Wed Dec 12 9:00am, Thu Dec 13 4:30am)
-Thu Dec 13 6:00am - Episode 47 "Desperate Diving" (R Thu Dec 13 9:00am, Fri Dec 14 4:30am)
-Fri Dec 14 6:00am - Episode 48 "The English Channel In a Storm" (R Fri Dec 14 9:00am, Sat Dec 15 4:30am)

Saiyuki Reload
(Encore WAM)
-Sat Dec 8 4:00pm - Episode 8 "Farewell" (R Sun Dec 9 1:00am, 8:00am)
-Sun Dec 9 4:00pm - Episode 9 "Chase" (R Mon Dec 10 1:00am, 8:00am)
-Mon Dec 10 4:00pm - Episode 10 "Don't Cry" (R Tue Dec 11 1:00am, 8:00am)
-Tue Dec 11 4:00pm - Episode 11 "Pain" (R Wed Dec 12 1:00am, 8:00am)
-Wed Dec 12 4:00pm - Episode 12 "Dawn" (R Thu Dec 13 1:00am, 8:00am)
-Thu Dec 13 4:00pm - Episode 13 "Go Ahead" (R Fri Dec 14 1:00am, 8:00am)
-Fri Dec 14 4:00pm - Episode 14 "Nothing to Give" (R Sat Dec 15 1:00am, 8:00am)

Samurai Champloo
(Adult Swim)
-Sun Dec 9 1:00am - Episode 2 "Redeye Reprisal" (R Sun Dec 9 4:30am)

Samurai Deeper Kyo
(Encore WAM)
-Sat Dec 8 4:30pm - Episode 8 "The Secret Talk of Girls" (R Sun Dec 9 1:30am, 8:30am)
-Sun Dec 9 4:30pm - Episode 9 "Nurturing the Devil" (R Mon Dec 10 1:30am, 8:30am)
-Mon Dec 10 4:30pm - Episode 10 "Thunderbolt Attack" (R Tue Dec 11 1:30am, 8:30am)
-Tue Dec 11 4:30pm - Episode 11 "Far Away, to Absolute Zero" (R Wed Dec 12 1:30am, 8:30am)
-Wed Dec 12 4:30pm - Episode 12 "The Demonic Mibu Castle" (R Thu Dec 13 1:30am, 8:30am)
-Thu Dec 13 4:30pm - Episode 13 "The Machine Made Dolls" (R Fri Dec 14 1:30am, 8:30am)
-Fri Dec 14 4:30pm - Episode 14 "Scorching Ecstasy" (R Sat Dec 15 1:30am, 8:30am)

(Toon Disney)
-Tue Dec 11 4:00am - Episode 23 "Bear Claws"
-Wed Dec 12 4:00am - Episode 24 "The Nightmare Dream Center"
-Thu Dec 13 4:00am - Episode 25 "Eilis of the Storm"
-Fri Dec 14 4:00am - Episode 26 "Reviving Yakumo"
-Sat Dec 15 4:00am - Episode 27 "Lanancuras Arises"

Sonic X
-Sat Dec 8 10:30am - Episode 32 "Flood Fight"

Special Duty Combat Unit: Shinesman
(Encore Action)
-Fri Dec 14 3:30am - Episode TBA

Tenjho Tenge
-Sat Dec 8 2:30am - Episode TBA
-Sun Dec 9 12:00am - Episode TBA
-Mon Dec 10 12:30am - Episode TBA
-Sat Dec 15 12:30am - Episode TBA

Transformers Cybertron
(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Dec 10 6:00am - Episode 7 "Titans"
-Tue Dec 11 6:00am - Episode 8 "Warp"
-Wed Dec 12 6:00am - Episode 9 "Giant"
-Thu Dec 13 6:00am - Episode 10 "Fury"
-Fri Dec 14 6:00am - Episode 11 "City"

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
-Sat Dec 8 7:30am - Episode 121 "Sub-Desert Duel"

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