Anime Characters in Top Earning Fictional Characters

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Pokemon still earns more than any other Anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! not far behind.

Forbes has published a list of the top ten earning "fictional characters." This is essentially a list of the top ten earning fictional properties, but labeled and presented under the guise of the main character for each property. Rather than Pokemon, the list included an entry for Pikachu, likewise Yugi represented Yu-Gi-Oh!

The top three earners were Winnie the Poo with $5.9 billion, Mickey Mouse with $4.7 billion and Harry Potter with $2.9 billion. Pikachu ranked 8th on the list, earning $825 million and Yugi rounded out the list, earning $725 million.

The amount for each character is the worldwide sum of sales (not profit) for toy/merchandise sales, video game sales, publishing and box-office revenue, and DVD/VHS sales and rental revenue.

The list excluded properties that did not relate to narrative stories (books, movies, video games, etc...), for example Barbie, who earned $3.6 billion in 2002 was excluded from the list.

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