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  • AnimeNation has started offering free e-mail aliases via their web page. Users can have their e-mail forwarded from an address that can end in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or Those interested can find out more here.

  • Reuters reported Thursday that collectible card manufacturer Topps Co. has reached a tentative deal with Nintendo to market Pokemon trading cards (not to be confused with Wizards of the Coast's Pokemon card game) in the United States and Canada, as well as Pokemon lollipops in North and South America. Topps stated that the first shipments of the products will be released this summer, provided a final deal is reached.

  • The Right Stuf announced the final cast list for their new dubbed production of Irresponsible Captain Tylor Wednesday. The dub is being handled by TAJ Productions (Utena, Slayers, Pokemon) and is scheduled to be released starting in June. Notables in the cast include Crispin Freeman as Tylor, Rachael Lillis doing double duty as both Yuriko Star and Noriko, and Lisa Oritz as Azalyn, Emi and Yumi. According to ANN sources, the dub is being supervised by Right Stuf officials to ensure highest quality.

  • Will Legend of Galactic Heroes see a domestic release? Tokuma Shoten has apparently dubbed the first two episodes into English and will premiere them at the Legend of Galactic Heroes panel at AnimeExpo '99. The producers will be in attendance to gague fan reaction.

  • The first North American anime costume parade at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival last weekend was a big success. "World of Anime" TV producer Ray Nagar reported that 27 costumed fans marched in the parade, most of which were high school age. Grand prize winner of the contest was a girl from Marin County, California, who was dressed up as Firia from Slayers Try. (She won a giant Pikachu.) Japan Video owner Takeshi Onishi organized the parade, and expects an even larger turnout for next year's event.

  • Also in the San Francisco Bay area, fan Dan Snyder is preparing to shoot a short film regarding anime fandom in the United States. The film, which he likens to the Gainax OAV "Otaku no Video", will be cast in May and will begin shooting in June. Volunteer fan actors/talent are needed for various aspects of the project, and those interested can e-mail him at dsnydder (at or call (510) 540-7352.

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