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Bandai Entertainment sent us a slew of press releases last night,

Saber Marionette J DVD Collection 1 due on 1/9/2001
Gundam Wing Operation 05 (V.5) DVD due on 1/23/2001
Gundam Wing Behold Wing Zero (V.8) VHS due on 12/19/2000
Gundam Wing The Path Towards War (V.9) VHS also due on 12/19/2000
Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl Final Showdown! (V.4) DVD and VHS due on 1/9/2001

The Gundam Wing DVD has a running time of 75 minutes and will retail for $24.95. DVD features include Dolby Digital Sound, Image Gallery and a free Gundam Wing Action figure promotion.

All the Gundam Wing VHS have a running time of 75 minutes, will retail for $14.98 and will be available in both the Cartoon Network edited format and the unedited (although dubbed) format.

Jubei-chan volume 4 is the final, concluding volume in the Jubei-chan series. The bilingual DVD will retail for $29.98, and the dubbed VHS for $19.98 (there is no subbed VHS) and both have a running time of 75 minutes. DVD features include Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound for the English soundtrack, image gallery and a free T-Shirt offer.

Saber Marionette J is based on the works by Satoru Akahori (“Sorcerer Hunters”), Hiroshi Negishi (“Tenchi Muyo!”), Tsukasa Kotobuki (“Tōshinden”), and features the voice talent of Megumi Hayashibara (“Ranma ½”, “Pokémon”, “Cowboy Bebop”).

Welcome to Japoness, an all male society, where the only females around are high performance emotionless androids known as "marionettes". Martial arts student and all around nice guy, Otaru, accidentally discovers and wakes a coquettish marionette named Lime as well as two more emotion filled marionettes, Cherry and Bloodberry – Facing tough challenges, Otaru must battle the evil Faust and his Saber Dolls. But can Otaru rise up to the challenge while teaching the marionettes about human emotions?

The Saber Marionette J DVD Collection vol. 1 will be available on January 9th at a retail price of $44.98 and will include the first 9 episodes of this 25 episode series. Total running time for this two-disc package is 225 minutes. The bilingual DVD will include an “exclusive” music video, character bios and an Image gallery.

Following this DVD Bandai is planning to release the rest of the series Bi monthly, starting with the Saber Marionette J DVD Collection vol. 2 in March, Volume 3 should complete the TV series in May. And the rest of the Saber Marionette series is tentatively scheduled to follow in the same manner, starting with the 6 episode Saber Marionette J Again OAV series and following with the 3 episode Saber Marionette R prequel and finally the 12 episode, and often delayed, Saber Marionette J to X. Assuming everything does follow the above schedule, North American fans should finally get to see Saber Marionette J to X sometime next winter.

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