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Answerman & Ms. Answerman: Answer Sanctuary

Man, I am tired. So tired I really don't feel like writing today's column. I'll just be sure to do a supremely half-assed job.

How's that different from any other time?

This time I'm really tired and doing a half-assed job. All those other times, I'm just doing a half-assed job. Sleep deprivation usually doesn't figure in.


Every Otaku knows that Spirited Away is getting a release into select theatres September 20. Since it is PG rated, and I've seen more advertising of the movie on TV then I ever saw for Princess Monoke, I was wondering if Buena Vista/Disney is considering releasing it world-wide after a limited run. I live in a half suburban, half rural area that never gets select-theatre releases. I'm rather desperate on seeing at least one anime movie in theatres that doesn't involve an electric yellow mouse, so if you can answer my question I'd be grateful. Thank you!

The film has already been released in most international markets by both Buena Vista and a few other international distributors. The United States is one of the final markets to receive the film (as per usual). The city I live in rarely ever gets select-theater releases either.. usually I have to drive a few hundred miles to see them. Eventually they show up here, though. If Spirited Away is successful, they'll probably expand the run to include more theaters in smaller cities. Just be patient. If not, you can always pick up the DVD when it comes out.

Also if you want to see it in theatres, you could always get a number of people together to carpool to the nearest theatre it's playing at. Might be a bit of a drive, but it's definitely worth seeing in theatres, and if you are with friends then it should be a fun time, drive and movie.

Hi Answerman and Ms. Answerman,
Given the popularity of the anime, why hasn't the Rurouni Kenshin manga been licensed yet? I'm sure there are a lot of Rurouni Kenshin fans out there who would like to see the difference between the anime and the manga. I know I certainly would. Thanks for your help.

I have no idea. It seems like a shoo-in for being licensed by Tokyopop or Viz or any number of manga distributors, but it hasn't been picked up yet. Maybe the manga license has already been purchased and the company that bought it is just sitting on it for now. Perhaps it's really expensive; I know Sony was very protective of the rights to the anime series.. there's a chance they hold some control over the manga license as well. Or, maybe it's an international conspiracy designed to deprive you of Rurouni Kenshin. Something involving high-tech assassins and so forth. Watch your back, we could be on to something here.

There are no ninjas trying to keep us from Rurouni Kenshin. Though I wouldn't be too surprised if someone had the license and was sitting on it...they did it with the anime. Though there are plenty of sites out there that have translated the entire series as well if you're not up to waiting for someone to release it in English.

Hey Mr. & Mrs. Answerpeople

Will we ever see the japanese language Medabots? ('cause I know they skipped an episode or two when it was aired here)

Nope. It's silly to expect them to release subtitled versions of shows that have almost no adult audience. Adults, by and large, do not watch Pokemon or Monster Rancher or Medabots or Digimon. Those are children's shows and children don't like subtitled stuff. I've had many people try and convince me that Digimon is a really great show, and has mature themes and dialogue. I've watch some Digimon episodes and I can tell you that it's a children's show. Even if they're discussing the collapse of the free world, when someone adds “That's digi-terrible!” afterwards, it loses some of the impact. They're kids shows. Sorry to say, you are not the audience for these series and thus, you will not be catered to.

Of course, if children one day take over the world, then it's a possibility. Until then, you're stuck with the dubbed shows. If you want something inbetween, I've seen a volume of the manga released over here with english translations. Might check for it online or at a comic book shop near you.


First, I think you have a great column, which is very informative.

But... that last question sounded like it was written by a kid. If that is the entire e-mail the writer Judy, sent you, then this is a big possibility. So, in regard to the cat... Since kids may read this column, I wouldn't recommend you using such language in response to a question. You could hurt a kid's feelings that way. And, since there is no age advisory in regard to your column, then it stands to reason, that kids would want to read your column, too. A kid doesn't always have the ability to properly ask a question in a good way, depending on the age. I'd bet it was written by somebody under 13. So, be a bit kinder, just in case.

Anyway, I just thought I might bring this possibility to your attention. Otherwise, I love your column! Keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Carrie

Thank you for the compliment. That question sounded more like it was written by someone for whom English wasn't a first language, especially since they were talking about how they saw the show they were asking about on the air in Singapore. As for your other comments, I'll let Answercat Jr. respond to those himself.

I think Answercat Jr. needs to take some anger management classes…

I think Answercat Jr. just needs to stop being around you!

Ah, c'mon, I'm a good influence!

I'm pretty sure he didn't learn 'fascist swine' from me...

Alright, alright, that's enough fun for this week. See you all next week.

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