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Pokémon: Giratina & The Sky Warrior (movie 11)

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© 2008 Pikachu Project

© Nintendo, Creatures, Game Freak, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku © Pokémon

Alternative title:
Giratina and the Sky Warrior
Giratina y el guerrero celestial (Spanish)
Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl: Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet
Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl: Giratina to Sora no Hanataba Shaymin (Japanese)
Pokémon 11 - Giratina en de Krijger van de Lucht (Dutch)
Pokèmon: Giratina e il Guerriero dei Cieli (Italian)
Pokémon: Giratina e o Cavaleiro do Céu (Portuguese)
Pokémon: Giratina e o Guerreiro Celeste (Portuguese)
Pokemon: Giratina i Strażnik Nieba (Polish)
Pokémon: Giratina y el defensor de los cielos (Spanish)
ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド・パール ギラティナと氷空の花束 シェイミ (Japanese)
神奇寶貝 騎拉帝納與冰空の花束潔咪 (Chinese (Taiwan))
Genres: adventure, magic
Objectionable content: None
Plot Summary: The Reverse World is a world that accepts pollution from the Real World in the form of poison so that the environmental balance of the Real World isn't destroyed by air pollution. Giratina looks upon Dialga and Palkia as its enemies, because the effects of contamination in the Reverse World have increased as a consequence of last year's time-space clash. Dialga, who is resting at a lake, is attacked from the Reverse World by Giratina and dragged to the Reverse World, and Shaymin, who is at the scene, also gets caught up. Escape is impossible for Dialga, but Shaymin manages to escape by absorbing the poison that's all over the Reverse World and exploding. When it does, it opens a hole in the Reverse World, and Dialga and Shaymin escape. While escaping, Dialga places the Reverse World in a time loop, closing it so Giratina can't enter the Real World.
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User Ratings: 183 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 3 votes (sub:2, raw:1)
 Excellent: 24 votes (dub:14, sub:9, edit.dub:1)
 Very good: 28 votes (dub:18, sub:6, raw:2, others:2
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish edited dub
 Good: 46 votes (dub:32, sub:11, edit.dub:2, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Decent: 34 votes (dub:19, sub:12, edit.dub:2, others:1
1 Finnish dubbed
 So-so: 26 votes (dub:24, sub:2)
 Not really good: 9 votes (dub:4, sub:2, ?:1, edit.dub:1, others:1
1 Italian dubbed
 Weak: 5 votes (dub:2, sub:1, others:2
1 Dutch dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
 Bad: 6 votes (dub:4, sub:2)
 Awful: 1 vote (dub:1)
 Worst ever: 1 vote (dub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 506 users, rank: #2111 (of 9611)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 6.503 (Good−), std. dev.: 1.8697, rank: #5711 (of 9747)
Weighted mean: 6.390 (Decent+), rank: #6043 (of 9747) (seen all: 6.41 / seen some: 4.53)
Bayesian estimate: 6.467 (Decent+), rank: #5338 (of 7321)
Vintage: 2008-07-19
Premiere date:
2008-07-19 (Japan)
2009-02-13 (USA - Cartoon Network)
2009-04-25 (Netherlands - TV broadcast Jetix)
2009-05-01 (Spain - Jetix)
2009-11-14 (Poland - Disney XD Poland)
2010-04-09 (Cartoon Network Latin America)
2013-03-29 (Philippines, GMA Network)
Release dates: We have 2
Ending Theme:
"This is a Beautiful World" by Aaron Brotherton
#1: "ONE" by Crystal Kay
News: Show:
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl - 4-Movie Collection [Movies 10-13] [SteelBook] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2016-11-01 (from $20.99)
    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl - 4-Movie Collection [Movies 10-13] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2019-04-09 (from $16.99)
DVD (Region 1)
    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl - 4-Movie Collection [Movies 10-13] (DVD) 2019-04-09 (from $12.24)
    Pokémon: Giratina & The Sky Warrior (Dub.DVD) 2009-03-31 (from $39.99)
    Pokémon: Giratina & The Sky Warrior (Dub.DVD) 2015-07-07 (from $14.05)
Graphic novel
    Pokémon: Giratina & The Sky Warrior! (GN) 2009-11-03 (from $8.73)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Screenplay: Hideki Sonoda
Jōji Shimura (Assistant)
Kouji Miyazawa (Assistant)
Kunihiko Yuyama
Masakatsu Iijima (Assistant)
Satoshi Kimura (Assistant) 
Yūji Asada (Assistant)
Unit Director: Ryota Itoh (CGI)
Art Director: Minoru Akiba
Chief Animation Director:
Kazuaki Mōri
Kazumi Sato
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
Cgi Director: Makoto Satō
Director of Photography: Takaya Mizutani
Executive producer:
Kenjiro Itou
Masakazu Kubo
2D Composite Director: Shinsuke Ikeda
3DCG Chief Designer: Hiroyuki Sugibayashi
ADR Editor: Akikazu Inuzuka
Animation producer:
Shukichi Kanda
Toshiaki Okuno
Animation Supervisor: Yōichi Kotabe
Art Assistant: Kazumi Kataoka
Background Art:
Akiko Ishida (Atelier Rourke 07)
Eun Ju Han (Art Max)
Eun Jung Choi (Art Max)
Geun Hee Park (GIMC)
Hee Jin Ro (Art Max)
Hye Young Won (JM Animation)
In Gyu Lee (Art Max)
Ji Sa Lee (JM Animation)
Kazuhiro Takahashi (Studio Jack)
Kazuto Shimoyama (Atelier Rourke 07)
Kiyomi Kohara (Studio Jack)
Kuniharu Arai (Studio Jack)
Masaaki Kawaguchi (Atelier Rourke 07)
Mi Young Kim (GIMC)
Miki Kato (Atelier Rourke 07)
Nobuo Numai (Atelier Rourke 07)
Norihiro Yoshikawa (Studio Jack)
Rinya Kanekawa (Studio Jack)
Sang Woong Jeong (JM Animation)
Tōru Minatani (Atelier Rourke 07)
Yasuyuki Inaba (Studio Jack)
BGM Recording Director: Hajime Tōma
Casting Assistant: Rihoko Yoshida
CG Producer: Misako Saka
CGI Assistance:
Akira Hirabayashi (POLYGON PICTURES)
Ayuki Katayama (Atelier Bitol)
Hideaki Watanabe (POLYGON PICTURES)
Kazuhiro Ishikawa (Atelier Bitol)
Masako Nishioka (TIME LINE PICTURES)
Masayuki Kamimoto (POLYGON PICTURES)
Takahiro Nowata (TIME LINE PICTURES)
Tamotsu Endou (Atelier Bitol)
Toshiyuki Obata (POLYGON PICTURES)
Yuuichi Terada (Atelier Bitol)
Color Management System:
Aya Mashima
Wataru Matsumoto
Compositing Supervisor: Taizo Matsuzaki
Digital Advancement: Takashi Tanaka
Digital Coordinator: Kenji Otake
Digital Mastering:
Atsuko Nakayama
Atsushi Aikawa
Digital Optical Recording: Noboru Nishio
Dolby Film Consultant:
Mikio Mori (Continental Far East)
Tsutomu Kawahigashi (Continental Far East)
Editing: Toshio Henmi
Editing Assistant:
Jin Nogawa
Mayumi Komori
Film Development, Timing:
Hiroaki Hirabayashi
Yoshihiro Ueno
Film Recording: Masashi Okoshi
Foley Recording: Satoshi Yano
Lab Coordinator: Yuriko Satō
Music Composition: Kazumi Mitome (Coloring Contest Theme; "Kono Yubi Tomare")
Negative Editing: Daisuke Imai
Optical Re-Recording: Akira Toshisawa
Original Score (partial):
Go Ichinose
Hitomi Satō
Morikazu Aoki
Production Committee:
Akinobu Matsumoto (Shogakukan)
Asami Abe (Takara Tomy)
Chiharu Ōta (Takara Tomy)
Daisuke Watanabe (TV Tokyo)
Emi Nakagawa (OLM)
Eri Kudō (Takara Tomy)
Fumiko Fukami (Shogakukan)
Fumio Ueda (Shogakukan)
Fumiyoshi Kajiya (Shogakukan)
Hajime Hasegawa (Shogakukan)
Harunori Kumatani (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Hidehiko Kitajima (OLM)
Hiroaki Tsuru (The Pokemon Company)
Hiromasa Habu (East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc.)
Hiromi Tsuji (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Hiroshi Iwabuchi (Shogakukan)
Hiroshi Matsumoto (Media Factory)
Hiroto Sawada (TV Tokyo)
Hiroyuki Harada (Media Factory)
Hiroyuki Inada (Media Factory)
Hisae Yamamoto (The Pokemon Company)
Hitoshi Nomura (Takara Tomy)
Katsuharu Nagata (Media Factory)
Katsumi Ota (Shogakukan)
Kazuhiko Kurokawa (Shogakukan)
Kazuyuki Hasegawa (Shogakukan)
Keita Satō (Takara Tomy)
Ken'ichi Fujita (Shogakukan)
Kenichi Arai (The Pokemon Company)
Kenji Tominaga (Game Freak)
Kinji Watanabe (Shogakukan)
Kiyofumi Saitō (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Kiyoko Yokoyama (OLM)
Kiyoshi Yokota (Shogakukan)
Kōhei Shōji (Shogakukan)
Koichi Kawase (The Pokemon Company)
Kōichi Tochihori (The Pokemon Company)
Kōichi Toshida (Shogakukan)
Kōsuke Shirai (Shogakukan)
Kunihiko Ono (Shogakukan)
Maiko Ishii (Shogakukan)
Makiko Takada (The Pokemon Company)
Manabu Sudō (The Pokemon Company)
Masahiro Tanaka (Shogakukan)
Masamichi Ikeda (Media Factory)
Masaya Sawada (Takara Tomy)
Mifumi Nomura (Takara Tomy)
Miho Matori (OLM)
Mikiko Ohashi (The Pokemon Company)
Mikiko Yasui (TV Tokyo)
Minako Toba (Media Factory)
Misuzu Kaneyama (The Pokemon Company)
Mizuho Miyashita (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Naotsune Watanabe (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Naoyo Kuniya (Media Factory)
Nariyasu Suzuki (OLM)
Noboru Sasaki (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Nobumasa Sawabe (Shogakukan)
Nobuyuki Wasaki (OLM)
Noriaki Iguchi (OLM)
Norihiko Sudo (OLM)
Osamu Suzuki (The Pokemon Company)
Rei Anami (TV Tokyo)
Reibun Miyashita (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Ryūichi Hasegawa (OLM)
Saori Nakano (The Pokemon Company)
Sayumi Iwata (Media Factory)
Shihomi Watanabe (East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc.)
Shin Saitō (Shogakukan)
Shin'ichirō Todaka (Shogakukan)
Shunji Kamio (Takara Tomy)
Shūsaku Egami (The Pokemon Company)
Susumu Anzai (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Susumu Fukunaga (The Pokemon Company)
Tadao Hanashi (TV Tokyo)
Taeko Iwahara (East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc.)
Takako Uno (Media Factory)
Takashi Harada (TV Tokyo)
Takashi Onodera (Shogakukan)
Takeharu Katsuyama (Shogakukan)
Takeshi Maekawa (Takara Tomy)
Takeshi Masuda (The Pokemon Company)
Takuya Nakayama (Media Factory)
Tarō Ishiwari (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Tetsuya Ikeda (Takara Tomy)
Tomiyoshi Matsuda (Takara Tomy)
Tomoko Igosawa (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Tomotaka Iida (Shogakukan)
Tomotaka Komura (The Pokemon Company)
Tomoya Susuki (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Tōru Kikuchi (Shogakukan)
Toshihiro Suzuki (East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc.)
Toshinori Irie (Shogakukan)
Toshio Miyahara (The Pokemon Company)
Tsuyoshi Nakamura (East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc.)
Yasuteru Kamei (OLM)
Yasuyuki Sagami (Shogakukan)
Yōko Yagi (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Yoshiaki Ikeda (East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc.)
Yoshihito Ishibashi (Shogakukan)
Yoshinari Hashibe (The Pokemon Company)
Yoshio Tajiri (Game Freak)
Youichi Kobuse (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Yū Deoka (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Yūdai Fujimoto (Shogakukan)
Yui Kutō (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Yūji Yoshikawa (Shogakukan)
Yukari Fukushima (The Pokemon Company)
Yukihiro Iribe (Shogakukan)
Yutaka Saitō (Shogakukan Production Co.)
Production Desk:
Hiroyuki Kato (assistant)
Yoshinobu Ōsugi
Production manager: Tsukasa Koitabashi
Promotion Director: Hideyuki Koe
Publicity Producer: Ryōsuke Kamada
Recording engineer:
Kunio Andō
Mirai Ueno (assistant)
Setting Production: Yasuaki Fujii
Song Lyrics: Choji Yoshikawa (Coloring Contest Theme; "Kono Yubi Tomare")
Sound Effects: Daisuke Jinbo
Sound Production Desk: Akiko Nakamura
Sound Production Manager: Katsuhiro Ono
Special Effects: Noriyuki Ohta
Special Thanks To:
Nobuhei Hirano
Ryoko Nashimoto
Supervision: Tsunekazu Ishihara
Technical Director: Kenichi Anjyo
Theater Recording Mixer: Jūji Nakamura
Theme Song Arrangement: Shingo.S (ED)
Theme Song Composition: Shun Taguchi (ED)
Theme Song Lyrics: Kentarō Sakitani (ED)
Theme Song Performance:
Crystal Kay (ED)
Fumie Akiyoshi (Coloring Contest Theme; "Kono Yubi Tomare")
Trailer Production: Eiichirō Takahashi
Web Promotion: Kaori Itō
Etsuko Kozakura as Pocchama
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu
Inuko Inuyama as Nyasu
Megumi Hayashibara as Musashi
Megumi Toyoguchi as Hikari
Rica Matsumoto as Satoshi
Shinichirō Miki as Kojiro
Unshō Ishizuka as Narration
Vanilla Yamazaki as Shaymin

Chie Satō as Hikari's Etebosu
Daisuke Sakaguchi as Takeshi's Usokki
Katsuyuki Konishi as Takeshi's Greggle
Kiyotaka Furushima as Satoshi's Buizel
Megumi Hayashibara as Satoshi's Hikozaru
Miyako Itō as Takeshi's Pinpuku
Shinichirō Miki as Satoshi's Naetoru
Tomoko Kawakami as Hikari's Mimiroru

Akina Minami as Reira
Crystal Kay as Lucky
Gorugo Matsumoto as Jibakoiru
Hinako Sasaki as Kako
Kenta Miyake as Home Delivery Man
Kōichi Yamadera as Mugen
Mika Teratani as Shun
Red Yoshida as Moose
Shidō Nakamura as Zero
Shōko Nakagawa as Infy
Tsutomu Densaka as Bosugodora
Youhei Nishina as Todozeruga
Yukito Souma as Rejigigasu
Japanese companies
2nd Key Animation Assistance: Studio Create
Animation Production: OLM
CG Production: OLM Digital
Clean-Up Animation:
Studio Cockpit
Clean-Up Animation Assistance:
Rising Force
Studio Elle
Distributor: TOHO
Editorial Assistants: Jay Film
Film Laboratory: Imagica
Graphic Design: Viracocha
Recording Studio: Aoi Studio
Setting Assistance:
The Pokémon Company
Sound Production: HALF H·P STUDIO
English staff
English cast
Executive producer: Kenji Okubo
ADR Engineer: Tom Wayland
Assistant producer: Kazuyo Matsumura
DVD Author: Michael Palan
DVD Menu Design: Alex Shum
Mixing: Kevin Wilson
Online Video Editor: David Gauff
Script Adaptation: James Carter Cathcart
Script Timing: Bill Rogers
Sound Supervision: Carmen Borgia
Theme Song Composition:
David Wolfert
John Loeffler
Theme Song Lyrics:
David Wolfert
John Loeffler
Theme Song Performance: Aaron Brotherton
Theme Song Producer:
David Wolfert
John Loeffler
Voice Direction: Tom Wayland
Bill Rogers as Brock
Emily Jenness as Dawn
Sarah Natochenny as Ash Ketchum

Amy Palant as Shaymin
Billy Beach as
Michele Knotz as Jessie
Parker Anderson as Zero

Amy Palant as Layla
Bella Hudson as
Bill Rogers as
Billy Beach as
Daniel H. Jenkins as Zero 
Emily Jenness as
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu 
Kayzie Rogers as Swinub
Marc Thompson as
Newton Graceland 
Michele Knotz as
Nurse Joy
Seedot (intro)
Rodger Parsons as Narrator
Sam Hildestad as Regigigas 
Sarah Natochenny as
Sunkern (intro)
Tom Wayland as
Magmortar (intro)

English companies
Shock Entertainment (Australia and New Zealand)
Universal Studios
Internet Streaming:
BBC (United Kingdom)
Shomi (Canada)
Licensed by: Viz Media
Production: DuArt (DuArt Film and Video Inc.)
Script Translation: Z. Pang America
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director: Amparo Valencia (Spain dub)
Translation: Rosa María Pérez (Spain dub)
ADR Script: Amparo Valencia (Spain dub)

Theme Song Adaptation: Daniel Anglès (Spain dub)
Theme Song Performance: Daniel Anglès (Spain dub; ED)
Adolfo Moreno as Ash Ketchum (Spain dub)
Alan Prieto as Brock
Gabriel Ramos as Ash Ketchum
Javier Balas as Brock (Spain dub)
Leyla Rangel as Dawn
Mar Bordallo as Maya (Spain dub)

Amparo Valencia as Jessie (Spain dub)
Blanca Hualde as Shaymin (Spain dub)
Diana Perez as Jessie
Gabriel Jiménez as Newton Graceland (Spain dub)
Gerardo Vásquez as Meowth
Iván Jara as James (Spain dub)
José Escobosa as Meowth (Spain dub)
Pablo Sevilla as Zero (Spain dub)

Andrea de Gyves as Shaymin
Carlo Vázquez as Moose
Chelo Vivares as Shun (Spain dub)
Eduardo Del Hoyo as Narrator (Spain dub)
Gerardo Vásquez as Narration
Inés Blázquez as Layla (Spain dub)
Isabel Donate as Sylvan (Spain dub)
Juan Antonio García Sáinz as Moose (Spain dub)
Maggie Vera as Infi
Mildred Barrera as Nurse Joy
Pepa Castro as Infi (Spain dub)
Pilar Martín as
Kako (Spain dub)
Nurse Joy (Spain dub)
Ricardo Escobar as Taka (Spain dub)
Ricardo Mendez as Zero
Rolando de Castro as Newton Graceland
Spanish companies
Cartoon Network L.A. (Latin America)
Clan TVE (Spain)
Disney XD (Spain)
Jetix (Spain)
Tooncast (Latin America)
Distributor: Televix
Dubbing Studio: 103 Todd-Ao Estudios (Spain dub)
Internet Streaming:
Google Play
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Federico Danti
Dialogues: Antonella Marcora
Dubbing Engineer: Roberto Cappo
Theme Song Performance: Fabio Ingrosso
Davide Garbolino as Ash ketchum
Luca Bottale as Brock
Tosawi Piovani as Lucinda

Emanuela Pacotto as Jessie
Federica Valenti as Shaymin
Pietro Ubaldi as Meowth
Simone D'Andrea as James
Italian companies
Jetix Italia
Dubbing: Studio ASCI
German staff
German cast
Theme Song Performance: Hendrik Ilgner
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu
Jana Kilka as Lucia
Marc Stachel as Rocko
Veronika Neugebauer as Ash Ketchum

Dirk Meyer as Zero
Gerhard Acktun as Mauzi
Matthias Klie as James
Ole Pfenning as Newton
Scarlet Cavadenti as Jessie
Shandra Schadt as Infi

Julian Manuel as Chimchar
Shandra Schadt as Layla
Tatjana Pokorny as Nurse Joy
German companies
Dutch staff
Dutch cast
Executive producer:
Kenji Okubo
Yasuhiro Masuda
Barry Worsteling (Sun Studio A/S)
Olivier Marmillot

Assistant producer: Audrey Peyre
Mixing: Jens Ryberg
Online Video Editor: Max Christensen
Script Timing: Hilde de Mildt
Script Translation/adaption: Hilde de Mildt
Sound Supervision: Robert Hilhorst
Theme Song Performance: Marcel Veenendaal
Translation/Adaption Songs: Hilde de Mildt
Voice Direction: Hilde de Mildt
Christa Lips as Ash
Fred Meijer as Brock
Meghna Kumar as Dawn

Bas Keijzer as Meowth
Hilde de Mildt as Jessie
Jeroen Keers as Narrator
Paul Disbergen as James
Sander de Heer as Newton Graceland
Tony Neef as Zero

Anneke Beukman as Shaymin (Land Form)
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu
Lot Lohr as Shaymin (Sky Form)
Lotte Horlings as Infi
Mandy Huydts as Nurse Joy

Dutch companies
Broadcaster: Disney XD
Dubbing: Sun Studio
Danish staff
Danish cast
Mathias Klenske as Ash Ketchum
Danish companies
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Charmaine Cordoviz as Shaymin
Julius Figueroa as Brock
Klariz Magboo as Ash Ketchum
Rona Aguilar as Dawn

Ahlee Reyes as Nurse Joy
Jefferson Utanes as
Julius Figueroa as Meowth

Ely Martin as Newton Graceland
Jefferson Utanes as Narrator
Tagalog companies
Broadcaster: GMA Network
Dubbing: ALTA Productions
Polish staff
Polish cast
Dubbing Director: Tomasz Marzecki

Dialogues: Anna Wysocka
Organization Of Production: Marzena Omen-Wiśniewska
Aleksandra Wierzba as Shaymin
Hanna Kinder-Kiss as Ash Ketchum

Andrzej Chudy as Newton Graceland
Anna Gajewska as Layla
Izabela Dąbrowska as Jessie
Jarosław Budnik as James
Leszek Zduń as Zero

Agata Rzeszewska as Nurse Joy
Katarzyna Laska as Shun
Mikołaj Klimek as
Tomasz Marzecki as Taka
Polish companies
Broadcaster: Disney XD
Dubbing Studio: STUDIO EUROCOM
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director: Gilmara Sanchez
Translation: Elaine Pagano
ADR Script: Elaine Pagano
Executive producer: Kenji Okubo (Brazlian Version)

Sound Egginner: João Hashimoto
Portuguese companies
ADR Production: SDI Media (Brazil)
Broadcaster: Cartoon Network Brasil
Distributor: Televix (Brazil)
Dubbing Studio: Centauro
Internet Streaming: Telecine Play (Brazil)
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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