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Kanji name: 小学館
Foundation date: 1922-08-08
Official website:
小学館 (Japanese)
A member of the Hitotsubashi Group, along with Hakusensha and Shueisha.
News: Show:
JManga Industry Panel (Jul 22, 2011)
Moto Hagio Focus Panel (Jul 23, 2010)
New Viz manga licenses (Mar 13, 2007)
Bokura ga Ita Anime (Apr 13, 2006)
Black Lagoon TV Series (Feb 14, 2006)
Dororo Live-Action Movie (Nov 18, 2005)
TBS Announces REC Anime (Oct 20, 2005)
Doraemon Announcement (Mar 11, 2005)
Odenkun Anime (Mar 4, 2005)
Viz and ShoPro Merge (Jan 25, 2005)
OhayoCon 2003: Part II (Jan 21, 2003)
Anime and Everwood (Oct 7, 2002)
Shonen Jump Press Release (Jun 11, 2002)
Battle Angel returns! (Jun 11, 2002)
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Anime Spotlight - Magi (Oct 4, 2012)
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Anime with which this company was involved:
(Japanese version)
0 kara Hajimeru Manga Kyōshitsu : Publisher

1.8 m² no Himegoto (manga) : Publisher

1/100,000 (manga) : Publisher

100 Mankai Kikaseteyo (manga) : Publisher

100% Pascal-sensei (manga) : Publisher

100-nichi go ni Shinu Wani (manga) : Publisher

100-oku no Otoko (manga) : Publisher

1518! (manga) : Publisher

16-sai, Hajimete. (manga) : Publisher

16engage (manga) : Publisher

17-sai - Hajimete no H (manga) : Publisher

17-sai Natsu -Seifuku no Jouji- (manga) : Publisher

20th Century Boys (manga) : Publisher

21 Emon: Uchū e Irasshai! (movie) : Production

2112: The Birth of Doraemon (movie) : Production

21st Century Boys (manga) : Publisher

22/7 (TV) : Production

24 Colors (manga) : Publisher

341 Sentōdan (manga) : Publisher

365 Days to the Wedding (manga) : Publisher

556 Lab (manga) : Publisher

7 Genme wa Himitsu (manga) : Publisher

7-nin no Shakespeare (manga) : Publisher

7SEEDS (manga) : Publisher

8 (manga) : Publisher

8! -Eight- (manga) : Publisher

9 - Kimi ga Iru Machi de Koi o Shita (manga) : Publisher

A,A' (manga) : Publisher (1995, 2003)

Absolute Boyfriend (manga) : Publisher

Abunai Danjo Kousai (manga) : Publisher

Abusan (manga) : Publisher

(The) Accidents (manga) : Publisher

Ad Astra per Aspera (manga) : Publisher

Adam and Eve (manga) : Publisher

Adults' Picture Book (manga) : Publisher

Advent (manga) : Publisher

(The) Adventure of Rubi (manga) : Publisher (1969-70)

(The) Adventures of Hamtaro (picture book) : Publisher

Advertising Story (manga) : Publisher

After God (manga) : Publisher

After Hours (manga) : Publisher

After School Dice Club (TV) : Presented By

After the Rain (manga) : Publisher

Afterschool Charisma (manga) : Publisher

Age 12 (manga) : Publisher

Ageha Band - Band Shōjo Kyabakura Diary (manga) : Publisher

Ai Girl (manga) : Publisher

Ai Heya (manga) : Publisher

Ai Hime - Ai to Himegoto (manga) : Publisher

Ai Kiss - Idol Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Ai Kora (manga) : Publisher

Ai ni Nante Oborenai (manga) : Publisher

Ai no Kotoba (manga by M. Sugiyama) : Publisher

Ai no Kotoba (manga by N Hamaguchi) : Publisher

Ai no Yajū (manga) : Publisher

Ai Ore! (manga) : Publisher (2006-7, 5 volumes)

Ai to Seishun no Naritachi (manga) : Publisher

Ai-kagi (manga) : Publisher

Aijin: Itai Hodo Aishite (manga) : Publisher

Aikatsu! (manga) : Publisher

Aikatsu! Secret Story (manga) : Publisher

Aisare Max!! - Konna ni Aisarechatte Ii Mono Kashira? (manga) : Publisher

Aishite Kudasai, Sensei (manga) : Publisher

"Aishiteru", Uso Dakedo. (manga) : Publisher

Aisuru Hito (manga) : Publisher

Aitsu no Kanojo (manga) : Publisher

Ai… Shirisomeshi Koro ni… - Maga Michio no Seishun (manga) : Publisher

Aka × Kuro (manga) : Publisher

Akai Pegasus (manga) : Publisher

Akaiito (manga) : Publisher

Akatsuki Jihen (manga) : Publisher

Akuma de Koibito. (manga) : Publisher

Akuma Demo I Love You (manga) : Publisher

Akuma na Eros (manga) : Publisher

Akuma no Yōna Anata (manga) : Publisher

Akutō - Scandalous Honey (manga) : Publisher

Akutō 2 - Akuma no Kuchibiru (manga) : Publisher

Akutō Danshi Collection (manga) : Publisher

Alice 19th (manga) : Publisher

Alice in Borderland (manga) : Publisher

Alice in Borderland: Chi no Kyokuchi - Daiya no King-hen (manga) : Publisher

Alice on Border Road (manga) : Publisher

Allegro Agitato (manga) : Publisher

Alpen Rose (manga) : Publisher

"Alto" no "A" (manga) : Publisher

Always: Sunset on Third Street 3 (live-action movie) : Production

AM 8:00 Kimi ga Suki. (manga) : Publisher

Amai * Suppai * Horonigai (manga) : Publisher

Amai Fukushū (manga) : Publisher

Amai Himitsu Amai Shigeki (manga) : Publisher

Amai Jouji (manga) : Publisher

Amai, Sensei (manga) : Publisher

Amaku Minnayo! (manga) : Publisher

Amakusa 1637 (manga) : Publisher

Amenashi-mura Yakuba Sangyōka ken Kankōgakari (manga) : Publisher

Ami! Nonstop (manga) : Publisher

An Incurable Case of Love (manga) : Publisher

Anagle Mole (manga) : Publisher

Anastasia Club (manga) : Publisher

Anata ja Knight (manga) : Publisher

Anata ni Ateta Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Anata ni Hana o Sasagemashō (manga) : Publisher

Anata ni Tsunagaretai (manga) : Publisher

Anata no Mune ni Kaeru Hi made (manga) : Publisher

Andō Natsu - Edo Wagashi Shokunin Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Android Kikaider (manga) : Publisher (serialization)

Ane Log (manga) : Publisher

Ane no Kekkon (manga) : Publisher

Angel (manga by U-Jin) : Publisher (volumes 1-3, cancelled)

Angel High School (manga) : Publisher

Angel Hunt (manga) : Publisher

Angel Mimic (manga) : Publisher

Ani.com (manga) : Publisher

Animal Crossing (movie) : Production

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Deserted Island Diary (manga) : Publisher

Animal Joe (manga) : Publisher

Animal ♂ Jungle (manga) : Publisher

Ankō - Kaichō Kaijō Sōsasen (manga) : Publisher

Ano Hi, Bokura wa… - Toki o Kakeru Koi Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Anoko ni 1000% (manga) : Publisher

Anoko ni 1000% (OAV) : Production Cooperation

Anoko ni WAWAWA (manga) : Publisher

Anoko no Toriko (manga) : Publisher

Anri the Blood (manga) : Publisher

(The) Ant and The Giant (manga) : Publisher (1996)

(The) Anthem of the Heart (movie) : Production

Ao no Fūin (manga) : Publisher

Ao no Orchestra (manga) : Publisher

Ao no Rokugo (manga) : Publisher (1967, 1974)

Aoashi (manga) : Publisher

Aoi Honō (manga) : Publisher

Aoi Kiseki (manga) : Publisher

Aoizaka High School Baseball Club (manga) : Publisher

Aoki Honō (manga) : Publisher

Aoki Honō (OAV) : Production Assistant

Aomiyuku Yuki (manga) : Publisher

Aoyama Gōshō Tanpen-shū (OAV) : Production

Aoyama Gōshō Tanpen-shū 2 (OAV) : Production

Aozakura Bōei Daigakkō Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Apartment of Gundam (manga) : Publisher

Appare Jipangu! (manga) : Publisher

Apple-Cheek Love (manga) : Publisher

Aqua Age (manga) : Publisher

Arata: The Legend (manga) : Publisher

Are ← Nochi Kareshi (manga) : Publisher

Area 88 (manga) : Publisher

Arigatou (manga) : Publisher

Artist Acro (manga) : Publisher

Aru Hi Inu no Kuni kara Tegami ga Kite (manga) : Publisher

Aru Hi, Knight ni Attanara (manga) : Publisher

Asa Chun! (manga) : Publisher

Asa made, motto. (manga) : Publisher

Asa mo, Hiru mo, Yoru mo (manga) : Publisher

Asadora! (manga) : Publisher

Asahinagu (manga) : Publisher

Ash & Pikachu (manga) : Publisher

Ashita wa Doyōbi (manga) : Publisher

Ashita, Anata ga Mezame tara (manga) : Publisher

Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo (manga) : Publisher (books)

Asoko de Hataraku Musubu-san (manga) : Publisher

Assassin’s Creed: Blade of Shao Jun (manga) : Publisher

Asterisk (manga) : Publisher

Astro Boy - Tetsuwan Atom (manga) : Publisher

Asu o Shinjite - Otoko-tachi no Kigyō Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

At Least, My love is not a Lie (manga) : Publisher

Atashi wa Pet (manga) : Publisher

Atatamete kara Omeshiagari Kudasai (manga) : Publisher

ATOM: The Beginning (manga) : Publisher

Attack on (manga) : Publisher

Aura: Maryūinkōga Saigo no Tatakai (light novel) : Publisher (Gagaga Bunko)

Aura: Maryūinkōga Saigo no Tatakai (manga) : Publisher

Automatic Angel (manga) : Publisher

Autumn Journey (manga) : Publisher

Awa-Koi (manga) : Publisher

Aya Ueto Story (manga) : Publisher

Ayakashi Hisen (manga) : Publisher

Ayako (manga) : Publisher

Azumi (manga) : Publisher

B Rappers Street (TV) : Original Creator

B-Daman CrossFire (TV) : Production

B-Daman Fireblast (TV) : Production

B-Legend! Battle Bedaman (TV) : Production

B-Men Kazoku (manga) : Publisher

B.B (manga) : Publisher

B.B Explosion (manga) : Publisher

BABEL (manga) : Publisher

Baby Dare yori Kimi ga Suki (manga) : Publisher

Back Arrow (TV) : Planning Assistance

Backstage Prince (manga) : Publisher

A Bad Boy Drinks Tea! (manga) : Publisher

Badfly (manga) : Publisher

Bakegyamon (manga) : Publisher

Bakkyuu HIT! Crash Bedaman (TV) : Production

Baku Tech! Bakugan (manga) : Publisher

Bakufū Slash! Kizna (manga) : Publisher

Bakukyū Renpatsu!! Super B-Daman (manga) : Publisher

Bakune Young (manga) : Publisher

Bakuretsu Utahime 21 (manga) : Publisher

Banana Fish (manga) : Publisher

Banana Fish (TV) : Production

Baptism (manga) : Publisher

Bara no Tame ni (manga) : Publisher

Bara to Koroshiya (manga) : Publisher

Barairo My Honey (manga by Tomu Ohmi) : Publisher

Barairo no Yakusoku (manga) : Publisher

Barbara (manga) : Publisher

Basara (manga) : Publisher

Batsuichi - Ai o Sagashite (manga) : Publisher

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits (TV) : Copyright

BE BLUES! (manga) : Publisher

Be With You (manga) : Publisher

Beach Stars (manga) : Publisher

Beast Master (manga by K. Motomi) : Publisher

Beast Switch (manga) : Publisher

Beautiful (manga) : Publisher

Beautiful Moon Rhapsody (manga) : Publisher

Beauty but Beast (manga) : Publisher

Beauty Pop (manga) : Publisher

Beauty!! (manga) : Publisher

Believers (manga) : Publisher

Benkei in New York (manga) : Publisher

[Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic] : Publisher

(The) Best Skilled Surgeon (manga) : Publisher

[Betsucomi] : Publisher

Beyblade (manga) : Publisher

Beyblade (TV) : Production

Beyblade Burst (manga) : Publisher

Beyblade G Revolution (TV) : Production

Beyblade Taisen Seiryūden (manga) : Publisher

Beyblade X (manga) : Publisher

Beyblade X (TV) : Original Concept
, Planning
Beyblade: Metal Fury (TV) : Production

Beyblade: Metal Fusion (TV) : Production

Beyblade: Metal Masters (TV) : Production

Beyblade: V-Force (TV) : Production

BeyWarriors: BeyRaiderz (TV) : Original Work

BeyWarriors: Cyborg (TV) : Original Work

BeyWheelz: Powered by Beyblade (TV) : Original Work

Bianca (manga) : Publisher (1970s)

[Big Comic] : Publisher

[Big Comic Original] : Publisher

[Big Comic Spirits] : Publisher

[Big Comic Superior] : Publisher

[Big Gold] : Publisher

Big Wing (manga) : Publisher

Bijinzaka Private Girls' High School (manga) : Publisher

Billy Ray Wainwright (manga) : Publisher

Binbō Shimai Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Binetsu Shōjo (manga) : Publisher

Birdman Rally (manga) : Publisher

Birdmen (manga) : Publisher

Birdy the Mighty (manga) : Publisher

Birdy the Mighty (OAV) : Production

Bishōnen Moraimashita. - Oshikake Shitsuji (manga) : Publisher

Bishōnen no Oheya (manga) : Publisher

Bistro Pas Mal no Jikenbo (manga) : Publisher

Bite Maker (manga) : Publisher

Bitter - Nakechau Koi Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Bitter II - Anata Dake ni Aisaretai (manga) : Publisher

A Bitter Sweet Thing (manga) : Publisher

Black Alice (manga) : Publisher

Black Bird (manga) : Publisher

Black Channel (manga) : Publisher

Black Lagoon (manga) : Publisher

Black Paradox (manga) : Publisher

Blade of the Phantom Master (movie) : Production

Blizzard Axel (manga) : Publisher

Blood on the Tracks (manga) : Publisher (Big Comics)

Blue (manga by Kozue Chiba) : Publisher

Blue Giant (manga) : Publisher

Blue Giant Explorer (manga) : Publisher

Blue Giant Momentum (manga) : Publisher

Blue Giant Supreme (manga) : Publisher

Blue Spring (manga) : Publisher

Blue, Blue, Atopos (manga) : Publisher

Bōken Shite mo ii Goro (manga) : Publisher

Bokkō (manga) : Publisher

Boku dake ga Shitteiru (manga) : Publisher (2003)

Boku dake no Butterfly (manga) : Publisher

Boku ga Shinu dake no Hyakumonogatari (manga) : Publisher

Boku ni Natta Watashi (manga) : Publisher

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu (manga) : Publisher

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu (live-action movie) : Production

Boku no Himitsu o Oshiete Ageru (manga) : Publisher

Boku no Tenohira de Odore (manga) : Publisher

Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru (manga) : Publisher

Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru (live-action movie) : Production

Boku wa Kiss de Uso o Tsuku (manga) : Publisher

Boku wo Nariagarase Yо̄ to Suru Saikyо̄ Onna Shishо̄tachi (light novel) : Publisher

Bokura no Funka-sai (manga) : Publisher

Bokura no Himitsu wo Kyoyu Shiyouka (manga) : Publisher

Bokura no Koi wa Shi ni Itaru Yamai no You de (manga) : Publisher

Bokura no Tsubasa - Kokkyō naki Rojō no Kodomo-tachi (manga) : Publisher

Bokurano: Ours (manga) : Publisher

Bokutachi wa Shitteshimatta (manga) : Publisher

Bomberman Jetters (TV) : Co-Production

bon au revoir, Sorcier (manga) : Publisher

(La) Bonne Vie (light novel) : Publisher

(La) Bonne Vie (manga) : Publisher

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki (light novel) : Publisher

Box of Light (manga) : Publisher

Boy Friend (manga) : Publisher (1985-8, 1994)

Boys Detective (manga) : Publisher

Boys on the Run (manga) : Publisher

Boys' Kingdom (manga) : Publisher

Bra Bra Ban Ban (manga) : Publisher

Brave Story (manga Akira Himekawa) : Publisher

Breaking The Wall (manga) : Publisher

Brilliant Magic (manga) : Publisher

Bronze no Tenshi (manga) : Publisher

Bronze no Tenshi Gaiden (manga) : Publisher

Bucchigiri (manga) : Publisher

Bunpuku Chagama Daimaoh (manga) : Publisher (serialization, 1990)

Burning Kabaddi (TV) : Production

Bus for Spring (manga) : Publisher

Butter Nut! (manga) : Publisher

Butterflies, Flowers (manga) : Publisher

Byakuren no Fang (manga) : Publisher

Bye bye, papa (manga) : Publisher

California Story (manga) : Publisher

Call of the Night (manga) : Publisher

Call of the Night (TV) : Production

Came the Mirror & Other Tales (manga) : Publisher

(La) canne et L'aile (manga) : Publisher

Captain Ken (manga) : Publisher

Caramel Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Caramel Milk Tea (manga) : Publisher

Caravan Kidd (manga) : Publisher (1987)

(The) Carp on the Chopping Block Jumps Twice (manga) : Publisher

Case Closed (manga) : Publisher

Case Closed (TV) : Copyright

Case Closed Movie: The Time Bombed Skyscraper (movie 1) : Production Committee

Case Closed: Captured in Her Eyes (movie 4) : Production

Case Closed: Countdown to Heaven (movie 5) : Production

Case Closed: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (movie 23) : Production

Case Closed: The Fourteenth Target (movie 2) : Production Committee

Case Closed: The Last Wizard of the Century (movie 3) : Production Committee

Case Closed: The Phantom of Baker Street (movie 6) : Production Committee

Case Closed: Zero the Enforcer (movie 22) : Production

(The) Case of Hana & Alice (manga) : Publisher

(The) Castle of Dawn (manga) : Publisher (1997, 1998)

Cat + Gamer (manga) : Publisher

Cat Eyed Boy (manga) : Publisher (1976-77, 2006)

A Cat From Our World and the Forgotten Witch (manga) : Publisher

Cat on the Hero's Lap (manga) : Publisher

Catch & Throw (manga) : Publisher

CatNiP (manga) : Publisher

Cats of the Louvre (manga) : Publisher

Ceres: Celestial Legend (manga) : Publisher

Change (manga) : Publisher

Channel wa Sonomama! (manga) : Publisher

Chape! Tsugaru Tetsudō Shiki Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Chaser (manga) : Publisher

Chat Noir no Shippo (manga) : Publisher

Cheap na Koi to Fake na Ai (manga) : Publisher

Check in at Love (manga) : Publisher

Cheeky Angel (manga) : Publisher

[Cheese!] : Publisher

Cherish!! (manga by Mayuki Anan) : Publisher

Cherry (manga) : Publisher

Cherry Love (manga) : Publisher

Cherry no Manma (manga) : Publisher

Cherry Syndrome (manga) : Publisher

Chibi Devi! (manga) : Publisher

Chibi Devi! (TV) : Production

Chibikasu-kun (manga) : Publisher

Chicago (manga) : Publisher

Chiisai Boku no Haru (manga) : Publisher

Chiisako no Niwa (manga) : Publisher

Chiisakobee (manga) : Publisher

Chiki Chiki Bom! (manga) : Publisher

Chikichiki Banana (manga) : Publisher

ChikuChiku Kichiku. (manga) : Publisher

(The) Child Who Comes Home (manga) : Publisher (2000, 2008)

(The) Children Nowadays (manga) : Publisher

Children of the Sea (manga) : Publisher

Children of the Sea (movie) : Production

Chinpui: Eri-sama Katsudō Daishashin (movie) : Production

Chirori (manga) : Publisher

Chitose-kun is in the Ramune Bottle (light novel) : Publisher

Chō Sentō Inu Blanca (manga) : Publisher (1996, 1999 - bunkobon)

Chōchōgumo (manga) : Publisher

Chocolat (manga by Kubonouchi) : Publisher

Chocolate Cake Shooting Star (manga) : Publisher

Chocolate Girl (manga) : Publisher

Chokotto Abunai Koimonogatari (manga) : Publisher

Chokotto H na Koimonogatari (manga) : Publisher

Chūnen Superman Saenai-shi (manga) : Publisher (2012, 2016)

Chūtai Afro Tanaka (manga) : Publisher

[Ciao] : Publisher

[Ciao Deluxe] : Publisher

Cinderella Boy (manga by M. Yumeno) : Publisher

Cinderella Collection (manga) : Publisher

Cinema no Teikoku (manga) : Publisher

Cirque du Freak (manga) : Publisher

(The) Cockpit (OAV) : Production

Code Name wa Baby Face (manga) : Publisher

(The) Concierge at Hokkyoku Department Store (manga) : Publisher

Cop in Tokyo (manga) : Publisher

(The) Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese (manga) : Publisher

[CoroCoro Aniki] : Publisher

Corrector Yui (manga by Kia Asamiya) : Publisher

Crayon Days (manga) : Publisher

Cross Game (manga) : Publisher

Crying Freeman (manga) : Publisher (1986-8, 2002)

Cupid no Itazura Nijidama (manga) : Publisher

...Curtain. ~Sensei to Kiyoraka ni Dōsei~ (manga) : Publisher

Cutey Honey Flash (manga) : Publisher

Cyborg 009 (manga) : Publisher (1979-1981)

D-ASH (manga) : Publisher

D-Cup Hunter (manga) : Publisher

D-Live!! (manga) : Publisher

Dada! Hard Boiled Here to Stay (manga) : Publisher

Dagashi Kashi (manga) : Publisher

Dagashi Kashi (TV) : Production

Dagashi Kashi 2 (TV) : Production Collaboration

Dai Dark (manga) : Publisher

Daiku no Hatō (manga) : Publisher

Dame Oyaji (manga) : Publisher

Dan Dan Aishite (manga) : Publisher

Dan Dan Dakishimete (manga) : Publisher

DAN DOH!! (manga) : Publisher

Danball Senki Wars (manga) : Publisher

Dance Dance Danseur (manga) : Publisher

Dance Dance Danseur (TV) : Production

Dance Till Tomorrow (manga) : Publisher

Danchi Tomoo (manga) : Publisher

Danchōtei Nichijō (manga) : Publisher

Dangerous Jii-san Ja (manga) : Publisher

Danjō no Adam (manga) : Publisher

"Dante" Ocean King (manga) : Publisher

Dare ni mo Himitsu Koimonogatari (manga) : Publisher

Dareka ga Kakkō to Naku (manga) : Publisher

Darenimo Ienai Yoru o Ageru (manga) : Publisher

Darkness of the Sea, Shadow of the Moon (manga) : Publisher

Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki (manga) : Publisher

Dash! Yonkurō (manga) : Publisher

Datte Aishiteru (manga by S. Akira) : Publisher

Datte, Kimi ga Warau kara. (manga) : Publisher

Dawn of the Arcana (manga) : Publisher

Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction (manga) : Publisher

Dear! (manga) : Publisher

Deatte 5-byō de Battle (manga) : Publisher

Defense Devil (manga) : Publisher

Dekiai Paradox (manga) : Publisher

Deko Boko Friends (TV) : Copyright

(The) Delinquent Housewife! (manga) : Publisher

Dengeki Daisy (manga) : Publisher

Dennō Coil (manga) : Publisher

Denpa Kyōshi - He Is a Ultimate Teacher (manga) : Publisher

Derby Queen (manga) : Publisher

Deru Toko Demasho! (manga) : Publisher

Desert Storm (manga) : Publisher

Detective Conan - Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small (special) : Producer

Detective Conan: 16 Suspects (OAV) : Production

Detective Conan: A Challenge from Agasa (OAV) : Distributor
, Production
Detective Conan: Conan and Heiji and the Vanished Boy (OAV) : Production

Detective Conan: Conan and Kid and Crystal Mother (OAV) : Production

Detective Conan: Conan Edogawa & Heiji Hattori versus Kid the Phantom Thief (OAV) : Distributor
, Production
Detective Conan: Conan vs Kid vs YAIBA (OAV) : Production

Detective Conan: Dimensional Sniper (movie 18) : Production

Detective Conan: Full Score of Fear (movie 12) : Production

Detective Conan: Hyakuman Doru no Michishirube (movie) : Production

Detective Conan: Hyōteki wa Kogoro! Shōnen Tanteidan Maruchichōsa (OAV) : Production

Detective Conan: Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure (movie 11) : Production

Detective Conan: Kid in Trap Island (OAV) : Production

Detective Conan: Kurogane no Submarine (movie) : Production

Detective Conan: London kara no Maru Hi Shirei (OAV) : Production

Detective Conan: Private Eye in the Distant Sea (movie 17) : Production

Detective Conan: Quarter of Silence (movie 15) : Production

Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno (movie 19) : Production

Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween (movie) : Production

Detective Conan: The Crimson Love Letter (movie 21) : Production

Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa (manga) : Publisher

Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare (movie 20) : Production

Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker (movie 16) : Production

Detective Conan: The Lost Ship in The Sky (movie 14) : Production

Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser (movie 13) : Production

Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet (movie 24) : Production

Detective Conan: The Stranger From 10 Years Later (OAV) : Production

Detective Conan: Zero's Tea Time (manga) : Publisher

Detective Idol Unit TRICOLORE (manga) : Publisher

Devil & Devil (manga) : Publisher

Devil's Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Diamond Head (manga) : Publisher

Did you know I love you, Teacher? (manga) : Publisher

Dien Bien Phu (manga) : Publisher (2006) 

Dinosaur King (manga) : Publisher

A Distant Neighborhood (manga) : Publisher

DIVE!! (manga, M. Ikeno) : Publisher

Do You Like the Nerdy Nurse? (manga) : Publisher

Do! Rill!! (manga) : Publisher

Docchi ga Akuma yo? (manga) : Publisher

Doctor & Daughter (manga) : Publisher

Doctor Messiah (manga) : Publisher

Doctor's Love Files (manga) : Publisher

Dokidoki Shisugi no Koimonogatari (manga) : Publisher

Dokyō Shichauzo! (manga) : Publisher

Dokyusei H kara Hajimaru Koi (manga) : Publisher

Doll The Hotel Detective (manga) : Publisher

Don - Gokudo Suikoden (manga) : Publisher

Don't Call It Mystery (manga) : Publisher

Donguri no Ie (manga) : Publisher

Door o Knock suru no wa Dareda! (manga) : Publisher

Doraemon (manga) : Publisher

Doraemon (TV 2/1979) : Sponsor

Doraemon (TV 3/2005) : Serialized In
, Sponsor
Doraemon the Movie: "Kachi-Kochi" Nobita's Great Adventure in the Antarctic (movie 2-12) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Birth of Japan 2016 (movie 2-11) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Galaxy Super-express (movie 1-17) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Green Giant Legend (movie 2-03) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Last Haven - Animal Adventure (movie 2-07) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Space Heroes (movie 2-10) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Spiral City (movie 1-18) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Steel Troops (movie 1-07) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Steel Troops: The New Age (movie 2-06) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Tin Labyrinth (movie 1-14) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita in the Haunts of Evil (movie 1-03) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita in the New Haunts of Evil - Peko and the Five Explore (movie 2-09) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita in the Secret Gadgets Museum (movie 2-08) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration (movie 2-14) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Diary on the Creation of the World (movie 1-16) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Dorabian Nights (movie 1-12) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Great Adventure in the South Seas (movie 1-19) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Great Adventure into the Underworld (movie 1-05) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Mermaid Legend (movie 2-05) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's New Dinosaur : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's New Great Adventure into the Underworld (movie 2-02) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Three Visionary Swordsmen (movie 1-15) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Treasure Island (movie 2-13) : Production

Doraemon the Movie: The New Record of Nobita's Spaceblazer (movie 2-04) : Production

Doraemon: Nobita's Little "Star Wars" 2021 (movie) : Production

(The) Doraemons: The Mysterious Thief Dorapan The Mysterious Cartel (movie) : Production

Doredake Amai Scenario Datte (manga) : Publisher

Dorohedoro (manga) : Publisher

Dororo (manga) : Publisher

Dōse Mō Nigerarenai (manga) : Publisher

Doubt!! (manga by K. Izumi) : Publisher

Downfall (manga) : Publisher

Dōzo Kawaigatte Kudasai (manga) : Publisher

Dō·Kyū·Sei (manga) : Publisher

Dr. Koto's Clinic (manga) : Publisher

Dr. Lin ni Kiitemite! (manga) : Publisher

Dr. Thrill (manga) : Publisher

(The) Draft of Citrus (manga) : Publisher

Dream Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Dream with Ghost (manga) : Publisher

(The) Drifting Classroom (manga) : Publisher

Drum Knuckle (manga) : Publisher

A Drunken Dream (manga) : Publisher (1985, 1996)

Duel Masters (manga) : Publisher

Duel Masters: Lunatic God Saga (movie) : Production

(The) Duke of Death and His Maid (manga) : Publisher

(The) Duke of Death and His Maid (TV) : Production

Eagle (manga) : Publisher

Eccentrics (manga) : Publisher (2002)

Eden de Aō (manga) : Publisher

Egaku nara Happy End (manga) : Publisher

Eiga Jewelpet Sweets Dance Princess (movie) : Production

Eisen Flügel (light novel) : Publisher

Ekiden Danshi Project (manga) : Publisher

Elite Jack!! (manga) : Publisher

Elite Sama Koi Shiyou (manga) : Publisher

Endo (manga) : Publisher

Epitaram: A Wedding Song (manga) : Publisher

Epotrans! MAI (manga) : Publisher

Ergo Proxy: Centzon Hitchers and Undertaker (manga) : Publisher

Erotic Romance (manga) : Publisher

Escape Express (manga) : Publisher

ESPer Mami (manga) : Publisher

ESPer Mami: Hoshizora no Dancing Doll (movie) : Production

Étoile Girl (manga) : Publisher

Eve no Nemuri - Yasha Next Generation (manga) : Publisher

Even A Monkey Can Draw Manga : Publisher

Everyone's Getting Married (manga) : Publisher

Expelled from Paradise (movie) : Cooperation (Gagaga Bunko Editorial Dept.)

F (manga) : Publisher

Faintly Purple (manga) : Publisher

Fair Lady wa Namida o Nagasu (manga) : Publisher

Fall in love like a comic! (manga) : Publisher

Family! (manga by T. Watanabe) : Publisher

Fancy Dance (manga) : Publisher

Fantasista (manga) : Publisher

Fantasista Stella (manga) : Publisher

Faust (manga by O. Tezuka) : Publisher (1990)

Fiancée Shitai (manga) : Publisher

Fighting Beauty Wulong (manga) : Publisher

Fire! (manga) : Publisher (1976)

Firefighter! Daigo of Fire Company M (manga) : Publisher

Firefly Wedding (manga) : Publisher

First Class no Koibito (manga) : Publisher

First Girl (manga) : Publisher

Fist of the North Star (manga) : Publisher (2006: Big Comics Special)

Fist of the North Star: The Legend of Kenshirô (movie) : Publicity Cooperation

Flagman (manga) : Publisher

Flame of Recca (manga) : Publisher

Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll (manga) : Publisher

Fly High (manga, Kei Sugiura) : Publisher

Fly Me to the Moon (manga) : Publisher

Fly, Daddy, Fly (manga) : Publisher

Folktales of Nippon (manga) : Publisher

Fool Night (manga) : Publisher

for Lovers Only (manga) : Publisher

Forbidden Dance (manga) : Publisher

Forbidden Phrase (manga) : Publisher

Forest of Kaworu and the flower (manga) : Publisher

Fourteen (manga) : Publisher

Freesia (manga by J.Matsumoto) : Publisher

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End (manga) : Publisher

From Five to Nine (manga) : Publisher

Fu-Shi-Gi no Rin (manga) : Publisher

Fudatsuki no Kyōko-chan (manga) : Publisher

Fuhōshi Mandala Den Karasu (manga) : Publisher

Fujiko F Fujio no SF Tanpen Theater (OAV) : Production

Fujiko Fujio no Kiteretsu Daihyakka (special) : Production Cooperation

Fujisan (manga) : Publisher

Fukigen na Aibu (manga) : Publisher

Full Moon Joker (manga) : Publisher

Furo Girl! (manga) : Publisher

Fushigi Yûgi (manga) : Publisher

Fushigi Yugi (TV) : Production

Fushigi Yūgi: Byakko Ibun (manga) : Publisher

Fushigi Yūgi: Byakko Senki (manga) : Publisher

Fushigi Yûgi: Genbu Kaiden (manga) : Publisher

Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime: Lovely Kingdom (manga) : Publisher

Futagashira (manga) : Publisher

Futari no Tame ni Sekai wa Aru no (manga) : Publisher

Futei de Furachi na Ani desuga. (manga) : Publisher

Fūto Tantei (manga) : Publisher

Future Card Buddyfight (manga) : Publisher

(The) Future of YOIKO! (manga) : Publisher (2006)

FUUTO PI (TV) : Planning Assistance (Weekly Big Comic Spirits Editorial Dept.)

Fuwafuwa Police - Hirugaya-Eki-Mae Kōban Shimatsuki (manga) : Publisher

Fu·Ta·Ri (manga) : Publisher

G - Gokudo Girl (manga) : Publisher

G no Idenshi - Shōjo Fanette (manga) : Publisher

G Senjou Heaven's Door (manga) : Publisher

Gaba Kawa (manga) : Publisher

Gaku - Minna no Yama (manga) : Publisher

Galaxy Express 999 (manga) : Publisher (1988-9, 1997, 2009-)

Galaxy Express 999 (manga 2/1996) : Publisher

Galaxy Express 999 for Planetarium (special) : Production Assistance

Gallery Fake (manga) : Publisher

Gallery Fake (TV) : Copyright

Gaman Dekinai (manga) : Publisher

Game Center Arashi (manga) : Publisher

Gamon - The Demolitionman (manga) : Publisher

Ganba! Fly High (manga) : Publisher

Ganbaryonkaa Masako-chan (manga) : Publisher

Geki Ai Motto Motometai (manga) : Publisher

Gekiko Kamen (manga) : Publisher

Gekka no Kimi (manga) : Publisher

Gekka no Kishi (manga) : Publisher

Gelatin Boy (manga) : Publisher

Genma Taisen Rebirth (manga) : Publisher

Georgie! (manga) : Publisher

Get Love!! Field no Ōji-sama (manga) : Publisher

Get truth Taiyō no Kiba Dougram (manga) : Publisher

Getsuyōbi kara Kataomoi (manga) : Publisher

Getter Robo (manga) : Publisher

Getter Robo G (manga) : Publisher

Ghost Sweeper Mikami (movie) : Publicity Assistance

Ghost Warrior (manga) : Publisher

Giant Ojō-sama (manga) : Publisher

GIGANT (manga) : Publisher

Gigolo (manga) : Publisher

Giji Harem (manga) : Publisher

Gin no Ookami (manga) : Publisher

Giragira (manga) : Publisher

Giri no Vacances (manga) : Publisher

(The) Girl is Attracted to Basilis (manga) : Publisher

Girl on Porch with Puppy (manga) : Publisher

Girls Bijutsu (manga) : Publisher

Girls Lesson (manga) : Publisher

Girls Saurus (manga) : Publisher

Girls Saurus DX (manga) : Publisher

GJ Club (light novel) : Publisher

GJ-bu Chūtō-bu (light novel) : Publisher

GJ-bu@Comic (manga) : Publisher

Gnosis March (manga) : Publisher

Go! Virginal Hanayūki (manga) : Publisher

GO-ON! (manga) : Publisher

Gōda Tetsugaku-dō: Kūki Ningyō (manga) : Publisher (1999)

Goddamn (manga) : Publisher (1991, 1993)

Godzilla (manga) : Publisher

GoGo Monster (manga) : Publisher

Gokujō Danshi to Kurashi Temasu (manga) : Publisher

Gokujō Rakuen Danshi - Beast Harem 2 (manga) : Publisher

Gokujō Twins (manga) : Publisher

Gokujō!! Mecha Mote Iinchō (manga) : Publisher

Golden Japanesque: Yokohama Karentan (manga) : Publisher

Golden Spiral (manga) : Publisher

Golgo 13 (manga) : Publisher (Serialization, Special Issue)

Golgo 13 (live-action movie) : Production

Golgo 13 (TV) : Production

Golgo 13: Assignment Kowloon (live-action movie) : Production

Golgo 13: Queen Bee (OAV) : Production 

Golgo 13: The Professional (movie) : Production

Golgo Camp (manga) : Publisher

Golondrina (manga) : Publisher

Gomen Asobase! (manga) : Publisher

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! (TV) : Production

Good Night World (manga) : Publisher

Good Outer Surface (manga) : Publisher

Goodnight Punpun (manga) : Publisher

Gorioshi Jouju Doramaji!? (manga) : Publisher

Gould o Kikinagara (manga) : Publisher

Greatest M (manga) : Publisher

Gringo (manga) : Publisher (1987-9, 1994-6)

GS Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen!! (manga) : Publisher

GUNBURED × SISTERS (manga) : Publisher

Gunjō (manga) : Publisher

Gunsmith Dave (manga) : Publisher

Gyo (manga) : Publisher

GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack (OAV) : Production

Gyutto Shite Chū (manga) : Publisher

H2 (manga) : Publisher

Haa Haa (manga) : Publisher

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi (manga) : Publisher

Hadashi no Aitsu (manga) : Publisher

Haguregumo (manga) : Publisher

Haitoku wa Amaku Mushibamu (manga) : Publisher

Haitoku wa Atsuke Afure Dasu (manga) : Publisher

Hajimete (manga) : Publisher

Hajimete, Kudasai. (manga) : Publisher

Hakoniwa Angel (manga) : Publisher

Hakuba no Ōji-sama (manga) : Publisher

Hakubo no Chronicle (manga) : Publisher

Hakuhei Musha (manga) : Publisher

Hana Boro (manga) : Publisher

Hana China (manga) : Publisher

Hana Kappa (TV) : Production

Hana mote Katare (manga) : Publisher

Hana no Kakarichō (manga) : Publisher

Hana no Shizuku (manga) : Publisher

Hanagami Sharaku (manga) : Publisher

Hanakuu Otome (manga) : Publisher

Hanaotoko (manga) : Publisher

Hanazono Merry-Go-Round (manga) : Publisher

Hanshin (manga) : Publisher

Haou Airen (manga) : Publisher

Happa 64 (manga) : Publisher

Happiness (manga by Furuya) : Publisher

Happy Chokuzen (manga) : Publisher (1987-8)

Happy Happy Clover (manga) : Publisher

Happy Happy Clover (TV) : Production

Happy Harem Making with the Mightiest Orc! (manga) : Publisher

Happy Hustle High (manga) : Publisher

Happy Marriage!? (manga) : Publisher

Happy Rush (manga) : Publisher

Happy! (manga) : Publisher

Harajuku Bambina (manga) : Publisher

Harajuku Pop Beat (manga) : Publisher

Harem Lodge (manga) : Publisher

Harenchi Gakuen (manga) : Publisher (50th Anniversary Edition Tankoubon)

Haru and the Magic Key (manga) : Publisher

Hatare Venus (manga) : Publisher

Hatsu*Haru (manga) : Publisher

Hatsujō Material (manga) : Publisher

Hatsukoi no Sekai (manga) : Publisher

Hatsukoi Scandal (manga) : Publisher

Hatsukoi Shinan (manga) : Publisher

Hatsukoi wa Yuki no You ni Awakute (manga) : Publisher

Hatsukoi Zombie (manga) : Publisher

Hatsumei Princess (manga) : Publisher

Hayate the Combat Butler (manga) : Publisher

Hayate the Combat Butler! (OAV 2) : Production

Hayate the Combat Butler! Heaven Is a Place on Earth (movie) : Production

Heads (manga) : Publisher

Heart (manga) : Publisher

Heart na Chōkyōshi (manga) : Publisher

(The) Heart of Thomas (manga) : Publisher

Heartbroken Angels (manga) : Publisher

Heat (manga) : Publisher

Heaven (manga, Aya Oda) : Publisher

Heaven's Will (manga) : Publisher

Heaven? Gokuraku Restaurant (manga) : Publisher

Heavy (movie) : Production Cooperation

Heavy Metal Kôshien (manga) : Publisher

Heibon Ponch (manga) : Publisher

Helck (manga) : Publisher

Helen Keller: From Darkness to Light (manga) : Publisher

Hello, this is Terumi. (manga) : Publisher

Hennako-chan (manga 1990s) : Publisher (2002)

Henshū Ou (manga) : Publisher

Hero Company (manga) : Publisher

Hetare Spiral (manga) : Publisher

[Hibana] : Publisher

Hibiki: Shōsetsuka ni Naru Hōhō (manga) : Publisher

Hidamari no Ki (manga) : Publisher

Hidamari no Ki (TV) : Production

Hidarite no Love Letter (manga) : Publisher

High School Bakka-chan (manga) : Publisher

Hiiragi-sama wa Jibun o Sagashiteiru. (manga) : Publisher

Hikari no Machi (manga) : Publisher

Hikari no Shima (manga) : Publisher

Hikari no Sora (manga) : Publisher

Hikitateyaku no Koi (manga) : Publisher

Hime 100% (manga) : Publisher

Hime Gal Paradise (manga) : Publisher

Himitsu - H na Naishobanashi (manga) : Publisher

Himitsu no Ai-chan (manga) : Publisher

Hinakosan no Wakeari na Hibi (manga) : Publisher

Hinotama Boy (manga) : Publisher

Hirayasumi (manga) : Publisher

Hisuikyō Kitan (manga) : Publisher (2005)

Hit and Run (manga) : Publisher

Hitohira no Koi ga Furu (manga) : Publisher

Hizamazuite Ai o Chikae (manga) : Publisher

Hoero Pen (manga) : Publisher

Hōkago Children (manga) : Publisher

Hōkago Saikoro Club (manga) : Publisher

Hōkago wa Koi no Yokan (manga) : Publisher

Hokkaidō no Geneki Hunter ga Isekai ni Hōrikomarete Mita (light novel) : Publisher

Hokuto no Ken: Yuria Gaiden - Jibo no Hoshi (manga) : Publisher

Hold On Me! Noir (manga) : Publisher

Holiday Junction (manga) : Publisher

Holy Crystal Albatross (manga) : Publisher

Homemade Home (manga) : Publisher

Hōmonsha (manga) : Publisher

Hōmonsha wa Mayonaka ni… (manga) : Publisher

Homunculus (manga) : Publisher

Honey & Honey Drops (manga) : Publisher

Honey Blood (manga) : Publisher

Honey Hunt (manga) : Publisher

Honey Moon (manga) : Publisher

Honey² Skip! (manga) : Publisher

Honki no Shirushi (manga) : Publisher

Honō no Tenkōsei (manga) : Publisher

Honō no Tōkyūji Dodge Danpei (manga) : Publisher

Honō no Tōkyūji Dodge Danpei (TV) : Production

Honō no Tōkyūjo: Dodge Danko (manga) : Publisher

Hop Step Kururinpa! (manga) : Publisher

Horizon Dance (manga) : Publisher

Hōrōsha (manga) : Publisher

Hoshi Made Gofun! (manga) : Publisher

Hoshi no Furumachi - Sekai de Ichiban Yasashii Saisei Love Story (manga) : Publisher

Hoshi no Kirby (manga) : Publisher

Hoshi o Tsumu Donna (manga) : Publisher

Hoshifuru Heya de (manga) : Publisher

Hoshigari Love Dollar (manga) : Publisher

Hoshigaru Yamashii Karada (manga) : Publisher

Hoshiiro no Okurimono (manga) : Publisher

Hoshikuzu Bangaichi (manga) : Publisher

Hoshikuzu Paradise (manga) : Publisher

Hoshikuzu Paradise (OAV) : Production Cooperation

Hot Gimmick (manga) : Publisher

Houkago no Katasumi, Kiss no Zanzou (manga) : Publisher

House of Five Leaves (manga) : Publisher

How Do We Relationship? (manga) : Publisher

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? (manga) : Publisher

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? (TV) : Production

Human Scramble (manga) : Publisher

Hungry Mermaid (manga) : Publisher

Hyakuoku no Hiru to Senoku no Yoru (manga) : Publisher (1985)

Hyde & Closer (manga) : Publisher

Hyper Baby (manga) : Publisher

Hyper Dash! Yonkurō (manga) : Publisher

I (manga) : Publisher

I am a Hero (manga) : Publisher

I Can't Refuse S (manga) : Publisher

I Love You (manga by Yuka Takase) : Publisher

I Wanna Do Bad Things with You (manga) : Publisher

I Want to End This Love Game (manga) : Publisher

I Won't Let You Be a Star! (manga) : Publisher

I'll Give It My All... Tomorrow (manga) : Publisher

I'm Doshiro (manga) : Publisher

I'm Not Meat (manga) : Publisher

I.L (manga) : Publisher

Icchae Marin-chan (manga) : Publisher

Ice Forest (manga) : Publisher

(The) Ice Wanderer (manga) : Publisher

Ichi the Killer (manga) : Publisher

Idejū! (manga) : Publisher

Idol Paradise (manga) : Publisher

Idol-sama no Yoru no Okao (manga) : Publisher

Iguana Girl (manga) : Publisher

Iihito (manga) : Publisher

Iinazuke Ryokan (manga) : Publisher

Ijime - Hitoribocchi no Tatakai (manga) : Publisher

Ijiwaru Darling (manga) : Publisher

Ijiwaru Love Devil (manga) : Publisher

Ijiwaru Shinaide! (manga) : Publisher

Ike Ike Sakura! (manga) : Publisher

Ikenai Navigation (manga) : Publisher

Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit (manga) : Publisher

Ikinuke! Bakusō! Kusohamu-chan! (manga) : Publisher

Imadoki! Nowadays (manga) : Publisher

Immoral Days of a Virgin Teacher (manga) : Publisher

Imōto Sae Ireba Ii. @comic (manga) : Publisher

In the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki (manga) : Publisher

Inakappe Taishō (manga) : Publisher

Inazuma Eleven (manga) : Publisher

Inazuma Eleven Go vs. Danbōru Senki W (movie) : Production

Inazuma Eleven GO: Kyūkyoku no Kizuna Griffon (movie) : Production

Inazuma Eleven: Chōjigen Dream Match (movie) : Production

Inazuma Eleven: Saikyō Gundan Ogre Shūrai (movie) : Production

Infinite Stratos (manga by Yūki) : Publisher

Insomniacs After School (manga) : Publisher

Inu (manga) : Publisher

Inu o Kau (manga) : Publisher

Inu to Sandbag (manga) : Publisher

Inu Yasha The Movie: Affections Touching Across Time (ani manga) : Publisher

Inu-bu: Bokura no Shippo Senki (manga) : Publisher

Inuyasha (manga) : Publisher

InuYasha the Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass : Production Committee

InuYasha the Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island : Production

InuYasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time : Production

InuYasha: Kuroi Tessaiga (special) : Production

InuYasha: The Final Act (TV) : Production

Iryū - Team Medical Dragon (manga) : Publisher

Isekai Maō wa Fujoshi o Zettai Nigasanai (manga) : Publisher

Isekai One Turn Kill Nee-san (manga) : Publisher

It started with a kiss (manga) : Publisher

It's MY LIFE (manga) : Publisher

It's Not Like That, Darling (manga) : Publisher

Itadakimasu (manga, Y. Yoshihara) : Publisher

Itadakimasu! (manga) : Publisher

Itaike na Hitomi (manga) : Publisher (2004)

Itazura na 24Ji (manga) : Publisher

Itsumo Misora (manga) : Publisher

Itsuwaribito (manga) : Publisher

Iya x Shite (manga) : Publisher

J'adore les parfaits, et vous? (manga) : Publisher

Jaja Uma Grooming Up! (manga) : Publisher

Jesus! (manga) : Publisher

Jigoro! (manga) : Publisher

Jinbe (manga) : Publisher

Jinrui Nekoka (manga) : Publisher

Jisatsu Circle (manga) : Publisher (reedition)

Jōjū Senjin!! Mushibugyō (manga) : Publisher

Jōkyō Afro Tanaka (manga) : Publisher

Joō no Hana (manga) : Publisher

Jormungand (manga) : Publisher

A Journal of My Father (manga) : Publisher

[Judy] : Publisher

Jūhan Shuttai! (manga) : Publisher

Juliet (manga) : Publisher

Juliet's eggs (manga) : Publisher (2001)

Jun'ai Login (manga) : Publisher

Junai Rakuen Danshi - Beast Harem 3 (manga) : Publisher

Junai Sensation (manga) : Publisher

Junai Strip (manga) : Publisher

Junjō Girlfriend (manga) : Publisher (Ciao Comics)

Justy (manga) : Publisher

Jūyō Sankōnin Tantei (manga) : Publisher

Kabayashi (manga) : Publisher

Kagayake! Aoba (manga) : Publisher

Kaibutsu-kun (manga) : Publisher (1980-82)

Kaibutsu-kun: Demon no Ken (movie) : Production

Kaibutsu-kun: Kaibutsu Land e no Shōtai (movie) : Production

Kajō (manga) : Publisher

Kakazu no 753 (manga) : Publisher

Kakedashita Cupid (manga) : Publisher

Kakene Nashi no Love Torihiki (manga) : Publisher

Kako e no Tabibito (manga) : Publisher

Kame no Naku Koe (manga) : Publisher

Kamen no Ninja Akakage (manga) : Publisher (Original Publication)

Kami no Inu (manga) : Publisher

Kamikaze Girls (manga) : Publisher

Kamisama Dolls (manga) : Publisher

Kamui Gaiden (live-action movie) : Production

Kanata Kakeru (manga) : Publisher

Kandō Ō Retsuden (manga) : Publisher

Kannō Shōsetsu (manga) : Publisher

Kanojo ga Cafe ni Iru (manga) : Publisher

Kanojo ga Kare ni Ochiru Wake (manga) : Publisher

Kanojo wa NG Dynamite! (manga) : Publisher

Kanojo wa Uso o Ai Shisugiteru (manga) : Publisher

Kanon (manga by Maki Usami) : Publisher

Kanon (manga, Chiho Saito) : Publisher

Kansen Rettō (manga) : Publisher

Kapo-n! Hacchake Onsen Love-come (manga) : Publisher

Karakai Jōzu no (Moto) Takagi-san (manga) : Publisher

Karakuri Circus (manga) : Publisher

Kare First Love (manga) : Publisher

Kare no Hitomi ni Kanojo no Namida (manga) : Publisher

Kare to Kanojo ga Uso o Tsuku Hi (manga) : Publisher

Kare to Watashi no Anna Koto... (manga) : Publisher

Karekano, Hajimemashita. (manga) : Publisher

Karen (manga) : Publisher

Karuizawa Syndrome (manga) : Publisher

Karuizawa Syndrome (OAV) : Production Cooperation

Kasai no Hito (manga) : Publisher

Kaseifu ga Ita. (manga) : Publisher

Katakoi Zakari (manga) : Publisher

Katsu Curry no Hi (manga) : Publisher

Katsu! (manga) : Publisher

Katteni Kaizō (manga) : Publisher

Kawa yori mo Nagaku Yuruyaka ni (manga) : Publisher

Kaze Hikaru (manga Taeko Watanabe) : Publisher

Kaze no Daichi (manga) : Publisher

Kaze to Ki no Uta (manga) : Publisher

Kaze to Ki no Uta SANCTUS -Sei naru kana- (OAV) : Planning

Kedamono Shounenshoujo (manga) : Publisher

Kedamono to Watashi (manga) : Publisher

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! (manga) : Publisher

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! (TV) : Production

Keijo!!!!!!!! (manga) : Publisher

Kekkaishi (manga) : Publisher

Kekkon Shimashō, Koi Suru Mae ni (manga) : Publisher

Kemono Renairon (manga) : Publisher

Kemono wa Hana no Yume o Miru ka (manga) : Publisher

Kengan Ashura (manga) : Publisher

Kengan Ashura (ONA) : Production

Kengan Omega (manga) : Publisher

Kenji (manga) : Publisher

Kenkō de Bunkateki na Saitei Gendo no Seikatsu (manga) : Publisher

Kennel Tokorozawa (manga) : Publisher

Kenritsu Chikyū Bōeigun (manga) : Publisher

Keshikasu-kun (manga) : Publisher

Keshikasu-kun (TV) : Animation Production

Keyaki no Ki (manga) : Publisher

Kidō Senshi Gundam AGE: Hajimari no Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Kidō Senshi Gundam AGE: Tsuioku no Shido (manga) : Publisher

Kids on the Slope (manga) : Publisher

Kiichi!! (manga) : Publisher

Kikai (manga) : Publisher

Kikaku Ari (manga) : Publisher

Kiken Junai D.N.A. (manga) : Publisher

Killing Bites (manga) : Publisher

Kimagure Engage (manga) : Publisher

Kimagure Graffiti (manga) : Publisher

Kimagure Growing Up (manga) : Publisher

Kimagure Wedding (manga) : Publisher

Kimi ni Furetara (manga) : Publisher

Kimi no Hada o Kowasu Yoru (manga) : Publisher

Kimi no Iru Kisetsu (manga) : Publisher

Kimi no Kachi (manga) : Publisher

Kimi no Kakera (manga) : Publisher

Kimi no Katana ga Oreru Made - Tsukimiya Matsuri no Koigataki (manga) : Publisher

Kimi sae mo Ai no Kusari (manga) : Publisher

Kimi to Kiss shita Sono Ato de (manga) : Publisher

Kimi to Koi ni Ochiru Mahō de (manga) : Publisher

Kimi to, Hajimete (manga) : Publisher

Kimi wa "Suki" no Daimeishi (manga) : Publisher

Kimi wa Kuchibiru kara Doku o Moru (manga) : Publisher

Kimi wo Ubau, Kimi wo Aisu (manga) : Publisher

Kindan no Koi de Ikō (manga) : Publisher

Kindan no Koi o Shiyō (manga) : Publisher

Kindan Wedding (manga) : Publisher

Kinenbi Tokubetsu na H (manga) : Publisher

A King is a House Steward (manga) : Publisher

(The) King's Beast (manga) : Publisher

Kingdom of Gold, Kingdom of Water (manga) : Publisher

Kingyo Used Books (manga) : Publisher

Kingyoya Koshoten Suitōchō (manga) : Publisher (2004)

Kinjirareta Ai no Kajitsu (manga) : Publisher

Kinyoku no Hiru to Kanbi na Yoru (manga) : Publisher

Kioku no Ashiato (manga) : Publisher

Kioku no Gihō (manga) : Publisher

Kira Kira Labyrinth (manga) : Publisher

Kirakira Hikare (manga) : Publisher

Kirarin Revolution (manga) : Publisher

Kirby (manga) : Publisher

Kirby Manga Mania : Publisher

Kirei na Onee-san no Naisho no Hanashi (manga) : Publisher

Kirei no Tamago (manga) : Publisher

Kiri no Mori Hotel (manga) : Publisher

Kirinkan Graffiti (manga) : Publisher

Kiss and Regret (manga) : Publisher

Kiss dake ja Kaesanai (manga) : Publisher

Kiss in the Blue (manga) : Publisher

Kiss Kiss Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Kiss Me Doctor (manga) : Publisher

"Kiss me!" After school (manga) : Publisher

Kiss of Voice (manga) : Publisher

Kiss shite! Esper Girl (manga) : Publisher

Kiss wa Naisho ni (manga) : Publisher

Kiss × Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Kisshō Tennyo (manga) : Story & Art

Kitte Deka (manga) : Publisher

Kitty Hawker (manga) : Publisher (Big Comic Special Issue)

Kiwamero! Pokémon B·W (manga) : Publisher

Knight of the Iron Dragon (OAV) : Production

Koakuma Hensachi (manga) : Publisher

Kocchi Muite! Miiko (manga) : Publisher

Kohitsuji Jirushi no Runpappa (manga) : Publisher

Koi Betta!? (manga) : Publisher

Koi Koi Country Road (manga) : Publisher

Koi Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Koi Nante Shiranai (manga) : Publisher

Koi Neko (manga) : Publisher

Koi ni Koisuru Yukari-chan (manga) : Publisher

Koi ni Naru made (manga) : Publisher

Koi ni Ochita Ōjisama (manga) : Publisher

Koi no Hana Chiru Furu (manga) : Publisher

Koi no Jitsuryoku Ai no Sainō (manga) : Publisher

Koi Shitagari no Blue (manga) : Publisher

Koi to Kemono to Seitokai (manga) : Publisher

Koi, Hirari (manga) : Publisher

Koibana (manga) : Publisher

Koiiro Omoi (manga) : Publisher

Koiiro Senritsu Double Ōji (manga) : Publisher

Koisuru Heart ga No to Iu (manga) : Publisher

Koisuru Pudding! (manga) : Publisher

Koisuru Tarot (manga) : Publisher

Kōkō Afro Tanaka (manga) : Publisher

Kōkō Kyūji Zawa-san (manga) : Publisher

Kokoro (manga) : Publisher

Kokoro Button (manga) : Publisher

Kokoro o Hadaka ni Shite (manga) : Publisher

Komi Can't Communicate (manga) : Publisher

Kongoh Bancho (manga) : Publisher

Kongōji-san wa Mendōkusai (manga) : Publisher

Konkon × Honey (manga) : Publisher

Kono S o, Miyo! - Cupid no Itazura (manga) : Publisher

Konya, Kimi ni Ai ni Iku (manga) : Publisher

Kore Kaite Shine (manga) : Publisher

Kōri no Kiss de Toroketai (manga) : Publisher

Kotaro Lives Alone (manga) : Publisher

Kotei no Himawari (manga) : Publisher

Kōtetsu no Hanappashira (manga) : Publisher

Kōtta Natsu no Hi (manga) : Publisher

Kūbo Ibuki (manga) : Publisher

Kuchibiru ni Uta o (manga) : Publisher

Kuma no Pūtarō (manga) : Publisher

Kūneru Maruta (manga) : Publisher

Kuraku naru made Matenai (manga) : Publisher

Kurenai Sanshiro (manga, Ippei Kuri) : Publisher (serialization)

Kuribayashi Kanae no Hanzai (manga) : Publisher

Kurosagi - The Black Swindler (manga) : Publisher

Kurozakuro (manga) : Publisher

Kurumi-tic Miracle (manga) : Publisher

Kururinpa! (manga) : Publisher

Kusuriyubi Hime (manga) : Publisher

Kyō (manga) : Publisher

Kyō no Asuka Show (manga) : Publisher

Kyō, Koi o Hajimemasu (manga) : Publisher

Kyō, Koi o Hajimemasu (OAV) : Production

Kyōryū Carnival (manga) : Publisher

Kyoryu Daisenso Aizenborg (TV) : Publisher

Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! (manga) : Publisher

Kyo→Dai Dakara Nandayo!? (manga) : Publisher

Kyūkyoku Chōjin R (manga) : Publisher

Labyrinth of Green Apple (manga) : Publisher

Ladies on Top (manga) : Publisher

Lady Masquerade (manga) : Publisher

Last Inning (manga) : Publisher

Last Karte (manga) : Publisher

Last News (manga) : Publisher

Last Notes (manga) : Publisher

(The) Law of Ueki (manga) : Publisher

(The) Law of Ueki (TV) : Copyright

(The) Law of Ueki Plus (manga) : Publisher

LBX - Little Battlers eXperience (manga) : Publisher

(The) Legend of Kamui (manga) : Publisher

(The) Legend of Kamuy (manga) : Publisher (collected volumes)

(The) Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (manga Akira Himekawa) : Publisher

(The) Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (manga, S. Ishinomori) : Publisher

(The) Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (manga) : Publisher

(The) Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (manga) : Publisher

(The) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (manga) : Publisher

(The) Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (manga) : Publisher

(The) Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (manga) : Publisher

(The) Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (manga) : Publisher

(The) Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (manga) : Publisher

(The) Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (manga) : Publisher

(The) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (manga) : Publisher

(The) Legendary Hero Is Dead! (manga) : Publisher

Let It Be!! (manga) : Publisher

Lettuce and Swords (manga) : Publisher

Levius (manga) : Publisher (2013-2015)

Libero Revolution!! (manga) : Publisher

Lilac Nocturne (manga) : Publisher

Lilia Pregnant the World End (manga) : Publisher

Little Cop (manga) : Publisher

Little Devil Cafe (manga) : Publisher

Little Susie and Marvy (TV) : Production

Living Game (manga) : Publisher

Location Hunting (manga) : Publisher

Location of Lovers (manga) : Publisher

Lord (manga) : Publisher

Lost Girl, Get Boy (manga) : Publisher

(The) Lost Village (TV) : Production

Lost+Brain (manga) : Publisher

LOVe (manga) : Publisher

Love & Beast (manga) : Publisher

Love & Sex (manga) : Publisher

Love & Tears (manga) : Publisher

Love Celeb (manga) : Publisher

Love Comi Lesson (manga) : Publisher

Love Cruise (manga) : Publisher

Love Get You (manga) : Publisher

Love Hole (manga) : Publisher

Love Knife (manga) : Publisher

Love Lesson.com (manga) : Publisher

Love love (manga) : Publisher

Love Love Panic (manga) : Publisher

Love Phantom (manga) : Publisher

Love Roma (manga) : Publisher (2012-3)

Love Share (manga, Nana Shiiba) : Publisher

Love Song (manga) : Publisher

Love Story, Killed (manga) : Publisher

Love Zipper (manga) : Publisher

Love × Love Game (manga) : Publisher

Lovely Baby (manga, Shin Yumachi) : Publisher

Lovenista (manga) : Publisher

(The) Lover of the Devil (manga) : Publisher

Lovers Flowers (manga) : Publisher

Lovers' Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Lovey Dovey (manga) : Publisher

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan (special) : Production

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan The Movie : Production

Lycanthrope Leo (manga) : Publisher

M. T. Pass (manga) : Publisher

Mabui (manga) : Publisher (serialized chapters)

Macross II (manga) : Publisher

(The) Madonna of a Flowercrown (manga) : Publisher

Madonna, Our New High-School Queen (manga) : Publisher

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad (manga) : Publisher

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (manga) : Publisher

Magic Kaito (manga) : Publisher

Magic Kaito: Kid the Phantom Thief (TV) : Production

(The) Magic of Chocolate (manga) : Publisher

Magical Fromage (manga) : Publisher

Magical Pokémon Journey (manga) : Publisher

Magical Sweet Mermaid (manga) : Publisher

Magnolia Waltz (manga) : Publisher

Mahō no Idol Pastel Yumi (manga) : Publisher

Mahō no Star Magical Emi (manga) : Publisher

Mai the Psychic Girl (manga) : Publisher

Maiko (manga) : Publisher

Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san (manga) : Publisher

Maison de Beauties (manga) : Publisher

Maison Ikkoku (manga) : Publisher

Maison Ikkoku (TV) : Production

Maji de!! Majime-kun! (manga) : Publisher

Majo wa Nido Aegu (manga) : Publisher

Major (manga) : Publisher

Major 2nd (manga) : Publisher

Major: Message (OAV 1) : Production

Makasenasai!! (manga) : Publisher

Make Heroine ga Ooisugiru! (light novel) : Publisher

Make Heroine ga Ooisugiru! @comic (manga) : Publisher

Make Love shiyo!! (manga) : Publisher

Makimodoshi no Koi no Uta (manga) : Publisher

Makoto-chan (manga) : Publisher

Mama (manga, F. Hosono) : Publisher

Mamonogatari Itoshi no Betty (manga) : Publisher

Manabi no Kuni (manga) : Publisher

Manatsu no Koibito (manga) : Publisher

MAO (manga) : Publisher

Maō ga Zutto Miteiru (manga) : Publisher

Maoh: Juvenile Remix (manga) : Publisher

MÄR (manga) : Publisher

MÄR Ω (manga) : Publisher

March Story (manga) : Publisher

Marginal (manga, Moto Hagio) : Publisher

Marginal Battle Line (manga) : Publisher

Marié, Ten Years Later (manga) : Publisher

Marine (manga) : Publisher (tankoubon of Hanshin)

Marugoto Ore no Mono (manga) : Publisher

Maruhi Megane Danshi Club (manga) : Publisher

Maruoka-san Chi no Kyouikugakari (manga) : Publisher

Marvel Future Avengers (manga) : Publisher

Marvelous Melmo (manga) : Publisher

Mask - Kamen no Jōji (manga) : Publisher

Master Grape (manga) : Publisher

Master Keaton (manga) : Publisher

Master Keaton Remaster (manga) : Publisher

Masurao - Hihon Gikeiki (manga) : Publisher

Mata Mata Oboretai (manga) : Publisher

Mayonaka wa Dame yo (manga) : Publisher

Me o Tojite Ai (manga) : Publisher

Mecha Mote Honey (manga) : Publisher

Meitantei Conan Haibara Ai Monogatari: Kurogane no Mystery Train (movie) : Production

Meitantei Conan Keisatsu Gakkō Hen Wild Police Story (manga) : Publisher

Meitantei Conan: Edogawa Conan Shissō Jiken -Chijō Saiaku no Futsukakan- (special) : Production

Meitantei Conan: Excalibur no Kiseki (OAV) : Production

Meitantei Conan: Gōka no Himawari (manga) : Publisher

Meitantei Conan: Hiiro no Dangan (manga) : Publisher

Meitantei Conan: Joshi Kōsei Tantei Suzuki Sonoko no Jikenbō (OAV) : Production

Mermaid Forest (manga) : Publisher

Mermaid Forest (OAV) : Production Cooperation

Mermaid's Gaze (manga) : Publisher

Mermaid's Scar (manga) : Publisher

Mermaid's Scar (OAV) : Production

Metal Fight Beyblade (manga) : Publisher

Metal Guardian Faust (manga) : Publisher

(La) Méthode de Faire une Princesse (manga) : Publisher

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution (movie 22) : Production

Micchi no Sentimental Love (manga) : Publisher

Midnight Secretary (manga) : Publisher

Midori no Hoshi (manga) : Publisher

Midori's Days (manga) : Publisher

A Midsummer Night's Mild Fever (manga) : Publisher

Mikadono San Shimai wa Angai, Choroi (manga) : Publisher

Milk Crown (manga) : Publisher

Milk Crown H! (manga) : Publisher

Milk Crown Lovers (manga) : Publisher

Milmo de Pon! (manga) : Publisher

(The) Mimosa Confessions (light novel) : Publisher

Minami Nanami Wants to Shine (manga) : Publisher

Mini-4WD Fighter V (manga) : Publisher

Mini4King (manga) : Publisher

Minimum Mania (manga) : Publisher

Minna Ikiteru (manga) : Publisher

Minori Densetsu (manga) : Publisher

Mint de Kiss Me (manga) : Publisher

Miracle! Mimika (manga) : Publisher

Miseinen dakedo Kodomo ja Nai (manga) : Publisher

Miseinen Lovers (manga) : Publisher

(Les) Misérables (manga) : Publisher

MiSS (manga) : Publisher

Mitsuaku Harem (manga) : Publisher

Mix (manga) : Publisher

MIX Season 2 (TV) : Production

MIXIM☆11 (manga) : Publisher

Miyasaka Kaho the Best Selection (manga) : Publisher

Miyuki (manga) : Publisher

Mizuno & Chayama (manga) : Publisher

Mob Psycho 100 (manga) : Publisher

Mob Psycho 100 II (OAV) : Production

Mob Psycho 100 II (TV) : Production

Mob Psycho 100 III (TV) : Production

Mob Psycho 100: Reigen (manga) : Publisher

[Moba Man] : Publisher

Mobile Police Patlabor (manga) : Publisher

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Treasure Star (manga) : Publisher

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt (manga) : Publisher

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Gaiden (manga) : Publisher

Moe Kare!! (manga) : Publisher

Moe Moe Darling (manga) : Publisher

Moete Miko (manga) : Publisher

Moeyo Pen (manga) : Publisher (shinsoubon, 2002)

Mogura no Uta (manga) : Publisher

Mojacko (manga) : Publisher (1995)

Mokugekisha ni Sayōnara (manga) : Publisher

Momo Lover (manga) : Publisher

Momoiro Maji Mode! (manga) : Publisher (Ciao Comics)

Monkey High! (manga) : Publisher

Monkey Turn (manga) : Publisher

Monster (manga) : Publisher

Monster Candy (manga) : Publisher

[Monthly CoroCoro Comic] : Publisher

[Monthly Flowers] : Publisher

[Monthly Hero's] : Publisher 

[Monthly Ikki] : Publisher

[Monthly Shonen Sunday] : Publisher

Moon -Subaru Solitude Standing- (manga) : Publisher

Moonlight Act (manga) : Publisher

Moonlight Mile (manga) : Publisher

Moriyamachu Driving School (manga) : Publisher

Motto Ikitaino♥ (manga) : Publisher

Motto Oshiete (manga) : Publisher

Mou Hitori no Marionette (manga) : Publisher

Mr. Hebisawa's Mistress (manga) : Publisher

Muchakucha Daisuki. (manga) : Publisher

Mugen Kaden (manga) : Publisher (1988)

Mujirushi: The Sign of Dreams (manga) : Publisher

Mukamuka Paradise (manga) : Publisher

Mukuge no An (manga) : Publisher

Musashi no Ken (manga) : Publisher

Mush (manga) : Publisher

Mushibugyō (manga) : Publisher

Mushinuyun (manga) : Publisher

Mushoku no Gakkō (manga) : Publisher

Musubiya Nanako (manga) : Publisher

Mutant Sabu (manga) : Publisher

MW (manga) : Publisher (1976,1978,1981,1989,1995)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (manga) : Publisher

My Name Is Shingo (manga) : Publisher

My New Life as a Cat (manga) : Publisher

My Platinum Lady (manga) : Publisher

My Shikigami Lover (manga) : Publisher

My Solo Exchange Diary (manga) : Publisher

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected (light novel) : Publisher (Gagaga Bunko)

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected @ comic (manga) : Publisher (Sunday GX Comics)

Mysterious Disappearances (manga) : Publisher

Mysterious Joker (manga) : Publisher

Mysterious Joker (TV) : Production

(The) Mysterious Underground Men (manga) : Publisher (1990)

Nagisa Me Kōrin (manga) : Publisher

Naisho no Half Moon (manga) : Publisher

Naisho no Hanashi - Yamamoto Lunlun Sakuhinshū (manga) : Publisher

Naisho no Tsubomi (manga) : Publisher

Naite mo Ii yo (manga) : Publisher

Namete, Kajitte, Tokidoki Medete (manga) : Publisher

Namida Usagi ~Seifuku no Kataomoi~ (manga) : Publisher

Nanami Scramble (manga) : Publisher

Nandemo Yarimasu! (manga) : Publisher

Nanika ga Yami de Miteiru (manga) : Publisher

Nanohana Tsubomi (manga) : Publisher

Nanoni, Boku wa Iya to Ienai (manga) : Publisher

Nanto! Dangerous Jii-san (manga) : Publisher

Naoshimon Kenkyūshitsu (manga) : Publisher

NASA (manga) : Publisher

Natsu no Kumo - Spinning web (manga) : Publisher

Natural Honey Dormitory (manga) : Publisher

Nayuta (OAV) : Production

Nazotoki-hime wa Meitantei (manga) : Publisher

Nazotoki-hime wa Meitantei? (OAV) : Production

Neji no Hitobito (manga) : Publisher

Neji-Shiki (manga) : Publisher

Neko Mix Genkitan Toraji (manga) : Publisher

Neko-Mix (manga) : Publisher

Nemurenai Yoru o Kazoete (manga) : Publisher

Nemuri Hime Age (manga) : Publisher

Nesshisen (manga by M. Asami) : Publisher

Netsu-Ai Shisen (manga) : Publisher

New Lone Wolf & Cub (manga) : Publisher (2004-7)

Nezumi Monogatari - George to Gerald no Bōken (movie) : Production Committee

Ni no Hime no Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Nichiro Sensou Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Nigatsu no Shōsha (manga) : Publisher

Nihao Kyonshi-kun (manga) : Publisher

Nihon Chinbotsu (manga by T. Ishiki) : Publisher

Niji-iro Prism Girl (manga) : Publisher

Niji-iro Tōgarashi (manga) : Publisher

Nijisanji (manga) : Publisher

Nijitte Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Nina Leica (manga) : Publisher (1995-6)

Nine (manga) : Publisher

Ningen Kaishūsha (manga) : Publisher

Ningyo Ōji (manga by Yoshihara) : Publisher

Ninja Bugeicho Kagemaruden (manga) : Publisher

Ninja Hattori Kun The Movie (live-action movie) : Production

Ninja Hattori-kun (manga) : Publisher

Ninja Hattori-kun + Perman Chō-Nōryoku Wars (movie) : Production

Ninja Hattori-kun + Perman Ninja Kaijū Jippō VS Miracle Tamago (movie) : Production

Ninja Hattori-kun NinxNin Furusato Daisakusen no Maki (movie) : Production

Ninja Hattori-kun: Nin Nin Ninpō Enikki no Maki (movie) : Production

Nippon Sangoku (manga) : Publisher

Nishiki-kun no Nasugamama (manga) : Publisher

No Comic, No Life (manga) : Publisher

No Longer Allowed In Another World (manga) : Publisher

No Longer Human (manga by Junji Ito) : Publisher

No. 5 (manga) : Publisher

Nobunaga (manga) : Publisher (serialization)

Nobunaga Concerto (manga) : Publisher

Noramimi (manga) : Publisher

Noramimi 2 (TV) : Production

Not Simple (manga) : Publisher (2006)

Notari Matsutaro (manga) : Publisher

Nousatsu Rock Shounen (manga) : Publisher

Nozo × Kimi (manga) : Publisher

Nozoki Ana (manga) : Publisher

Nude Fruits (manga) : Publisher

Nyan Tora. - Nyanko Trap! (manga) : Publisher

Obocchama-kun (manga) : Publisher

Oboretai (manga) : Publisher

Odd Taxi (manga) : Publisher

Odds (manga) : Publisher

Odds +1 (manga) : Publisher

Ode to Kirihito (manga) : Publisher (1970, 1989, 1994, 2000, 2003)

Ōeyama Kaden (manga) : Publisher

Offered (manga) : Publisher

Ogre Slayer (manga) : Publisher

Ogre Slayer (OAV) : Production

Oira Sukeban (manga) : Publisher (1975)

Oishii Kamishama (manga) : Publisher

Oishii Study (manga) : Publisher

Oishiku Naritai! (manga) : Publisher

Oishinbo (manga) : Publisher

Ojōsama no Himitsu (manga) : Publisher

Okama Report (manga) : Publisher

Ōkami domo no Shitsukekata (manga) : Publisher

Ōkami-tachi no Shiikuhō (manga) : Publisher

Okazaki ni Sasagu (manga) : Publisher

Okosama Punch! (manga) : Publisher

Okubyōmono to Ōkami-chan (manga) : Publisher

Omuraisu (manga) : Publisher

On Her 94th Reincarnation, This Villainess Became the Heroine! (manga) : Publisher

Onajikurai Ai (manga) : Publisher

One & Only - Natural Born Drivers (manga) : Publisher

One More Jump (manga) : Publisher

One-Pound Gospel (manga) : Publisher

Onidere (manga) : Publisher

Onigawara Yokocho Sancho-me (manga) : Publisher

Onimushi (manga) : Publisher

Onnanoko Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Oogami-san Chi no Ookami-kun (manga) : Publisher

Opera-za de Mattete (manga) : Publisher

Orange Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Orb: On the Movements of the Earth (manga) : Publisher

Ore × Yome - Cupid no Itazura (manga) : Publisher

Ore, Tsushima (manga) : Publisher

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. (light novel) : Publisher

Ore-sama Kingdom (manga) : Publisher

Ore-sama Kingdom DX (manga) : Publisher (Ciao Flower Comics)

Orebushi (manga) : Publisher

Orochi (manga) : Publisher (serialization, bunko)

Orokamono no Koi (manga) : Publisher

Osaerarenai (manga) : Publisher

Osake wa Fūfu ni Natte kara (manga) : Publisher

Ōsama no Shichiya (manga) : Publisher

Ōsama to Fushigi no Shiro (manga) : Publisher

Ōsama-tachi no Viking (manga) : Publisher

Oshaberi na Amadeus (manga) : Publisher

Otanko Nurse (manga) : Publisher

Otherworld Barbara (manga) : Publisher

Otō-san, Chibi ga Inakunarimashita (manga) : Publisher

Otohime Connection (manga) : Publisher

Otoko no Isshō (manga) : Publisher

Otoko Ōzora (manga) : Publisher

Otoko-gumi (manga) : Publisher

Otokogi (manga) : Publisher

Otokomae! Beads Club (manga) : Publisher

Otome Road (manga) : Publisher

Otona no Jikan (manga) : Publisher

Otona wa Wakattekurenai. (manga) : Publisher (Ciao Comics)

Ōtori Bomber (manga) : Publisher

Otsuki-sama no Binetsu (manga) : Publisher

Oujisama no Kanojo (manga) : Publisher

Our Dreams At Dusk: Shimanami Tasogare (manga) : Publisher

Out Law (manga) : Publisher

Over Rev! A Legend of Ultimate Hot Rodder (manga) : Publisher

Owakare Hospital (manga) : Publisher

Owaru Heart Janee (manga) : Publisher (1989, 2013, 2015)

Oya ni wa Naisho (manga) : Publisher

Oyayubi no Himegoto (manga) : Publisher

Oyoneko Boonyan (manga) : Publisher

P no Higeki (manga) : Publisher

P.A.: Private Actress (manga) : Publisher

Pa-Pa-Pa the ★ Movie: Perman : Production

Pa-Pa-Pa The★Movie: Perman - Tako de Pon! Ashi ha Pon! : Production

Panku Ponk (manga) : Publisher

Paradistar (manga) : Publisher

Paruparo (manga) : Publisher

Passion ballet (manga) : Publisher

Passport Blue (manga) : Publisher

Penguin Prince (manga) : Publisher

A Penguin's Troubles (manga) : Publisher

Perfect Partner (manga) : Publisher

period (manga) : Publisher

Perman (manga) : Publisher

Perman: Birdman ga Yatte Kita!! (movie) : Production

Persona 5 (manga) : Publisher

Pet (manga) : Publisher (original)

[Petit Comic] : Publisher

(The) Piano Doctor (manga) : Publisher

Piece - Kanojo no Kioku (manga) : Publisher

Pikachu Kōri no Daibōken (special) : Production

Pikachu no Kirakira Daisōsaku! (special) : Production

Pikachu no Natsumatsuri (special) : Production

Pikachu Tanken Club (special) : Production

Pikachu's Rescue Adventure (movie) : Production

Pin to Kona (manga) : Publisher

Pineapple Army (manga) : Publisher

Ping Pong (manga) : Publisher

Pink na Kimi ni Blue na Boku (manga) : Publisher

Pink Prisoner (manga) : Publisher

Plastic Girl (manga) : Publisher

Pluto (manga) : Publisher

Pocket Monster Chamo-Chamo Pretty (manga) : Publisher

Pocket Monsters (manga) : Publisher

Pocket Monsters Film Comic (ani manga) : Publisher

Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl (TV) : Publisher
, Sponsor
Pocket Monsters: Emperor of the Crystal Tower: Entei (manga) : Publisher

Pocket Monsters: Mewtwo Strikes Back! (manga) : Publisher

Pocket Monsters: Pikachu no Fuyuyasumi (OAV) : Production

Pocket Monsters: Pikachu no Fuyuyasumi 2000 (OAV) : Production

Pocket Monsters: Pikachu no Fuyuyasumi 2001 (OAV) : Production

Pocket Monsters: Rekkuu no Houmonsha - Deoxys (manga) : Publisher

Pocket Monsters: Ruby & Sapphire Hen (manga) : Publisher

(The) Poe Clan (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon (TV) : Publisher
, Sponsor
Pokémon - Pikachu's PikaBoo (movie) : Produced In Association With

Pokémon 2000 - The Movie (movie 2) : Production

Pokémon 3 - The Movie (movie 3) : Production

Pokémon 4Ever (movie 4) : Associate Producer

Pokémon Advance (TV) : Publisher
, Sponsor
Pokémon Adventures (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon Black & White Pocket Comics (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon Heroes - Latias & Latios (movie 5) : Produced In Association With

Pokémon Horizons: The Series (TV) : Publisher

Pokémon Journeys: The Series (TV 2019) : Publisher
, Sponsor
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Darkness (special) : Production

Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (movie 9) : Production

Pokémon RéBURST (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon Sun & Moon (TV) : Publisher

Pokémon the Movie: Black - Victini and Reshiram (movie 14) : Production

Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction (movie 17) : Production

Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened (movie 16) : Production

Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages (movie 18) : Production

Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! (movie 20) : Production

Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice (movie 15) : Production

Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle (movie 23) : Production

Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us (movie 21) : Production

Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel (movie 19) : Production

Pokémon the Movie: White - Victini and Zekrom (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon XY (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon XY (TV) : Publisher
, Sponsor
Pokémon XY & Z (TV) : Publisher

Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life (movie 12) : Production

Pokémon: Black and White (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon: Black and White (TV) : Publisher
, Sponsor
Pokémon: Black and White: Rival Destinies (TV) : Publisher
, Sponsor
Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys (movie 7) : Produced In Association With

Pokémon: Giratina & The Sky Warrior (movie 11) : Production

Pokémon: Giratina & The Sky Warrior! (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon: Gotta Dance (movie) : Production

Pokémon: Jirachi Wish Maker (movie 6) : Produced In Association With

Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (movie 8) : Production

Pokémon: Mystery Dungeon - Ginji's Rescue Team (manga) : Publisher

Pokémon: The First Movie (movie 1) : Production
, Serialized In
Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai (movie 10) : Production

Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions (manga) : Publisher

Police Station Rashomon (manga) : Publisher

Popcorn Avatar (manga) : Publisher

Popin Q (movie) : Production Cooperation

Portus (manga) : Publisher

Prelude of the Rainbow (manga) : Publisher (1975)

Pretty in Blue (manga) : Publisher

(The) Prime Minister's Power (manga) : Publisher

Prince Collection (manga) : Publisher

Prince of Sewing (manga) : Publisher

Prince Romantica (manga) : Publisher

Princess Army (manga) : Publisher

Princess Maison (manga) : Publisher

PriPri Chi-chan!! (manga) : Publisher

Private Prince (manga) : Publisher

Private Psycho Lesson (manga by U-Jin) : Publisher

Private Psycho Lesson (OAV by U-Jin) : Production

Pro Golfer Saru (manga) : Publisher

Pro Golfer Saru: Kōga Hikyō! Kage no Ninpō Golfer Sanjō! (movie) : Production

Pro Golfer Saru: Super Golf World e no Chōsen!! (movie) : Production

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (manga) : Publisher

Professor Munakata (manga) : Publisher (2004-)

Project ARMS (manga) : Publisher

Promise Cinderella (manga) : Publisher

Promise Cinderella #Strike One (manga) : Publisher

Psyche Mata Shite mo (manga) : Publisher

Psychic Squad (TV) : Production

Psycho Trader Chinami (manga) : Publisher

Puku Puku Tennen Kairanban (manga) : Publisher

Punch! (manga) : Publisher

Purikyu (manga) : Publisher

Purple Eyes in the Dark (manga) : Publisher

Puzzle & Dragons X (manga) : Publisher

Q and A (manga) : Publisher

Q. Sensei, Sukitte Nan Desu ka? (manga) : Publisher

QQ Sweeper (manga) : Publisher

Queen's Quality (manga) : Publisher

Quest for the Missing Girl (manga) : Publisher

(La) Quinta Camera - 5 Banme no Heya (manga) : Publisher (2006)

Quojuz (manga) : Publisher

Ragtime Blues (manga) : Publisher

RahXephon (manga) : Publisher

Raiden-18 (manga) : Publisher

Rainbow - Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin (manga) : Publisher

Rakuen Danshi - Beast Harem (manga) : Publisher

Ranma ½ (manga) : Publisher

Ranma ½: Nightmare! Incense of Spring Sleep (special) : Production

Ratchet & Clank - Gagaga! Ginga no Gakeppuchi Densetsu (manga) : Publisher

re CERVIN (manga) : Publisher

Re:CREATORS (TV) : Production

Real Kiss (manga) : Publisher

REC (manga) : Publisher

REC (TV) : Production Committee

Red Blue (manga) : Publisher

Red Colored Elegy (manga) : Publisher (1976, 1992, 2000)

Red River (manga) : Publisher

Regatta (manga) : Publisher

Reikai Bidan (manga) : Publisher

Relax Boy (manga) : Publisher

Remina (manga) : Publisher

Renai Caffeine (manga) : Publisher

Renai Distortion (manga) : Publisher (2011-)

Renai Izon Shōkōgun (manga) : Publisher

Renai Shijo Shugi (manga) : Publisher

Renai teki Shunkan (manga) : Publisher (2002)

Renai Tripper (manga) : Publisher

Renjoh Desperado (manga) : Publisher

Rensō no Aria (manga) : Publisher

Ressentiment (manga) : Publisher

Revenge: Mrs. Wrong (manga) : Publisher

Revolution No.3 (manga) : Publisher

Revolutionary Girl Utena (manga) : Publisher

Revolutionary Girl Utena (TV) : Production

Revolutionary Girl Utena: After the Revolution (manga) : Publisher

Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Adolescence of Utena (manga) : Publisher

Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie : Production Cooperation

Rhapsody in Heaven (manga) : Publisher

Ribon no Koro (manga) : Publisher

Rich Police Cash (manga) : Publisher

Ride Back (manga) : Publisher

Ride Your Wave (manga) : Publisher

Ride Your Wave (light novel) : Publisher

Ride Your Wave (movie) : Production

RIN-NE (manga) : Publisher

Rising! (manga) : Publisher

(The) Road to Rome (manga) : Publisher

Rocket Princess (manga) : Publisher

Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program (movie) : Production

Rocky Rackat! (TV) : Production

Rokka Melt - Fiancé wa Yukiotoko (manga) : Publisher

Romance Godankatsuyō (manga) : Publisher

Romance of Darkness (manga) : Publisher

Romantic Beauty (manga) : Publisher

Roppu-kun (manga) : Publisher

Rose Tea de Hajimaru (manga) : Publisher

Rouge et Noir (manga) : Publisher

Rough (manga) : Publisher

Royal 17 (manga) : Publisher

Rubbers Seven (manga) : Publisher

Rule of Marriage Proposal (manga) : Publisher

Rumi's Love Bonito (manga) : Publisher

Rumi's Phenomenon (manga) : Publisher

Rumic Theater (manga) : Publisher

Rumiko Takahashi Anthology (TV) : Planning Assistance (Character Business Center)

Run on Your New Legs (manga) : Publisher

Running Boy Star Soldier no Himitsu (movie) : Production Cooperation

Ryū (manga) : Publisher

Ryuguden (manga) : Publisher

Ryūsei no Rockman (manga) : Publisher

S no Yuiitsu M no Zettai (manga) : Publisher

S+M (manga) : Publisher

Saboten (manga) : Publisher (1994, 2014)

Sadako vs. Kayako (novel Yamamoto) : Publisher

Safaktaki Aslan (manga) : Publisher

Saikano (manga) : Publisher

Saikyō Densetsu Kurosawa (manga) : Publisher

Saikyou Kareshi (manga) : Publisher

Saint (manga) : Publisher

Saishū Heiki Kanojo Another World (manga) : Publisher

Sakura Diaries (manga) : Publisher

Sakura Rhythm (manga) : Publisher

Sakura Zensen (manga) : Publisher

Sakura-Gari (manga) : Publisher

A Salad Bowl of Eccentrics (light novel) : Publisher

A Salad Bowl of Eccentrics (manga) : Publisher

Salad Days (manga) : Publisher

Samurai Crusader (manga) : Publisher (1992)

Samurai Shodown (manga, Yuki Miyoshi) : Publisher

San-chōme no Yūhi - Yūyake no Uta (manga) : Publisher

Sanctuary (manga by R. Ikegami) : Publisher

Sand Chronicles (manga) : Publisher

Sanninme ga Kieta (manga) : Publisher

Sansukumi (manga) : Publisher

Saratte Watashi no Knight (manga) : Publisher

Saru (manga) : Publisher

Sasuga no Sarutobi (manga) : Publisher

Sasurai no Taiyō (manga) : Publisher (serialization, 1970-1)

Satō, Watashi o Sukitte Barechau yo (manga) : Publisher

Saturn Apartments (manga) : Publisher

Sauros Knight (manga) : Publisher (1992)

(The) Savior's Book Café Story in Another World (manga) : Publisher

Scandalous Honey (manga) : Publisher

School Back (manga) : Publisher

(The) School of Water Business (manga) : Publisher

Second Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Second Virgin (manga) : Publisher

(The) Secret Garden (manga, Nana Shiiba) : Publisher

(The) Secret Kiss in a Fairy Tale (manga) : Publisher

(The) secret night of Hatori's room (manga) : Publisher

Seifuku no Binetsu (manga) : Publisher

Seigi Keikan Monju (manga) : Publisher

Seiho Boys' High School! (manga) : Publisher

Seikimatsu Teppen Boy (manga) : Publisher

Seirou Opera (manga) : Publisher

Seisei Suru hodo, Ai Shiteru (manga) : Publisher

Seishun Heavy Rotation (manga) : Publisher

Seishun Survival (manga) : Publisher

Seiten Taisei (manga) : Publisher

Sekai is No.1 of the World! (manga) : Publisher

Sekai no Owari to Yoake-Mae (manga) : Publisher

Sekai wa Boku no Mono (manga) : Publisher

Sekai wa Happy de Dekiteru (manga) : Publisher

Sekai wa Nakajima ni Koi wo Suru (manga) : Publisher

Sekigae Game (manga) : Publisher

Self (manga) : Publisher

Senichiya no Kagi (manga) : Publisher

Senpai to Love Love Gokko. (manga) : Publisher

Sensei datte Gaman shiteru (manga) : Publisher

Sensei no Kanojo (manga) : Publisher

Sensei no Okiniiri! (manga) : Publisher

Sensei wa Kimusume ga Osuki. (manga) : Publisher

Sensei wa Sadistic (manga) : Publisher

Sensei! Koi no Yamai desu! (manga) : Publisher

Sensei, Mō Ichido... (manga) : Publisher

Sensual Phrase (manga) : Publisher

Sentimental Android (manga) : Publisher (Flower Comics)

Seton Dōbutsuki (manga) : Story & Art

Seven Day Princess (manga) : Publisher

Sex (manga) : Publisher

Sex Nanka Kyoumi Nai (manga) : Publisher

Sex to Kiss to Setsunasa no Aida (manga) : Publisher

SEX=LOVE² (manga) : Publisher

Sexy & Dangerous Teachers (manga) : Publisher

Sexy Guardian (manga) : Publisher

Sexy Tanaka-san (manga) : Publisher

Sexy Voice and Robo (manga) : Publisher

Shakaijin Misaki Satoru (manga) : Publisher

Shakunetsu Kabaddi (manga) : Publisher

Shashinya Kafuka (manga) : Publisher

She's Kids! (manga) : Publisher

She, The Ultimate Weapon (TV) : Production

Sheets no Sukima (manga, Y. Yoshihara) : Publisher

Shiawase Ikura de Kaemasu ka? (manga) : Publisher

Shibuya Guardian Girls (manga) : Publisher

Shichō Tooyama Kyōka (manga) : Publisher

Shiiku Hime (manga) : Publisher

Shiina Department Store (manga) : Publisher

Shijō Saikyō no Deshi Kenichi (manga) : Publisher

Shijō Saikyō no Deshi Kenichi (OAV) : Production

Shijō Saikyō Orc-san no Tanoshii Tanetsuke Harem Zukuri (light novel) : Publisher

Shikigami Danshi (manga) : Publisher

Shimi (manga) : Publisher (2000)

SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist (TV) : Production

Shin Angyo Onshi (manhwa) : Publisher

Shin Black Jack ni Yoroshiku (manga) : Publisher

Shin Dosei Jidai (manga) : Publisher

Shin Hoero Pen (manga) : Publisher

Shin Kurosagi (manga) : Publisher

Shin Kurosagi Kanketsu-hen (manga) : Publisher

Shin Kurosawa: Saikyō Densetsu (manga) : Publisher

Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Raoh-den Gekitō no Shō (movie) : Publicity Cooperation

Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Raoh-den Junai no Shō (movie) : Publicity Cooperation

Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Toki-den (OAV) : Publicity Cooperation

Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Yuria-den (OAV) : Publicity Cooperation

Shin Mizuiro Jidai (manga) : Publisher

Shinayaka ni Kizutsuite (manga) : Publisher

Shinju no Kusari (manga) : Publisher

Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion the Animation (TV) : Production

Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z (TV) : Publisher

Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion: Mirai Kara Shinsoku no ALFA-X (movie) : Production

Shinobi no Onna (manga) : Publisher

Shinshoku Syndrome (manga) : Publisher

Shinya no Damekoi Zukan (manga) : Publisher

Shinya Shokudō (manga) : Publisher

Shiroi Kumo (manga) : Publisher

Shirokuma Café (manga) : Publisher

Shirokuro-kun to Anzu-chan. (manga) : Publisher

Shiroyama to Mita-san (manga) : Publisher

Shishunki Miman Okotowari (manga) : Publisher

Shishunki Miman Okotowari Kanketsuhen (manga) : Publisher

Shite Wagamama H (manga) : Publisher

Shitsuren Senmon (manga) : Publisher

[Sho-Comi] : Publisher

Shōjo Ningyō (manga) : Publisher

Shōjo Shōnen (manga) : Publisher

Shōjo Shōnen: Go! Go! Ichigo (manga) : Publisher

Shokei Sareta Kenja wa Lich ni Tensei Shite Shinryaku Sensō o Hajimeru (light novel) : Publisher

Shōnen Aromatic (manga) : Publisher

Shōnen Harem (manga) : Publisher

Shōnen wa Amaku Aisu (manga) : Publisher

Shook Up! (manga) : Publisher (2003)

Short Cuts (manga) : Publisher

Short Game (manga) : Publisher

Short Program (manga) : Publisher

Short Program 2 (manga) : Publisher

Shōwa Tennō Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Shumari (manga) : Publisher (1974-6)

Shūmatsu no Laughter (manga) : Publisher

Shura to Otome (manga) : Publisher

Shuriken Tonma (manga) : Publisher

Silent Eye (manga) : Publisher

Silver Spoon (manga) : Publisher

Silver Spoon (live-action movie) : Production

A Sister's All You Need. (light novel) : Publisher (Gagaga Bunko)

Sisyphus at Peace (manga) : Publisher

Skeleton in the Closet (manga) : Publisher

Sleepin' Planet (manga) : Publisher

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle (manga) : Publisher

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle (TV) : Production

Slow Step (manga) : Publisher

Smile for Me (manga) : Publisher

Sneaker Age!! (manga) : Publisher

Sneeze: Naoki Urasawa Story Collection (manga) : Publisher

Snowball Earth (manga) : Publisher

So Bad! (manga) : Publisher

So Cute It Hurts!! (manga) : Publisher

Soara and the House of Monsters (manga) : Publisher

Socrates in Love (manga) : Publisher

Soko wa Nemuri no Mori (manga) : Publisher

Sōkyū no Ariadne (manga) : Publisher

Solanin (manga) : Publisher

Sonnanja neyo (manga) : Publisher

Sono Kuchibiru, Itadakimasu (manga) : Publisher

Sono Me, Kuchi hodo ni. (manga) : Publisher

Sono Saki, Shinnyū Kinshi (manga) : Publisher

Sono Toki wa Kare ni Yoroshiku (manga) : Publisher

Sorairo Mina (manga) : Publisher

Soran (manga) : Publisher

Soredemo Bokura wa Koi o Suru (manga) : Publisher

SOS (manga) : Publisher

Soshite Gokai no Suzu ga Naru (manga) : Publisher

Sou-Bou-Tei Kowasu Beshi (manga) : Publisher

Soul - Lord Dainishō (manga, Buronson) : Publisher

Soul Reviver South (manga) : Publisher

SP - Keishichō Keibibu Keigoka Daiyon-gakari (manga) : Publisher

SP Baby (manga) : Publisher

SP: Security Police (manga) : Publisher

Space Battleship Great Yamato (manga) : Publisher

Space Battleship Yamato (live-action movie) : Production

Speed (manga, K. Kaneshiro) : Publisher

Spell of Desire (manga) : Publisher

Spin Out (manga) : Publisher

A Spirit of The Sun (manga) : Publisher

A Spirit of The Sun (special) : Production Committee

Spiritual Incident File of Ryoko (manga) : Publisher

Spiritual Princess (manga) : Publisher

Splatoon (manga) : Publisher

Splatoon 3: Splatlands (manga) : Publisher

Sprite (manga) : Publisher

St. Pineapple Moon (manga) : Publisher

Stand By Me Doraemon 2 (movie) : Production

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (manga) : Publisher

(The) Stardust (manga) : Publisher

Steel of the Celestial Shadows (manga) : Publisher

Sternbilder no Toorimichi (manga) : Publisher

Stitches (book) : Publisher

Strain (manga) : Publisher

Strawberry Holiday (manga) : Publisher

Stretch (manga) : Publisher

Striker (manga Ryōji Minagawa) : Publisher

ST✰R: Strike it Rich (manga) : Publisher

Subaru (manga) : Publisher

Submarine 707 (manga) : Publisher

Suiren (manga) : Publisher

(La) Suite D'amour du Chat Noir (manga) : Publisher

Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!! (manga) : Publisher

Suki Hajimarino Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Suki Naki Koi (manga) : Publisher

Suki ni Naru Made Matte (manga) : Publisher

Sukimasuki (manga) : Publisher

Sukini Naruhito (manga) : Publisher

Sukishite Sadist (manga) : Publisher

Sukiyaki Western Django (manga) : Publisher

Suna no Tiara (manga) : Publisher

[Sunday GX] : Publisher

Sunny (manga) : Publisher

Super Ball Girls (manga) : Publisher

(The) Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? (movie) : Production

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: The Movie (OAV) : Production
, Publishing Assistance
Super Rider (manga) : Publisher

Super Sentai Himitsu Sentai Gorenger (manga) : Publisher

Super Street Fighter II Cammy (manga) : Publisher

Survival in the Solitary Island (manga) : Publisher

Suzu-chan no Neko (manga) : Publisher

Swallowing the Earth (manga) : Publisher

Sweet (manga) : Publisher

Sweet Ichigo Chocolat (manga) : Publisher

Sweet II (manga) : Publisher

Sweet Little Devil (manga) : Publisher

Sweet Memory (manga) : Publisher

Sweet Oasis (manga) : Publisher

Sword Gai (manga) : Publisher

Sword of Sand (manga) : Publisher

SWWEEET (manga) : Publisher

Syrup to a Pen Point (manga) : Publisher

S×M Switch (manga) : Publisher

Tabecha Dame (manga) : Publisher

Tabetai Hito (manga) : Publisher

Taboo ni Daite (manga) : Publisher

Taifū no Hi (manga) : Publisher

Taiken (manga) : Publisher

Taiyō ga Ippai (manga) : Publisher

Takanashi-san (manga) : Publisher

Takemitsuzamurai (manga) : Publisher

Takeo-chan Bukkairoku (manga) : Publisher

Takeru - Space Fantasy (manga by O. Ishiwata) : Publisher

Takkoku!!! (manga) : Publisher

Takoyaki Princess!! (manga) : Publisher

Takunomi. (manga) : Publisher

(The) tale of outcasts (TV) : Publicity Assistance (Weekly Shonen Sunday Editorial Dept.)

(The) Tale of the Outcasts (manga) : Publisher

Tanabata no Kuni (manga) : Publisher

Tank Tankuro (manga) : Publisher (2005)

Tatakae! Ryōzanpaku Shijō Saikyō no Deshi (manga) : Publisher

Tatari (manga) : Publisher

Tearful Soldier (manga) : Publisher

Teasing Master Takagi-san (manga) : Publisher

Teasing Master Takagi-san (TV) : Production

Teasing Master Takagi-san the Movie : Production

Teioh (manga) : Publisher

Tekkonkinkreet (manga) : Publisher

Tekkonkinkreet (movie) : Production

Ten no Hanayome (manga) : Publisher

Ten yori mo Hoshi yori mo (manga) : Publisher

Tengu (manga) : Publisher

Tenji to Tenmu - Shinsetsu Nihon Shoki - (manga) : Publisher

Tennen Bitter Chocolate (manga) : Publisher

Tennen no Musume-san (manga) : Publisher

Tennen-kei Ōji (manga) : Publisher

Tenohira ni Himitsu o Hitotsu (manga) : Publisher

Tenshi no Bishō, Akuma no Namida (manga) : Publisher

Tenshi no Tattoo (manga) : Publisher

Tensozoro (manga) : Publisher

(The) Tenth Prism (manga) : Publisher

Tesoro - Ono Natsume Shoki Tanpenshū 1998–2008 (manga) : Publisher

Tetsubon (manga) : Publisher

Tetsuko no Tabi (manga) : Publisher

Tetsuko no Tabi (TV) : Production

Tetsuwan Birdy Evolution (manga) : Publisher

They Were Eleven (manga) : Publisher

Thomas Edison: Genius of the Electric Age (manga) : Publisher

Three (manga) : Publisher

Three Colors Signal (manga) : Publisher

(The) Three Young-Men in Midnight (manga) : Publisher

(The) Time Man (manga) : Publisher

Time of Eve (movie) : Production (light novel)

Time of Eve: Another Act (light novel) : Publisher

Time Patrol Bon (manga) : Publisher (2011-2)

Time Patrol Bon (special) : Production Cooperation

Times Two (manga) : Publisher

Timeskip Mao-chan (manga) : Publisher

To-Y (manga) : Publisher

Tobikome Love (manga) : Publisher

Tocchan Bōya (manga) : Publisher

Togari (manga) : Publisher (2000-2)

Tokachi Hitoribocchi Nōen (manga) : Publisher

Tokidamari no Hime (manga) : Publisher

Tokiwa Kitareri!! (manga) : Publisher

Tokko Zero (manga) : Publisher

Tokyo Alien Bros. (manga) : Publisher

Tokyo Boys & Girls (manga) : Publisher

Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari (OAV) : Production

Tokyo Juliet (manga) : Publisher

Tokyo Love Story (manga) : Publisher

Tokyo These Days (manga) : Publisher

Tokyo University Story (manga) : Publisher

Tomato Biyori (manga) : Publisher

Tomehane! Suzuri Kōkō Shodōbu (manga) : Publisher

Tōmei Ningen no Shissō (manga) : Publisher

Tomodachi to Koi no Mannaka (manga) : Publisher

Tomoe ga Yuku! (manga) : Publisher

Tonari no Guardian (manga) : Publisher

Tonari no Hijiri-kun (manga) : Publisher

Tonari no Koigataki - Wagamama Icchan Yowamushi Hiro-kun (manga) : Publisher

Tonde Būrin (manga) : Publisher

TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You (TV) : Production

Tono Monogatari (manga) : Publisher

Top Lady o Mezase! (manga) : Publisher

Tora to Mike (manga) : Publisher

Torikae Baya (manga) : Publisher

Torokeru Yō na Kiss o Kanadete (manga) : Publisher

Torokeru~Ju (manga) : Publisher (Ciao Comics)

Totsuzen desu ga, Konya Sarai ni Ikimasu (manga) : Publisher

Tottemo! B.B. (manga) : Publisher

Tottoko Hamtarō Anime Dechu! (OAV) : Production

Tottoko Hamutarō: Ham Ham Ham - Jya! Maboroshi no Princess (movie) : Production

Tottoko Hamutaro: Ham Ham Paradi-chu! Hamutarō to Fushigi no Oni no Ehonto (movie) : Production

Touch (manga) : Publisher

Touch by Your Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Touch: Are kara, Kimi wa... - Miss Lonely Yesterday - (special) : Production

Touko (manga) : Publisher

Towa kamo Shirenai (manga) : Publisher

Tōyuki (manga) : Publisher

Trafficker (manga) : Publisher

Train Man: Densha Otoko (manga) : Publisher

Training Regimes of the World's Strongest Women (manga) : Publisher

Trap Heroine (manga) : Publisher

(Le) travail de qualité de la pâtisserie Nanoha. (manga) : Publisher

Trillion Game (manga) : Publisher

Triple Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Trouble Kick (manga) : Publisher

True Love (manga) : Publisher

Tsuki ni Kiss no Hanataba o (manga) : Publisher

Tsuki no Waltz (manga) : Publisher

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu (light novel) : Publisher

Tsuki to Mizuumi (manga) : Publisher

Tsukidate no Satsujin (manga) : Publisher

Tsukiji Uogashi Sandaime (manga) : Publisher

Tsukikage Baby (manga) : Publisher

Tsukiyo no Doll (manga) : Publisher

Tsukushite Agemasu (manga) : Publisher

Tsumi ni Nureta Futari (manga) : Publisher

Tsuri Baka Nisshi (manga) : Publisher

Tsurupika Hagemaru (manga) : Publisher

Tsutaeru Toiki (manga) : Publisher

Tsuyudaku (manga by Yukizo Saku) : Publisher

(The) Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbye (light novel) : Publisher

(The) Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbye: Ultramarine (manga) : Publisher

Tuxedo Gin (manga) : Publisher

Twin (manga) : Publisher

Twin Hawks (manga) : Publisher (1981-5, 1990-1)

Twin Hawks (TV) : Production

Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star (manga) : Publisher

Ucchare Goshogawara (manga) : Publisher

Uchuujin Tanaka Taro (manga) : Publisher

Umeboshi Denka (manga) : Publisher

Umeboshi Denka: Uchū no Hate kara Panparopan! (movie) : Production

Umi ni Ochiru Tsubame (manga) : Publisher

Umimachi Diary (manga) : Publisher

Umizaru (manga) : Publisher

Umizuru (manga) : Publisher

Un chocolatier de l'amour perdu (manga) : Publisher

Under the same Moon (manga) : Publisher

(The) Underground Kids (manga) : Publisher

Uni-Form - Universal Reform (manga) : Publisher

Unico (manga) : Publisher (2004)

(The) Unlimited - Hyōbu Kyōsuke (manga) : Publisher

Unmei no Makimodo Shi - All Great Achievements Require Time (manga) : Publisher

Unskillful Ways of Love (manga) : Publisher

Until I Love Myself (manga) : Publisher

[Ura Sunday] : Publisher

Urusei Yatsura (manga) : Publisher

Urusei Yatsura (TV 2022) : Illustration Assistance (OP1)
, Production, Production Cooperation ("Maison Ikkoku;" ep. 22)
Usemono Yado (manga) : Publisher

Ushijima the Loan Shark (manga) : Publisher

Ushio & Tora (manga) : Publisher

Usotsuki Knight (manga) : Publisher

Usotsuki! Gokuō-kun (manga) : Publisher

Utsurun Desu (manga) : Publisher

Uwasa no Midori-kun!! (manga) : Publisher

Uzumaki (manga) : Publisher

Vampeerz (manga) : Publisher

(The) Vampires (manga) : Publisher

Venus In The Blind Spot (manga) : Publisher

Venus ni Arazu (manga) : Publisher

Versailles of the Dead (manga) : Publisher

Vexille - 2077 Isolation of Japan (movie) : Production

(Le) Vicomte de Valmont; les Liaisons dangereuses (manga) : Publisher

Video J (manga) : Publisher

Virgin Blood - Hiiro no Bansan (manga) : Publisher

Völundio ~Divergent Sword Saga~ (manga) : Publisher

Voyeur (manga) : Publisher

Voyeurs, Inc. (manga) : Publisher

VS Lupin (manga) : Publisher

Waccha PriMagi! (manga) : Publisher

Wait For Me Yesterday in Spring (light novel) : Publisher

(The) Walking Man (manga) : Publisher (1998)

Waltz wa Shiroi Dress de (manga) : Publisher

Wanna Be Hero (manga) : Publisher

WANTE - D (manga) : Publisher

Waratte Himiko-san (manga) : Publisher

Watashi ga Miteiru (manga) : Publisher

Watashi no + Okusuri (manga) : Publisher

Watashi no Hibi (manga) : Publisher

Watashi no Shōnen (manga Masami Hoshino) : Publisher

Watashi no... Megane-kun (manga) : Publisher

Watashi wa Nakanai (manga) : Publisher

Watashi wa Tensai o Katteiru. (manga) : Publisher

(The) Water Dragon's Bride (manga) : Publisher

Waza no Tabibito (manga) : Publisher

We Started a Threesome! (manga) : Publisher

We Were There (manga) : Publisher

(The) Wedding Eve (manga, Hozumi) : Publisher

Wedding Peach (manga) : Publisher

Wedding Peach: Young Love (manga) : Publisher

[Weekly Shonen Sunday] : Publisher

[Weekly Shonen Sunday S] : Publisher

[Weekly Young Sunday] : Publisher

Welcome to Shangri-la (manga) : Publisher

Welcome to Yakutae Town (manga) : Publisher

What a wonderful world! (manga) : Publisher

What if I said I love you. (manga) : Publisher

(The) White Pilot (manga) : Publisher

Who's Afraid of Wolves!? (manga) : Publisher

Wild Act (manga) : Publisher

Wild Life (manga) : Publisher

(The) Willow Tree (manga) : Publisher

Wind Mill (manga) : Publisher

Wings of Freedom (manga) : Publisher

Witches (manga) : Publisher

With that voice, that song. (manga) : Publisher

With you, the first time (manga) : Publisher

Wolves' Paradise (manga) : Publisher

Wombs (manga) : Publisher

Wonder Three (manga) : Publisher

Wonderland (manga) : Publisher

(The) World Exists for Me (manga) : Publisher (2014)

(The) World God Only Knows (manga) : Publisher

(The) World God Only Knows: Four Girls and an Idol (OAV) : Production

(The) World God Only Knows: Goddesses Arc (TV) : Production

(The) World God Only Knows: Tenri Arc (OAV) : Production

(The) World is Mine (manga) : Publisher

Wounded Man - The White Haired Demon (manga) : Publisher

X - peke - (manga) : Publisher

X-Day (manga by Yumi Tamura) : Publisher

X-Gene (manga) : Publisher

X-Men (U.S. comic) : Publisher

Xenon (manga, 1986) : Publisher (1986)

Yacchimaina!! (manga) : Publisher

Yagami's Family Affairs (manga) : Publisher

Yagami-kun's Family Affairs (OAV) : Planning Assistance

Yaiba (manga) : Publisher

Yajū, Futari (manga) : Publisher

Yakitate!! Japan (manga) : Publisher

Yakuza Lover (manga) : Publisher

Yakuza Reincarnation (manga) : Publisher

Yakyū no Hoshi Metman (manga) : Publisher

Yankee Swears His Love (manga) : Publisher

Yasha (manga by Yoshida) : Publisher

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (manga) : Publisher

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (TV) : Production

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon - The Second Act (TV 2) : Production

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl (manga) : Publisher

Yawara! Soreyuke Koshinuke Kids!! (movie) : Production Cooperation

Yell! (manga) : Publisher

Yesterday, Yes a day (manga) : Publisher

Yo-kai Watch (manga) : Publisher

Yo-kai Watch (manga 2) : Publisher

Yo-kai Watch: Enma Daioh to Itsutsu no Monogatari da Nyan! (movie) : Production

Yo-kai Watch: Sora Tobu Kujira to Double Sekai no Daibōken da Nyan! (movie) : Production
, Promotion Assistance
Yo-kai Watch: The Movie : Production
, Promotion Assistance
Yoi Machi Overlord (manga) : Publisher

Yoiko (manga) : Publisher

Yoiko no Hoshi! (manga) : Publisher

Yokubō Kansen (manga) : Publisher

Yokubou to Koi no Meguri (manga) : Publisher

Yokubou to Koi no Meguri -Rasen- (manga) : Publisher

Yokujō Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Yomawari Sensei (manga) : Publisher

Yoru Cafe (manga) : Publisher

Yoru ga Owaranai (manga) : Publisher

Yoru Koi (manga) : Publisher

Yoru no Gakkō e Oide yo! (manga) : Publisher

Yorumade Matenai (manga) : Publisher

You're My Sunshine (manga) : Publisher

Yubikiri (manga) : Publisher

Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai (manga) : Publisher

Yukibana no Tora (manga) : Publisher

Yume Kira Dream Shoppe (manga) : Publisher

Yume no Ishibumi (manga) : Publisher

Yume no Shizuku, Kin no Torikago (manga) : Publisher

Yuuko-chan 100 Renpatsu!! (manga) : Publisher

Yūwaku - Sakaraenai Yokubō (manga) : Publisher

Yūwakusha - Kedamono Triangle (manga) : Publisher

Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon Kyōdai (manga) : Publisher

Zankokuna Kami ga Shihai suru (manga) : Publisher

Zatch Bell (manga) : Publisher

Zatch Bell (TV) : Production Assistance

Zatch Bell: Attack of Mechavulcan (movie 2) : Production

Zenbu Chōdai (manga) : Publisher

Zenbu, Hajimete (manga) : Publisher

Zeni Geba (manga) : Publisher (Serialization)

Zenryaku Milk House (manga) : Publisher

Zero-Man (manga) : Publisher

Zettai Karen Children (manga) : Publisher

Zettai Zetsumei Dangerous Jii-san (manga) : Publisher

Zingy (manga) : Publisher

Zō no Senaka: Haruka (manga) : Publisher

Zo-Zo-Zombie-kun (manga) : Publisher

Zoid Battler Raiga (manga) : Publisher

Zoids (manga) : Publisher

Zoku Kindan no Koi o Shiyō (manga) : Publisher

Zoku Manga Mitaina Koi Shitai! : Publisher

Zoku Shishunki Miman Okotowari (manga) : Publisher

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (manga) : Publisher

A Zoo in Winter (manga) : Publisher

Zwei (manga) : Publisher

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