Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic Ad With SID's Opening Posted

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Visual-kei rock band performs "V.I.P" theme for anime premiering next Sunday

The official website for the Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic television anime series began streaming the second television commercial on Sunday. The commercial features the opening theme song "V.I.P" from the visual-kei rock band SID (Black Butler, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood).

The original manga re-imagines tales from the classic story One Thousand and One Nights (also known as Arabian Nights). Shinobu Ohtaka, the creator of Sumomomo Momomo, has been serializing the manga since 2009, and Shogakukan is publishing the 14th compiled book volume this month. The manga has 4.4 million copies in circulation.

Director Koji Masunari (Read or Die, Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW) is helming the anime adaptation at A-1 Pictures. Toshifumi Akai (Kokoro Connect, Sound of the Sky) is serving as the character designer and chief animation director, and Hiroyuki Yoshino (Accel World, Guilty Crown, My-HiME) is handling the scripts. Shiro Sagisu (Bleach, Evangelion, Berserk films) is composing the music.

The all-star cast includes Kaori Ishihara as Aladdin, Yuuki Kaji as Ali Baba, Haruka Tomatsu as Morgiana, Daisuke Ono as Sinbad, Ryohei Kimura as Judal, and Toshiyuki Morikawa as Ūgo-kun.

This 90th anniversary project from Shogakukan will premiere next Sunday at 5:00 p.m. on MBS, TBS, and their network of affiliates.

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