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Viz Confirms Kirby Manga & Novels by Hayashi, Otsuichi (Updated)

posted on by Egan Loo
Kirby; Ouroboros Wave; Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse in September 2010

The book distributor Simon & Schuster is listing the following new titles from the North American manga publisher Viz Media:

Hirokazu Hikawa
25 volumes (Shogakukan's Monthly Coro Coro Comic magazine)
September 7, 2010
Description: "Meet Kirby! He is round and pink, ever so mischievous and is always up for a snack. Follow the adventures of Dream Land's zany cast of characters and their most awesome resident, Kirby.

"Kirby and his friend, Chirby, are on a quest to return the Star Rod, the legendary treasure of Dream Land. But thing aren't so easy as King Dedede wants the Star Rod all for himself. Will Kirby be able to stop thinking about food long enough to defeat King Dedede's dastardly plan and get the Star Rod back where it belongs?"

The Ouroboros Wave (novel)
Jyouji Hayashi
September 21, 2010
Description: "Ninety years from now, a satellite detects a nearby black hole scientists dub Kali for the Hindu goddess of destruction. Humanity embarks on a generations-long project to tap the energy of the black hole, and found colonies on planets across the solar system. Earth and Mars and the moons Europa (Jupiter) and Titan (Uranus) develop radically different societies, with only Kali, that swirling vortex of destruction and creation, and the hated but crucial Artificial Accretion Disk Development association (AADD) in common."

Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse (novel collection)
Otsuichi (Zoo, Calling You, Goth, Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror)
September 21, 2010
Description: "Two short novels, including the title story and 'Black Fairy Tale,' plus a bonus short story. 'Summer' is a simple story of a nine-year-old girl who dies while on summer vacation. While her youthful killers try to hide the her body, she tells us the story—from the POV of her dead body—of the boys' attempt to get away murder. 'Black Fairy Tale' is classic J-horror: a young girl loses an eye in an accident, but receives a transplant. Now she can see again, but what she sees out of her new left eye is the experiences and memories of its previous owner. Its previous deceased owner."

Hikawa adapted HAL Laboratory, Inc. and Nintendo's Hoshi no Kirby (Kirby's Dream Land or literally, Kirby of the Stars) game into his Hoshi no Kirby - Dedede de Pupupu na Monogatari manga from 1995 to 2006. Viz revealed at New York Anime Festival in September that it would be releasing Kirby in North America.

Viz already published Otsuichi's Zoo novel under its Haikasoru imprint. Otsuichi penned the Goth horror novel and manga (both being published by Tokyopop), the Calling You manga (Tokyopop), and Production I.G's computer-animated Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror film. Besides getting a manga adaptation, the ZOO collection's "Song of the Sunny Spot" short story was also animated for the 2005 film.

[Via Viz Media, tanbishugi]

Update: Titan is a moon of Saturn, not of Uranus. Thanks, kgholloway.

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