Shueisha Tops 270-Billion-Yen Manga Market in 2009

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5.02 billion manga volumes sold, with Shueisha holding 11% of market

The Oricon survey firm revealed in a January 29 publishing market report that 270.5 billion yen (about US$2.983 billion) was spent on 5.02431 billion manga volumes in 2009. The company tracked sales from December 29, 2008 to December 27, 2009.

Oricon pegged the entire book publishing market — including not just manga, but other forms of printed matter — at 1.156 trillion yen (about US$12.75 billion) with 13.10644 billion copies sold. Manga represented 23.4% of the entire book publishing market by yen paid, and 38.3% by the number of copies sold. Oricon also recorded 18.9 million volumes of light novels sold in 2009, which adds up to 8.5% of the total book publishing market by yen paid.

Shueisha had the highest market share of any manga publisher with 6.0% by yen paid and 11.0% by copies sold. The market share breakdown is as follows:

Publisher 2009 Sales Market Share by Yen
Yen US$
Shueisha 68.8 billion yen US$759 million 6.0%
Kodansha 50.9 billion yen US$563 million 4.4%
Shogakukan 37.7 billion yen US$417 million 3.3%
Square Enix 18.5 billion yen US$205 million 1.6%
Kadokawa Group Publishing 13.1 billion yen US$145 million 1.1%
Hakusensha 13.0 billion yen US$144 million 1.1%

Oricon posted the list of 2009's 10 top-selling manga titles in December.


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