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Yōkai Watch 2 Game Debuts on July 10 in 2 Versions

posted on by Egan Loo
Keita travels to the past to uncover secret origin of the Yōkai Watch

The May issue of Shogakukan's Monthly CoroCoro Comic magazine is announcing on Tuesday that Level-5 will release its Yōkai Watch 2 game for Nintendo 3DS on July 10 — in two versions. The limited edition of Yōkai Watch 2: Ganso (Founder) will be the only way to obtain the ultra rare silver "Jibanyan Medal Nyaiiin" Z Medal, while the limited-edition Yōkai Watch 2: Honke (Head) will be the only way to obtain the ultra rare "Jibanyan Medal Komanyachi" Z Medal.

Yōkai Watch 2 will reveal the secret origin of the mysterious Yōkai Watch that gave the franchise its name. Keita and company will travel back in time to Sakura New Town in the Showa era, thanks to the power of a mysterious yōkai (Japanese spirit or demon). The key to the story will be Keizō, a boy from the past who looks like Keita, and Dekanyan, a cat yōkai with an amazing secret.

Yōkai Watch 2 will also have new events such as climbing the school flagpole to better find yōkai, and bicycle races. If players have already gone through the first Yōkai Watch game, they can make friends with special yōkai in Yōkai Watch 2.

The story of the first game began when Kēta discovers an old capsule toy vending machine in the forest. Kēta receives a mysterious watch and meets a ghost butler named Whisper. Whisper tells Kēta that the watch allows him to see supernatural creatures — both good and evil — that he could not see before in everyday life. With Whisper and his other companion Jibanyan, Kēta explores his town for other ghosts to battle.

Level-5 announced the Yōkai Watch franchise in 2011 with a game, manga, and anime already planned. The first game for the Nintendo 3DS was released in Japan last July. The television anime then premiered in January.

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