Zoids' Ueyama Draws Doraemon/Loveplus Crossover Manga (Update 2)

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Robot cat gives master a game to make physical girlfriend in Michiro Ueyama's manga

Not-So-Daily Link of the Day: Zoids manga creator Michiro Ueyama has posted a parody manga that combines the iconic manga cat Doraemon with the hit Nintendo DS "virtual girlfriend" simulation software, Loveplus, on Tuesday.

In the "Jittai Loveplus" ("Real Loveplus") manga, the future robot cat Doraemon tells his modern master Nobita of a "solitaire game that lets unpopular boys get a taste of what interacting with girls is like." Unlike the current Nintendo DS game, this fictional future version creates a physical being to emulate a girlfriend for Nobita. However, chaos ensues when Nobita makes two more copies of the "Jittai Loveplus" game, and three virtual girlfriends appear simultaneously.

Viz Media published Ueyama's Zoids manga in North America. In 1990, Ueyama won the Fujiko Fujio Award, which the Japanese publisher Shogakukan gives to the most promising new artist in the children's manga category. The award was named after Doraemon's creators.

Source: Rocket News

Update: Another artist, under the pen name "Yasue T. Tajima," wrote his own unauthorized ending to the Doraemon story in 1998 and turned it into a manga in 2005. He sold at least 13,300 copies of his manga before issuing to an apology to Shogakukan and the copyright holder Fujiko Pro. He also agreed to shared the profits from the sales of his "conclusion" of the Doraemon series with the two companies.

Update 2: Link updated with creator's own blog. Thanks, dormcat.

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