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Viz to Release Zoids Manga

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Zoids manga to be released in Conjuction with Viz's Home Video release of Zoids.

Viz announced yesterday that they have reached a Licencing agreement with Hasbro to release the Zoids manga in North America. In conjuction with Pioneer Entertainment, Viz has already announced that they will begin releasing Zoids on DVD in April.

Interestingly, Zoids volume 1 and 2 is listed as shipping in March, unless Viz has already shipped these volumes yesterday, there are no more comic book shipping days in March.

Press Release Excerpts:

Through a licensing agreement with Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS) Viz Communications, Inc. today announced the publishing schedule for its Zoids manga and anime titles. Currently airing weekday afternoons on The Cartoon Network as part of the Toonami block, ZOIDS has experienced increasing ratings since its debut. Viz will release both black-and-white, square-bound graphic novels in a special 5” x 7 1/8” format ($5.95 USA/$9.95 CAN) on a monthly basis and, in conjunction with Pioneer Entertainment, VHS and DVD throughout 2002.

Named as the #1 upcoming kid-culture trend in Big Blue Dot's November 2001 “Trend Update Forecast,” ZOIDS are “mechanoid” beasts that act as combat machines when piloted by their teenaged partners. Viz will release anime from the series currently airing on The Cartoon Network and manga titles from the classic series, ZOIDS: Chaotic Century, which is set in a world with powerful living mechanical creatures that wreak havoc in the vast desert lands outside civilization, and where a young teenaged boy named Van searches for adventure alongside his mysterious organoid friend, Zeke. When presented with unexpected trouble, Van's all set to fight a series of ZOID battles in order to defeat the ambitious PROZEN.

With story and art by Michiro Ueyama, Viz's publishing schedule for ZOIDS is as follows:

ZOIDS: Chaotic Century, Volume 1 — Van is lucky if he can even get a ZOID to move, despite being the son of the best pilot in town. While being chased by a rampaging scorpion-like ZOID, Van finds himself in some old ruins. Behind a secret door is a mysterious machine that gives birth to a new type of ZOID—Zeke. Can Van find a way to make friends with Zeke before the destructive scorpion ZOID destroys them both?
MARCH 2002

ZOIDS: Chaotic Century, Volume 2 — Van and Zeke are now friends, but that still doesn't mean Van has inherited any of his father's skills. So when a dark young man threatens the town with a monster-sized ZOID, Van and Zeke are in for the fight of their young lives. Van must discover Zeke's unknown potential while being cautious of the new girl, Fiona. How does she know Zeke? What strange powers does she possess?
MARCH 2002

ZOIDS: Chaotic Century, Volume 3 — Van sets out into the desert with Zeke and Fiona in order to protect the village and discover more about what's behind this life form. In the midst of their journey, they encounter a questionable character—a mercenary by the name of Irvine. Who's side will he take? But more importantly, once he takes sides, can he be trusted?
APRIL 2002

ZOIDS: Chaotic Century, Volume 4 — The bandits kidnap Fiona, and her ransom is Moonbay's stone. Van and Zeke can't do it alone and Moonbay and her ZOID, Gustav, don't have enough firepower to take on an entire fortress of heavily armed bandits and their loyal ZOIDS. Enter the one ZOID that can help them: the Shield Liger ZOID, Caesar!
MAY 2002

ZOIDS: Chaotic Century, Volume 5 — Van, Zeke, Fiona and Moonbay finally arrive at a beautiful port town, and meet the perky Rebecca, who just happens to be Irvine's sister! But there is trouble brewing in the bright market stalls and bustling harbor! A spy of the Republic has secured vital Empire information and the Empire isn't about to let him escape without a fight! Out of the Aircraft-Carrier ZOID Leviathan comes an Iron Kong, dozens of flying ZOIDS, and—most fearsome of all—Raven! Is the information the spy is carrying worth the destruction of an entire town?
JUNE 2002

ZOIDS: Chaotic Century, Volume 6 — It's the showdown between Van and Raven in a bustling port town! If Van fails, his friends will be put in danger, the Republic spy will be found, the port town will be destroyed, and the rare power-generating ZOID of the town, Wendeen, will fall to Raven's insane hatred of all ZOIDS.
JULY 2002

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