Amazon Lists New Ponent Mon, Tokyopop, Seven Seas Books

posted on 2011-03-28 22:18 EDT by Gia Manry

The online retailer Amazon and its Canadian site now list new books from publishers Ponent Mon, Tokyopop, and Seven Seas. The listings include Jiro Taniguchi's A Zoo in Winter from Ponent Mon and a new Korean manhwa, My Boyfriend is a Vampire, from Seven Seas. The Tokyopop listings are for two e-book versions of Sakurako Gokurakuin's manga Category: Freaks, of which California-based manga publisher Dr. Master released the first three volumes from August 2005 to December 2006.

Title: A Zoo in Winter
Japanese Title: Fuyu no Dōbutsuen
Creator: Jiro Taniguchi
Japanese Publisher: Shogakukan
Listed Publisher: Ponent Mon
Listed Release Date: June 23
Length: 1 volume
A young man working at a textiles factory wishes to become an artist. After an incident at a nearby zoo, he moves to Tokyo and tries to get work as an assistant to a famous manga creator.

Title: Category Freaks volumes 1 and 2
Creator: Sakurako Gokurakuin
Japanese Publisher: Gentosha Comics
Listed Publisher: Tokyopop
Listed Release Date: August 10
Length: 4 volumes
The Nanami Paranormal Investigation Agency, helmed by Asagi Nanami, takes on cases involving the supernatural. Its leader isn't exactly normal, however, and neither is most of his staff.

Title: My Boyfriend is a Vampire volumes 1 and 2
Creator: Han Yu-Rang
Listed Publisher: Seven Seas
Listed Release Date: September 27
Length: 14 volumes
A beautiful young man is bitten by a male vampire and dies, but wakes up female.

Additionally, a new listing indicates that Bandai Entertainment will release the first volume of its previously announced English version of Eri Takenashi's manga Kannagi on July 12.

A listing on Amazon does not necessarily indicate definite release plans.

Thanks to Rachel S. for the news tip.

[Category: Freaks listings via Tanbishugi]

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