Dragon Ball Z #1 Fad

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On December 11th, Dragon Ball was declared Lycos' Top Fad.

According to Lycos' Aaron Schatz, "It was difficult to decide which Japanese animated shows counted as fads, and which ones were less universal cultural phenomena."

Dragon Ball ranked first, followed by last-years' top Fad, Pokémon, with Digimon in 5th place.

On December 13th Lycos' Top 50 ranked the top 12 Prime Time and the top 12 "other" (Non-Prime Time) TV shows.

Dragon Ball is ranked as the #1 "other" show, followed by Pokémon, Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, and Digimon. Tenchi Muyo! placed 7th, well ahead of Powerpuff Girls and Rugrats.

Finally, on December 20th, Lycos ranked the top 100 searches of the year.

Suprisingly, female pop-artist Britney Spears edged out Dragon Ball for number of searches, however, "Both items were more than twice as popular as the next item, previous champion Pokémon".

Dragon Ball ranked 2nd, Pokémon finished 3rd, Gundam Wing edged out Sailor Moon for the 26th position. Instead, the Pretty Soldier finished 27th, up from 31st the previous year. Digimon finished a distant 35th.

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