Anime Toys rated among Most Violent

posted on 2000-12-07 00:45 EST
The Lion & Lamb Project released its ‘’Dirty Dozen List'' of violent toys and denounced the sales techniques used by the toy industry and entertainment companies to market these toys directly to young children. (In other word's most kids' wish lists.) ‘’The dirty little secret is out,'' The Lion & Lamb Project executive director Daphne White told a news conference. ''Entertainment companies are marketing violence directly to kids and the toy industry is sending the message to children that violence is fun and violence is child play.'' This year's list is :

Goldberg Smash & Bash Game, by Hasbro
Bone Crunchin' Buddies, by Jakks Pacific
Metal Gear Solid, Revolver Ocelot by McFarlane Toys
Turok Primagen, Omniversal Annihilator, by Playmates
Wolverine Battlin' Bop Bag, by Toy Biz
Pokemon Battle Stadium, by Hasbro
Dragonball Z action figures, by Irwin Toys
Laser Challenge, Gotcha Extreme!, by Toymax
Nerf Wildfire, by Hasbro
Bionic Commando Elite Force for Color Game Boy, by Capcom
Turok 3, Shadow of Oblivion for Color Game Boy, by Acclaim
Metal Gear Solid for Color Game Boy, by Konami

The Lion & Lamb project is now reviewing potential toys for their top toys for 2000 that will "Transform Children's War Chests Into Toy Chests". Can you think of any Anime toys that promote Love, not War? Recommend them here:

ANN's recomendations:
Ages 3+ : Totoro Wind up Toy
Ages 5+ : Astro Boy Brave Model
Ages 8+ : Marmalade Boy "Yuu, Ginta and Satoshi" dolls
Ages 18+ : Hello Kitty Vibrator (Yes, this does exist).

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