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Answerman: Going for Broke

October is going to be one seriously expensive month. We've got the Utena movie DVD coming out, a slew of US DVD releases, and a ton of quality video games. Sometimes, it's rough being a geek. Onward to the questioning:

hi there...
i'm not sure if you've gotten this question before or not , but i was looking through some Dragon Ball websites, and saw what some claim to be a real picture of a SSJ 5 Goku. i was wondering if there's any truth to these pics...there's one i saw which looks like it came form some japanese card set that aticks ot...others are obviously fake...anyway just wanted to knowif there's any truth to this
rolf (toriyama rules, DBGT sucks)

No truth to it. That's the product of a particularly devious fan hoax called “Dragon Ball AF”. They had forged character designs, merchandise, everything. This one pops up from time to time; just ignore it.

Dear Answerman,

1. Is there any hope of Neo Ranga ever being released in the US? ANY format-nyo?

2. Just how much of Di Gi Charat is there? I have eps 1-16, 4 summer special episodes, an X-mas special, and a Cherry Blossom Veiwing there anything else I'm missing-nyo?

I also heard this would be comming to the US...nyo.

Alot of people complain about no cheap DVDs. The place I usually buy them is, since they sell most for under $20. But they always rotate what they are selling-nyo.

Neo Ranga is being released by ADV-gema. They don't have any release dates or anything yet but they do own the series license-gema. As for Di Gi Charat, there's more of that series than should be legally allowed-gema. There are several more seasonal specials than the ones you've listed, as well as an upcoming fall special, winter special, and even a theatrical movie-gema. The place you're buying DVDs from at reduced prices is selling bootlegs-gema. You probably shouldn't shop there anymore-gema.

Ive got a question hopefully you can answer for me. Is there any chance of the Golden Boy manga coming state side?

Well, the manga is a little more ecchi than the anime series, so it might, but probably under an adult label. ADV has hinted that they'd be producing more Golden Boy episodes; if that happens and the series sees a resurgence in popularity, we may see the manga brought over.

whats up answerman. I was wondering if their will be a english translated version of JoJo Bizarre Adventure manga coming to America ? Also, when are the OVA's coming, cause my fansubs are get old and worn-out.

No plans for the manga have been made public, but I'd imagine that the manga will eventually find its way here. Super Techno Arts has plans to bring the OVA stateside sometime in the future. They don't have any solid plans yet, though, so just keep an eye out for news regarding this title.

Dear Answerman,
I know you have said that most anime companies will eventually release their entire catalog on DVD. But since Pioneer has already released Armitage III: Poly-Matrix, do you think they will release the OVA as well? Preferably subtitled and dubbed, like all DVDs should be.


Have you heard anything about a new Blood movie, OVA, or series? I really enjoyed the movie and want to see more.


Pioneer has plans currently to do both a DVD collection of the original Armitage OVA series and a new Armitage anime project. As for Blood, I know a PS2 game is in the works, and the manga is available, but that's about it for now.

are there any anime that have been a total success in Japan but have totally flopped in the U.S.?

Sure. Nearly everything has bombed out in the US with the exception of Akira and Princess Mononoke, and even those were mostly critical and cult successes rather than commercial ones. We've seen the popularity of anime titles like Pokémon, Cowboy Bebop and Trigun, but they're only “smash successes” within the anime community.

Hey Answerman,

I've recently started reading Hiroaki Samura's Blade of the Immortal manga series released by Dark Horse Comics, and have already become a big fan of it...As I read through each graphic novel I can't help but to think how cool of an OAV series/Movie this manga would make... What are your thoughts about it ever possibly going to that next level? thanx.

You know, you're right about that. Blade of the Immortal would make an awesome OVA series. I read somewhere, though, that the author would only want to do an anime version if it could be done perfectly; apparently none of the plans that have crossed his desk have met his specifications. While I wouldn't rule it out completely, chances are probably slim.

Dear Answerman,

I have been trying to get you for a long time, I have some questions about Big O. Do you know if they are going to make newer episodes soon. because they made new episodes of Dragon Ball Z. Also at the end of the 13th episode they leave you hanging, because they do not show the battle at the sea.


No plans for a second Big O series exist, although there are rumors. You're working off of a misconception that “new episodes” of Dragon Ball Z were made. It's easy to understand why you thought that. Essentially, Cartoon Network labels episodes “new” when they haven't been broadcast dubbed on American TV yet; I can assure you no new Dragon Ball Z episodes have been made since the series concluded its run on Japanese TV in the mid-90's.

Dear Answerman

I was reading today on animenewsnetwork about Canidate for Goddess(aka Pilot Canidate) and how it was going to have Dubtitles. I tried to figure out what that was and couldn't. Please keep up the great job, and your is the only ariticle i look forward reading every week.

A loyal reading
Ryan Dasher

Dubtitles are what happens when a company is too lazy to retranslate an anime series exactly and lay down a subtitle track that's closer to the original Japanese dialogue. Most of the time, dubbed dialogue in anime has been altered and changed to sound more like colloquial English; subtitling something this way is frowned upon because those of us that watch subtitled anime watch it because it's closer to the original Japanese, not some script hack's concept of what the characters would be saying if they were American.

In your opinion, what series are better in anime and which in manga? I've found that the anime(japanese) is good, but sometimes the manga way better?


Some of my favorite shows are better in anime form, and some of them are better in manga form. Utena is undeniably stronger as an anime series, as is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Escaflowne is much better as an anime series than as a manga, and so is Hana Yori Dango. Marmalade Boy, One Piece, Card Captor Sakura, and Trigun are all better as manga series, although the anime versions of these titles are nothing to sneeze at.

See you all on Friday!

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