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ANN 1999 Predictions
(part 2)

ANN 1999 Predictions (part 1)

I think they will make more interesting Pokemon and Salior
Moon episodes. I love the ones so far! Keep up the good
work on your webpage! Bye!
~ Aynami Rei and Ami Chan

P.S. For the people who think Pokemon and Sailor Moon is
gay...you suck!!!!!!!!!

Aynami Rei <????????????? (at ?????????????)>
LA, CA USA - Monday, April 26, 1999 at 12:55:20 (MDT)
1. I predict that the amount of morons in Otakuism will
finally realize that there is more out there then DBZ,
Sailor Moon, and gay Pokemon'
2. I predict that Mononoke Hime, for as great as a film that
it is (its one of my all-time fav anime movies) will be a
huge flop in the United States but all of a suddent it gets
nominated for 14 academy awards and everyone wants to go see
it and becomes the highest grossing film of all time on its
re-release to theaters and all the dubbed videos before
shipped out were accidently destroyed so only the subtitled
version can be released to video.
3. People will finally realize Transformers greatness, they
will realize Japan did their own version of Transformers
(Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory, Zone, Matrix Forever,
Beast Wars Second, Beast Wars NEO) and realize that it kicks
the american versions ass!
4. The Evangelion Movies will be bought by Disney and will
all be chopped down to one movie and about 30min long
released directly to video and title it "Evangelion: The
Most Happy Video Ever Made".
5. CLAMP will start a new manga based of the american
cartoon show "Freakizod" Only this time Freakizod realizes
that his girlfriend is trying to destroy Tokyo, and Tokyo
Tower is her first target and she wants to use all this
religious/hebrew stuff to do it. So Freakizod goes to Kaumi
and learns this stuff then fights her, Freakizod ends up
killing her he gets all depressed so decides to destroy
Tokyo Tower with himself in it and he accidently blew up the
earth and now no one is alive, depressing eh?
6. Card Captor Sakura turns itself into a HENTAI show and it
looses all its audiences.
7. The Final Fantasy movie is cancelled because they decided
that Final Fantasy VIII was so cool that they would take the
Computer Animation from it and turn it into a 250min
theatrical movie in Japan and in the US and it becomes a
huge hit and along side with Mononoke Hime its nominated for
a ton of oscars.
8. An anime version of TITANIC is made only this time Jack
is GAY and falls in love with CAL and ROSE gets jealous and
wants to kill JACK but CAL stops her and JACK and CAL have
sex after JACK sketches a naked picture of him and then they
get off the ship and live happily ever after.
9. Rights Stuff International buys the rights to everything
of Lupin the 3rd that hasn't been brought to the US yet and
releases it all subtitled/boxed set for $10.
10. The FBI busts MixxZine for running a prostitute
organization and MixxZine is forced to close down.

Bruce Osborne <ruronijigen (at yahoo.com)>
North Canton, OH USA - Monday, April 19, 1999 at 10:59:17 (MDT)
1)Sailormoon will come over to the states with all its
episodes and the movie.

2)DVD's will become recordable like VHS.

3)Sega's Dreamcast will rock the videogame industry.

4)the current president(Clinton)will be kiked out of office.


clayton <CZZ2 (at aol.com)>
CO USA - Tuesday, April 06, 1999 at 02:19:38 (MDT)
1) Mononoke Hime will be released unedited with a PG-13
rating (already confirmed) and will be a relative hit, but
won't be the blockbuster people hope it will be. Predicted
gross: $25 million (quite high for a foreign film)
2) Someone will come up with the money for the rights to the
Evangelion movies.
3) People will watch Turn-A Gundam just to see _how_ bad the
mecha designs are and it will become an unexpected hit.
4) I will actually go to Otakon this year.
5) ADV will actually start to release at least one of the
following: City Hunter, Nadesico, and Nadia.
6) I will spend gobs and gobs of money on anime.
7) There will be a subtitled Mononoke Hime released on video
by Disney.
8) J-pop will spread like wildfire in the US, and everyone
will recognize the awesomeness of Two Mix.
9) Someone will finally put up a decent translation of Ranma
1/2 vol. 38 on the internet.
10) This 10th prediction will not c

Arnold Kim <kim5 (at erols.com)>
Tenafly, NJ USA - Sunday, April 04, 1999 at 21:08:00 (MDT)
The onslaught of dvd's will take over the anime
industry....that is if the companies are smarter than the
average...oh you know

Monkey Punch <tamahome21 (at aol.com)>
USA - Tuesday, March 30, 1999 at 20:51:21 (MST)
1)I think DVD will go bust just like laser disk has...its a
good concept esp. for sub/dub but untill a read AND write
system comes out for a reasonable cost it wont work out
2)Evangelion (the best anime ever)will continue to help me
gain new followers (has worked like a charm so far)
3)I hope to make more money and go to more cons for obvious
reasons ^_^
4)Hope to see anime in theaters so that the world can see
how great anime truly is
5)The Eva movie will be licesenced and will come out and be
a huge hit so that otaku dont have to live with the
terrible ending to the tv series
6)Tenchi will take a turn and actually come up with new
ideas (im hoping this third movie will be good) so that im
not spending all my money to see the same thing happen over
and over ^><^
7)And finally i prey that Gainax's new show Kareshi Kanojo
No Jijoo ("His and her situation") will be brought to the US

Dan <Drifty914 (at aol.com)>
Fairfax, VA USA - Tuesday, March 30, 1999 at 20:37:35 (MST)
New Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Anime will be a smash hit. And that
Anime releases this year will be tuned towards the year 2000

David Lee <rain3 (at bigfoot.com)>
Singapore, Singapore - Sunday, March 28, 1999 at 23:02:07 (MST)
If (and It probably won't) the hacked-up version of kenshin
ever does actually come out. No otaku will buy it because
it will:

1) Have had it's content changed way to much
2) Will cost to much (as nearly all anime is)
3) I've heard they wanted to set their target audience for
kids (dunno if this is true) and I think we can all admit
that Kenshin is not a kids show.
4) And a billion and a half other reasons I'm sure.

I left out the crappy dubbing because I actually don't mind
Dubbing too much. (Opinion) But I still liked subbed
better (opinion).

I would really like to see some anime based off of Inu-
Vasha (from the guy that did ranma 1/2 and Maison). So
that's something else I'll "predict."

More OVA's of popular manga, some of wich will suck, some
of which will not. (Most of which will not :)

Yes, my "predictions" are pretty obvious, but hey, it's
more likely to be right.

My one "out on a limb" prediction: I think we are going to
see mainstream anime take off this year. Hard. Sailor
moon, Dragonball, Pokemon, and perhaps a few other titles
are going to start taking off. Of coure, there will still
be a lot of non-mainstream stuff for me to enjoy.

Good years to all of you!

ImagBoy <Not (at telling.net)>
San Luis Obispo, CA USA - Sunday, March 28, 1999 at 02:18:45 (MST)
REALISTIC: I think not much will happen. Lunar will finally
come out in a few weeks. Clinton will remain popular even
though anyone sane should notice that he lied to his own
family and also to his country, and that should make us
question whether he really wants good things for america, or
himself. Other stuff will happen. Mononoke Hime will not
come out in any theatre near me, and everyone will have star
wars craze.
1. I will make loads of money this summer and donate a large
sum to kodocha anime, which will allow it to translate all
102 episodes. I LOVE KODOCHA! Everyone visit my Hayama
Shrine! (also one of the biggest Kodocha Galleries on the
web, I believe)
2. I will win the lottery or get a scholarship to study in
japan this summer. both, hopefully.
3. Lunar will kick ass, like it did the first time. (Oh yes,
I own that, it deserves the hype, or at least it did.)
4. otaku will band together and everyone will realize subbed
is better. After all, voice-acting is a much bigger deal in
Japan than it is here, more professional by far; and a lot
of the time, creators pick the voice actors for their
characters (like in Rurouni Kenshin) and thirdly, the
characters are japanese. they speak japanese because they
ARE japanese creations, no matter what they look like, so
american voices will never suit them. sorry. really listen
to those dubs sometime instead of just watching; it's
painful. And if you've seen the garbage that is Samurai X;
it's dub is without a doubt the worst I've ever seen, much
worse than sailor moon could ever be. I'm serious.
5. Speaking of Kenshin: nobody will buy the rights and it
will just go out fansubbed again, at least until those
people at the commercial companies realise that A) fans want
more episodes per tape. $30 for 2 episodes? Are you kidding?
Japanese people get this on TV for FREE!!!! This stuff is
most often not meant for video at all. it's exploitation, is
what it is. prices should come down closer to the prices of
regular tapes, I'd be willing to pay $15 for 4 or 5
well-translated, un-edited episodes. I think most people
6. also speaking of kenshin: everyone I've shown Samurai X
to, even non-anime watchers, thought it sucked, and what's
that MORTAL KOMBAT music doing in it? I'm not kidding.
sony's half-ass dub will DIE DIE DIE.
7. The PSX2, on the other hand, will take off, support DVD
(like the hype says it will) and have good 3rd parties like
Square and WD keep making good stuff for it, nintendo's
little N64 made me hate them (tho I like my SNES).
8. I will be able to find more Kodomo no Omocha stuff.
9. I'll get my job at Software Etc. like I think i will.
10. I'll convert more people to otaku and make sure they
like subs (I got my boyfriend to switch to subs; I just
converted 2 people in my college dorm 2 weeks ago; this
project is definitly looking up.)
11. Other people should do this too. Recommended newbie
fare: (this is how you get people)
a) show them good quality tape. 1rst exp with a bad video,
poor sound, badly done fansub will not convert anyone.
b) show them popular stuff for both genders, like Ranma and
Kenshin and El Hazard.
c)make sure it's relativly popular because for one, it's
more likely they'll like it, and for another thing, they
will want to know more, hopefully. Stuff like Ranma,
kenshin, and el Hazard has tons of info and whatnot out for
it. They will find this information easily, there will be a
lot of it, they will hear about other shows this way, and so
d) make sure what you show them is suited to their
personality (this seems obvious, but I know people who were
first shown Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Dragonball and Ninja
Scroll when they first showed interest in anime because of
Sailor Moon.) This is important; the wrong thing can really
turn someone off to anime REALLY fast.
e) lastly, if they like whatever it is, don't let it die;
invite them to a con, an anime club video showing, or loan
them some comics from the series to read. do not incessanyly
play theme music or give them tankubons, though; those are
only for the advanced state. You want to let them into this
other culture slowly, or they'll just think, this is weird,
this doesn't make sense to me, it sounds funny, I don't care
about it. also make sure you explain cultural references
(like sneezing when someone's talking about you) or other
little things, like -chan, -kun and -sensei that are
perfectly ordinary to you but are just weird to them.
12. Whoops, I didn't mean to do that. eep. sorry, everyone.
13. my last wish: everything will start going right for me,
I'll finish learning japanese, make video games, and
translate manga for a living. woo hoo!

kris wolfe <krswolfe (at inav.net)>
IA USA - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 23:32:48 (MST)
1. DVD will become the format of choice for all the Anime
Companies and then the whole pointless Sub/Dub debate will
be finally over. Everybody will be able to watch what they
want to watch.

2. Mononoke Hime, Perfect Blue, X, Vampire Hunter D will
open people's eyes and show Anime as the artform that it
truly is.

3. The Violinist of Hameln TV series will be finally be
picked up by some company and will get the full treatment
that it deserves (DVD, with character information, the
ability to listen to just the soundtrack, information on
the classical pieces, surround sound, etc.)

4. All of Matsumoto's works that have not been released yet
(Galaxy Express TV, Captain Harlock TV, The Cockpit, the
new Galaxy Express Movie, etc.) will be announced.

5. More Lupin will be released.

6. ADV will finally release Nadia and City Hunter.

7. Otaku No Video will be released on DVD complete with
more linear notes than were with the tape release on the
extras section and the ability to skip to the scene that
the linear notes were referring to.

If even one of these wishes comes true I will be very

Brian <Adol (at iss.dccc.edu)>
Broomall, PA USA - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 22:58:24 (MST)
Hey, Eric Schack! Who's the stupid one who spelled stupid
wrong? hmm? Was it you?

Stanley Karnes
USA - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 20:47:19 (MST)
Well most of us will die from the second impact and those who won't will be fortunate enough to have their personal AT fealds destructed and witness rebirth to the next level of enlightenment. Speaking of which anyone who thinks that the end of Eva sucked should be shot because the ending was the best ending out of most anime. The only problem is that you idiots are to stupid to understand the simbolism that is being used and are so stupied that you guys couldn't even grasp the concepts that center around this ending! BAKA! YOU ALL WILL DIE IN THE SECOND IMPACT!!!
Eric Schack <Maedwar (at Aol.com)>
Detroit, MI USA - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 20:18:38 (MST)
I predict that people will look at an anime titled "Birdy The Mighty" and see that it's so great, US Manga Corps will have to start making more than Double Trouble and Final Force because of popular demand. Also more websites will get Birdy Pics because of popular demand. Thanks for listening, later.

P.S. If anyone knows of a website that has pics of Birdy, then, PLEASE send me the pages address or the pic itself. Thanks again,later. (Links are ok too).

Paul <KinzaRomeo (at aol.com)>
Somewhere, OK USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 14:44:27 (MST)
Leiji Matsumoto will herald the secong Anime boom like he
did 25 years with the classic Space Cruiser Yamato
(Starblazers in the US). His works are making a strong
comeback and Matsumoto's Galaxy Express 999 and Harlock saga
OAVs will set Japan on fire....just in time for the
truimphant theatrical release of the new Uchu Senkan Yamato

Ahmed Khan <OkitaKanjo (at juno.com)>
nj USA - Sunday, March 14, 1999 at 03:49:59 (MST)
There will be a massive influx of Anime-related playstation
games here in the U.S. Gamers from all walks-of-life will
appreciate the intense art-style and complex plots from
these titles and will slowly acquire a taste for the videos.

As for the DreamCast, I predict that the Playstation 2 will
be an incredible advancement in gaming technology which will
greatly surpass any achievements of Sega or possibly
Nintendo. (can't you tell I'm a HUGE Sony and PSX fan ?!?!)

John D. Miller <miller4 (at squaresoft.com)>
USA - Friday, March 12, 1999 at 13:20:51 (MST)
Anime will go mainstream in dubbed version, and all of the unintellegent, narrowminded losers who like dubbed anime' (Not everyone who likes dubbed anime is...) will get really into it and america will be filled with people who abuse anime and everyone in Japan(Nippon) will get pissed and take over america forcing everyone who sucks to commit seppuku...

Maybe somthing else will happen, Maybe anime fans will stop the mutilation of anime and out law dubbing.

ANN will Get their own TV station and It will be the only channel that any cool people watch...

Jonathan Venner <Jonathan_Venner (at Jonathan_Venner)>
Pierre , SD USA - Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 17:27:06 (MST)
I think that anime will become somewhat more popular in 99
if the new Vampire Hunter D movie hitting the theaters
becomes successful this summer.

slade <slade54 (at yahoo.com)>
Kearny, NJ USA - Monday, March 08, 1999 at 13:10:57 (MST)
The year 1999 will be interesting indeed. Here is what I
predict for the coming year. Abandan all hope ye who enter


1.) Disney will release a typical shit-assed, piece of crap
movie that will only appeal to the marketing section. It
will be out in summers, but we will start to hear about it
mid-March. By the time it gets to theaters, we will all be
bored to death with it.


3.) IT WILL SUCK WORSE THAN MULAN(is it possible?) (Only
anime females should play with swords, and I have never
heard a dragon talk with a homeboy accent!)

4.) Despite its overwhelming quality in both art and story,
Mononoke will get no hype, and no one will even know it is
there. The only ones who will notice will be the typical
"anime is sex and violence" types, who will boycot it, but
still flock to the other sexist Disney shit-pic, claiming it
to be the the greatest thing ever.

5.) Disney will use the engineered failure of Mononoke as
grounds to break its contractual agreements with Ghibli.
Miyazaki's works will never be commercially released again.
(Damn Disney's conniving hide!)

1.) The ICED EARTH (world's greatest metal band)"something
wicked" trilogy will be adapted into a 3 part OVA, with each
part being 2 hours long. (PS: Thanks to ICED EARTH for their
great performance at the Embassy March 3! Metal Rules
Forever!)It will be cool. It won't be a hentai!

2.)Walt Disney will arise from the dead, and seeing the
disgrace that his company has become, will enlist the aid of
the Arcadia and the Yamato to erradicate Disney from the
face of the Earth! (I can wish, right?!)

3.) The rights to the Tekkaman Blade TV series will be sold
by the butchers at SABAN to a real company, so that we can
all see the whole series (PLEEEEASE!)


1.)The folks at Disney will produce a good quality (both art
and content) film that will restore my faith in them.

2.) Disney will stop rewriting history in its movies.

3.) Femminists will realize that Bill Clinton is a bastard,
and stop supporting him. They will realize that their
support for him shows that it is okay to abuse women, so
long as they can keep the dress, and get a book deal.

4.) I will mellow out my opinions (YEAH, RIGHT!!!)

Note to all offended: These are my opinions. If you are
offended, I am offended by your offence. We are now even.
Sorry to get you so worked up. Maybe you need some time off.
Take a vacation, and if you're still offended when you come

Nobody said you'd like what I had to say, but I had to say
it anyway.

Thanks for reading!
Power to true otaku and metal fans everywhere!

Adam G. Rehorn <you've got to be kidding, right? (at you've got to be kidding, right?)>
London, ONT Canada - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 09:11:19 (MST)
Rurouni Kenshin, well not Rurouni Kenshin but Samurai X,
will be broadcasted on the WB and they will bring the
Animaniacs in to do cameo's during the really serious and
violent parts.

Bureku <bureku (at hotmail.com)>
Phx, az USA - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 18:44:47 (MST)
I predict that anime will become mainstream in America. there will be massive shortages of Ranna and Evangelion and riots will break out at anime stores across the country. Many will die, and others will fall in cursed springs, such as the spring of drowned Jabu-Jabu. My cat, Snickers, will rise up and become new and absolute ruler of the Earth. She will be protected by diplomatic imunnity, just like Dogbert. And that's the end of that chapter. No it's not. Yes it is. bbye.
Trevor Theilen <Revo214 (at aol.com)>
Dallas, Tx USA - Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 21:28:33 (MST)
I predict that after they release Magical Knight Ray Earth, they will send over their new anime games. For example they will send Neon Genesis Evangelion for the Nintendo 64. They will follow this amazing feat with yet another miracle they will send the entire series of Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT. They will then send over Gate Keepers followed by birdy the mighty to all those who order from their local Planet Anime Store. Then there will be an uproar as they release the Ledgend of Zelda an Ocarina in time the Anime series. (story and art by Rumika Takahashi) And that's the end of that chapter
Cryston Adkinsc <Louden714 (at aol.com)>
plano, tx USA - Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 20:21:01 (MST)
Kodocha Anime will finish subbing the 50 or so Kodomo no
Omocha episodes left in the series in one month.

JoJo <JJcatz (at hotmail.com)>
USA - Thursday, February 25, 1999 at 16:44:13 (MST)
After Mononoke Hime comes out the so called non-anime
idiots will not refer anime to "isn't that the japanese
crap with all the naked women and senseless violence" or
"isn't that a cartoon porno" or "hey what the fuck is that
shit with all the big eyes and stuff"
that is unless the bastards fuck up mononoke hime and twist
it of all its greatness into some freakin' bullcrap disney
shit that makes people puke all over the place

USA - Wednesday, February 24, 1999 at 22:18:19 (MST)
1. Pokemon fans will suddenly realize that the show is
total sugar-shock, and was originally meant for children.
2. The people at the college in town will finally stop
descriminating against us for showing anime in the theater.
-they will stop destroying our posters
-they will show us a little respect
-they will give us some decent funding
-they will clear out the "M" room so we can show anime at
3. All the police in this town will be mysteriously killed
in a large explosion.
-I will, of course, have nothing to do with it
4. Anime distributers will drop prices, dramatically, on
anime tapes.
-first of all, because I'm tired of paying 25 or 30 bucks
for a tape that only has 2 episodes on it.
5. They will take the newly dubbed Fushigi Yuugi off the
market and replace it with the original subtitled versions.
-dont get me wrong, I love Fushigi Yuugi, but the dubbed
versions really sucks.
6. The same will happen with Bastard!
-I loved the original. the dubbed is horribly edited.

USA - Wednesday, February 24, 1999 at 11:04:41 (MST)
Disney will find a way to do whatever it wants to it's newly
aquired Miyazaki films, effectively negating it's
contractual obligations legally.

Erik H <aloha_kamen (at hotmail.com)>
IA USA - Monday, February 22, 1999 at 10:22:22 (MST)
Ichi. The Steam Detectives anime will be a surprise release
and may (I hope) be a great hit among fans and will have a
full release.

Ni. '99 will be the year of the Eva. Movies to be more

San. Mononoke Hime will be well off in theaters. Doing
good, yet also enough to show how anime has an influence on
more than just kids. It will also be enough to beat out
Titanic's box office numbers.

Oh yea, I also predict that someone on this page may end up
gettin' the smack down on him if he doesn't calm down.
Geez, get a life and don't be fighting on message boards,
thats just hella dumb. No one wants to read the crap your
putting up here.

Zero <Don't need one (at Don't need one)>
B-Town, Japan - Sunday, February 21, 1999 at 02:02:27 (MST)
Amber Adams <amber.debra (at worldnet.att.net)>
Santa Fe, NM USA - Saturday, February 20, 1999 at 23:02:25 (MST)

Anonymous <anonymous (at anonymous)>
anonymous, CA USA - Thursday, February 18, 1999 at 18:06:46 (MST)
1) More animes will come out on DVD, but due to the
production cost for DVD (they have to put both dub and sub
on DVD while VHS is separated, plus DVD includes custom
designed interface and other extra stuffs, production cost
is certainly higher on DVD), so the anime companies' profit
margins won't be too appeal for them. On the other hand, as
DVD getting more popular in the coming months/years, and
more people are willing to buy them, DVD can become a huge
market for these anime companies.

2) More and more anime studios going digital, cels are
getting lesser for cel collectors, bad news for them.

3) With the release of Mononoke Hime on theaters, more
discussions will be bringing up toward the anime industry.
As we know, MH has a bit of violence scene, it's no doubt
that some conservative American audiences won't like this,
and start to voice up their opinions against the anime
fandom. Of course, we, anime fans will stand up against
these ignorant people.

USA - Thursday, February 18, 1999 at 09:22:03 (MST)
Man i just saw thet new Tenchi move.
I Predict that if i find out whos falt it is for alowing
this to happen im going to take all the old tenchi moves
and shovem down hes throught so he get a tast of real
techi. >:)
all tho i found it pritty funey to see tenchi busting out
in bagey pants and shit. :) a pore attemp to get wanabes to
watch it.
I think they must have been Triping when they came up with
the new idea for thes tenchi rip offs

PyroRaven <PyroRaven1 (at aol.com)>
Burbank, il USA - Sunday, February 14, 1999 at 20:50:10 (MST)
1) Pioneer, seeing that "Tenchi in Tokyo" being a big disappointment, will Re-release "Tenchi Muyo!: in Love" with the "special Megumi Hayashibara ending" to keep Tenchi fans satisfied while they patiently (yeah right...) wait for the 3rd OAV.

2) DiC lends "Sailor Moon" to another Anime company to release the S series unedited.... however, the dubbing and mistranslating will remain the same.

3) Funimation shall air the rest of the DBZ episodes with less editing thanks to the absence of Saban.... and that's when the offended parents start complaining.

4) An Anime convention shall show up in Detroit (strangely enough, pigs start flying and Hell freezes over at the same time).

5) The "Evangelion" movies shall be released, I'll still scratch my head and say 'What the #$@^ was that all about?!"

Spencer Trace <RKoren1030 (at aol.com)>
Detroit, MI USA - Sunday, February 14, 1999 at 16:27:58 (MST)
more predictions...

1.Chris Anthony may be beaten if he is making fun of my
screwed up E-mail address

2. Someone will pick Trigun (if it hasnt already)

Eric Knudsen <eva_of_lilum (at eva_of_lilum)>
Crystal lake, IL USA - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 21:12:38 (MST)
#1 Everyone knows about Mononoke Hime,right? I can see it
doing very well in the movie market (since I work at a
theater), this will make way for Manga's releases of X and
Perfect Blue and will show a whole new generation how truly
great anime is! (I hope we get at least one of these

#2 We all have stuff from AnimeVillage, right??? I can see
AnimeVillages' dreams of cheap, high quality anime for the
public coming true, in due time that is. We will be blessed
will titles like Cowboy Be-Bop and the Gundam Wing TV and
OAV series. (OH GOD I HOPE SO!!!)

#3Is there a new Ah! Megami-sama! Anime out??? If its true
it had better come out here, I've been watching the OAV
almost everyday since i got it! Its such a beautiful
series! *sniff* Alright, you didn't hear that from me,

#4 Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the greatest things from
Anime. I predict someone will have the BALLS and the
$$CASH$$ the grace the fans of America with the Eva movies,
hell a movie release would make me happy! (yea, that last
one is pretty bold, but this is my dream!)

#5 I'll finally be able to attend an Anime Convention.
(Can't this year since I'll be going to Japan, yesssss!)

#6 I'll buy my new DVD player when I get back from the Land
of The Rising Sun.

#7 DVD! DVD! DVD! DVD! DVD! This is our new platform my
fellow otakus!!! We'll show everyone how truly great the US
Anime market is!!! DVD! DVD! DVD! DVD! DVD!

#8 Those manga compilations, Mixxzine and Animerica Extra
will probably fail....well, I think Animerica has the
potential, I can't really say.

#9 More Anime! Give us more on TV, I love PokeMon and all,
but we need a larger choice! (I think the way the
International Channel is showing Dragon Ball Z in its
original form is awesome!) We need shows like: Conan: The
Great Detective, Ruroni Kenshin, Card Captor Sakura, All
the Slayers TV Eps etc..etc....

#10 Ranma 1/2 sucks now, please stop this curse Viz!!!
Oh yea, Tenchi sucks now too!!! Spare us Pioneer!!!

#11 Where's that subtitled version of Street Fighter II:
The Movie?!?!!?!?! I've been waiting so long for it!!!

#12 I'll finally finish building my own Evangelion in the
year of 2000, allowing me to initiate the First Impact.

#13 My Gundam Deathscythe will be completed on the Moon in
2084, with it I will single handedly wage a war against the
Earth for 7 full years. (Hey, this is fun!!! HEEHEE!)

#14 I will try to become a free agent voice actor. (if
there is such a job!)

#15 Or I'll be a Freeder, a free spirit that specializes in
part-time jobs, I may have some kind of bathroom
fetish.... (OHHHHH MY QUEEN!!!! YOUR SO NAUGHTY!!!!) Ah

Well, that about does it, I probably forgot some stuff I'll
remember later, but thats alright! LOVE & PEACE!!! Ja,

Ron "GoldenBoy" Santos <goldnpinoy (at aol.com)>
Bremerton, WA USA - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 14:53:55 (MST)
Bwahahaha my predictions for 1999 are varied.

1) Mononoke Hime will be a success but it won't be the one
of the top grossing films for the year.
2) Mixxzine will crash and burn.
3) Mangle Entertainment will hit big with Perfect Blue and
X. They will continue to produce mangle dubs.
4) More TV series will be brought by ADV who will never
release them completly.
5) The Brisbane Anime Society will grow into Australia's
biggest anime club BWAHAHAHAHHA
6) Fans will remember that dubs sell more than subs (curse
it) and will stop blaming over-fansubbing for the non-
release of most titles.
7) Turn-A Gundam will be a success despite the crappy
Gundam design.
8) Masamune Shirow will continue doing illustrations for
ecchi novels but will release Appleseed 5 or Dominion:
Conflict 2.
9) There will be a new Manga generation - comments such as
'NiNjA ScRoLl RaWkS d00dZ' will decline to be replaced with
'X RoCkS d00dZ'
10) Evangelion on SBS gets some good reviews.
11) Some more titles will be released subtitled in
Australia (well a guy can dream)
12) Disney will continue to use 'Dubtitles' in their
subtitled versions of Ghibli movies, which will infuriate
fans to no end. To cut a long story short we may see the
head of King Einsner on a pike as a warning ^_-
13) TV series will continue to become shorter culminating
with a series that lasts 6 episodes for it's full run.
14) I will get off my butt and finish my websit (yeah right)

Mark Foster <foster (at powerup.com.au)>
Brisbane, Qld Australia - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 00:25:04 (MST)
I predict that Eva_of_lilum will be seriously fucked up by
Rei Ayanami!!!! Yeah....

Chris Anthony
USA - Tuesday, February 09, 1999 at 19:47:31 (MST)
I predict that....

New Sailor Moon episodes will never be made and the show
loses all of it's popularity.

Magic Knights Rayearth will become insanely popular when it
comes to video this fall.

Akira Kurosawa will arise from the grave and enlighten all
the regular folk in the ways of the Otaku.

The Live-Action Sailor Moon movie will NOT.... scratch that,
MUST NOT be released!!!!

Either two things could happen:

A.)All Otaku will flock to the opening of Mononoke Hime,
bringing it's total earnings up to one dollar more than Star

B.)The Star Wars movie is DELAYED and Mononoke Hime kicks
some serious "bootay" in theatres.

The prices one DVDs will drop, and Otakus will then make DVD
their choice platform.


Anime itself will become insanely popular after being
heavily exposed to the young public. (Cartoon Network, WB,

Jenny-chan <otome_no_policy (at hotmail.com)>
Clinton, IN USA - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 05:18:09 (MST)
Pessimistic Predictions for '99
1. Fewer companies will release bilingual DVDs.
2. Commercial Companies will crack down on fansubbing.
3. Mononoke Hime will *not* do as well in theaters as
everyone is hoping.
4. Corrected BGC DVDs will not see the light of day.

Optimistic Predictions for '99
1. Anime Village will announce their plans for DVDs
2. Anime Village will further announce their plans for the
rest of Gundam (or at least when we'll see more)
3. More DBZ movies will released subbed
4. Rurouni Kenshin will NOT be released as Samurai X, and
will instead be aired in a prime time slot in the original

..okay, so the optimistic predictions are more like

Aaron Newton <fignewton (at louisvile.edu)>
Louisville, Ky USA - Saturday, February 06, 1999 at 09:01:08 (MST)
My predictions for 1999 will be brief.
1. Anime and manga will become more popular and a little
more mainstream. Hopefully, that means more titles will come
stateside in the process.
2. Mixx will either crash and burn, or get its act together
and fix its magazines. (Who actually reads the music and
game reviews and takes 'em seriously?) With all the
criticisms its been getting, they should know that the
format they have now will not last. if they don't reconsider
their target audience, they lose what support there is, and
go out of business.

M. Johnson <gostowl (at aol.com)>
Montgomery, AL USA - Thursday, February 04, 1999 at 11:27:41 (MST)
1999 is going to be one messed-up year, otaku. I mean, look
at what's happened already: despite the variety of areas
being covered in the notes below (The 'future' of Mixxzine;
the release of Mononoke Hime; the fate of anime's
popularity; hell, even the crashing of the Macross), could
*any* of us honestly have expected Pokemon to be moved to
the WB, or to see a premium movie channel set up an anime
movie block, or - horror of horrors - Viz announcing the
release of a Hard Battle box set? HELL, no! Thus, we have to
expect only the wackiest predictions to make it to the realm
of possibility from now on - although a few realistic,
practical and downright inevitable ones can't hurt. That
said, here are IMPACT's predictions for 1999, anime-related
or not:

1. Simply put, Mixx will go to hell in 1999. Sponsors
will run away from the magazine in droves, and any
subscriber base the magazine had left will leave completely
(although they'll never get their money back). More people
will start mocking the magazine, including the video game
magazines it tries so hard to imitate, and an obscure joke
on 'Buffy: The Vampire Slayer' will bring Mixx-bashing into
the public spotlight (Xander: "Well... uh... Faith 'n I...
we're sorta mixxing it up." Willow(not understanding):
"You're... oh! You're both Mixxers!" Xander(appaled) "Woah,
no, I didn't mean *that*. We're not worshiping Uncle Stu."
Eventually, Mixx will fall into the Chapter 11 goodness we
all know it deserves, and will never climb out of it.

2. Mononoke Hime will *not* do very well theatrically. The
presence of Star Wars: Episode 1 will simply be too
overpowering for it to make a profit for Disney; even if
SWE1 flops, like Godzilla, the hype for it will still
prevent anyone from noticing that any other film even
exists. However, because of the attention Mononoke Hime
gathers by TV broadcasters everywhere looking for a
controversial subject, it will pave way for the success of
'X' and 'Perfect Blue', although everyone will be confused
as hell by the former, and scared as hell by the latter. As
mentioned multiple times here before, Mononoke Hime will be
sold out everywhere once it is released on video, as
Miyazaki fans and otaku in general buy every copy possible.

3. Otaku will offically abandon Ranma 1/2, as the episodes
become more irrevelant to the original manga and the dubbing
progressively gets worse. In order to make a profit, Viz
will decide to start releasing both dubbed and subbed
versions at the same time, and will package four episodes
into one tape, not two, so the series will be completed
sooner (i.e. *before* all the current voice actors die of
old age).

4. Animerica Extra will eventually replace Mixxzine as the
manga compilation (not that it hasn't already). 'Short
Program' will eventually become funnier, making everyone
realize that Viz WAS right to put it in the magazine, and
those same people will finally stop badmouthing 'Steam
Detectives' and give it the respect it deserves. Because of
increasing sales, the size of the magazine will increase,
and a sixth title will be included by year's end (Rurouni

5. The WB network will slaughter the publicizing of Pokemon,
as they try to put the creatures from the show in
advertisements with Warner Brothers characters with
laughable results. As a result, popularity in the show will
decrease, until Nintendo releases Pokemon Gold & Silver in
the Fall, along with the N64 Pokemon Stadium 'add-on'.

6. Sony will finally find a distributor for 'Samurai X', the
dubbed 'n hacked version of Rurouni Kenshin. Pre-teen girls
(who just want to see the shots of Sano sans shirt) and
uneducated otaku alike will flock to the show anyway,
continuing the 'Dark Age' of anime which began with the
dubbing of Sailormoon. Eventually, some USA Today journalist
will dig up information on what the show is *really* like in
Japan, and will sensationalize it to the fullest extent,
forcing the show to be canceled. The result of this: a
crazed Samurai X fan, who shal remain nameless
(*cough*virginiasheehan*cough*) will end up killing this
journalist, and proceed to claim the stuffed animals made
her do it, making her believe that she could win Saitou's
heart by doing so. She'll end up recieveing the death
penalty for this (and in the process calling all the jurors
'insane', and trying to declare a mistrial because the
prosecutor has 'issues') and end up dying as a martyr for
'Kenshinites' everywhere. Actual otaku will shrug this off
and rightfully claim they had nothing to do with anything
that happened.

7. Until the home release of the theatrically-shown anime,
there will be few notable anime releases this year. The
Video Girl Ai OVAs will generate some sales for Viz, and ADV
will eventually cough up the cash for the Evangelion movies
(selling back a large number of the titles it aquired), but
that's about it. The only 'big' release in the beginning of
the year will be Slayers Next, which will cause rioting in
Suncoasts around the country.

8. "Godzilla tai Mechagodzilla", "Godzilla tai Space
Godzilla", and "Godzilla tai Destroyah" will all be released
this year direct-to-video by Tristar. I hope.

9. The planners of Otakon '99, under pressure from those
wishing to attend as well as otaku in general, will change
the current dates of the convention (the Fourth of July
weekend) to a weekend on which people will have TIME to
attend. (God, I hope they're looking at this...) If
the convention HAS to be on this weekend (sob) then
it will be extended to four days, from the current three.
Also, more security will be added to the dealer's room, so
that the leaving of bags at the door won't be necessary (and
so a couple of no-good panda stealers are caught... you know
who you are).

10. Pioneer will continue to feed Tenchi in Tokyo to an
unimpressed public, which will continue to demand a third
Tenchi Muyo! OVA series. However, Fushigi Yuugi sales will
skyrocket as the dub voices for various characters are
revealed; Chichiri will sound high-pitched and say "no duh"
instead of "no da" (which will be corrected in future
releases), Tauski will be given a deep voice that doesn't
suit him at all (although this will attract even more female
otaku, regardless), and Chiriko will be voiced by an adult,
although nobody will care because he had a minimal part in
the show as it was. Finally, Pioneer will release another
Tenchi CD which will be practically impossible to find.

11. A large object will fall from outer space and land on a
southeast pacific island. Millions of Macross devotees will
flock to the site of the crash, only to find a huge meteor
with thousands of little animals climbing out of it. These
animals are later identified to be Pokemon, starting a huge
craze which will eventually shut down governments and
economies worldwide.

12. Working Designs will release Lunar: Silver Star Story

13. DVD will become increasingly popular, but still will not
be the format of choice for most people, excluding otaku.

14. AnimeVillage will be forced to sell their stock
completely by retail, destroying their earlier hopes that
selling anime exclusively online would be possible.
Regardless, people will continue to care less about their
products, and i'll be the only one who actually appreciates
the easy availability of the Gundam movies.

15. Clinton will easily be kept in office, but cooperation
between the political parties will me minimal until his term
expires next year. Despite the fact that everyone
(excluding republicans in office) knows his removal from
office is an impossibility, the Senate voting on the
impeachment articles in the middle of February will be
considered a national holiday, and C-SPAN will become
popular after attaining obscenely high ratings.

16. People everywhere will be advised to take their money
out of banks and sit on their porches with shotguns on New
Year's Eve, as Y2K takes affect at midnight and wackiness

17. Buffy: the Vampire Slayer will attain true popularity as
a drama, as more people become attracted to the continued
plotline that other shows simply don't have. Otaku will also
flock to the show, as Joss Whedon puts in numerous anime
refrences and has Ryouga Hibiki walk through the background
of a few scenes. Plot-wise, there will eventually be a point
to the seemingly-aimless third season very soon, and a major
character will die to set up Angel and Cordelia's departure
from the show for the spin-off.

18. The Sailor Moon Continuing Story shall live again, only
to disband due to a pointless argument about the color of
Mamoru's hair as well as the collapse of the Prodigy online
service in general in October.

19. The 'sparring rings' on AOL will be disbanded forever,
forcing anime newbies to carry out their perversions
elsewhere and get real lives in society.

20. Anime News Network will become the Associated Press of
otaku everywhere. =]

21. Absolutely nothing in anime fandom will change, as we
continue to defend against criticism, continue to spend an
obscenely large amount of cash on overpriced videos, and
generally continue to be a justified annoyance to fans of
'cartoons' countrywide. Amen.

Side prediction: I will learn NOT to ramble. Heh.
Here's hoping for a peaceful, enjoyable 1999...

Patrick "Lost Boy" Mislan <cloudhibiki (at hotmail.com)>
President, IMPACT Society (Immaculata Maniacal Practitioners of Absolute Chaos and Terror) of Somerville, NJ USA - Tuesday, February 02, 1999 at 16:58:40 (MST)
I cant peedict much but i want to see the old tenchi moves
back. i wiss they didnt cut them off lick that it was a big

PyroRaven <PyroRaven1 (at aol.com)>
Burbank , IL USA - Tuesday, February 02, 1999 at 11:46:50 (MST)
In 1999, anime, as well as other forms of animation, is
going to become more popular in the mainstream due to all
the "edgy" cartoons on tv. DVD is seriously going to shake
up the US anime market in 1999. Princess Mononoke will be
hurt by Episode 1. And Disney will dump it quickly to the
home video market, where it will do quite well (better than
Kiki level).

B.E Jarvis <sinople (at yahoo.com)>
Portland, OR USA - Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 22:46:23 (MST)
I predict that Mononoke Hime will piss off Titanic Director
by knocking Titanic to #2 on the world list for best movie
by outselling it in American Theaters (Hey Mononoke Hime is
already #2 in the world and it still has to come to American
Theaters). Titanic Director was already peeved when asked by
a reporter if it made him mad that he was almost beat by a
Japanese Animation Movie for #1 spot when it was in Japan
(Well the reported said cartoon I think...)

Anime Beach <anibeach (at irt.net)>
Chesapeake, VA USA - Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 23:11:34 (MST)
I predict that....

...MIXX will go bankrupt as it's sales continue to drop and SMILE! is flopping

...SOS will come up with another crazy campaign and another big hoax

...A third Tenchi OAV series will finally be released

...The new Oh My Goddess anime will be released in the US

...Monoke-hime will do better than Disney's Tarzan

...Anything will do better than Disney's Tarzan

...The X movie will confuse everyone who watches it (The Akira effect)

...More anime will be released in the West as Japan struggles to come out of its economic crisis by relying on it's greatest export-Anime!

...Smile will frown

Rebo Valence <Rebo1234 (at aol.com)>
-, - USA - Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 08:38:17 (MST)
Sam Drake
USA - Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 15:41:31 (MST)
Hi.....I predict the following will happen in anime in the
year 1999:

1. Some anime company will get the rights to the two eva
movies and bring them out here.(One can only pray in this

2. More anime will be released than ever before(and
hopefully all the businesses can hear me)

3. More anime video games will start coming out for the
playstation and other systems(remember xenogears?)

4. More anime companies will start to open up and bring out
more anime so that people have more of a variety(like

5. A person can get a pikachu(I hoped that I spelled it
right.) doll at any store.(Anybody know where I can find

6. More Anime soundtracks will start coming out in the
US.(Hey some of these anime songs just kick some major

7. The release of X the movie will be hailed as one of the
best moments in anime history.(Hopefully, manga
entertainment has done a good job with it and hopefully, I
will be able to see it when it comes out. By the way, when
does it come out anyway?)

8. A channel where anime can be seen sometimes(in its
original form in dub or subbed format)

9. More anime conventions will start popping up in more
areas than ever before.

and finally

10. More anime sites will start popping up on the
internet(keep them coming out boys and girls)!!!!!!!!!

Well that's all I got to say. Have a great 1999 and keep
smiling :) !!!!!

evaed <ealbaya (at clemson.edu)>
USA - Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 01:43:20 (MST)
In the future i predict that there will be a Sailormoo wave.(much like a heat wave but....well you know)there will be more ,thousads of shows of sailormoon with the next generation starting with chibi and Everyone will be dying of this sailormoon heatwave.It's either they have to buy a sailormoo doll or die.I also believe that we will visit mars and fid out that sailormars castle is still there .Abandoned from all the years but there.
Dusty Nickers <thefirstdiva (at juno.com)>
medina, oh USA - Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 18:27:19 (MST)
Tokyo Tower will be destroyed. At least twice.
Jesse Chang <pxc131 (at psu.edu)>
Broomall, PA USA - Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 16:24:41 (MST)
I predict three things - Tenchi will finally make his
choice between Ryoko and Ayeka (I'm betting on Ryoko) in
the third Tenchi OVA.
Second, I predict that DVD will have a popularity explosion
both home and abroad, and that almost everything will come
out on it.
Last, I predict that there will be no Armagedon, at least
not until Keichi and Belldandy finally tie the knot.

Platinum_Dragon <[email protected] (Platinum_Dragon at usinternet.com)>
Plymouth, MN USA - Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 09:50:43 (MST)
As I sit here pondering my situation I have something to
say, and some things to predict, to all of the loyal
customers of my fine company...

I predict that 1999 will be a year where we can put all of
differences aside and we can all be
friends...........................oh forget it, screw you
all.....so you dont want to read smile, eh?....bring it on
.....I am going to take all the series in in Mixx and spread
them all out and put them into new magazines that will all
suck as much as smile.....and when you send in
subscriptions, which will cost you three times as much, all
your magazines will be be sent late........Oh did I mention
all of our new manga series will be hentai...soooo when you
get your new magazine your mom will see it when she picks up
the mail and never allow to buy or view such filth EVER
anime for you...ha...ahahahaha..GWAhahaha....ha..ahem...dont
try to fight against me.....'99 will be the best year...for

Stuart your "friend" <"wouldnt you like to know">
A bunker somewhere in the United States, USA - Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 22:07:48 (MST)
What is with the assraping?? Someone lost there cool! I
think that Ann should personally beat the crap out of him
for being such a dork!
Oh yeah, predictions..... I predict that Eva will get
old, and that everyone will watch X to depress them instead

I think X will win the Oscar for best motion picture!

I think that Tokyo will be destroyed, but by the launching
of a large cow over the ocean from Washington state! (I
love cows)

I geuss this year is when the Macross crashes to earth,
therefore I'm gunna be the first idiot to be destroyed in
the battle with the Zentradi.

Next, I'm gunna marry Evan Stewart for being so damn
You Go Brother!!!

Sam Stevens
USA - Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 18:04:58 (MST)

ANN 1999 Predictions (part 3)

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