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The Click
March 17th - March 23rd

by Brian Hanson,

You know that special smell you notice when you finally open that expensive bottle of champagne; you know, the one that you tried to justify spending fifty bucks on because you wanted to have a bottle around for a "special occasion" that has not occurred, nor will it ever? This week's bountiful bunches of beguiling programs have that distinct aroma; can you believe all the shows out there that have managed to slip under my radar? Thus, we'll forgo the usual rigmarole and just get to the good stuff. And I mean "good" in an operative sense, here.

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad
-Saturday March 17 1:00am - Episode 1 "The View at 14" (Repeats Sat March 17 2:00pm, Sun Mar 18 12:00pm)
-Saturday March 17 1:30am - Episode 2 "Live House" (Repeats Sat Mar 17 2:30pm, Sun Mar 18 12:30pm)
-Saturday March 17 3:00pm - Episode 3 "Moon on the Water" (Repeats Sun Mar 18 1:00pm, 5:00pm, Mon Mar 19 12:00am, Tue Mar 20 7:00pm, 10:00pm, Wed Mar 21 4:00pm, Fri Mar 23 8:00pm)
-Saturday March 17 3:30pm - Episode 4 "Strum the Guitar" (Repeats Sun Mar 18 1:30pm, 5:30pm, Mon Mar 19 12:30am, Tue Mar 20 7:30pm, 10:30pm, Wed Mar 21 4:30pm, Fri Mar 23 8:30pm)

I'll simply be blunt; whenever an anime premieres on a Canadian network that isn't YTV, it tends to slip entirely under my oh-so-efficacious radar. Given my proximity to the US-Canadian border, all I can feasibly rely on is my own slipshod judgment - which has for some reason instilled the idea that when it comes to anime being on TV in Canada, YTV is "it." Now of course this is patently not true; G4TechTV Canada has been running a swell batch of Geneon's extensive catalog for months now, and doubtless in times past many a Canadian station has blithely ignored draconian CBC regulations to air Japanese animation so very foreign to their simple, lumberjacking nation.

So when I heard, through the many tumults of the internet, that the splendidly authentic and heartfelt anime series Beck was bound for Canadian broadcast, that it would actually be on YTV. Nevermind that YTV tends to acquire bigger, more action-y fare; YTV is "it." Basically I am saying, with lots of big words and such, that I was very wrong about when Beck was airing in Canada, and there's a marathon of the first few episodes this week! And all of you, emphasis on all, should really tune in; I haven't seen Funimation's localization of the series yet, but I've heard good things, and they're typically sticklers for quality in such matters so I believe it. Beck is so unlike what we typically associate with anime, however, so I'm hesitant about it's chances for success - it's such a heartwarming and endlessly engaging love letter to music and adolescence, told with a distinctly Cameron Crowe-esque vibe. None of those adjectives, however, would I use to describe your typical Shonen Jump brawlfest that tends to acquire the lion's share of viewership. So give Beck some serious eye-love, won't you, Canadians?

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
Sunday March 18 11:30pm - Episode 7 "The Secret Nectar of the Flower Garden" (Repeats Mon Mar 19 3:30am, 3:30pm, Tue Mar 20 6:30pm, 9:30pm, Wed Mar 21 2:00am, 1:30pm)

Also on the list of "Completely Awesome Things That I Totally Biffed on Listing Before," here's Gankutsuou, the ultra-modern, ultra-stylized, ultra-everything Mahiro Maeda-helmed sci-fi retelling of Alexandre Dumas' classic tale of chivalrous intrigue. Which is also deserving of major eye-love - if, however, you're one of the lucky few to get ImaginAsianTV. There's always that one, damnable catch.


(Cartoon Network)
Saturday March 17 5:00am - Episode 19 "Violation"

This week on Generic RPG-Inspired Series (Sans the Social Commentary That Made the Previous Series At Least Somewhat Engaging), Haseo finishes the aptly-named "Forest of Pain Event," which does not sound like the most pleasant of events at all.

(Independent Film Channel)
Friday March 23 11:30pm - Episode 12 "Remembrance" (Repeats Sat 24 5:05am)

Basilisk, fresh from a brief half-hour reprieve afforded by the previous "recap" episode, has got the notion to get the second half of the series in motion. This all involves lots more ninja trickery, Shakespearean tragedy, and bloody deaths!

(Cartoon Network)
Sunday March 18 12:00am - Episode 26 (Repeats Sun Mar 18 3:00am)

So our happenin' gang finally finds a way to break into the much-vaunted Soul Society, which is great until everybody gets separated, sending the Soul Society guards and elite into a massive frenzy. There is also a lot of swordfighting involved.

Friday March 23 10:30pm - Episode TBA

My Main Man Jesse Betteridge informed me that YTV was scheduled to stop Bleach premieres and send the series into repeats. But, repeat from where? Episode one? Nobody knows. Either way, no new Bleach for a while, YTV viewers.

(Cartoon Network)
Sunday March 18 12:30am - Episode 2 "Magic Words" (Repeats Sun Mar 18 3:30am)

Saya, just your average seifuku-wearing anime schoolgirl, is undergoing those special kinds of changes girls her age read about in health class. Drinking blood, fighting demons known as Chiropterans, being discovered by covert Government agents. "Female" stuff.

Cowboy Bebop
Sunday March 18 9:00pm - Episode 13 "Jupiter Jazz, Part 2"

What sucks about Cowboy Bebop is that every other episode is so amazingly fantastic that it takes no small amount of self-reservation to not put them all as "Click Picks." I will, however, still manage to take up at least some digital space to gush endlessly about this particular episode, wherein Faye discovers that the enigmatic sax-man, Gren, isn't all what "he" seems, and Spike yet again encounters one of the ghosts of his past, the aptly-named Vicious.

Elemental Gelade
Sunday March 18 10:00pm - Episode 7 "The Will to Obligarth" (Repeats Mon Mar 19 2:00am, 2:00pm, Tue Mar 20 5:00pm, 8:00pm, Wed Mar 21 12:30am, 12:00pm)

For those unfamiliar with the basic premise of Elemental Gelade (also known by it's letter-L-deprived translation, Erementar Gerade), it's your typically colorful but braindead action show involving spiky-haired best-whatever-in-the-world-wannabes finding some magical MacGuffin that is defined in the show using lots of English words co-opted by the Japanese authors. In this case, Cou, youthful and energetic Sky Pirate, finds a member of the mystical race of the "Edel Reid," that can offer special powers to their human captors by a process known as "Reacting." Words like "pablum" were invented to describe shows like this.

Eureka 7
(Cartoon Network)
Sunday March 18 1:00am - Episode 45 "Don't You Want Me?" (Repeats Sun Mar 18 4:00am)

With this episode title, Eureka 7 is now in contention with The Venture Bros. for the dubious honor of "Most Oblique 'Human League' Reference In An Adult Swim Series." I wish it the best. Also in this episode, Captain Jurgens and an increasingly wary Dominic request a meeting with the Gekkostate to sort out this sordid state of affairs, and Renton spends some more quality time with the young'uns.

Friday March 23 11:00pm - Episode 27 "Helter Skelter" (Repeats Sat Mar 24 2:30am)

One of my favorite Beatles' songs, or episode of Eureka 7 where Holland locks Renton and the rambunctious toddler trio in the brig for disobeying orders, while Charles and Ray ready their attack? You be the judge!

Gundam SEED Destiny
Friday March 23 9:30pm - Episode 3 "Prophesized Gunfire" (Repeats Sat Mar 24 1:30am)

Some Gundams have been Gundam-napped, which means newcomer Shinn and his trusty Gundam try to save the stolen Gundams by fighting other Gundams. Gundam!

Gunslinger Girl
(Independent Film Channel)
Friday March 23 11:00pm - Episode 12 "Symbiosis: Simbiosi" (Repeats Sat Mar 24 4:35am)

The much-maligned Section Two (possible precursor to the cyborgs of Ghost in the Shell's Section Nine? I think way too much about this crap) manages to convince the authorities that their existence as a crime fighting force is just, which is fortuitous as news of a kidnapping plot floats their way.

(G4TechTV Canada)
-Monday March 19 8:30pm - Episode 18 "Pray Like Saudarde"
-Tuesday March 20 8:30pm - Episode 19 "The End of Hope"
-Wednesday March 21 8:30pm - Episode 20 "Wonderful Universe"
-Thursday March 22 8:30pm - Episode 21 "A Wish to the Sky, Peace to the Earth"
-Friday March 23 8:30pm - Episode 22 "For Someone"

Should I just type it as "Gun Sword," like Geneon and the G4TechTV Canada website does? I fully understand that "Gun Sword" is the correct pronunciation, however, that "X" there in the middle always makes me want to enunciate that most devious of letters. "Gun Ehckss Sword." Eh. This week: Guns and swords, plus Van and Wendy and Carmen 99 get into more scrapes with bad dudes!

Idaten Jump
(Cartoon Network)
-Thursday March 22 6:00am - Episode 11 "Training"
-Friday March 23 6:30am - Episode 12 "Enemy Master"

This week on "HYPER EXCELLENT BY-CYCLE RACING TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP GO ANIMATION PRODUCT," there are bikes and races, that I honestly hope none of you are actually watching.

Kyoh Kara Maoh
Sunday March 18 10:30pm - Episode 7 "Gone Wild? Straying? Maken Activated!" (Repeats Mon Mar 19 2:30am, 2:30pm, Tue Mar 20 5:30pm, 8:30pm, Wed Mar 21 1:00am, 12:30pm)

Why on earth does Zap2it list this series as "Kyoh Kara Machi"? Does "Maoh" look or sound anything at all like "Machi," aside from the M? Technical gaffes aside, this is a show for all those bishounen lovers out there that prefer to watch shows featuring said bishounen getting flushed down toilets into a magical realm, where other bishounen are royalty and are frequently put into compromising positions and various states of undress, with copious amounts of homosexual over-and-under-tones.

The Law of Ueki
Sunday March 18 11:00pm - Episode 7 "The Law of Mr. K" (Repeats Mon Mar 19 3:00am, 3:00pm, Tue Mar 20 6:00pm, 9:00pm, Wed Mar 21 1:30am, 1:00pm)

Law of Ueki is like Elemental Gelade, in the sense that it's another rather underwhelming and blase action show, except that Ueki's animation and color design have a bit more pop to them. For all its visual acuity, however, Law of Ueki's stock characters and stock story aren't going to stay with you longer than thirty seconds after the credits roll. To that end, I suppose I can tell you that this episode features Ueki fighting opponents to receive the coveted "Talent of Blank," but you've probably stopped reading at this point anyway.

(Cartoon Network)
Saturday March 17 10:00pm - Episode 4 "Lost and Found Babbo"

Ginta, the spiky-haired moppet to end all spiky-haired moppets, sets out with his trusty "ARM," Babbo, and his newly-acquired companion, Jack, when Babbo gets stolen by some nefarious rapscallions! The indignity of it all!

(Cartoon Network)
Saturday March 17 9:00pm - Episode 79 "Beyond the Limit of Darkness and Light"

The fledgling and wholly unpopular Naruto program continues tonight, and so for all maybe twelve of you who watch it I've included a handy synopsis! Naruto and Gamabunta enact a risky plan to take down Gaara and his vicious alter ego, the Shuukaku, while Orochimaru and The Third Hokage's life-or-death struggle finally wraps up.

Friday March 23 8:00pm - Episode 73 "Astonishing Truth! Gaara's Identity Emerges"

What deep, dark secrets lie in the fragile psyche of Gaara, the shifty-eyed antithesis to our favorite plucky ninja hero? This episode contains some of those secrets. But only some.

One Piece
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday March 17 9:30pm - Episode 83 "Blow Up!"

I would give the 4Kids dub writers credit for mentioning Michelangelo Antonioni's chauvanistically avant-garde film, but I somehow doubt they would ever be that clever, so no credit whatsoever. This episode has Chopper and Usopp finally ready to kick the collective tails of Mr. 4 and Ms. Groundhogsday, thanks to a daring new plan.

Samurai Champloo
Sunday March 18 9:30pm - Episode 13 "Misguided Miscreants, Part 1"

As with the aforementioned Cowboy Bebop, every other episode of Samurai Champloo is so amazing and wonderful that I feel like I shouldn't even bother mentioning the other shows at all. Anyway, this is a wonderful two-parter that delves into Mugen's violent past, and his connection to a shady pirate who seems to be able to manipulate our delightful delinquent.

Spider Riders
(Kids WB)
Saturday March 17 11:00am - Episode 18 "Unmasked"

*Insert pithy joke in regards to the episode title

"'Unmasked'? This show had masks? News to me! Because I am dumb."

*Insert one "big word" culled from "Word of the Day" calendar


*Simply and condescendingly summarize an already simple plotline.

"Hunter and his chum Magma arrive at a school and meet some new friends... or foes?"

Try it at home, kids! Here, I'll do another one below...

Zatch Bell
Friday March 23 8:30pm - Episode 61 "Spell of Sorrow"

I have my own "Spell of Sorrow"; I call it gin. Superfluous and magnanimous! This week on Zatch Bell features Zatch and his girl-buddy Tia fighting together for what is good and right and hopefully legal, as the "Millenium Mamodo" continue their unrelenting assault.


Karas: The Prophecy
(Encore Action)
Saturday March 17 12:00am (Repeats Sat Mar 17 5:10pm, Wed Mar 21 8:05am)

(Encore Action)
Wednesday March 21 12:00am

The Weathering Continent
(Encore Action)
Friday March 23 12:00am

Howl's Moving Castle
Saturday March 17 8:15am (Repeats Fri Mar 23 7:20am)

A week of the same old, same old in the movies/features department, however neat it is to see Howl's Moving Castle crop back up after many months of absence.

Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday March 17 5:00pm

Pokemon 4Ever
(Cartoon Network)
Wednesday March 21 10:00am

Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea
(Cartoon Network)
Friday March 23 7:00pm (Repeats Fri Mar 23 9:30pm)

Cartoon Network meanwhile keeps the Pokemon gravy-train alive, with two slightly moldy Pokemon features leading in to a brand new, never-before-seen-in-America special. I suppose if my Nintendo DS hadn't been stolen I might be able to rouse some newfound interest in the Pokemon world, what with the upcoming DS iteration looking mighty fun; unfortunately, an unseen band of brigands has made sure that will never happen. As is always the case.

That about wraps things up for The Click's Color Commentary - we'll be back for more next week, that is if March Madness doesn't develop into an actual madness. Below are reruns, and some are damn tasty!

10 Tokyo Warriors
(Encore WAM)
-Sat Mar 17 12:00pm - Episode TBA
-Sat Mar 17 12:30pm - Episode TBA
-Sun Mar 18 3:00am - Episode TBA
-Sun Mar 18 3:30am - Episode TBA
-Mon Mar 19 11:40am - Episode TBA
-Mon Mar 19 12:10pm - Episode TBA
-Tue Mar 20 12:00pm - Episode TBA
-Tue Mar 20 12:30pm - Episode TBA
-Thu Mar 22 12:00pm - Episode TBA
-Thu Mar 22 12:30pm - Episode TBA
-Thu Mar 22 9:35pm - Episode TBA
-Thu Mar 22 10:05pm - Episode TBA
-Fri Mar 23 12:00pm - Episode TBA
-Fri Mar 23 12:30pm - Episode TBA

Big O
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Mar 18 5:00am - Episode 11 "Daemonseed"

Chrono Crusade
(Showtime Beyond)
-Sun Mar 18 7:40pm - Episode 9 "Joshua" (R Sun Mar 18 11:50pm, Fri Mar 23 12:55am)
-Fri Mar 23 8:00pm - Episode 8 "Puppets"
-Fri Mar 23 9:00pm - Episode 10 "Horn"

(Toon Disney)
-Sat Mar 17 11:00am - Episode 15 "The Dark Network of Etermon"
-Sun Mar 18 11:00am - Episode 18 "The Piximon Cometh"
-Sun Mar 18 9:00pm - Episode 153 "D-Reaper's Feast" (R Mon Mar 19 1:30am)
-Mon Mar 19 8:00am - Episode 3 "Garurumon" (R Tue Mar 20 2:30am)
-Mon Mar 19 10:30pm - Episode 25 "Princess Karaoke" (R Tue Mar 20 3:00am)
-Tue Mar 20 8:00am - Episode 4 "Biyomon Gets Firepower" (R Wed Mar 21 2:30am)
-Tue Mar 20 7:30pm - Episode 108 "It Came From the Other Side"
-Tue Mar 20 10:30pm - Episode 26 "Sora's Crest of Love" (R Wed Mar 21 3:00am)
-Wed Mar 21 8:00am - Episode 5 "Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker" (R Thu Mar 22 2:30am)
-Wed Mar 21 7:30pm - Episode 109 "Dream a Little Dream"
-Wed Mar 21 10:30pm - Episode 27 "The Gateway to Home" (R Thu Mar 22 3:00am)
-Thu Mar 22 8:00am - Episode 6 "Togemon in Toy Town" (R Fri Mar 23 2:30am)
-Thu Mar 22 7:30pm - Episode 110 "O Partner, Where Art Thou"
-Thu Mar 22 10:30pm - Episode 28 "It's All in the Cards" (R Fri Mar 23 3:00am)
-Fri Mar 23 8:00am - Episode 7 "Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo" (R Sat Mar 24 2:30am)
-Fri Mar 23 10:30pm - Episode 29 "Return to Highton View Terrace" (R Sat Mar 24 3:00am)

(Encore Action)
Just so we're clear, if any of you actually end up watching this terrible show at any time, I will promptly find out where you live and punch you very hard in the genitals.
-Tue Mar 20 12:00am - Episode 1
-Tue Mar 20 12:35am - Episode 2

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Mar 20 12:30am - Episode 17 "Angel's Share" (R Tue Mar 20 4:00am)
-Wed Mar 21 12:30am - Episode 18 "Lost Heritage" (R Wed Mar 21 4:00am)
-Thu Mar 22 12:30am - Episode 19 "Captivated" (R Thu Mar 22 4:00am)
-Fri Mar 23 12:30am - Episode 20 "Re-View" (R Fri Mar 23 4:00am)

(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Mar 18 5:30am - Episode 11 "The Smoke Robots"

Hikaru no Go
-Sun Mar 18 5:30am - Episode TBA

(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Mar 20 1:00am - Episode 97 "Kirara Come Home" (R Tue Mar 20 4:30am)
-Tue Mar 20 1:30am - Episode 98 "Kiko and Kagome: Alone in the Cave" (R Tue Mar 20 5:00am)
-Wed Mar 21 1:00am - Episode 99 "Koga and Sesshomaru: A Dangerous Encounter" (R Wed Mar 21 4:30am)
-Wed Mar 21 1:30am - Episode 100 "Truth Behind the Nightmare: The Battle in the Forest of Sorrow" (R Wed Mar 21 5:00am)
-Thu Mar 22 1:00am - Episode 101 "The Snow From Seven Years Past" (R Thu Mar 22 4:30am)
-Thu Mar 22 1:30am - Episode 102 "Assault on the Wolf-Demon Tribe" (R Thu Mar 22 5:00am)
-Fri Mar 23 1:00am - Episode 103 "The Band of Seven, Ressurected" (R Fri Mar 23 4:30am)
-Fri Mar 23 1:30am - Episode 104 "The Stealthy Poison Master: Mukotsu" (R Fri Mar 23 5:00am)

(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Mar 19 5:30pm - Episode 45 "Surprise Attack: Naruto's Secret Weapon"
-Tue Mar 20 5:30pm - Episode 46 "Byakugan Battle: Hinata Grows Bold!"
-Wed Mar 21 5:30pm - Episode 47 "A Failure Stands Tall!"
-Thu Mar 22 5:30pm - Episode 48 "Gaara vs. Rock Lee: The Power of Youth Explodes"
-Fri Mar 23 5:30pm - Episode 49 "Lee's Hidden Strength: Forbidden Secret Jutsu"

Oban Star-Racers
(Toon Disney)
-Sun Mar 18 2:30am - Episode 19 "The Origin of the World"
-Sun Mar 18 8:00pm - Episode 20 "Secret Like Sul" (R Mon Mar 19 2:30am)
-Mon Mar 19 9:00pm - Episode 22 "Revelations" (R Tue Mar 20 1:30am)
-Fri Mar 23 9:00pm - Episode 23 "Cruel Like Kross" (R Sat Mar 24 1:30am)

(Showtime Beyond)
-Sun Mar 18 7:10pm - Episode 18 "Rain" (R Sun Mar 18 11:20pm, Fri Mar 23 1:20am, 8:30pm)
-Fri Mar 23 9:30pm - Episode 19 "Sky"

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Mar 17 9:00am - Episode 421 "Sweet Baby James"
-Sat Mar 17 9:30am - Episode 422 "A Chip Off the Old Brock"
-Sun Mar 18 5:00pm - Episode 454 "May, We Harley Drew'd Ya" (R Tue Mar 20 5:00pm)
-Sun Mar 18 5:30pm - Episode 455 "Thinning the Hoard" (R Wed Mar 21 5:00pm)
-Mon Mar 19 6:30am - Episode 419 "Pasta Lavista!"
-Mon Mar 19 5:00pm - Episode 453 "Slaking Kong"
-Tue Mar 20 6:30am - Episode 368 "Clamperl of Wisdom"
-Wed Mar 21 6:30am - Episode 369 "Really, Really Relicanth"
-Thu Mar 22 6:30am - Episode 370 "The Evolutionary War"
-Thu Mar 22 5:00pm - Episode 456 "Channeling the Battle Zone"
-Fri Mar 23 6:30am - Episode 371 "Training Wrecks"
-Fri Mar 23 5:00pm - Episode 457 "Aipom and Circumstance"

Prince of Tennis
(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Mar 17 10:30pm - Episode 4 "The One Named Viper"

Saiyuki Reload
(Encore WAM)
-Sat Mar 17 4:30pm - Episode 17 "Wish" (R Sun Mar 18 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Sun Mar 18 4:30pm - Episode 18 "Critical Day" (R Mon Mar 19 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Mon Mar 19 4:30pm - Episode 19 "Farewell" (R Tue Mar 20 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Tue Mar 20 4:30pm - Episode 20 "Chase" (R Wed Mar 21 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Wed Mar 21 4:30pm - Episode 21 "Don't Cry" (R Thu Mar 22 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Thu Mar 22 4:30pm - Episode 22 "Pain" (R Fri Mar 23 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Fri Mar 23 4:30pm - Episode 23 "Dawn" (R Sat Mar 24 2:30am, 8:30am)

Samurai Champloo
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Mar 18 1:30am - Episode 19 "Unholy Union" (R Sun Mar 18 4:30am)

Samurai Deeper Kyo
(Encore WAM)
-Sat Mar 17 4:00pm - Episode 19 "Thunderbolt Attack" (R Sun Mar 18 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Sun Mar 18 4:00pm - Episode 20 "Far Away, to Absolute Zero" (R Mon Mar 19 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Mon Mar 19 4:00pm - Episode 21 "The Demonic Mibu Castle" (R Tue Mar 20 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Tue Mar 20 4:00pm - Episode 22 "The Machine Made Dolls" (R Wed Mar 21 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Wed Mar 21 4:00pm - Episode 23 "Scorching Ecstasy" (R Thu Mar 22 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Thu Mar 22 4:00pm - Episode TBA (R Fri Mar 23 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Fri Mar 23 4:00pm - Episode 25 "The One That Surpasses Tach" (R Sat Mar 24 2:00am, 8:00am)

Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars
-Fri Mar 23 6:00am - Episode TBA (R Fri Mar 23 9:00am, Sat Mar 24 4:30am)

(Toon Disney)
-Sat Mar 17 8:00am - Episode 5 "Kiri"
-Sun Mar 18 8:00am - Episode 6 "Battling Daku"
-Tue Mar 20 4:00am - Episode 25 "Eilis of the Storm"
-Wed Mar 21 4:00am - Episode 26 "Reviving Yakumo"
-Thu Mar 22 4:00am - Episode 27 "Lanancuras Arises"
-Fri Mar 23 4:00am - Episode 28 "Lanancuras Unbound"
-Sat Mar 24 4:00am - Episode 29 "Mushrambo Meets His Match"

Transformers Cybertron
(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Mar 19 6:00am - Episode 23 "Trap"
-Tue Mar 20 6:00am - Episode 24 "Invasion"
-Wed Mar 21 6:00am - Episode 25 "Retreat"

(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Mar 20 5:30am - Episode 49 "Voltron Frees the Slaves"
-Wed Mar 21 5:30am - Episode 47 "Voltron vs. Voltron"
-Thu Mar 22 5:30am - Episode 56 "One Princess to Another"
-Fri Mar 23 5:30am - Episode 50 "Mighty Space Mouse"

-Sat Mar 17 10:00am - Episode 33 "Best of Duels, Best of Friends, Part 1"
-Sat Mar 17 10:30am - Episode 34 "Best of Duels, Best of Friends, Part 2"

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