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The Click
February 16th - 22nd

by Brian Hanson,

Ah, routine. Another remarkably staid week ends with me sitting at my computer screen, hung over and with numerous (fresh) cuts and bruises whose origins elude me, writing about stuff on TV to the no-doubt rapt attention of my loyal and possibly sexy readers.

So, let's get this monkey-piloted train of dates and times rolling, as they say. Whoever "they" is.

Kai Doh Maru
(Sci Fi)
Tuesday February 19 11:00pm

Kai Doh Maru used to be on the various landscape of Encore networks a few months ago, but it has since been mercifully retired, with Applseed currently taking its over-run place. But, Sci Fi is a real network! That most people actually have! And they added a second night of anime, on Tuesdays! And all told, Kai Doh Maru is pretty neat, or at the very least just pretty! Its only an hour long so its otherwise kind of forgettable, but... I'm totally damning this thing with faint praise.


Virus Buster Serge
(IFC Canada)
-Tuesday February 19 11:00am - Episode 3 "We Stand Alone" (Repeats Tue Feb 19 5:00pm)
-Tuesday February 19 11:30am - Episode 4 "Deep Down Exposure" (Repeats Tue Feb 19 5:30pm)

Gah. I honestly don't think such a thing as a "Virus Buster Serge" fan exists currently. Certainly there might be those who could speak on its behalf, saying, "it sucks, sure, but is it as bad as being slowly killed by a swarm of centipedes and scorpions?" Kudos, in a way, for IFC Canada jumping on the anime bandwagon, but boo to them for picking one of the absolute worst pieces of half-hour animated television ever produced.


Black Lagoon
(G4TechTV Canada)
Friday February 22 8:00pm - Episode 18 "Mr. Benny's Good Fortune"

The Black Lagoon Company has their collective pirate hands full dealing with the assorted bounty hunters out to collect on the appropriately-named "Counterfeit Jane" and lots of guns and swearing and stuff that could be described accurately as "action."

Friday February 22 9:30pm - Episode 50 (Repeats Sat Feb 23 2:00am)

The lighthearted misadventures of a possessed, animated stuffed bear, a down-and-out TV personality, and two spiritually-aware pre-teens bring a little levity to Bleach's current state of sorrow and despair and death and such.

(Adult Swim)
Sunday February 17 1:30am - Episode 45 "Turn the Palm of Your Hand Toward the Sun" (Repeats Sun Feb 17 4:30am)

Don't tell me what to do with my palms, Blood+ the series. I will turn my palms towards whatever I damn well please and you will not say or do anything about it. This flagrant display of coercive power angers me to the point where I don't feel like writing a description! Next show.

Death Note
(Adult Swim)
Sunday February 17 12:30am - Episode 17 "Execution" (Repeats Sun Feb 17 3:30am, Tue Feb 19 12:30am, 3:30am)

Friday February 22 10:00pm - Episode 18 "Ally" (Repeats Sat Feb 23 1:30am)

This week on the further adventures of Two Crazy Kids and their Silly Book of Death: the faint smell of corruption taints the Kira investigation, putting the entire operation in jeopardy. Alas, no talking animal sidekicks to liven things up here.

(Toon Disney)
Monday February 18 8:30pm - Episode 232 "The Truth About Keenan" (Repeats Fri Feb 22 8:30pm, Sat Feb 23 1:00am)

Marcus and his Digi-brethren return to the "Real World," that place that exists outside the internet wherein sometimes I've heard that actual sex between two people happens!

Dinosaur King
Saturday February 16 9:30am - Episode 18 "Dance Evolution"

It just dawned on me that Dinosaur King is simply an animated mouthpiece for liberal Evil-Lution atheist religion-haters, what with their assertion that dinosaurs aren't some ploy by Satan and the ACLU to get people to drive Toyota Prius-es and find Garrison Keillor funny. This also angers me to the point of not feeling like writing a description! Next series!

Gundam Seed Destiny
Friday February 22 10:30pm - Episode 46 "The Song of Truth" (Repeats Sat Feb 23 2:30am)

Lacus and her mystery doppleganger finally come to blows and the devastating truth is revealed. Corn Syrup is actually worse for your body than actual sugar!

(Cartoon Network)
-Saturday February 16 9:00pm - Episode 140 "Two Heartbreaks: Kabuto's Trap"
-Saturday February 16 9:30pm - Episode 141 "Sakura's Determination"

Friday February 22 8:00pm - Episode 124 "The Beast Within"

This Week in Naruto: Sakura stands tall against Orochimaru, and in Canada Rock Lee drinks mysterious "Elixir" that looks oddly like alcohol and and sends him into a remarkably strong inebriated state. Like me, except instead of a flurry of punches it's a flurry of sexually inappropriate gestures.

One Piece
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday February 16 10:00pm - Episode 124 "Profound Mystery: IQ String Test or IQ Love Test"

Sanji and Luffy man up against Satori and his Mantora and whatever other made-up-word-thing.

(Sci Fi)
-Monday February 18 11:00pm - Episode 13 "Will of the Winds, Part 2"
-Monday February 18 11:30pm - Episode 14 "Roses and Tengu"

The paranormally-acute duo discovers the cause of the strange murders, and finds it hits closer to home than either was prepared for. Plus: Ghosts!

Transformers: Animated
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday February 16 10:30am - Episode 9 "Along Came a Spider" (Repeats Sun Feb 17 11:00am)

February seems a little early for a Halloween-themed episode, but whatever. Kids are either stupid or lazy, so they either won't notice or won't care. So long as they get robots.

Friday February 22 11:30pm - Episode 8 "Reciprocity" (Repeats Sat Feb 22 2:30am)

Masane and her Witchblade, along with prodigious amounts of boob and ass shots, go hunting for evil monsters to slay. [pedantic, cliched moralizing]But sometimes, the biggest monster is mankind itself.[/pedantic, cliched moralizing]

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Saturday February 16 10:30am - Episode 131 "All For One!"

Jaden's big duel is done, and the lad is victorious! Or so he thinks, as Duel Academy is the kind of wacky place where anything can, and usually does, happen!


(Encore Action)
Saturday February 16 4:45pm

Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society
(Starz Edge)
Tuesday February 19 12:00am

Perhaps the best thing I can say on behalf of Appleseed is, uh, the sequel is coming out soon! Hopefully it can deliver the same dynamic visuals with a little bit less creepily-wooden facial expressions and a, um, story. Ghost in the Shell is always worth your time, of course, but that is sort of assumed that if you are reading Anime News Network that you already know this.

Alright, well! This week's new and noteworthy shows are covered, so I'm off to format this puppy real nice-like in HTML, and then formulate other plans for the evening. Stay tuned next week to hear more of my undoubtedly-exciting adventures! Oh, and stuff on TV. That too.


Astro Boy
(Adult Swim)
-Sun Feb 17 5:30am - Episode 10 "The Spirit Machine"
-Mon Feb 18 5:30am - Episode 11 "Strange Voyage"
-Tue Feb 19 5:30am - Episode 12 "The Artificial Sun"
-Wed Feb 20 5:30am - Episode 13 "The Deep Freeze"
-Thu Feb 21 5:30am - Episode 14 "One Million Mammoth Snails"
-Fri Feb 22 5:30am - Episode 15 "Gangor the Monster"
-Sat Feb 23 5:30am - Episode 16 "Secret Agent 3-Z"

(Adult Swim)
-Sun Feb 17 1:00am - Episode 51 (R Sun Feb 17 4:00am, Tue Feb 19 1:00am, 4:00am)

Cat's Eye
-Mon Feb 18 9:30am - Episode 34 "Did You See Hanz?" (R Tue Feb 19 5:30am)
-Tue Feb 19 9:30am - Episode 35 "The Exposure of the Cat's Eye's Secret" (R Wed Feb 20 5:30am)
-Wed Feb 20 9:30am - Episode 36 "The Man Who Knows Hanz" (R Thu Feb 21 5:30am)
-Thu Feb 21 9:30am - Episode 1 "You're a Sexy Thief" (R Fri Feb 22 5:30am)
-Fri Feb 22 9:30am - Episode 2 "Welcome to the Police Station" (R Sat Feb 23 5:30am)

(Toon Disney)
-Sat Feb 16 6:30am - Episode 43 "Playing Games"
-Sun Feb 17 6:30am - Episode 44 "Trash Day"
-Mon Feb 18 6:30am - Episode 187 "My Brother In Spirit"
-Tue Feb 19 6:30am - Episode 188 "Ne'er the Twins Shall Meet"
-Wed Feb 20 6:30am - Episode 189 "Operation Free Ophanimon"
-Thu Feb 21 6:30am - Episode 190 "Takuya and Koji's Evolution"
-Fri Feb 22 6:30am - Episode 191 "Ice Ice Baby"

Dragon Ball Z
(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Feb 16 10:30pm - Episode 160 "The Games Begin"

Elemental Gelade
-Sun Feb 17 10:30pm - Episode 5 "The Teardrop From That Day" (R Mon Feb 18 3:00am, 2:30pm)
-Tue Feb 19 6:00pm - Episode 6 "Eyeing the Pleasure" (R Tue Feb 19 9:00pm, Wed Feb 20 1:30am, 1:00pm)

Eureka 7
(Adult Swim)
-Wed Feb 20 1:30am - Episode 44 "It's All in the Mind" (R Wed Feb 20 4:30am)
-Thu Feb 21 1:30am - Episode 45 "Don't You Want Me?" (R Thu Feb 21 4:30am)
-Fri Feb 22 1:30am - Episode 46 "Planet Rock" (R Fri Feb 22 4:30am)
-Sat Feb 23 1:30am - Episode 47 "Acperience-4" (R Sat Feb 23 4:30am)

(Adult Swim)
-Tue Feb 19 1:30am - Episode 1 "Fooly Cooly" (R Tue Feb 19 4:30am)

Fullmetal Alchemist
(Adult Swim)
-Wed Feb 20 12:30am - Episode 1 "To Challenge the Sun" (R Wed Feb 20 3:30am)
-Thu Feb 21 12:30am - Episode 2 "Body of the Sanctioned" (R Thu Feb 21 3:30am)
-Fri Feb 22 12:30am - Episode 3 "Mother" (R Fri Feb 22 3:30am)
-Sat Feb 23 12:30am - Episode 4 "A Forger's Love" (R Sat Feb 23 3:30am)

-Sun Feb 17 10:00pm - Episode 5 "Do You Love Your Fiancee?" (R Mon Feb 17 2:30am, 2:00pm)
-Tue Feb 19 5:30pm - Episode 6 "Her Melancholy, My Melancholy" (R Tue Feb 19 8:30pm, Wed Feb 20 1:00am, 12:30pm)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
(Adult Swim)
-Wed Feb 20 1:00am - Episode 3 "Cash Eye" (R Wed Feb 20 4:00am)
-Thu Feb 21 1:00am - Episode 4 "Natural Enemy" (R Thu Feb 21 4:00am)
-Fri Feb 22 1:00am - Episode 5 "Inductance" (R Fri Feb 22 4:00am)
-Sat Feb 23 1:00am - Episode 6 "Excavation" (R Sat Feb 23 4:00am)

Hellsing Ultimate
(Starz Edge)
-Sat Feb 16 12:40pm - Episode 1
-Sat Feb 16 1:35pm - Episode 2

(Adult Swim)
-Sun Feb 17 5:00am - Episode 81 "Vanishing Point: Naraku Disappears"
-Tue Feb 19 5:00am - Episode 82 "Gap Between the Ages"
-Wed Feb 20 5:00am - Episode 83 "The Female Wolf-Demon and the Lunar Rainbow Promise"
-Thu Feb 21 5:00am - Episode 84 "Koga's Bride-to-Be"
-Fri Feb 22 5:00am - Episode 85 "The Evil Within Demon's Head Castle"
-Sat Feb 23 5:00am - Episode 86 "Secret of the Possessed Princess"

Last Exile
-Sun Feb 17 1:00am - Episode TBA
-Sun Feb 17 1:30am - Episode TBA
-Sun Feb 17 2:00am - Episode TBA
-Sun Feb 17 2:30am - Episode TBA
-Mon Feb 18 8:30pm - Episode TBA (R Tue Feb 19 1:30am, 5:30am)
-Tue Feb 19 2:00am - Episode TBA
-Tue Feb 19 2:30am - Episode TBA
-Tue Feb 19 3:00am - Episode TBA
-Tue Feb 19 3:30am - Episode TBA
-Tue Feb 19 8:30pm - Episode TBA (R Wed Feb 20 1:30am, 5:30am)
-Wed Feb 20 8:30pm - Episode TBA (R Thu Feb 21 1:30am, 5:30am)

Law of Ueki
-Sun Feb 17 9:30pm - Episode 5 "The Law of Robert Haydn" (R Mon Feb 18 2:00am, 1:30pm)
-Tue Feb 19 5:00pm - Episode 6 "The Law of Farewell" (R Tue Feb 19 8:00pm, Wed Feb 20 12:30am, 12:00pm)

(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Feb 18 10:30pm - Episode 128 "A Cry on Deaf Ears"
-Tue Feb 19 10:30pm - Episode 129 "Brothers: Distance Among the Uchiha"
-Wed Feb 20 10:30pm - Episode 130 "Father and Son, the Broken Crest"
-Thu Feb 21 10:30pm - Episode 131 "The Secrets of the Mangekyo Sharingan"

New Fist of the North Star
(Showtime Beyond)
-Mon Feb 18 2:30am - Episode 1 "The Cursed City" (R Fri Feb 22 11:40pm)
-Mon Feb 18 3:30am - Episode 2 "The Forbidden Fist" (R Sat Feb 23 12:45am)
-Mon Feb 18 4:30am - Episode 3 "When a Man Carries Sorrow" (R Sat Feb 23 1:45am)

(Sci Fi)
-Tue Feb 19 12:00am - Episode 11 "Out of Sync"
-Tue Feb 19 12:30am - Episode 12 "The Battle"

-Mon Feb 18 8:30am - Episode 1 "Space-Time Destruction" (R Tue Feb 19 5:00am)
-Tue Feb 19 8:30am - Episode 2 "Lonely Wolf" (R Wed Feb 20 5:00am)
-Wed Feb 20 8:30am - Episode 3 "Pretty Machine" (R Thu Feb 21 5:00am)
-Thu Feb 21 8:30am - Episode 4 "Caravan" (R Fri Feb 22 5:00am)
-Fri Feb 22 8:30am - Episode 5 "Lovers" (R Sat Feb 23 5:00am)

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Feb 16 9:00am - Episode 493 "Settling a Not-So-Old Score!" (R Thu Feb 21 3:00pm)
-Sat Feb 16 9:30am - Episode 494 "Drifloon on the Wind" (R Fri Feb 22 3:00pm)
-Sun Feb 17 10:30am - Episode 498 "An Angry Combeenation"
-Mon Feb 18 7:00am - Episode "Smells Like Team Spirit"
-Tue Feb 19 7:00am - Episode 517 "Steamboat Willies"
-Tue Feb 19 3:00pm - Episode 491 "Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan!"
-Wed Feb 20 7:00am - Episode 506 "Top-Down Training"
-Wed Feb 20 3:00pm - Episode 492 "Getting the Pre-Contest Titters!"
-Thu Feb 21 7:00am - Episode 507 "A Stand-Up Sit-Down"
-Fri Feb 22 7:00am - Episode 508 "The Electrike Company"

-Mon Feb 18 6:00am - Episode 43 "Crest of the Milligan House" (R Mon Feb 18 9:00am, Tue Feb 19 4:30am)
-Tue Feb 19 6:00am - Episode 44 "The String That Ties a Mother and Child" (R Tue Feb 19 9:00am, Wed Feb 20 4:30am)
-Wed Feb 20 6:00am - Episode 45 "Mother Moving Into the Distance" (R Wed Feb 20 9:00am, Thu Feb 21 4:30am)
-Thu Feb 21 6:00am - Episode 46 "From the Depths of Despair" (R Thu Feb 21 9:00am, Fri Feb 22 4:30am)
-Fri Feb 22 6:00am - Episode 47 "Desperate Diving" (R Fri Feb 22 9:00am, Sat Feb 23 4:30am)

Saiyuki Reload
(Encore WAM)
-Sun Feb 17 1:05am - Episode 2 "Wanted Dead or Alive"
-Sun Feb 17 1:30am - Episode 3 "Lethal Weapon"
-Sun Feb 17 2:00am - Episode 4 "Negative Energy"

Special Duty Combat Unit: Shinesman
(Encore WAM)
-Tue Feb 19 1:00pm - Episode 1
-Tue Feb 19 1:30pm - Episode 2

Transformers: Cybertron
(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Feb 18 6:00am - Episode 50 "Unfinished"
-Tue Feb 19 6:00am - Episode 51 "Beginning"
-Wed Feb 20 6:00am - Episode 52 "Inferno"
-Thu Feb 21 6:00am - Episode 27 "Critical"
-Fri Feb 22 6:00am - Episode 28 "Assault"

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