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The Click
November 11th - November 17th

by Brian Hanson,

With another week gone by, it means another couple of days spent slaving over the internet, waiting as the listings I need to compile are clogged in the various tubes of the internet. But, it's here, it's new, and will most likely NOT offend major religious and ethnic groups, so we're set. Remember: dates and times are tentative, which is a fancy word meaning likely-to-change-at-the-last-second, and are Eastern, so adjust time-zone issues accordingly!

And boy, there is a buttload of new stuff on this week. Movies, premieres, and generally strange things popping up in random places; of which, Voltron is apparently going to be airing at 5:30am on Adult Swim, but because their own schedule doesn't acknowledge it yet, I had to stick the previously-planned Gigantor repeats in its stead. Well, maybe not had to. But it is irrefutably what I did. And yes, last week's embargo on Canadian anime TV repeats soldiers ever onward this week as well. You'll just have to believe me when I say with my most serious tone of voice that we're working on it, really!

Excuses aside, prep the couch, duct-tape that hole on your bean bag chair, and pop open some generic fat-saturated foodstuffs; there's some TV to watch!

Grave of the Fireflies
(Turner Classic Movies)
Sunday November 12 10:00pm

Grave of the Fireflies is something so good that there's really no other option of spotlighting anything else. Normally I prefer picking something quirkier, but I certainly don't want to be known as against Isao Takahata's tear-jerking WWII animated masterpiece. Heck, this is probably one of three features I've ever listed that I can honestly define as a "masterpiece" without nervously twitching somewhat. A shame, then, that Turner Classic Movies won't be using the same tactic of their earlier Studio Ghibli broadcasts by airing the dub first and later the subtitled version; not that I think the dub is terrible, in fact I think it gets less credit than it deserves, but this is a film that certainly deserves the same treatment as the rest of the Studio Ghibli oeuvre.


(Cartoon Network)
Saturday November 11 5:00am - Episode 1 "Welcome to 'The World'"

Yikes, that came out of nowhere. Literally. No press release? No formal acknowledgment? No even-handed attempt at airing this series at a better timeslot before banishing it to early-morning purgatory? Why did they bother acquiring this show in the first place, then? Many questions, few answers. The show itself, though, is fine, and unlikely to receive much tampering edit-wise, so check it out. If, uh, you have insomnia or TiVo or both.

Thursday November 16 5:30pm - Episode 20 "River of Mercy" (Repeats Fri Nov 17 12:30am)

The highly Shakespearean Ninja-drama continues, with the increasingly-cynical Gennosuke resigning himself to a life of endless slaughter following last week's big plot reveal.

(Cartoon Network)
Sunday November 12 12:00am - Episode 10 (Repeats Sun Nov 12 3:00am)

Ichigo runs afoul of a sixth-sensing buffoon named Don Kan'onji, who himself runs afoul of a nasty Hollow whilst filming his hit show dealing with spirits and exorcisms. Y'know, if Sylvia Browne could also speak to ghosts while wearing dreadlocks and a goofy hat, I would totally buy her books.

Friday November 17 10:30pm - Episode 11

This episode introduces the bespectacled Uryu Ishida, the lone survivor of the long-since-forgotten clan known as the Quincy, which sends Rukia and the others in various plot-related tizzies.

(Toon Disney)
Sunday November 12 10:30pm - Episode 23 "Fire and Ice" (Repeats Mon Nov 13 3:00am)

So let it be known that there, out there, somewhere on the internet, are people who consider themselves Daigunder fans. It should behoove them to note, then, that Toon Disney is polishing off some of the episodes unaired during the series' original tenure in 2003 and giving them another go. So you see, sometimes people do care.

Eureka 7
(Cartoon Network)
Sunday November 12 12:30am - Episode 29 "Keep on Movin'" (Repeats Sun Nov 12 3:30am)

The Nirvash is in bad shape, so Holland and the rest of the Gekkostate lug the surfin' mech to the military base it was assembled. Later, they argue that they thought the manufacturer's warranty was for three years, and they don't have time to wait for any special ordered parts.

Friday November 17 9:30pm - Episode 10 "Higher Than the Sun"

A large amount of strangely non-toxic gas known as Trapar is discovered en route, which is the key ingredient for a fun day of "lifting." Also, Holland and Talho stumble upon a Federation military base, which is the key ingredient for a not-so-fun moment of serious reflection for the still-troubled captain.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Friday November 17 10:00pm - Episode 37 "The Flame Alchemist, the Bachelor Lieutenant, and the Mystery of Warehouse 13"

FMA takes a break from all the dark serious stuff for a trio of fun stories involving some of the lesser-known State Alchemists. Yes, that's right: fun.

Friday November 17 9:00pm - Episode 165 "The Ultimate Key to Defeating Naraku"

If you love Inuyasha, or maybe hate Inuyasha so much and you need to glower at the TV for thirty minutes, or maybe realize that Inuyasha is just a TV and isn't worth getting so worked up over, then this episode may very well be for you! Basically Inuyasha and his cohorts try to defeat a demon summoned by Hakudoshi. Basically.

(Cartoon Network)
Saturday November 11 9:00pm - Episode 58 "Hospital Besieged: The Evil Hand Revealed"

Naruto is bedridden following his exhaustive ordeal summoning the Chief Toad, but still the plucky lad can't help but notice something odd going on when the shifty sand ninja Gaara pays a visit to the comatose Rock Lee.

Friday November 17 8:00pm - Episode TBA

I believe I've stated before how I'm unable to confirm precisely which new episode is airing due to my inability to access YTV itself, as well as YTV's inability to properly list new episodes. Instead, I'll describe it using interpretive dance, which in turn will be interpreted using the following symbols: (*SD OI  OIPS(*Y&^(*^*&%*&Y)(*SOPID "
S D(*S^(*&%_)I)+(#E$%^&*()P_{}O(_)(^%$#

New Fist of the North Star
(Showtime Beyond)
Wednesday November 15 9:00pm - Episode 3 "When a Man Carries Sorrow" (Repeats Fri Nov 17 7:30pm)

Sometimes in life, you may find yourself asking, "Am I already dead?" Luckily, Kenshiro is here with his brand new show to tell you that, yes, you are already dead.

One Piece
Friday November 17 7:30pm - Episode 37 "Arms Against Arms"

Roronoa Zo(r)(l)o tries to match his awesome sword-carried-by-every-possible-appendage technique against an opponent who literally has the upper hand: an Octopus! Unfortunately that pun only works if you can suspend your disbelief enough to consider tentacles "hands." Which is admittedly a bit of a stretch. Sorry if that one was simply too farfetched, folks.

R.O.D. the TV
(G4TechTV Canada)
-Monday November 13 8:30pm - Episode 6 "The Right Stuff"
-Tuesday November 14 8:30pm - Episode 7 "In a Grove"
-Wednesday November 15 8:30pm - Episode 8 "Seduced by the Night"
-Thursday November 16 8:30pm - Episode 9 "Heart of Darkness"
-Friday November 17 8:30pm - Episode 10 "A Christmas Carold"

Finally, the series that speaks to the paper-wielding book fetishist in all of us! I was also going to say something to the effect of "R.O.D. continues to 'tear' up Canadian airwaves" but then I realized that I'd already used up my confusing pun quota above.

Anyway, this week: Anita frets over the potential embarrassment-fest that is "family visit day," the girls pay a visit to an elusive character with a long-overdue British Library book, a Christmas episode, and some other stuff!

Saiyuki Reload
(Encore Action)
-Saturday November 11 12:00am - Episode 10 "Trick or Treat" (Repeats Sat Nov 11 12:00pm)
-Saturday November 11 12:30am - Episode 11 "Mother" (Repeats Sat Nov 11 12:30pm)
-Saturday November 11 1:00am - Episode 12 "Tiny Dream" (Repeats Sat Nov 11 1:00pm)
-Tuesday November 14 12:00am - Episode 13 "Lovely Baby" (Repeats Tue Nov 14 12:00pm)
-Tuesday November 14 12:30am - Episode 14 "Black Crow" (Repeats Tue Nov 14 12:30pm)
-Tuesday November 14 1:00am - Episode 15 "Secret Ambition" (Repeats Tue Nov 14 1:00pm)
-Wednesday November 15 12:00am - Episode 16 "Opposite" (Repeats Wed Nov 15 12:00pm)
-Wednesday November 15 12:30am - Episode 17 "Wish" (Repeats Wed Nov 15 12:30pm)
-Wednesday November 15 1:00am - Episode 18 "Critical Day" (Repeats Wed Nov 15 1:00pm)
-Thursday November 16 12:00am - Episode 19 "Farewell" (Repeats Thu Nov 16 12:00pm)
-Thursday November 16 12:30am - Episode 20 "Chase" (Repeats Thu Nov 16 12:30pm)
-Thursday November 16 1:00am - Episode 21 "Don't Cry" (Repeats Thu Nov 16 1:00pm)
-Friday November 17 12:00am - Episode 22 "Pain" (Repeats Fri Nov 17 12:00pm)
-Friday November 17 12:30am - Episode 23 "Dawn" (Repeats Fri Nov 17 12:30pm)
-Friday November 17 1:00am - Episode 24 "Go Ahead" (Repeats Fri Nov 17 1:00pm)
-Friday November 17 1:30am - Episode 25 "Nothing to Give" (Repeats Fri Nov 17 1:30pm)

Sixteen new never-before-seen-on-US-niche-cable-television episodes of Saiyuki Reload spread out over a mere six days. I suppose if you've got the time, the unending supply of Coke and pork rinds, and the overwhelming desire to watch ALL of Saiyuki Reload as FAST as humanly possible, this is probably doable.

Samurai 7
Thursday November 16 5:00pm - Episode 20 "The Execution" (Repeats Fri Nov 17 12:00am)

Ukyo's sudden and disturbing betrayal starts having some dire consequences; namely, Kambei's public and highly-publicized beheading! But when the rest of the Samurai arrive for his rescue, he may very well come out a-hea... No, no, sorry. Just one pun only.

Trinity Blood
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday November 11 11:30pm - Episode 10 "Overcount II: Lucifer's Choice" (Repeats Sun Nov 12 2:30am)

The plot grows ever thicker, with Lady Caterina held under arrest while the nefarious Rosen Kreuz begins their equally nefarious plan to destroy Rome using their "Silent Noise" device.

Thursday November 16 6:00pm - Episode 20 "The Throne of Roses I: Kingdom of the North" (Repeats Fri Nov 17 1:00am)

Sister Esther and the commandeer of the pope-mobile himself, The Pope, pay a visit to the nearby country of Albion to strengthen diplomatic ties. Which is the darnedest time for a massive Vampire revolt, really.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters
Saturday November 11 9:00am - Episode 10 "The Fiendish Five, Part 2"

The Fiendish Five grow ever more Fiendish-er when they merge together and attempt to thwart our favorite spiny-haired card enthusiast!

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday November 11 7:30pm - Episode 80 "What a Doll!"

A new female transfer student arrives at Duel Academy, catching the eyes of many of her classmates of the opposite sex. NOTE TO KIDS: this episode probably contains more card battling than it does "yucky stuff." In case you were worried.

Zatch Bell
Friday November 17 8:30pm - Episode 45 "Zatch vs. Bari"

An ideological battle takes physical form as Zatch, determined to become a kind Mamodo ruler, faces off against Bari, determined to rule with an iron-clad tyrannical fist. Or maybe they could switch to some kind of, I dunno, Mamodo democracy or at least Parliamentary government to avoid these magic spellbook battles in the future? Just throwing that out there.


Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday November 11 5:00pm

No new Pokemon episodes this week, but there's TONS of repeats! And a movie! That they've also aired many times before! Because kids these days, due to video games and hip-hop are too stupid to remember whether they've seen a TV show before.

Dragonball Z: Fusion Reborn
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday November 11 9:30pm

I'm actually not going to make fun of this movie at all, because I distinctly remember watching a fansub lent to me by some of my DBZ-loving friends some years back and enjoying it. A silly blob creature floats about, unable to speak anything but its own name in the fine Pokemon tradition, while historical figures somehow rise from the grave and terrorize the populace. Good times.

(Encore WAM)
Wednesday November 15 6:00pm (Repeats Thu Nov 16 3:00am)

Black Magic M-66
(Encore Action)
Saturday November 11 5:05pm (Repeats Sun Nov 12 1:30am, Thu Nov 16 4:00am)

More interpretive dance which is interpreted through the following symbols describes the features above: <>?}

I'm all out of new and feature length listings today, but a gallon or so of repeats lie below! I'll be back next week hopefully with something resembling a sense of humor! Ciao!


(Toon Disney)
-Sun Nov 12 9:30pm - Episode 111 "Swiped on the Streets" (R Mon Nov 13 2:00am)

Chrono Crusade
(Showtime Beyond)
-Mon Nov 13 12:00am - Episode 15 "Pursuer" (R Mon Nov 13 5:30am, Thu Nov 16 7:35pm, Fri Nov 17 12:40am, 7:30pm)
-Fri Nov 17 7:00pm - Episode 14 "Prayer"
-Fri Nov 17 9:00pm - Episode 16 "Believer"

(Toon Disney)
-Sun Nov 12 9:00pm - Episode 132 "Blame It On Ryo" (R Mon Nov 13 1:30am)
-Mon Nov 13 8:00am - Episode 115 "Much Ado About Musyamon" (R Tue Nov 14 2:30am)
-Mon Nov 13 10:30pm - Episode 140 "The Battle Within" (R Tue Nov 14 3:00am)
-Tue Nov 14 8:00am - Episode 116 "Divided They Stand" (R Wed Nov 15 2:30am)
-Tue Nov 14 10:30pm - Episode 141 "No Mon is an Island" (R Wed Nov 15 3:00am)
-Wed Nov 15 8:00am - Episode 117 "Juggernaut" (R Thu Nov 16 2:30am)
-Wed Nov 15 10:30pm - Episode 142 "Azulongmon Explains it All" (R Thu Nov 16 3:00am)
-Thu Nov 16 8:00am - Episode 118 "Grow Mon Grow" (R Fri Nov 17 2:30am)
-Thu Nov 16 10:30pm - Episode 143 "Song of Sakuyamon" (R Fri Nov 17 3:00am)
-Fri Nov 17 8:00am - Episode 119 "Snakes, Trains and Digimon" (R Sat Nov 18 2:30am)
-Fri Nov 17 10:30pm - Episode 144 "Janyu's Ark" (R Sat Nov 18 3:00am)

Dragon Ball Z
(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Nov 18 12:30am - Episode 121 "No Match for the Androids"

Fullmetal Alchemist
(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Nov 14 1:00am - Episode 2 "Body of the Sanctioned" (R Tue Nov 14 4:30am)
-Wed Nov 15 1:00am - Episode 3 "Mother" (R Wed Nov 15 4:30am)
-Thu Nov 16 1:00am - Episode 4 "A Forger's Love" (R Thu Nov 16 4:30am)
-Fri Nov 17 1:00am - Episode 5 "The Man With the Mechanical Arm" (R Fri Nov 17 4:30am)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Nov 14 1:30am - Episode 11 "Affection" (R Tue Nov 14 5:00am)
-Wed Nov 15 1:30am - Episode 12 "Selecon" (R Wed Nov 15 5:00am)
-Thu Nov 16 1:30am - Episode 13 "Make Up" (R Thu Nov 16 5:00am)
-Fri Nov 17 1:30am - Episode 14 "Poker Face" (R Fri Nov 17 5:00am)

(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Nov 14 5:30am - Episode 21 "The Atomic Flame"
-Wed Nov 15 5:30am - Episode 22 "The Incredible Speed Machine"
-Thu Nov 16 5:30am - Episode 23 "The Monster Magnet"
-Fri Nov 17 5:30am - Episode 24 "Target Jupitor"

(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Nov 14 12:30am - Episode 144 "Hosenki and the Last Shard" (R Tue Nov 14 4:00am)
-Wed Nov 15 12:30am - Episode 145 "Bizarre Guards at the Border of the Afterlife!" (R Wed Nov 15 4:00am)
-Thu Nov 16 12:30am - Episode 146 "The Fiery Bird Master, Princess Abi" (R Thu Nov 16 4:00am)
-Fri Nov 17 12:30am - Episode 147 "The Tragic Love Song of Destiny, Part 1" (R Fri Nov 17 4:00am)

Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
-Sat Nov 11 8:00am - Episode 50 "Air Ride-in-Style, Part 1"

Mirage of Blaze
(Encore WAM)
-Sat Nov 11 4:00pm - Episode 12 "Choices of Conflict" (R Sun Nov 12 8:00am)
-Sun Nov 12 4:00pm - Episode 13 "Twilight of Beyond" (R Mon Nov 13 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Thu Nov 16 4:00pm - Episode 1 "Ill Fated Destiny" (R Fri Nov 17 2:00am)
-Fri Nov 17 4:00pm - Episode 2 "Possessor From the Darkness" (R Sat Nov 18 2:00am, 8:00am)

Mirage of Blaze: Rebels of the River's Edge
(Encore WAM)
-Mon Nov 13 4:00pm - Episode 1 "Dearest Wish" (R Tue Nov 14 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Tue Nov 14 4:00pm - Episode 2 "Tiger's Eye" (R Wed Nov 15 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Wed Nov 15 4:00pm - Episode 3 "Wind of the River's Edge" (R Thu Nov 16 2:00am, 8:00am)

Mon Colle Knights
(Toon Disney)
-Sun Nov 12 11:00pm - Episode 5 "To See Your Smile Again" (R Mon Nov 13 3:30am)

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Nov 11 8:30pm - Episode 57 "He Flies! He Jumps! He Lurks! Chief Toad Appears!"
-Mon Nov 13 10:00pm - Episode 46 "Byakugan Battle: Hinata Grows Bold!"
-Tue Nov 14 10:00pm - Episode 47 "A Failure Stands Tall!"
-Wed Nov 15 10:00pm - Episode 48 "Gaara vs Rock Lee: The Power of Youth Explodes"
-Thu Nov 16 10:00pm - Episode 49 "Lee's Hidden Strength: Forbidden Secret Jutsu"
-Fri Nov 17 10:00pm - Episode 50 "The Fifth Gate: A Splended Ninja Is Born"

New Fist of the North Star
(Showtime Beyond)
-Sat Nov 11 4:00am - Episode 2 "The Forbidden City"

Oban Star-Racers
(Toon Disney)
-Sat Nov 11 8:30am - Episode 10 "Resistant Like Rush"
-Sat Nov 11 10:00pm - Episode 16 "Nervous Like Ning & Skun" (R Sun Nov 12 2:30am)
-Sun Nov 12 8:30am - Episode 11 "Silent Like Spirit"
-Tue Nov 14 1:30am - Episode 4 "In Like Flint" (R Sat Nov 18 1:30am)

Paranoia Agent
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Nov 12 1:30am - Episode 3 "Double Lips" (R Sun Nov 12 4:30am)

(Showtime Beyond)
-Sun Nov 12 6:10pm - Episode 24 "Iron" (R Sun Nov 12 11:30pm, Mon Nov 13 5:05am, Thu Nov 16 7:50pm, Fri Nov 17 1:10am)
-Fri Nov 17 9:30pm - Episode 1 "Cherry Blossoms"

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Nov 11 9:00am - Episode 435 "Ka Boom With a View"
-Sat Nov 11 9:30am - Episode 436 "King and Queen for a Day"
-Sat Nov 11 7:00pm - Episode 418 "Sweet Baby James"
-Sun Nov 12 5:00pm - Episode 423 "On Olden Pond!"
-Sun Nov 12 5:30pm - Episode 424 "Tactics Theatrics!"
-Mon Nov 13 7:00am - Episode 387 "Mean With Envy"
-Mon Nov 13 5:00pm - Episode 396 "Like a Meowth to a Flame"
-Tue Nov 14 7:00am - Episode 388 "Pacifidlog Jam"
-Tue Nov 14 5:00pm - Episode 397 "Saved by the Beldum"
-Wed Nov 15 7:00am - Episode 389 "Berry, Berry Interesting"
-Wed Nov 15 5:00pm - Episode 398 "From Brags to Riches"
-Thu Nov 16 7:00am - Episode 390 "Less is Morrison"
-Thu Nov 16 5:00pm - Episode 399 "Shocks and Bonds"
-Fri Nov 17 7:00am - Episode 391 "The Ribbon Cup Caper"
-Fri Nov 17 5:00pm - Episode 400 "A Judgment Brawl"

Pokemon Chronicles
(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Nov 13 5:30pm - Episode 5 "The Family That Battles Together Stays Together"-
-Tue Nov 14 5:30pm - Episode 6 "Cerulean Blues"
-Wed Nov 15 5:30pm - Episode 7 "We're No Angels"
-Thu Nov 16 5:30pm - Episode 8 "Showdown at the Oak Corral!"
-Fri Nov 17 5:30pm - Episode 9 "The Blue Badge of Courage"

Samurai 7
(Independant Film Channel)
-Sat Nov 11 8:00am - Episode 11 "The Village" (R Sat Nov 11 1:55pm)
-Sat Nov 11 8:30am - Episode 12 "The Truth"

Samurai Champloo
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Nov 12 1:00am - Episode 3 "Hellhounds for Hire" (R Sun Nov 12 4:00am)

(Toon Disney)
-Sat Nov 11 4:00am - Episode 29 "Mushrambo Meets His Match"
-Sun Nov 12 10:00pm - Episode 10 "Mushrambo: The Ultimate Samurai" (R Mon Nov 13 2:30am)
-Tue Nov 14 4:00am - Episode 30 "Mushra's Mission"
-Wed Nov 15 4:00am - Episode 31 "Soul Survivor"
-Thu Nov 16 4:00am - Episode 32 "Long Live Yakumo"
-Fri Nov 17 4:00am - Episode 1 "The Awakening"

Street Fighter II V
(Encore WAM)
-Sat Nov 11 4:30pm - Episode 12 "The Deadly Phantom Face Off" (R Sun Nov 12 8:30am)
-Sun Nov 12 4:30pm - Episode 13 "The Legend of Hadou Ken" (R Mon Nov 13 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Mon Nov 13 4:30pm - Episode 14 "The Bloodthirsty Prince" (R Tue Nov 14 2:30am, 8:32am)
-Tue Nov 14 4:32pm - Episode 15 "Clash of the Titans" (R Wed Nov 15 2:32am, 8:32am)
-Wed Nov 15 4:33pm - Episode 16 "Unveiled Ruler" (R Thu Nov 16 2:33am, 8:30am)
-Thu Nov 16 4:30pm - Episode 17 "The Despot's Commander" (R Fri Nov 17 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Fri Nov 17 4:30pm - Episode 18 "Beautiful Assassin" (R Sat Nov 18 2:30am, 8:30am)

Transformers Cybertron
(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Nov 13 6:00am - Episode 10 "Search"
-Tue Nov 14 6:00am - Episode 11 "Deep"
-Wed Nov 15 6:00am - Episode 12 "Ship"
-Thu Nov 16 6:00am - Episode 13 "Hero"
-Fri Nov 17 6:00am - Episode 14 "Race"

-Sat Nov 11 10:00am - Episode 2 "The Gauntlet is Thrown"

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