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The Click
August 19th - August 25th

by Brian Hanson,

Welcome to another freshly baked batch of warm, cozy anime-on-TV listings, courtesy of myself! And various corporate sponsors.

I apologize in advance for the blog-like tone this week's edition is about to endure, but I am literally fresh from my jaunt to an advance screening of this year's “All Your Base”-style internet fad, Snakes on a Plane. Now, like anybody else with a computer and a completely healthy fondness for Turbo Teen, I spend a lot of time on the internet – but when the random sundries and in-jokes from the internet start permeating my real life, I grow a little concerned. Is my fragile concept of reality beginning to warp? Are the dudes chanting “NO U!” in the theater queue people, or perhaps a dire warning of years of brain tissue decay, caused by internet-related brain poisoning? I know one thing for certain: my brain hurts. I should move on.

Skipping through most of my blabbering verbosity leads us to:

(Cartoon Network)
-Saturday August 19 11:30pm - Episode 3 (Repeats Sun Aug 22 2:30am, Thu Aug 24 12:30am, 4:00am)
-Tuesday August 22 12:30am - Episode 1 (Repeats Tue Aug 22 4:00am)
-Wednesday August 23 12:30am - Episode 2 (Repeats Wed Aug 23 4:00am)
-Friday August 24 12:30am - Episode 4 (Repeats Fri Aug 24 4:00am)

Now here's something interesting. Funimation has once again taken a gamble with one of Japan's hugely successful shows, but instead of tailoring it for younger audiences, as it has been in Europe and other markets, Funimation is literally peppering the dub with lots of curse words, potty jokes, and lewd, self-referential humor.

For those of you keen on the “News” aspect of ANN, you're all well aware that Shin-Chan isn't technically a new show just yet. This week begins a continuous run of six cherry-picked episodes that Adult Swim will run for about a week or so; in other words, the jury is still out on this one. I've seen some of the clips Funimation has posted on their recently-updated Shin-Chan website, and there's potential there, but I need to check out a full episode to see whether or not all the re-tooling was a good idea. And so should you, gentle readers!

If crudely-drawn kids' shows given a profane makeover that might be funny sounds like too much of a gamble, there's a few other gems strewn about this week's stable of anime premieres:


Thursday August 24 5:30pm - Episode 8 "Cage of Blood" (Repeats Fri Aug 25 12:30am, 1:00pm)

As the terrifying Iga clan continues their merciless assault, the Kouga clan must stand firm. Both in the literal and figurative sense, yes.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday August 19 10:00pm - Episode 41 "The Magical Battle Against Halekulani"

Halekulani and his, uh, tyrannical assault on... something, comes to an end! Actually, I have no idea what Bo-bobo's cabal of bad guys really aspire to in the grand scope of cartoon villainy. There's mention of removing hair, but very little of that seems to actually transpire. I demand some stability in the milieu of this weird, nonsensical cartoon show about nosehair karate!

Case Closed
Saturday August 26 12:00am - Episode 21 "The Disappearing Act"

Conan and his newfound, comparable-in-size pals in the “Junior Detective League” make a trip to the cliché factory and stumble into a haunted house!

Eureka 7
(Cartoon Network)
Sunday August 20 1:00am - Episode 17 "Sky Lock Gate" (Repeats Sun Aug 20 4:00am)

Eureka 7 is back! And on a... much worse timeslot. In other words; don't count on the latter 26 episodes ever airing, folks. Adult Swim seems to be done with it. If you'd rather I skip the dire prognosticating and just deliver on the synopsis, sure: as Renton struggles with his “relationship” with Eureka, the rest of the Gekkostate try to catch an elusive “skyfish” in order to use a special kind of magnetic film to repair the ailing Gekko ship.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Friday August 25 10:00pm - Episode 26 "Her Reason" (Repeats Sat Aug 26 1:00am)

Ed, Al and Winry make a much more lighthearted-than-last-week's-episode sojourn into Rush Valley, the “automail capital of the world.” The boys get unknowingly caught up in a competition for Winry to prove the strength of her automail against the rest of the metal-limb-creating hoi polloi.

(Cartoon Network)
Saturday August 26 12:00am - Episode 26 "The End and the Beginning"

This is the last episode of IGPX ever. Some will say, “Who?” Others will say, “What?” Yet others will run outside in the rain, shouting a triumphant “NO!” while on their knees, as the camera pans slowly upward. All of you, however, should check in on the robot-racin' antics of Team Satomi, and see if they have what it takes to beat Team White Snow in the IGPX finals.

Friday August 25 9:00pm - Episode 155 "The Demon Protector of the Sacred Jewel Shard" (Repeats Sat Aug 26 2:30am)

As Inuyasha's posse closes in on Naraku, complications arise as Hosenki, an old friend of Inuyasha's father and owner of the last remaining sacred jewel shard, stands in their way.

(Cartoon Network)
Saturday August 12 9:00pm - Episode 48 "Gaara vs. Rock Lee: The Power of Youth Explodes"

I apologize for my Naruto gaffe last week; I called Neji and Hinata “siblings.” Even though they, meaning the characters themselves, refer to each other as such, they are in truth (...well, fictional ninja anime truth), cousins.

Anyway. This week, the finals begin to wrap up as Rock Lee unleashes a frightening barrage against the dangerous and creepy Gaara, who has been rumored to never have been injured in a fight.

Oban Star-Racers
(Toon Disney)
Monday August 21 7:30pm- Episode 12 "The Will to Win" (Repeats Tue Aug 22 12:30am)

Going by the previous episode of this surprisingly engaging kids' show, Molly and the rest of the Star-Racers are fully enveloped in playoff fever. Expect lots and lots of racing.

Pokemon Chronicles
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday August 19 7:30pm - Episode 13 "Training Daze"

The bumbling trio that is Team Rocket decides to spend a few moments reminiscing of old times, as they think back to why they joined Team Rocket and how they became a trio in the first place.

Samurai 7
(Independent Film Channel)
Saturday August 19 10:30pm - Episode 21 "The Rescue" (Repeats Sun Aug 20 1:30am, Thu Aug 24 11:30pm, Fri Aug 25 2:30am)

Ukyo makes a very dramatic entrance, pardoning the soon-to-be-executed Kambei mere seconds before hitting the Executioner's chopping block. The Kanna village women are also freed, leading to much speculation by the other samurai as to Ukyo's intentions.

Thursday August 24 5:00pm - Episode 8 "The Guardians" (Repeats Fri Aug 25 12:00am, 12:30pm)

Meanwhile in episodes not yet in the double-digits, the group takes refuge in the abode of a kindly woman named Honoka; but then the Nobuseri arrive and just make a nuisance of themselves.

Spider Riders
Saturday August 19 10:30am - Episode 9 "Hunter's Holiday"

Following weeks of rigorous fights and battles with various Happy Meal-esque toy-related action figurines, Hunter, the pugnacious protagonist, takes a sabbatical. Or will he?!?

Trinity Blood
Thursday August 24 6:00pm - Episode 8 "Silent Noise" (Repeats Fri Aug 25 1:00am, 1:30pm)

The National Palace at Barcelona literally crumbles to the ground, so the awesomely-monikered Abel Nightroad books a trip to investigate.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Saturday August 19 12:00pm - Episode 47 "Chazz-anova"

This dude Chazz likes that chick Alexis. But because this is Yu-Gi-Oh, there'll be none of that usual, mundane courtship nonsense: a card duel sounds much more appropriate!

(Cartoon Network)
-Monday August 21 5:30pm - Episode 53 "Back to Duel"
-Tuesday August 22 5:30pm - Episode 54 "Champion or Chazz-Been"
-Wednesday August 23 5:30pm - Episode 55 "A Hassleberry Hounding"
-Thursday August 24 5:30pm - Episode 56 "Sad But Truesdale"
-Friday August 25 5:30pm - Episode 57 "The Demon"

Cartoon Network's rolling out the second season starting this week, which for those of you for whom this stuff is infinitely engaging will no doubt be thrilled. In this week's batch of Yu-Gi-Oh spinoff premieres: our heroes duel a promising new arrival, one of the top-ranking students, gang leaders, a girl, and maybe Jeff Goldblum.

Zatch Bell
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday August 19 9:30pm - Episode 63 "Burrah! Victoream's Anger!"

Victoream is a much tougher act than Kiyo and Zatch had anticipated, so they of course think up a plan and then execute said plan. Really.


Black Magic M-66
(Encore Action)
Saturday August 19 4:50am (Repeats Wed Aug 23 12:00am, 12:10pm)

Kai Doh Maru
(Encore Action)
Saturday August 19 12:30pm (Repeats Sun Aug 20 1:30am, Wed Aug 23 6:15am, Thu Aug 24 1:00am)

The Weathering Continent
(Encore Action)
Monday August 21 5:30pm (Repeats Thu Aug 24 12:00am)

(Encore Action)
Tuesday August 22 4:35pm

All four of these “features” are only one-fifth to one-half parts good – the rest, quite atrocious. I'm sure of one where to clip out those good fractions and piece them together into one 94-minute feature, you'd have some solid, three-and-a-half-star viewing material. As it is, though, I'd have to advise: no.

That's it for: new stuff. Coming up: repeats. Next week: another column!


10 Tokyo Warriors
(Encore Action)
-Thu Aug 24 4:00am - Episode TBA
-Thu Aug 24 4:30am - Episode TBA

-Sat Aug 19 10:00pm - Episode 7 "Blood Sucking Seductress" (R Sun Aug 20 1:00am, 11:00am)

Battle B-Daman
-Tue Aug 22 3:30pm - Episode TBA
-Thu Aug 24 3:30pm - Episode TBA

-Sat Aug 19 5:30am - Episode 55 "Searching for Dragoon"
-Sat Aug 19 1:00pm - Episode 23 "Showdown in Vegas"
-Tue Aug 22 5:30am - Episode TBA
-Wed Aug 23 5:30am - Episode TBA
-Thu Aug 24 5:30am - Episode TBA
-Fri Aug 25 5:30am - Episode TBA

Big O
(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Aug 22 1:30am - Episode 17 "Leviathan" (R Tue Aug 22 5:00am)
-Wed Aug 23 1:30am - Episode 18 "The Greatest Villain" (R Wed Aug 23 5:00am)
-Thu Aug 24 1:30am - Episode 19 "Eyewitness" (R Thu Aug 24 5:00am)
-Fri Aug 25 1:30am - Episode 20 "Stripes" (R Fri Aug 25 5:00am)

Chrono Crusade
(Showtime Beyond)
-Mon Aug 21 12:00am - Episode 3 "Servants" (R Fri Aug 25 1:00am, 8:35pm)
-Fri Aug 25 8:10pm - Episode 2 "Contractor"

(ABC Family)
-Sat Aug 19 7:00am - Episode 109 "Dream a Little Dream"
-Sun Aug 20 7:00am - Episode 110 "O Partner, Where Art Thou?"

(Toon Disney)
-Sat Aug 19 9:30pm - Episode 117 "Juggernaut" (R Sun Aug 20 2:00am)
-Mon Aug 21 2:00am - Episode 118 "Grow Mon Grow"
-Tue Aug 22 9:30pm - Episode 77 "Genesis of Evil" (R Wed Aug 23 2:30am)
-Wed Aug 23 9:30pm - Episode 78 "If I Had a Tail Hammer" (R Thu Aug 24 2:30am)
-Thu Aug 24 9:30pm - Episode 79 "Spirit Needle" (R Fri Aug 25 2:30am)

Dragon Ball Z
(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Aug 26 12:30am - Episode 99 "Extreme Measures"

Fullmetal Alchemist
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Aug 20 12:00am - Episode 20 "Soul of the Guardian" (R Sun Aug 20 3:00am)
-Tue Aug 22 1:00am - Episode 5 "The Man With the Mechanical Arm" (R Tue Aug 22 4:30am)
-Wed Aug 23 1:00am - Episode 6 "The Alchemy Exam" (R Wed Aug 23 4:30am)
-Thu Aug 24 1:00am - Episode 7 "Night of the Chimera's Cry" (R Thu Aug 24 4:30am)
-Fri Aug 25 1:00am - Episode 8 "The Philosopher's Stone" (R Fri Aug 25 4:30am)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Aug 20 12:30am - Episode 9 "Chat! Chat! Chat!" (R Sun Aug 20 3:30am)

-Sat Aug 26 12:30am - Episode TBA

(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Aug 22 5:30am - Episode "Trap at 20 Fathoms"
-Wed Aug 23 5:30am - Episode "Monster of the Deep"
-Thu Aug 24 5:30am - Episode "Will the Real Gigantor Stand Up?"
-Fri Aug 25 5:30am - Episode "10,000 Gigantors"

The Gokusen
(Encore WAM)
-Sat Aug 19 4:00pm - Episode 12 "Shirokin High Closing" (R Sun Aug 20 1:00am, 6:00am)
-Sun Aug 20 4:00pm - Episode 13 "Yakumi's Final Act of Honor" (R Mon Aug 21 1:00am, 6:00am)
-Mon Aug 21 4:00pm - Episode 1 "Rookie Teacher With a Secret Is Born!" (R Tue Aug 22 1:00am, 6:00am)
-Tue Aug 22 4:00pm - Episode 2 "Duel! Shin vs. Ojou?" (R Wed Aug 23 1:00am, 6:00am)
-Wed Aug 23 4:00pm - Episode 3 "Kuma's First Time" (R Thu Aug 24 1:00am, 6:00am)
-Thu Aug 24 4:00pm - Episode 4 "Ojou Goes Blond! Whodunnit?" (R Fri Aug 25 1:00am, 6:00am)
-Fri Aug 25 4:00pm - Episode 5 "Oedo Clan in Crisis" (R Sat Aug 26 1:00am, 6:00am)

Gundam SEED
-Fri Aug 25 9:30pm - Episode TBA (R Sat Aug 26 1:30am)

(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Aug 20 1:30am - Episode 144 "Hosenki and the Last Shard" (R Sun Aug 20 4:30am)

Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
-Sat Aug 19 7:30am - Episode 10 "Hail to the Chief"

Magical DoReMi
-Sat Aug 19 7:00am - Episode 10 "Trouble in Store"

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Aug 12 8:30pm - Episode 47 "A Failure Stands Tall!"
-Mon Aug 21 10:00pm - Episode 13 "Haku's Secret Jutsu: Crystal Ice Mirrors"
-Tue Aug 22 10:00pm - Episode 14 "The Number One Hyperactive, Knucklehead Ninja Joins the Fight"
-Wed Aug 23 10:00pm - Episode 15 "Zero Visibility: The Sharingan Shatters"
-Thu Aug 24 10:00pm - Episode 16 "The Broken Seal"

-Fri Aug 25 8:00pm - Episode TBA (R Sat Aug 26 2:00am)

Oban Star-Racers
(ABC Family)
-Sat Aug 19 9:30am - Episode 11 "Silent Like Spirit"

(Toon Disney)
-Sat Aug 19 8:30pm - Episode 10 "Resistant Like Rush"

One Piece
-Sat Aug 19 4:00am - Episode 7 "The Desperate Duel"

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Aug 19 10:30pm - Episode 59 "Heading for Disaster"

(Showtime Beyond)
-Sun Aug 20 11:30pm - Episode 12 "Big Brother" (R Fri Aug 25 1:30am)
-Fri Aug 25 9:30pm - Episode 13 "Gaze"

-Sat Aug 19 10:00am - Episode 371 "It's Still Rocket Roll to Me"

(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Aug 21 5:00pm - Episode 381 "Do I Hear a Ralts?"
-Tue Aug 22 5:00pm - Episode 382 "The Great Eight Fate!"
-Wed Aug 23 5:00pm - Episode 383 "Eight Ain't Enough"
-Thu Aug 24 5:00pm - Episode 384 "Showdown at Linoone"
-Fri Aug 25 5:00pm - Episode 385 "Who, What, Where, Whynaut?"

-Tue Aug 22 5:00am - Episode TBA
-Wed Aug 23 5:00am - Episode TBA
-Thu Aug 24 5:00am - Episode TBA
-Fri Aug 25 5:00am - Episode TBA

Pokemon Chronicles
-Sat Aug 19 5:00am - Episode 8 "Showdown at the Oak Corral!"

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Aug 19 5:00pm - Episode 4 "Pikachu's Winter Vacation; Deliberd's Dilemma; Snorlax Snowman"
-Sat Aug 19 5:30pm - Episode 7 "We're No Angels" (R Sat Aug 19 6:30pm)
-Sat Aug 19 6:00pm - Episode 6 "Cerulean Blues"
-Sat Aug 19 7:00pm - Episode 12 "Celebi and Joy!"

Samurai 7
-Sat Aug 19 9:30pm - Episode 7 "The Friend" (R Sun Aug 20 12:30am, 10:30am)

Samurai Deeper Kyo
(Encore WAM)
-Sat Aug 19 4:30pm - Episode 5 "Tears of the Assassin" (R Sun Aug 20 1:30am, 6:30am)
-Sun Aug 20 4:30pm - Episode 6 "The Duel at Hibiya Bay" (R Mon Aug 21 1:30am, 6:30am)
-Mon Aug 21 4:30pm - Episode 7 "Keichou Era Battle Royal" (R Tue Aug 22 1:30am, 6:30am)
-Tue Aug 22 4:30pm - Episode 8 "Demon Spear Cries" (R Wed Aug 23 1:30am, 6:30am)
-Wed Aug 23 4:30pm - Episode 9 "The Blind Smile" (R Thu Aug 24 1:30am, 6:30am)
-Thu Aug 24 4:30pm - Episode 10 "Cold Blood Illusion" (R Fri Aug 25 1:30am, 6:30am)
-Fri Aug 25 4:30pm - Episode 11 "Pitch Black Flashback" (R Sat Aug 26 1:30am, 6:30am)

Spider Riders
-Sat Aug 12 10:30am - Episode 6 "Spider Riders Ball"

Submarine 707 Revolution
(Encore Action)
-Sun Aug 20 11:00am - Episode 1 "Mission: 01" (R Mon Aug 21 1:40am, Fri Aug 25 6:20am)
-Sun Aug 20 12:00pm - Episode 2 "Mission: 02" (R Mon Aug 21 2:45am, Fri Aug 25 7:20am)

Super Milk-Chan
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Aug 20 5:00am - Episode 6 "The Towering Homeless"

(Encore Action)
-Sat Aug 19 12:00am - Episode 19 "Heavenward" (R Mon Aug 21 12:00pm)
-Sat Aug 19 12:30am - Episode 20 "Hades" (R Mon Aug 21 12:35pm)
-Tue Aug 22 12:00am - Episode 21 "Encephalopathy" (R Tue Aug 22 12:00pm)
-Tue Aug 22 12:30am - Episode 22 "Myth" (R Tue Aug 22 12:30pm)

Transformers Cybertron
(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Aug 21 6:00am - Episode 13 "Hero"
-Tue Aug 22 6:00am - Episode 14 "Race"
-Wed Aug 23 6:00am - Episode 15 "Detour"
-Thu Aug 24 6:00am - Episode 16 "Savage"
-Fri Aug 25 6:00am - Episode 17 "Sand"

-Sat Aug 19 3:00am - Episode 3 "Hidden" (R Sat Aug 19 1:30pm)

Trinity Blood
-Sat Aug 19 10:30pm - Episode 7 "Never Land" (R Sun Aug 20 1:30am, 11:30am)

Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy
-Sat Aug 19 10:00am - Episode 2 "Generation

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