Pokemon CCG sales drop

posted on 2001-05-09 09:45 EDT
Decline in Pokémon colletible card game sales cited as part of Hasbro's declining profit.

In it's first quarterly report of 2001 Hasbro has reported a quarterly loss of $25 million and has attributed the loss in part to declining sales of Pokémon Merchandise.

Hasbro's U.S. games division, including Wizards of the Coast, saw sales drop by 50% from $398 million in the first quarter of 2000 to $190 million this past quarter. Hasbro aquired Wizards of the Coast, the manufacturer of the Pokémon CCG in late 1999. It is estimated that the Pokémon CCG sales amounted to over half a billion dollars in both 1999 and 2000, accounting for 15% of Hasbro's total revenues for 2000.

Estimates for Pokémon CCG sales in this past quarter are not available in the original article, however declining sales of Star Wars: Episode I, Pokémon, Teletubbies and Furby merchandise are all listed as being partially responsibe for Hasbro's declining sales, removing some of the blame from Pokémon.

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