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Pokémon Detective Pikachu (live-action movie)

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Alternative title:
Detective Pikachu (Spanish)
Meitantei Pikachu (Japanese)
Pokemón: Detective Pikachu (Spanish)
Pokémon: Detektyw Pikachu (Polish)
Pokémon: Detetive Pikachu (Portuguese)
Покемон. Детектив Пикачу (Russian)
名探偵ピカチュウ (Japanese)
Themes: monsters
Objectionable content: Mild
Based on: "Detective Pikachu" (video game) by Creatures, Inc. and The Pokémon Company
Plot Summary: Tim Goodman, a 21-year-old former Pokémon trainer, meets a talking Pikachu that belonged to his father Harry, who had gone missing after an accident years ago. With the Pikachu, Tim teams up with reporter Lucy Stevens and her Psyduck to investigate his father's disappearance, only to discover a secret that could endanger the Pokémon world.
Vintage: 2019-05-03
Premiere date:
2019-05-03 (Japan/France)
2019-05-08 (Belgium/Netherlands/Sweden/Indonesia)
2019-05-09 (Argentina/Brazil/Colombia)
2019-05-09 (Germany/Denmark/Italy/Portugal/Hungary/Slovakia)
2019-05-09 (Hong Kong/Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines/New Zealand)
2019-05-09 (Ukraine/Israel/Saudi Arabia/South Africa)
2019-05-10 (USA and Global except where indicated)
2019-05-16 (Russia/Serbia)
2019-05-19 (Colombia)
2019-05-31 (Poland)
2019-06-07 (Romania)
2019-06-13 (Greece)
2019-06-16 (Australia)
2019-06-23 (Chile)
2019-07-31 (Madagascar)
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Detective Pikachu (May 6, 2019)
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Pokémon Detective Pikachu [3D] (Blu-ray) 2019-08-06 (from $29.97)
    Pokémon Detective Pikachu [4K] (Blu-ray) 2019-08-06 (from $14.70)
    Pokémon Detective Pikachu [4K] [Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook] (Blu-ray) 2019-08-06 (from $39.99)
Blu-ray + DVD combo
    Pokémon Detective Pikachu (BD+DVD) 2019-08-06 (from $5.56)
    Pokémon Detective Pikachu [3D] [Best Buy Exclusive] (BD+DVD) 2019-08-06
DVD (Region 1)
    Pokémon Detective Pikachu (DVD) 2019-08-06 (from $9.56)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Hidetoshi Nishijima as Detective Pikachu
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu (normal voice)
Marie Iitoyo as Lucy Stevens
Ryōma Takeuchi as Tim Goodman

Hiroshi Naka as Howard Clifford
Ken Watanabe as Detective Hide Yoshida
Kenta Miyake as Sebastian
Megumi Hayashibara as Dr. Ann Laurent
Shinichirō Miki as Roger Clifford
Yūki Kaji as Jack

Inuko Inuyama as Tim's grandmother
Kōichi Yamadera as Mewtwo
Megumi Hayashibara as Fushigidane (Bulbasaur)
Mika Kanai as Purin (Jigglypuff)
Rikako Aikawa as
Koduck (Psyduck)
Zenigame (Squirtle)
Sayaka Kinoshita as Mewtwo
Shinichirō Miki as Hitokage (Charmander)
Wakana Kingyo as
Booster (Flareon)
Eievui (Eevee)
Metamon (Ditto)
Yūji Ueda as Kimori (Treecko)
Japanese companies
Distributor: TOHO
English staff
English cast
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu (normal voice)
Justice Smith as Tim Goodman
Kathryn Newton as Lucy Stevens
Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu (voice)

Bill Nighy as Howard Clifford
Chris Geere as Roger Clifford
Ken Watanabe as Detective Hide Yoshida
Kotaro Watanabe as Mewtwo (voice)
Rina Hoshino as Mewtwo (voice)
Rita Ora as Dr. Ann Laurent
Ryan Reynolds as Harry Goodman
Suki Waterhouse as Ms. Norman

A.K. Steppa as Paramedic
Abbie Murphy as Cynthia McMaster
Adrian Grant as Dignitary
Alejandro de Mesa as Bartender
Alex Klaus as Police Commissioner
Alice Tseng as Police Officer
Alpa Joshi as Indian Woman
Amor Evans as Rainbow Girl
Andy Figueira as Pokemon Trainer
Armani Bo Yan La as Roundhouse Audience
Baltazar Oliva as CNM Reporter
Ben Fox as Lead Cop
Benjamin Coakley as Business Man
Bern Collaço as CNM Reporter
Bernardo Santos as RCPD Police Officer
Billy Loh as Stall Holder
Bola Odunlami as Official
Boye Cole as Ballon Holder
Cece Fumat as Business Woman
Charlie Wong as Businessman
Clay Pel-is as Ryme City Citizen
Clem So as Pokémon Trainer
Colin Murtagh as Paramedic
Crystal Wingx as Ryme City Citizen
Daniel Eghan as CNN Reporter
Daniel Rennis as Fight Spectator
Daniel Smales as Pokémon Trainer
Deborah Rock as Dignitary
Diplo as Himself
Edward Davis as Boyfriend
Ferroz Fernandez as Mew Balloon Holder
Fiona Hardingham as Arrival Video Narrator
Georgie Carter as Best Friend
Geraldine Roy as Street Fashion Girl
Grace Stottor as Spectator
Gurnita Kaur Kahlon as Parade Onlooker
Henry Key as Ryme City Citizen
Imre Elekes as Ryme City Citizen
Jacqueline Ramnarine as Spectator Watching the Match
Jag Patel as Dignitary
James Galvin as Pokemon Trainer
Jonathan Dodson as Roundhouse Passerby
Jordan Long as Driver
Josette Simon as Grams
Justified as Train Passenger
Kadiff Kirwan as Mayor
Kai Jackson as Street Fashion Guy
Karan Soni as Jack
Kevin Matadeen as Business Man
Kofi Ossei as Passerby
Lana Ish-Muhametova as Roundhouse Audience
Lasco Atkins as Passerby
Leon Lenga-Kroma as Roundhouse Audience Member
Lynda Zhang-Lim as Ryme City Citizen
Matthew Cox as Passerby
Max Fincham as Tim Goodman (young)
Michael van Koetsveld as Parade Passerby
Mimi Pitakworraratana as Pokemon Trainer
Nick Owenford as Tune City Dignitary (uncredited )
Nicole Reece as Passerby
Nina Kumar as Train Passenger
Obie Matthew as Roundhouse Security
Omar Chaparro as Sebastian
Oscar Heron as Police Officer
Paul Kitson as Harry Goodman
Peter Parker Mensah as Roundhouse Audience
Philip Francis as Dignitary
Preeti Malhotra as Stall Girl
Priyanga Burford as Passenger
Rachael Lillis as Jigglypuff (archive sound)
Rebecca Lawson-Turner as Punk Girl
Richard Price as Ryme City Citizen
Rina Yadav as Business Woman
Rishi Gupta as Police Officer
Robert Cox as Snorlax Balloon Holder
Rodney G. Chan as Street Punk
Ruth Clarson as Parade Attendee
Ryōma Takeuchi as Pokémon Trainer
Savannah Pages as Girl 2
Sharan Hunjan as Ryme City Parade Attendee
Simone Ashley as Girlfriend
Sofia Abbasi as Parade Attendee
Susanne Schraps as Attendee Championship
Tommy Gorman as Train Passenger
Tyler Oakley as Roundhouse Spectator
Umesh Wadhvani as Roundhouse Battle Crowd Member
Wayne Young as Ryme City Passerby
Winson Ting as Camera Operator
Xiao Xue Xu Lin as Club Goer
Zandria White as Special Awareness Reporter
Zoë Louise Parker as Parade Woman

Brad Venable (voice)
Bradley Pierce (voice)
Dave Zyler (voice)
Dylan Hart (voice)
Eddie Frierson (voice)
Fred Tatasciore (voice)
Georgia Simon (voice)
Jean Gilpin (voice)
Jill Smith (voice)
John Marquis (voice)
Jon Bailey (voice)
Jon Olson (voice)
Maggie Baird (voice)
Meeghan Holaway (voice)
Michelle Ruff (voice)
Peter Lavin (voice)
Richard Miro (voice)
Sean Chiplock (voice)
Shane Sweet (voice)
Skip Stellrecht (voice)
Stan Sellers (voice)
Susan Boyajian (voice)
Vicki Davis (voice)
English companies
French staff
French cast
Voice Direction: Sébastien Reding (Quebec)
Gilbert Lachance as Detective Pikachu (Quebec)
Julien Crampon as Tim Goodman
Louis-Philippe Berthiaume as Tim Goodman (Quebec)
Pierre Tessier as Detective Pikachu

François Dunoyer as inspector Yoshida
Genevieve Bedard as Ann Laurent (Quebec)
Gilbert Lachance as Harry Goodman (Quebec)
Ludivine Reding as Lucy Stevens (Quebec)
Rebecca Benhamour as Lucy Stevens
Sylvain Hétu as Lieutenant Hide Yoshida (Quebec)

Jacques Lavallée as Howard Clifford (Quebec)
Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard as Sebastian (Quebec)
Jean-Pol Brissart as Howard Clifford
Maël Davan-Soulas as Roger Clifford (Quebec)
Yoann Sover as Roger Clifford

French companies
ADR Production: Difuze (Quebec)
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director:
Hector Emmanuel Gómez (Mexican dub)
Jose Luis Angulo (Spain dub)
Translation: Eva Garcés (Spain dub)
ADR Script: Jose Luis Angulo (Spain dub)

ADR Engineer: Julio Morante (Spain dub)
Mix Engineer: Álvaro Salgado (Spain dub)
Subtitling: Eva Garcés (Spain dub)
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu (normal voice)
Jon Samaniego as Tim Goodman (Spain dub)
José Posada as Detective Pikachu (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Masumi Mutsuda as Tim Goodman (Catalan dub)
Nerea Alfonso as Lucy Stevens (Catalan dub)
Vera Bosch as Lucy Stevens (Spain dub)

Andy Fukutome as Detective Hide Yoshida (Spain dub)
Emma Cifuentes as Mewtwo (Spain dub)
Hernán Fernández as Roger Clifford (Catalan dub)
Javier Bañas as Roger Clifford (Spain dub)
Jordi Boixaderas as Detective Hide Yoshida (Catalan dub)
Maria Lluïsa Magaña as Dr. Ann Laurent (Catalan dub)
María Luisa Marciel as Dr. Ann Laurent (Spain dub)
Mario Gas as Howard Clifford (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Pablo Irles as Mewtwo (Spain dub)

Amalia Cantarero as Computer Voice (Spain dub)
Ana Richart as Cynthia McMaster (Spain dub)
Antonio Domínguez as DJ (Spain dub)
Daniel Morales as Jack (Spain dub)
Edson Ferrero as Train Speaker (Spain dub)
Emma Cifuentes as TV Announcer (Spain dub)
Eugenio Roldán as Mayor's Assistant (Spain dub)
Fernando Cordero as Policeman (Spain dub)
Francesc Góngora as DJ (Catalan dub)
Gustavo Cantolla as Michael (Spain dub)
Iván de Pedro as Man 1 (Spain dub)
Joan Gibert as Documentary Narrator (Catalan dub)
Laura Barriga as Girl (Spain dub)
Manuel Bohájar as Sebastian (Spain dub)
Nacho Hijas as
Festival Host (Spain dub)
Mayor (Spain dub)
Omar Chaparro as Sebastian (Mexican dub)
Pau López as Sebastian (Catalan dub)
Rodrigo Vallejo as Tim Goodman (Spain dub; child)
Roger Isasi-Isasmendi as Jack (Catalan dub)
Susana Cantos as Computer Voice (Spain dub)
Toni Astigarraga as Mayor (Catalan dub)

Patricia Molero (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
ADR Studio: SDI Media México
Cine Colombia (Colombia)
Cinemark (Colombia)
Dubbing Studio: Tecnison (Spain dub)
Internet Streaming:
Canal Caracol (Colombia)
HBO Max (Latin America)
Licensed by: Warner Bros.
Theatrical Distribution:
Cine Colombia (Colombia)
Cinemark (Colombia)
Theatrical Releaser:
Cine Colombia (Colombia)
Cinemark (Colombia)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Emanuela Ionica as Lucy Stevens
Francesco Venditti as Detective Pikachu
Manuel Meli as Tim Goodman

Alessio Puccio as Jack
David Chevalier as Roger Clifford
Gianni Giuliano as Howard Clifford
Haruhiko Yamanouchi as Det. Hideo Yoshida
Italian companies
Italia 1
Dubbing Studio: SDI Media Italy
Internet Streaming:
Mediaset Infinity
German staff
German cast
Dennis Schmidt-Foß as Detective Pikachu
Jodie Blank as Lucy Stevens
Marco Eßer as Tim Goodman

Anja Stadlober as Dr. Ann Laurent
Frank Glaubrecht as Howard Clifford

Frank Muth as Mewtu
Patrick Keller as Enton
Sascha Rotermund as Mayor
German companies
Dutch staff
Dutch cast
Dutch companies
Polish staff
Polish cast
Dubbing Director: Agnieszka Matysiak

Production manager: Monika Gałecka
Song Lyrics: Lubomir Jędrasik
Katarzyna Kanabus as Lucy Stevens
Krzysztof Chodorowski as Tim Goodman
Maciej Stuhr as Detective Pikachu

Adam Bauman as Detective Hide Yoshida
Agata Skórska as Dr. Ann Laurent
Grzegorz Wons as Howard Clifford
Kazimierz Mazur as Roger Clifford
Maciej Stuhr as Harry Goodman
Tomasz Błasiak as Mewtwo

Agnieszka Matysiak as Tim's Grandmother
Ewa Czajkowska as Cynthia McMaster
Ignacy Kłoczewski as Tim Goodman (young)
Jacek Król as TV Announcer
Karol Wróblewski as
Marcin Przybylski as Sebastian
Paweł Szczesny as
Lead Cop
Tomasz Błasiak as Mayor

Polish companies
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Portuguese companies
Broadcaster: HBO (Brazil)
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Dubbing Studio: Delart
Internet Streaming: LATAM Play (Brazil)

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