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The Click
January 6th - January 12th

by Brian Hanson,

Greetings, one and all, to the inaugural 2007 edition of The Click! Things settle back to normal on the TV front this week, what with all those pesky, post-office-halting holidays behind us. That means there's a measurable throng of premiere episodes this week, along with some brand new shows (that were actually around last week but in my myopia were unjustly ignored)!

Before we plunge into the rich sea of new episodes, allow me to briefly take a moment to rattle off some ideas to bettering myself with utmost resolve, as it were, heading into this so-called "new year," that one might consider to be "New Year's Resolutions" of a sort. So please, 2007, if you could at any time during the following year:

-Get the rest of those Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo episodes on the air. Thankfully a DVD release is (finally) forthcoming, but allowing myself and countless needy children to view the handful of remaining episodes would be utterly swell.

-Get the Funimation Channel and the Anime Network off the ground and into more subscribers' homes. Those poor, hungry little guys have been starving for new subscribers for years, but unfortunately in these days of increased media saturation, so-called "narrowcasting" to niche markets no longer arouses interest of the big cable companies of today.

-Get something on Adult Swim or its equivalent that no one ever expected. Everybody yawned when Bleach was announced, or Eureka 7 or  Trinity Blood. New, well animated, popular shows making the transition to US television? How delightfully quaint! Let's go for something older, or maybe something short and risky, a la Fooly Cooly.

-Find a way to maybe, possibly make this silo I definitely do not own full of incriminating paperwork that perhaps kinda details decades of tax fraud to somehow disappear in a fiery blaze, possibly caused by an associate who I do not, nor will I ever, know.

Don't disappoint, 2007.

Gunslinger Girl
(Independent Film Channel)
Friday January 12 11:00pm - Episode 2 "Astronomic Observation; Orion" (Repeats Sat Jan 13 4:25am)

(Independent Film Channel)
Friday January 12 11:30pm - Episode 2 "Last Rendezvous" (Repeats Sat Jan 13 4:55am)

My bad! These two dark, somber, and suffocatingly violent little numbers from Funimation were actually scheduled to begin last week at the times indicated - unfortunately, I had totally forgotten about them since they were initially announced to air on the Independent Film Channel sometime last year. This is what some senior citizens and Hallmark greeting cards addressed to senior citizens refer to as a "Senior Moment." Rest assured that now that I have publicly shared my humiliation, I can efface this oversight into the ether.

For those of you wanting perhaps some sort of "information" on the two shows presented here: Gunslinger Girl is for all of you out there wishing terribly to see cute, adorable little girls being forced through various forms of mind control into being highly effective gun-toting assassins. Basilisk is for everybody wanting to see two ninja clans angrily and bloodily fight over scrolls and women and the usual things ninjas fight over. They're both quite good but unfortunately too extreme for the likes of, say, Adult Swim, but thankfully IFC was able to sacrifice a rerun or two of The Usual Suspects to squeeze them both in.


(Cartoon Network)
Saturday January 6 5:00am - Episode 9 "Melee"

The ailing .hack series keeps on keepin' on, regardless of its waning popularity and godawful timeslot. This week, a stranger bearing a striking resemblance to a certain protagonist of .hacks past pays a special visit to The World.

Afro Samurai
(Spike TV)
Thursday January 11 11:00pm - Episode 2 "The Dream Reader"

Well, it arrived, and I, along with many of you, I'm assuming, watched it. Short summation of my viewing experience: Ehhh? Long summation: It's as though they amped up the style of Samurai Champloo at the expense of its substance. Make no mistake, however, the design and animation and general presentation is top notch, and for such a short series not much substance is required. But honestly, watching Afro Samurai tread the same footsteps Samurai Champloo made some two years prior really makes me appreciate what a unique and wonderful show Champloo really is. Afro Samurai is a pale imitation, but it is an impressive and earnest one.

(Cartoon Network)
Sunday January 7 12:00am - Episode 16 (Repeats Sun Jan 7 3:00am)

Bleach returns from two weeks of holiday vacation with this episode heralding the beginning of the "Soul Society" story arc, as Rukia beats a hasty retreat to spare Ichigo and her newfound friends a swift death at the hands of the Soul Society that has recently discovered her whereabouts. Lots of drama, posturing, mild comedic interludes, and plenty of big swords getting thrown about and into flesh - that is why we watch a show like Bleach, right?

Friday January 12 10:30pm - Episode 17

Ichigo arrives to rescue the damsel in distress that is Rukia, only to be foiled by sheer skill and power of Rukia's Soul Reaper buddies-turned-pursuers. Isn't that always the case, right fellas?

Cowboy Bebop
Wednesday January 10 8:30pm - Episode 3 "Honky Tonk Women"

After far too long, Canadian viewers will finally be introduced to Faye Valentine, the hottest gun-toting technically-senior-citizen in Japanese animation history. Faye runs afoul of some nasty gentlemen looking to collect on her various debts, but makes a deal that eventually involves our two lovably bumbling bounty hunters, Spike and Jet.

(Toon Disney)
Sunday January 7 10:30pm - Episode 31 "A Lesson Earned is a Lesson Learned" (Repeats Mon Jan 8 3:00am)

In a parallel universe, Daigunder became an overnight success - a far cry from a phenomenon, mind you, but popular enough to justify several reruns and a mildly successful line of action figures and Happy Meal toys. At the points where our universe and that parallel universe collide, this tape containing this long-forgotten episode was found, prompting the Toon Disney schedule guy to go "Eh," and pop it into the schedule.

Eureka 7
(Cartoon Network)
Sunday January 7 12:30am - Episode 35 "Astral Apache" (Repeats Sun Jan 7 3:30am)

Eureka 7 bravely soldiers on with these more character-focused episodes, featuring Eureka's oath of nonviolence and the appearance of Holland's mysterious older brother, Dewey.

Friday January 12 9:30pm - Episode 17 "Sky Lock Gate"

While the Gekko makes a quick pit stop for repairs, yet again, the confused and flustered Renton grapples with that crazy little thing called love as he attempts to mend relations between him and Eureka.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Friday January 12 10:00pm - Episode 44 "Hohenheim of Light" (Repeats Sat Jan 13 1:00am)

Hohenheim, the enigmatic father of the Elric brothers, reappears at the boys' hometown without any forewarning, causing a rift between the two boys, as Ed releases years of pent-up anger at his absentee father while Al attempts to reconnect with his long-lost paternal figure.

Gad Guard
(G4TechTV Canada)
-Monday January 8 8:30pm - Episode 20 "The End of This World"
-Tuesday January 9 8:30pm - Episode 21 "Blue Slumber"
-Wednesday January 10 8:30pm - Episode 22 "Spiral Dance of Glass"
-Thursday January 11 8:30pm - Episode 23 "The Atoning Man"
-Friday January 12 8:30pm - Episode 24 "The Will to Strive for Heaven"

Gad Guard winds down with only two episodes left to go; will it, or perhaps the also-ran ROD the TV, air in repeats? Or perhaps G4TechTV Canada has another Geneon staple locked away somewhere that they anticipate on unloading at Gad Guard's end? Only time will tell! This week on Gad Guard: Hajiki arrives in a small village and tends to an apple field to earn his keep, the fuzz puts the heat on Katana, and Hajiki and company take on several odd jobs to earn passage to learn more about Hajiki's conspicuously absent father figure!

(Cartoon Network)
Saturday January 6 10:30pm - Episode 5 "Alviss, the Mysterious Young Man"

Episode five? This is the second time they've aired this particular show on American shores - traditional mathematical logic would dictate that episode number "two" would arrive after the previously aired episode "one." Unless, of course, the Cartoon Network had no intention to treat MAR or its companion Toonami Jetstream stalwart, Prince of Tennis, as full-fledged pick ups. Perhaps this is just a brief "test" run to see if either show stacks up and is worthy of a regular timeslot? Not that it matters, particularly, given how erratic their scheduling can be. Anyway, this episode has the plucky young Ginta confronting another young lad named Alviss, who clues Ginta in on a nefarious plot by an equally nefarious organization to capture Ginta's magical talking weapon, a mustachioed mace named Babbo.

(Cartoon Network)
Saturday January 6 9:00pm - Episode 68 "Zero Hour: The Destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village Begins"

Sasuke's big match against the demonic Gaara is put to a halt, as Orochimaru's devious plot to overthrow the Hidden Leaf Village is activated.

Friday January 12 8:00pm - Episode 63 "Hit It or Quit It: The Final Rounds Get Complicated" (Repeats Sat Jan 13 2:30am)

A special round of thanks and applause, ladies and gentlemen, to YTV, who went exactly at and not any further than the call of duty to give me, and therefore you, proper episode titles. This week, the battered and bruised Neji confronts his murdered father's brother, while Naruto and the others eagerly await the arrival of Sasuke in order to view his undoubtedly epic fight against Gaara.

Prince of Tennis
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday January 6 10:00pm - Episode 4 "The One Named Viper"

As mentioned previously, Cartoon Network seems to be fudging with the episode order for unknown reasons, the obvious one being that they don't intend to keep either MAR or Prince of Tennis on the air for longer than perhaps three or four weeks. Which is a shame, really. In this here episode, Ryoma competes in a ranked tournament to decide his entry into the Tennis Team, while the rest of the gang gets worked up about the announced arrival of "The Viper" at midnight, who then proceeds to tell everybody that he's only the "Vindow" Viper, and that he "vipes the vindows." Much mirth ensues!

Samurai Champloo
Wednesday January 12 8:00pm - Episode 3 "Hellhounds for Hire, Part 1"

The titular samurai decide to ditch the clingy Fuu and strike out on their own, working, coincidentally enough, as hired toughs on opposite sides of a yakuza family feud.

Trinity Blood
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday January 6 11:30pm - Episode 16 "The Night Lords II: Twilight of the Capital" (Repeats Sun Jan 7 2:30am)

The hamstrung Abel and Esther arrive in Byzantium, but the two are rather ill-equipped to deal with issues regarding civilian revolt, which is exactly what they encounter. Funny how life does that to you.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday January 6 7:30pm - Episode 86 "The Art of the Duel"

This is a Yu-Gi-Oh show, there is the word "Duel" in the episode title; I feel it is safe to assume there will be some sort of card game affectionately referred to as a "duel" in this episode. And there is! Jaden enters the Genex Tournament and a hoity-toity "pro duelist" arrives as his opponent.

Zatch Bell
Friday January 12 8:30pm - Episode 51 "The Masked Mamodo"

the wicked Zofis invites the gullible Zatch to a decadent costume ball; of course, the costume ball being a simple facade to catch the lightning-spewing moppet off his guard.


(Encore Action)
Saturday January 6 12:00am

Looks like Encore is slowing down a bit on the incessant repeats, which is a good thing. Their only feature this week is Akira, which is a good choice. However, if you honestly haven't seen Akira yet, two things: One - why are you reading this website? Two - it's sort of the wrong atmosphere to watch this movie on TV. I feel that part of you high school experience is incomplete without a marathon, all-night RPG session followed by a late-night Akira screening, wherein one of your friends wakes up near the end of the movie and shouts "why is there a big melting baby!?"

That's all for this week; I'll be back with more admonishments for 2007 and beyond! Below: repeats!


Afro Samurai
(Spike TV)
-Thu Jan 11 11:30pm - Episode 1 "Revenge"

(Toon Disney)
-Sun Jan 7 9:30pm - Episode 118 "Fire and Water" (R Mon Jan 8 2:00am)

Big O
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Jan 7 5:00am - Episode 1 "Roger the Negotiator"

Chrono Crusade
(Showtime Beyond)
-Sun Jan 7 6:30pm - Episode 23 "The Noise" (R Mon Jan 8 12:00am, Fri Jan 12 2:35am)
-Fri Jan 12 9:00pm - Episode TBA

(Toon Disney)
-Sun Jan 7 9:00pm - Episode 143 "Song of a Sakuyamon" (R Mon Jan 8 1:30am)
-Mon Jan 8 8:00am - Episode 158 "Kumamon Baby Light My Fire" (R Tue Jan 9 2:30am)
-Mon Jan 8 10:30pm - Episode 180 "The Dark Heart of Friendship" (R Tue Jan 9 3:00am)
-Tue Jan 9 8:00am - Episode 159 "Kazemon Kicks It" (R Wed Jan 10 2:30am)
-Tue Jan 9 10:30pm - Episode 181 "Zoe's Unbelievable Adventure" (R Wed Jan 10 3:00am)
-Wed Jan 10 8:00am - Episode 160 "Ladies and Gentleman: The Beetlemon!" (R Thu Jan 11 2:30am)
-Wed Jan 10 10:30pm - Episode 182 "Stuck in Sakkakumon With You" (R Thu Jan 11 3:00am)
-Thu Jan 11 8:00am - Episode 161 "A Molehill Out of a Mountain" (R Fri Jan 12 2:30am)
-Thu Jan 11 10:30pm - Episode 183 "Darkness Before Dawn" (R Fri Jan 12 3:00am)
-Fri Jan 12 8:00am - Episode 162 "Island of Misfit Boys" (R Sat Jan 13 2:30am)
-Fri Jan 12 10:30pm - Episode 184 "Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon" (R Sat Jan 13 3:00am)

Fullmetal Alchemist
(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Jan 9 12:30am - Episode 30 "Assault on South Headquarters" (R Tue Jan 9 4:00am)
-Wed Jan 10 12:30am - Episode 31 "Sin" (R Wed Jan 10 4:00am)
-Thu Jan 11 12:30am - Episode 32 "Dante of the Deep Forest" (R Thu Jan 11 4:00am)
-Fri Jan 12 12:30am - Episode 33 "Al, Captured" (R Fri Jan 12 4:00am)

(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Jan 7 5:30am - Episode 1 "Struggle at the South Pole"

Idaten Jump
(Cartoon Network)
-Thu Jan 11 6:00am - Episode 1 "Idaten Jump"
-Fri Jan 12 6:00am - Episode 2 "Detour"

(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Jan 9 1:00am - Episode 9 "Enter Shippo Plus, the Amazing Thunder Brothers" (R Tue Jan 9 4:30am)
-Tue Jan 9 1:30am - Episode 10 "Phantom Showdown: The Thunder Brothers vs. Tetsusaiga" (R Tue Jan 9 5:00am)
-Wed Jan 10 1:00am - Episode 11 "Terror of the Ancient Noh Mask" (R Wed Jan 10 4:30am)
-Wed Jan 10 1:30am - Episode 12 "The Soul Piper and the Mischievous Little Soul" (R Wed Jan 10 5:00am)
-Thu Jan 11 1:00am - Episode 13 "The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black Haired Inuyasha" (R Thu Jan 11 4:30am)
-Thu Jan 11 1:30am - Episode 14 "Kikyo's Stolen Ashes" (R Thu Jan 11 5:00am)
-Fri Jan 12 1:00am - Episode 15 "Return of the Tragic Priestess, Kikyo" (R Fri Jan 12 4:30am)
-Fri Jan 12 1:30am - Episode 16 "Mystical Hand of the Amorous Monk, Miroku" (R Fri Jan 12 5:00am)

Kirby: Right Back At Ya!
-Sat Jan 6 8:00am - Episode 90 "Born to Be Mild"

Mirage of Blaze
(Encore WAM)
-Sat Jan 6 4:30pm - Episode 6 "Golden Emblem" (R Sun Jan 7 8:30am)
-Sun Jan 7 4:30pm - Episode 7 "Memories of Hateful Anguish" (R Mon Jan 8 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Mon Jan 8 4:30pm - Episode 8 "At the End of Obsession" (R Tue Jan 9 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Tue Jan 9 4:30pm - Episode 9 "Endless Void" (R Wed Jan 10 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Wed Jan 10 4:30pm - Episode 10 "Sorrowful Betrayal" (R Thu Jan 11 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Thu Jan 11 4:30pm - Episode 11 "Eternal Blaze" (R Fri Jan 12 2:30am, 8:30am, 4:30pm)

Mon Colle Knights
(Toon Disney)
-Sun Jan 7 11:00pm - Episode 18 "Ring-a-Ding Ding" (R Mon Jan 8 3:30am)

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Jan 6 8:30pm - Episode 67 "Late for the Show, But Ready to Go! The Ultimate Secret Technique Is Born"
-Wed Jan 10 5:30pm - Episode 1 "Enter: Naruto Uzumaki"
-Thu Jan 11 5:30pm - Episode 2 "My Name is Konohamaru"
-Fri Jan 12 5:30pm - Episode 3 "Sasuke and Sakura: Friends or Foes?"

Oban Star-Racers
(Toon Disney)
-Sat Jan 6 8:30am - Episode 4 "In Like Flint"
-Sat Jan 6 10:00pm - Episode 2 "Hostilities Break Out" (R Sun Jan 7 2:30am)
-Sun Jan 7 8:30am - Episode 5 "Cruel Like Ceres"
-Tue Jan 9 1:30am - Episode 8 "Agile Like Aikka" (R Fri Jan 12 9:00pm, Sat Jan 13 1:30am)

Paranoia Agent
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Jan 7 1:30am - Episode 9 "Etc." (R Sun Jan 7 4:30am)

(Showtime Beyond)
-Sun Jan 7 6:05pm - Episode 8 "Love" (R Sun Jan 7 11:30pm, Fri Jan 12 3:00am)
-Fri Jan 12 9:30pm - Episode 9 "Ryo"

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Jan 6 9:00am - Episode 457 "Aipom and Circumstance"
-Sat Jan 6 9:30am - Episode TBA
-Sat Jan 6 7:00pm - Episode 427 "Tactics Theatrics!"
-Sun Jan 7 5:00pm - Episode 438 "Ka Boom With a View"
-Sun Jan 7 5:30pm - Episode 439 "King and Queen for a Day"
-Mon Jan 8 6:30am - Episode 369 "Really, Really Relicanth"
-Mon Jan 8 5:00pm - Episode 385 "The Great Eight Fate!"
-Mon Jan 8 8:00pm - Episode 423 "Wheel... of... Frontier!"
-Tue Jan 9 6:30am - Episode 370 "The Evolutionary War"
-Tue Jan 9 5:00pm - Episode 386 "Eight Ain't Enough"
-Tue Jan 9 8:00pm - Episode 424 "May's Egg-Cellent Adventure"
-Wed Jan 10 6:30am - Episode 371 "Training Wrecks"
-Wed Jan 10 5:00pm - Episode 387 "Showdown at Linoone"
-Wed Jan 10 8:00pm - Episode 425 "Weekend Warrior!"
-Thu Jan 11 6:30am - Episode 372 "Gaining Groudon"
-Thu Jan 11 5:00pm - Episode 388 "Who, What, Where, Whynaut?"
-Thu Jan 11 8:00pm - Episode 426 "On Olden Pond!"
-Fri Jan 12 6:30am - Episode 373 "The Scuffle of Legends"
-Fri Jan 12 5:00pm - Episode 389 "Date Expectations"

Pokemon Chronicles
(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Jan 8 5:30pm - Episode 20 "Trouble in Big Town"
-Tue Jan 9 5:30pm - Episode 19 "Big Meowth, Little Dream"

Saiyuki Reload
(Encore WAM)
-Sat Jan 6 4:00pm - Episode 6 "Sad Memory" (R Sun Jan 7 8:00am)
-Sun Jan 7 4:00pm - Episode 7 "Little Will" (R Mon Jan 8 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Mon Jan 8 4:00pm - Episode 8 "Poison" (R Tue Jan 9 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Tue Jan 9 4:00pm - Episode 9 "Self Defense" (R Wed Jan 10 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Wed Jan 10 4:00pm - Episode 10 "Trick or Treat" (R Thu jan 11 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Thu Jan 11 4:00pm - Episode 11 "Mother" (R Fri Jan 12 2:00am, 8:00am, 4:00pm)

Samurai Champloo
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Jan 7 1:00am - Episode 9 "Beatbox Bandits" (R Sun Jan 7 4:00am)

(Toon Disney)
-Sat Jan 6 4:00am - Episode 6 "Battling Daku"
-Sun Jan 7 10:00pm - Episode 18 "Secrets of the Seven" (R Mon Jan 8 2:30am)
-Tue Jan 9 4:00am - Episode 7 "Into the Jungle"
-Wed Jan 10 4:00am - Episode 8 "Reptiles"
-Thu Jan 11 4:00am - Episode 9 "Gyasa"
-Fri Jan 12 4:00am - Episode 10 "Mushrambo: The Ultimate Samurai"

(Encore Action)
-Tue Jan 9 12:00am - Episode 1 "Stranger"
-Tue Jan 9 12:30am - Episode 2 "Forfeiture"
-Wed Jan 10 12:00am - Episode 3 "Texhnophile"
-Wed Jan 10 12:30am - Episode 4 "Synapse"
-Thu Jan 11 12:00am - Episode 5 "Loiter"
-Thu Jan 11 12:30am - Episode 6 "Repetition"
-Fri Jan 12 12:00am - Episode 7 "Pilot"
-Fri Jan 12 12:30am - Episode 8 "Crucible"

Transformers Cybertron
(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Jan 8 6:00am - Episode 45 "Leader"
-Tue Jan 9 6:00am - Episode 46 "Showdown"
-Wed Jan 10 6:00am - Episode 47 "Guardian"

(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Jan 9 5:30am - Episode 46 "Attack of the Fierce Frogs"
-Wed Jan 10 5:30am - Episode 30 "Lotor Traps Pidge"
-Thu Jan 11 5:30am - Episode 37 "Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics"
-Fri Jan 12 5:30am - Episode 45 "Lotor's Clone"

-Sat Jan 6 9:30am - Episode 13 "Evil Spirit of the Ring"
-Sat Jan 6 10:00am - Episode 14 "The Light at the End of the Tunnel"

Zatch Bell
(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Jan 6 9:30pm - Episode 75 "Free Yourself From a Thousand Years of Pain"

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