Charming Music Video Released for Pikotaro and Pikachu Collaboration Track "PIKA to PIKO"

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Japanese comedian and singer-songwriter Pikotarō just released a music video for "PIKA to PIKO", a new track produced in collaboration with the iconic Pokémon, Pikachu. The video, which was uploaded to Pikotarō's official YouTube account on August 31, sees Pikotarō interpreting and translating Pikachu's words into English phrases as the duo sing and dance together. As of this time of writing (roughly 15 hours after the video's release), it has already received more than 60,000 views and 3,900 likes on YouTube.

Prior to its YouTube release, the video made its debut at the finale of "Pokémon Virtual Fest", a "virtual amusement park event" held in Japan's virtual reality-based social media platform Cluster.

According to Pikotarō, the translations featured in the lyrics and video of "PIKA to PIKO" are based on his own creative interpretation of Pikachu's unique vocalizations: "I interpreted Pikachu's words by myself for this song. Nobody knows Pikachu's language, but I think I understood it in PIKOTARO's way," It was also his idea to have Pikachu wear sunglasses in the video: "I call Pikachu 'Pikataro' when he puts sunglasses on. Pikachu looks cuter with them on so I think his popularity might increase even more!"

Pikotarō explained that the song was intended to entertain and hearten children affected by the COVID-19 situation in Japan and the rest of the world. Earlier, he also revealed that he felt an emotional connection with Pikachu due to the Pokémon being "yellow like I am", and it is this special connection that allows him to understand Pikachu's normally indecipherable cries.

Pikotarō is the moniker of Kazuhito "Daimaō" Kosaka, a Japanese comedian, television personality, and music producer whose claim to fame was the 2016 viral phenomenon "PPAP" (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen).

"PIKA to PIKO" is currently available on digital platforms worldwide.

Source: Press Release

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