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Canadian TV Anime News

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Submitted by: Karla Deonaraine

Teletoon has announced that they do not currently plan on including a large number of Anime series as part of their regular broadcasting, however they have aquired the rights to Cardcaptors and will broadcast the first episode on August 23rd.

YTV has announced some new Anime for the fall line-up, several of which they will be previewing on September 4th.

6:30pm: Pokémon (new episode, #105)
7:00pm: Dragon Ball Z (new episode, #103)
7:30pm: Vision of Esclaflowne (new program for Fall, episode #1)
8:00pm: Psykoblast Special (a showcase of the highlights taken from this year's across Canada concert)
9:00pm: Gundam Wing (new program for Fall, episode #1)


YTV will be airing the NEW 'Sailor Moon S Season' episodes YTV is hoping to receive 77 episodes although this is stillnot confirmed. YTV currently holds the rights to air the first 82 episodes of 'Sailor Moon', which will be airing till the start of the new episodes. YTV will not continue to air these older episodes after they begin to air the new episodes.

Regrettably, we are unable to tell you what days/times 'Sailor Moon' will be airing this Fall (as the Fall Schedule has not been released to the Public).

YTV has also stated that despite many requests for more frequent airing of Sailor Moon, they have no plans to adjust their present schedule.


Monday September 4th. At 7pm E/P, YTV will be airing a new episode of
'Dragon Ball Z' -episode #103 titled "Frieza's Counterattack".

YTV is currently airing repeats of the 102 episodes they hold the rights to. They are hoping to start airing the next batch of new episodes of 'Dragon Ball Z' in the early Fall.

YTV has also stated that it has no current plans to Air any of the DBZ movies or DBGT. The original Dragon Ball series will also not be aired because YTV's rights to the series have expired.

'Dragon Ball Z' currently airs on YTV Monday to Friday at 5:30pm E/P, Monday to Saturday at 5am E/P and Saturday at 8am E/P. The schedule for DBZ may change this fall.


YTV expects to be airing 'Gundam Wing' as part of their Fall schedule, and will air the first episode on September 4th.


Currently YTV holds the rights to the first 54 episodes of 'Digimon' which are currently airing in rotation. They have not confirmed any further purchases of Digimon.


YTV will be receiving an as of yet undisclosed number of new Pokémon episodes this fall. They also mentioned that they have experienced some delivery problems with the new episodes and will be receiving them on a week to week basis (for instance 2 new episodes a week). They air the new episodes as they arrive, and will be airing repeats of older episodes the rest of the time.

Regarding the 3 "lost" episodes of 'Pokémon', YTV has NO plans to air any of these episodes anytime in the near future. These episodes are not included in their contract for 'Pokémon'.


YTV will be airing The Vision of Escaflowne TV series as part of their fall lineup. Again the time slots are not yet public information, also no word as to whether YTV will be airing the uncut version, or the same version as Fox.

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