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Kare Kano Dub List

posted on by George Phillips
Jeff Thompson has posted the Kare Kano (His & Her Circumstances) dub actors list (up through Volume 3) to the American Anime Dubbing ML...

Quoted from a post by Jeff Thompson to the American Anime Dubbing ML:

Yukino Miyazawa     Veronica Taylor
Tsukino Miyazawa     Jessica Calvello
Kano Miyazawa     Megan Hollingshead
Miyako Miyazawa     Rachael Lillis
Hiroyuki Miyazawa     Pete Zarustica
Soichiro Arima     Christopher Nicholas
Hideaki Asaba     Liam O'Brien
Mr. Arima     Bill Rogers
Mrs. Arima     Kristen Nelson
Maho Isawa     Carol Jacobanis
Sakura Tsubaki     Lea Lane
Sena Rika     Angora Deb
Sawada Aya     Rachael Lillis
Tsubasa Shibahime     Lisa Ortiz
Toshiharu Shibahime     Ed Paul
Hiromi Ikeda     Kelli Shane Butler

Some of the more well-known voices include:
Veronica Taylor has previously played Ash Ketchum and his mother from Pokémon, as well as Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun from Slayers.

Jessica Calvello has voiced a number of characters, ranging from work in Dirty Pair and Cutey Honey to Mink in Dragon Half.

Megan Hollingshead plays Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny from Pokémon.

Rachael Lillis plays Misty and Jessie from Pokémon, and also voiced Utena and Chu-Chu from Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Pete Zarustica previously portrayed Wagnard throughout most of Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight.

Carol Jacobanis voiced Nurse Harumi from Captain Tylor.

Angora Deb's list of credits include work for Maze and Agent Aika.

Lisa Ortiz is the voice of Lina Inverse of Slayers, Emi and Yumi of Captain Tylor, and Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War.

Ed Paul worked as Lt. Katori from Captain Tylor, and also did work in Pokémon the Movie 3.

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